Rail Yard Shooting California
Authorities continue their investigation at Valley Transportation Authority in San Jose, Calif., Thursday, May 27, 2021, a day after a gunman killed multiple people at the rail yard. (AP Photo/Nic Coury)
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Tell us if you’ve heard this one before. An individual displays disturbing behavior that’s enough of a — ahem — red flag that it’s noticed by law enforcement. Not just the local yokels, but F by God BI. The G-men investigate, find nothing (or not enough to do very much) and then…that person goes on to be mentioned on the evening news, and not in a good way.

That scenario has played out in a disturbing number of high profile cases, featuring such names as Nidal HassanOmar MateenElton SimpsonNikolas CruzDevin Patrick Kelley, Dylann Roof and recently Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. Now we can add San Jose rail yard killer Samuel Cassidy to that list of infamous names.

This undated photo provided by the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office shows Samuel Cassidy, 57, the suspect in the Wednesday, May 26, 2021, shooting at a San Jose rail station. Cassidy killed nine people at the rail yard where he worked. (Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

Back in 2016, the FBI got a tip from another federal agency that suspected Cassidy had an unusual level of interest in terrorist attacks and how to carry them out.

As the McPaper is reporting . . .

In 2016 — five years before the mass attack — Cassidy was stopped on a trip back from the Philippines by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. 

A Department of Homeland Security memo from the stop, which was obtained by The Wall Street Journal, includes that an officer found Cassidy had “books about terrorism and fear and manifestos … as well as a black memo book filled with lots of notes about how he hates the VTA.” 

Last week Cassidy, who apparently had been plotting his attack on the Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority for years, murdered nine people and then committed suicide as police closed in on him. Investigators found bomb-making materials in his locker at work. He also set a timer to torch his home in an apparent effort to destroy evidence.

Guns and ammunition magazines found at the residence of Samuel Cassidy, the suspect in the Wednesday May 26, 2021 shooting at a San Jose rail station. (Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

The FBI didn’t notify anyone in local law enforcement or Cassidy’s employer about their investigation. As you might imagine, the locals say they would have liked to have been informed.

The information could have helped local law enforcement and the suspect’s employer potentially mitigate the attack Wednesday that took the lives of nine employees of the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) light rail hub in San Jose, District Attorney Jeff Rosen said in an interview.

“The DA’s office was not notified,” Rosen said, adding he wasn’t aware of a single agency in the area that was told this information. “I would like to have known this in 2016.”

Of course, much of this could very well be after-the-fact ass-covering and deflection on the part of the locals. It isn’t clear what, if anything the San Jose DA could or would have done with any of the information the FBI turned up. But we’ve heard this broken record before. The FBI gave the shooter a close look and moved on. Does that qualify as a universal background check?

Keep in mind that California is the gun-grabbers’ holy land. The Golden State already has every gun rights-restricting law that grumpy grampy Joe and his minions want to spread to the rest of the country; a ban on private gun sales (universal background checks), mandatory serialization of homemade firearms (AKA, a “ghost gun” law), gun violence restraining orders (a “red flag” law), magazine capacity limits, a 10-day waiting period, an “assault weapons” ban and more.

Yet somehow this failed phalanx of Second Amendment restrictions and “gun safety” laws did precisely nothing to prevent Cassidy from committing mass murder.

From the San Jose Mercury News . . .

Law enforcement authorities said that the gunman, Samuel Cassidy, used three semi-automatic pistols, all legally obtained, but he was equipped with 32 ammunition magazines holding 12 to 15 rounds, which are illegal in California. The state limits magazines for civilian use to 10 rounds. It was not clear how or where he got them or if he bought them before California banned their sale in 2013 or possession in 2016. There was a short window after a successful court challenge last August when the larger magazines were legal to purchase, but the ban is now back in effect, pending a federal appeals court decision.

Cassidy, who killed himself when deputies arrived at the scene, also had several other firearms legally registered to him, including shotguns and rifles, but only used the pistols in the rampage, said FBI Special Agent in Charge Craig Fair.

California requires universal background checks on all firearm transfers, including gun shows and private sales, background checks to buy ammunition, a 10-day waiting period after purchase, and bans military-style “assault weapons” often used in mass shootings.

The high-capacity magazine ban aims to reduce the lethality of mass shootings by limiting the number of shots that can be fired before reloading, giving potential victims a chance to flee or fight back.

But authorities said the gunman Wednesday used all three guns to fire off dozens of rounds, freely reloading as he mowed down his coworkers. Sheriff Laurie Smith noted that reloading a semi-automatic handgun is “very quick.”

If you’re starting to suspect that all of the gun control laws in the world won’t do anything to stop a committed killer from carrying out his plans, you’re not alone. Not that any of that will deter those who hate civilian gun ownership from trying.


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  1. the above pictured gun, mags and ammo was found in his home….SO WHAT!..LOOKS FINE TO ME!..THE POINT IS ???

    • From the Article “The high-capacity magazine ban aims to reduce the lethality of mass shootings by limiting the number of shots that can be fired before reloading, giving potential victims a chance to flee or fight back.”

      ^^^^ This is so Effing stupid ^^^^ that it could only come from the demented mind of a leftist.

      WHY? Continue reading:

      “But authorities said the gunman Wednesday used all three guns to fire off dozens of rounds, freely reloading as he mowed down his coworkers. Sheriff Laurie Smith noted that reloading a semi-automatic handgun is “very quick.””

      There ya go, another Leftist idea up in flames. Of course they will now immediately cease their calls for banning “high capacity” magazines and call for constitutional carry in every state.

        • Don’t hold your breath you’ll get dizzy and pass out , LOL…. Tatoo, that would be the Demented mind of a Totalitarian leftist politician, and Mittens rumney or John the Rino Cornyn

      • That or they’ll ban quick reloading. Actually they already did, remember the bullet button? Coming soon to a handgun near you!

      • Or ban removable magazines requiring all weapons use a method of loading ammo that requires you to spend time doing it.

        Maybe they could see if the guy who designed the V8 Falcon was still alive and have him give them a hand. If you ever tuned one you know what I am referring to.

        • You mean jacking up the engine to change spark plug? Knew people who would drill a socket diameter hole in the shock tower.

        • the v8 falcons were a bitch to get to pugs weren’t they?
          57 chevy v8 was easier from under the car
          But a lot of the new cars are even worse to work on they say

      • They’re building an argument against all semi-autos.

        It’s a consistent strategy; Propose unworkable solutions that “feel good”. When those unworkable solutions inevitably fail, propose more.

        It’s all about justifying the next bite at the apple. Teacher’s unions and city administrators use the exact same tactic. It’s how you end up with Detroit, Baltimore or the current US K-12 system.

        • the dems are planning a handgun ban next. This was in the works most likely. Then an all guns ban. All of ’em Mr and Mrs America (Feinstein)

    • He was apparently under gun blessed if that’s all he had. Oh, yeah, and there’s those he had at the yard. Still, under blessed by most standards.

      • Still, under blessed by most standards.

        Can’t imagine what they would call my “collection” and the ammo stash and magazines to feed it…

      • USA Today described it as an “arsenal” of weapons, and practically wet its diaper because he had 20,000 rounds of various calibers at his home (which of course he didn’t take with him to the scene).
        Also to be noted: initially it was reported he had 11 magazines, now the number is much higher. Two questions: how do you carry 32 magazines? And if he wasn’t carrying 32 magazines, how many were still in his car?

        • A battle belt with nothing but mag pouches gets you most of the way there, or all of the way there depending on the type of mag and mag pouches.

          Something like a MKIII Odin belt would easily carry 10 AR/AK mag pouches. If they’re double pouches there’s 20 mags. Three more doubles on a shingle, 26, add a couple more on the sides of the shingle 30. One in the gun 31, mag connector, 32.

          And that would weigh what some of the Condor PC+steel plate kits do with 5 mags on board.

          A 16L-20L backpack would do it all in one shot. Wear it backwards for easy access.

          And that’s for AR/AK mags. Pistols would be a cinch.

          Shit’s not that hard to do if you think about it. A mass shooter isn’t going for tactical advantages in gear or low-weight/high speed. They can easily afford to be a “tank”. Especially if they don’t plan on living through this little soiree.

          Terrorism is stupid simple. It’s just that the combination of factors to pull it off and really maximize the body count is rare. Most people smart enough to do something like that prefer to… well, not be terrorists. Which is why .gov gets away with so much theater that usually makes things worse.

          Say, for example, you had three guys who wanted to engage in this. Hijack a plane perhaps? Why bother? Most places three S-vests in the security checkpoint lines on a busy day would kill more people.

          Couple improvised frags in most malls on a busy day would be party starters too if you were so inclined. And if you’re not fully stupid, that just kicks things off.

          This isn’t hard to do and it’s basically impossible to stop if the people doing it are remotely intelligent and also willing to die doing it.

    • you’d think the bureau could have at least paid this guy a visit…privately…discreetly…sometimes that’s all it takes to deter this type of behavior…this is where someone like a social worker might be useful…..

  2. Just checking, so the consensus is that an individual should be red flagged and question by the authorities because:

    “Cassidy had “books about terrorism and fear and manifestos … ” and he hated his job?

    By that criteria, most of the folks who post on this forum should be red flagged and questioned by the federal authorities as well.

    • Miner49er makes a valid point (…a broken clock…)

      Red Flag laws are pre-crime and a complete violation of the U.S. Constitution. Investigating someone for their beliefs is also a violation of civil rights. At what point does a potential criminal become an actual criminal? Common sense would say it is when the crime is committed. We need to tread carefully when making judgements on when something must be done, just because the feds investigated a person.

      • +1

        ERPO laws flip the “innocent until proven guilty” concept on its head. Based upon the info I’m aware of, this man Samuel Cassidy did not commit a crime until the day he finally committed the crime, so as horrible as this may sound to the anti-gun crowd, the FBI was not in a position to do anything up to that point.

        The real issue is that, largely due to stringent gun control here in CA, none of the victims were armed and therefore able to have an opportunity to defend themselves. This is exactly why I always have a gun next to me at work, completely unknown to my employer. We have a few hundred employees, and have had our fair share of threats by outgoing persons as they were terminated or laid off. If things ever go sideways, I will not allow my wife to become a widow because I complied with the political diktat of the Leftists in Sacramento who have never met me, don’t know my world, and don’t care if I live or die. My wife certainly cares, and she’s my priority.

        • Never forget that this coward skipped out on 1/6 Freedom Day despite claiming to have the means and motive to be there…

      • There were 2 different times when the FBI investigated me, both of them including in-person visits with neighbors and friends from years earlier, asking all manner of personal questions about my activities and my character. The first time was for my original Top Secret clearance in 1971, the second for the personal reliability program clearing me to have control of nuclear weapons, circa 1981. Just because FBI investigates you does not mean you are suspected of anything despicable.

        • Geez I was “investigated” when my son joined DiD. My kid hadn’t lived with me since he was 3. So who investigated slow Joe & Kamaltoe?!? Or Hunter??? Without a record it’s bullchit…

        • FWW, the fun part is that members of Congress are not required to pas a background check, note Smallballs would NEVER pass any form of investigation, yet he is on the most sensitive committees and has access to ALL American secrets.

        • ditched my second security clearance app when they asked me for the name, address and phone# of my ex-wife!…still wound up working for the bureau anyway…after 911 they weren’t so picky….

    • minor49IQ…Climb down off your high horse rocking horse. By what you’ve posted on this forum there is no telling what is in your library. What you cannot tolerate is the push back that your very own stupidity initiates.

    • I’m kinda a moron and just realized, I, half-wit Miner49er, post on this forum.

      And well….haha… I would be calling for my dumb-ass to be red flagged.

      Now even as an imbecile and a simpleton I don’t want to be red flagged, I only want that for you.

      • What you have called for is the innocent people be arrested. And held until they can prove to the satisfaction of the state that they have done nothing wrong. And will do nothing wrong.
        You are just a “happy” fascist.

        In communist China where guns are totally banned, mass killers use knives. So why don’t you call for all knives to be turned in??? They do that in the England now.

        • “What you have called for is the innocent people be arrested.“

          This is the real Miner49er and I haven’t called for anyone to be arrested (other than those who commit violent acts against people or property) , could you offer some support for the claim you make regarding my statements, thanks!

    • All red flag laws are egregious violations of the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and quite possibly the 7th amendment.

    • The documents were a little harsher than “just hating your job” and I’ve never wrote a manifesto about hating my job

    • books about terrorism and fear and manifestos … ” and he hated his job? By that criteria, most of the folks who post on this forum should be red flagged…

      So now you’ve determined that MOST of us sit around READING books on Terrorism and fear? Bud, I don’t need to read a bunch of amature bullshit, I was a pro at terrorizing and inducing fear in indigenous populations LONG before it was a popular pastime… And I loved my job… I’m really impressed with your ability to determine MOST posters reading habits and their love/hate relationship with their job… Or is that just the WHITE guys…

      • “So now you’ve determined that MOST of us sit around READING books“

        Well, in your case, I realize that probably isn’t true.

        • READING books on Terrorism and fear?

          As usual your method of chopped up copy/paste to display YOUR truth is a FAIL… Oh wait, were you TRYING to be funny? Also FAIL, not even a decent attempt… At least my reading experiences extend beyond the label on a bottle of “Woodford Reserve”….

    • maybe a little heads-up to the employer to upgrade their security…without mentioning the employee by name…would have been helpful, as well….

      • I’m sure that would have benefitted greatly in deterrence and response but the way Kommiefornia has treated a lot of businesses since this damned bio weapon was launched it’s probably hard to find companies that are able to expand their services and cover such a large workplace. Since it’s public service oriented I don’t see why actual LEO(s) can’t be posted there permanently.

        Private individual ownership of weapons is the best answer but Komrad Newsome will never allow that for sure.

  3. I could and should say something snarky but I got nothing.
    CA legal guns are just as learhal as all the other guns, who knew??
    Oh wait we can go all the way back to the BA Tech shooting for that one.

    • How many years would be enough, I wonder?

      Average human lifespan plus one year, I’d guess, with an exception for those rich enough to pay other people to point guns at the rest of us on their behalf.

      • They’ve learned.
        Have you heard of the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”? In this instance capitalism is transformed with the possible introduction of an e-currency that could allow all formal, “legal” transactions to be tracked.
        You’ll own nothing and like it. If you’re lucky, maybe even grass soup and bugs to eat.

  4. Why does it always seem to take so long to find out the specific guns used in the crime? Any police officer should be able to tell at a glance whether it’s a S&W, Glock, or whatever. “Semi automatic” covers a lot of ground. “Investigative Reporters” should investigate and let us in on the secret.

    • Another nitwit went on a rampage and the reality is there are more where he came from. If that is not a reason to have a high capacity firearm on you at all times I do not know what is.
      Only stupid pathetic incompetent scumbags like Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his ilk would jump to use such a tragedy to restrict, deny and tie the hands of law abiding Americans who refuse to be soft targets.

    • Reporters” should investigate and let us in on the secret.

      If it’s not a scary black “assault rifle” with a grip thingy sticking down and a hundred round clip-a-zine it’s just not “real” newsworthy so they leave that part blank and let the consumer “imagine” what they will… Lets see, bunch of people killed, only one shooter? Hmmmm, HAD to be one of those super dangerous ARs or AKs that EVERY mass killer uses…

  5. …and bans military-style “assault weapons” often used in mass shootings.

    In a story about a murderer that used pistols for a “mass shooting”. smh

    False claim using made-up terms to elicit fear.

  6. One thing keeps coming up in all of these cases,” he was known to authorities, and nothing was done.” Not trying to spin up a conspiracy theory, but this seems awfully “coincidental!” If tgere was 1 incident, okay, 2 incidents, maybe, 3, I am getting suspicious, EIGHT, come on man!

  7. The trip to the Philippines is alarming to me. The philippines continues to have an islamic insurgency. Terry Nichols who was a codefendant in the Oklahoma City bombing had a bride from the Philippines. Steven Paddock of the Vegas massacre game had a bride from the Philippines.

    Those Philippina women are adept at persuading men to engage in terrorism.

    • “Those Philippina women are adept at persuading men to engage in terrorism.“

      How precious, it is the brown people’s fault, especially the women, hilarious

      • OK, which Minor69er are YOU? Are you the ignorant one, or the stupid one? This comment leans more toward the ‘stupid,’ because it ridiculously tears off on a tangent imparting RAAACism to an innocuous sardonicism entirely lacking such intent, made even more ludicrous by the fact that many Filipina women are more Spaniard than ‘brown,’ which makes your bigoted assumption quite ‘racist’ on its face.

        You MUST be the ‘stupid’ one.

    • Not very damn much, Texican, They even got busted running that Scam on the last president, what was it / ohh yeah RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA…. with that loser British spy, and Worse Loser hilLIARy clinton

    • Maybe someone did and they wheren’t brave enough to use it? Or perhaps they felt no obligation to intervine? Since they were able to get away safely. I carry at work. I’m I obligated to go looking for a shooter at my work place?

      I don’t think I would be prosecuted in TN at my work. Or in KY where I live. But in California or Illinois? Oh ya. I could save everyone by shooting the bad guy. And I would be in jail that same day.

      The Pitchfork murder case in california has a long reach.

      • edit
        Am I obligated to go looking for a shooter at my work place? No I don’t think so. If I have the advantage? Then maybe so. But I have a family to take care of first. But knowing that I live and work in Free States helps.

      • I agree completely. I am long retired so working is not part of my picture, but trust me, if it was and I lived somewhere like NY or CA, my gun would be to defend *ME*, not somebody down the hall. Sumbitch comes through my office door after killing a bunch of others, feel free to call me a hero when I drop him, but don’t plan on me going after him, or even leaving that door unlocked if there’s a choice. Also don’t plan on me being quiet about it after the fact. “Yeah, I had my gun with me, but if I shot him you would all work very hard to put me in jail. So, if he did not threaten *MY* life it was OK with me whatever else he did, that’s why you have the police, right? How’s that working for ya?”

        • the primary reason you carry that gun is to protect yourself…what others do is their own affair….

        • Always take care of yourself first. So you can take care of your family first.

  8. Some years ago some .gov agency (I think it might have been NSA) had a program called “Total Information Awareness”. It was stopped; but, you can’t stop the signal.

    With technology as it is today the .gov has so many signals that it can’t possibly track all of them down. It has to prioritize them. Which ones are politically correct? Which ones are not PC? Which interesting to those above me in my chain of command? Which are within/outside my agency’s portfolio?

    Yes, the .gov IS AWARE of a lot; in fact, too much to do anything about almost all of it. AND we would NOT LIKE IT if they COULD do a lot more with the info they have. We are already living in a police-state wet dream; last thing we need is a more effective police state.

    We need to be thinking in terms of priorities. What should be:
    – the Fed’s priorities
    – my state’s priorities
    – my municipality’s priorities
    – my personal priorities.

    Here is a radical idea. What would our world be like if we had a:
    – CDC concentrating on pathogen control, ignoring gun control;
    – a municipal police department concentrating on gang control not OFWG control.
    – individuals concentrating on their personal security not on whether to re-fund/de-fund the police.

  9. California Health and Safety Code sec 5150 is used to detain people who are suspected of having mental problems, They are taken against their will for a 72 hour hold and mental evaluation. Afterwards, they are taken to court if not released and further detention can be mandated at that time and other orders can also be given, like no contact, no firearms, etc.

    This statute has been on the books so long and used so often against potential “nutters” that “Fifty One Fifty” is routinely used to refer to a crazy person in normal conversation. Just like sec 187 of the Penal code refers to someone being murdered.

    If the FBI was competent and they are not, they would have arrived to interview the suspect with local law enforcement, who could have and should have used section 5150 to take a hard look at this guy for 72 hours.

    The State of California has a “file” on anyone who has legally purchased a handgun (and now rifles) going back decades. If he was a problem child, any judge would have signed off on a warrant for a search of his home/computer, etc. as these are rubber stamped most of the time.

    The locals could have also pulled up the state’s event index, which contains a record of any contact this man had with law enforcement as a witness, victim, suspect, etc. Of course they should have interview his employer too.

    All of this requires having a work ethic, professional knowledge and basically giving three fucks about the suspect and the community. Now that he’s a murderer and dead, he’s scum and a lost cause, however, if he had mental issues, he could have gotten help, and everyone would be alive today, who is now dead.

    Great Job FBI, why do we have you again? They don’t seem to be able to actually do anything except cover up their own mistakes and the transgression of the rest of the federal government.

    This was all basic police work, poorly executed. No one will be held accountable for this failure, so expect more of the same.

    • They also provide spying services against presidential candidates and president-elect/sitting president from the “wrong” party. Which should have resulted in a 95% reduction in funding until the entire agency was reinvented. But one man, alone, cannot accomplish everything in a single 4-year term. Particularly against an agency of spies!

  10. The ultimate goal here is to create every kind of gun restriction known to man and then let them fail leaving the gun grabbers to then say that they have no other choice but to confiscate every gun in America to safe us from ourselves. That is where this is going!!!

    • BINGO….EXACTLY the script. History repeats itself…..as always. Listen to the Kitty Werthermann YouTube videos relating the WWII German Holocaust script…..repeating in America today. Gun control necessary due to kids being shot, street violence……registration, confiscation, government shooting citizens….addresses gun serialization…aka Ghost Guns……HISTORY REPEATS!!!! Listen also about National ID cards…..maybe “justified” via COVID vaccinations???
      WWII Survivor Warns of SOCIALISM and GUN CONTROL! – https://youtu.be/-awkYhtey50
      The Truth About Gun Control from a WWII Survivor | WARNING – https://youtu.be/teBUpk4H9wk
      Many other videos by Werthermann. Share with your contacts.

  11. Nooooooo…!?!?!?!
    See, this is my surprised face -.-

    Thanks FBI, i’ll think about this when i wait an incredibly and unconstitutionally long time for my 4473 to come back. Because that makes me feel so safe.

  12. “Yet somehow this failed phalanx of Second Amendment restrictions and “gun safety” laws did precisely nothing to prevent Cassidy from committing mass murder.” Again, politicians with laws never stop bad guys with guns. They only control the good guys, which is their true agenda.

    Maybe the FBI should be red flagged ,for at a minimum, incompetence……..or more probably for aiding and abetting these events????? When locals refer to the FBI a suspected citizen with a terrorist bent, maybe they are merely enrolling that person into the FBI Deep State Useful Idiot Program. To be assigned to a handler, encouraged, developed, nurtured for nudging into action at a prime time??? Just saying, there are too many to be ignored by inquiring minds.

    The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. – HL Menchen (1880-1956, American Journalist, culture critic, satirist.)

    The bodies in a local WalMart or grocery store or school or church,,,or, now, a transit company……the bad guy with a gun…..or the gang member with a gun…. the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the terribly distraught family member of a gun shooting victim…… or a gun violence survivor……or the Feelz-Gooder Social Do-Gooder….. or the the “hair-on-fire, we’re-all-gonna-die” contingent……or the skin color only voter…..are the politician’s easily manipulated Useful Idiot Tools to achieve his power and control agenda.
    The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible.

    The game plan advances another step.

  13. The utopians who live in and run the former golden state, will just keep on trying to make that sh!thole state, a perfect place to live. For the crazy people.

  14. I have books on terrorism, was a counter terror NCO as an additional duty in a couple of Units I served in. I have books on improvised demolitions as a side of studying terrorism.

    I have read many Antifa sites on the internet. Read BLM sites. Read gun sites. Read Democratic Party sites and Republican ones too.

    Read the books of Enoch, the New England Journal of Medicine, books on psychology , have copies of the US Constitution and associated documents from our founding era.

    I haven’t had a speeding or other traffic violation in over 30 years or arrests.

    I am a combat veteran on more than one continent, 21 years of uniformed service.

    I wonder what my FBI file looks like.

  15. Known to authorities = They let it happen for political points.

    Face it. If you want to push gun control and you knew a shooting was about to go down, you’ll let it go down. Yes, people who advocate for these laws NOW of all times are evil.

  16. Why is this so difficult? So he was flagged by the border patrol and the FBI? He did nothing wrong up until the point he pulled the trigger.

    The ONLY SOLUTION is to restore to people the right to possess the means to defend themselves. This guy might have thought twice if he knew there were scores of other firearms present to stop his insane rampage before it really got started. If he was crazy enough to go ahead with it anyway, he would have been put down in less than ten seconds.

  17. A more useless, disgusting, incompetent, corrupt, and biased organization than our modern FBI would be hard to conjure up. And no, it’s not just the leadership, it reaches down to every field agent in the organization.

  18. The thought police… got evil books or don’t think like we want you to? No bueno… UNLESS, you are maxine waters, ilhan omar, rashida tliab…. you get the idea. Rabid leftists that hold powerful elected office and can publicly openly spew hatred that would get the rest of us “looked at” if not arrested. The pattern is demonrats can do it at will with no consequences for their actions.

  19. Miner49 said:
    “…By that criteria, most of the folks who post on this forum should be red flagged and questioned by the federal authorities as well.”

    Oh, you mean that you are also a terrorist simply because you post on this site???

    Wow, Miner, you must be some kind of trouble-maker… Are you sure you haven’t been investigated by the FBI yet?
    do you work as a troll for the FBI so you can turn people in who write certain nasty pre-crime words?
    Oh Yeah, that’s it, NOW I GET IT !!!

  20. theyre allowing this to happen on purpose
    its just another version of fast and furious
    only on our soil this time
    this is part of an operation
    theyre using this
    theyre creating a “crisis” so they can “not let it go to waste”

  21. Eh, one day people will realize this truth: Those truly committed to murderous fuckery realistically cannot be stopped beforehand. They will find ways to do what they want.

    The question is how you end their little party ASAP. And this is the only question because it’s the only one that can be answered.

    • Good point(s) in this statement and I have to agree with the first paragraph entirely. The follow-up, with the question, is not something I agree only in part with. I don’t see red flag laws as the answer the paranoid tyrants want to sell it as.

      What were the signs of the woman who ran up the curb in Vegas several years back and caused the casualties and injuries? Didn’t get the press coverage the shootings do as I recall.

      The Vegas shooter allegedly exhibited no signs of a mindset indicative of the shooting he perpetrated. Likewise I don’t recall the shooter of the gay club in FL nor the baggage claim area shooter in the FL airport show any signs of them indicating they were going to do their shootings, or at least I don’t recall any being reported. Yes some of these shooters did but not all. If red flag laws go in to place nationally I think of these people will just get more creative and find other ways to achieve their goals.

      Clearly gun-free zones and stricter gun control is not the answer either.

      • You misunderstand what I said.

        When I say “…end their little party ASAP” I am not referring to pre-crime or disrupting their planning. As I’ve said repeatedly, that cannot be done, at least not with any great regularity.

        The question is how you kill or incapacitate them quickly once they’ve gone and done something. One of the reasons .gov can’t do this is because there simply are not enough LE and Mil to make an “Israeli Model” workable in a country the size of the US. [Just the land area of the continental US is 2,959,064 square miles. That means if you took every sworn member of LE, added in all military members of every MOS and every reservist plus the National Guard you’d have .991 “security personnel” per square mile. Even “concentrating your forces” would have little effect once a reasonably intelligent person decided to look at the defenses and find weak points in them. It’s not like we don’t see this elsewhere on the planet. Moving the X, which the government is good at, is an exercise in stupidity and often one that makes the X bigger.]

        Very obviously the only answer to decentralized attackers is decentralized security/response. That’s why companies have IT departments with security specialists rather than just letting .gov monitor the webz.

        The answer to this problem has been known for millennia. Defense In Depth. That is to say, the abolishment of GFZ’s, generally, and that people learn to take care of themselves while providing them access to the tools to do that. There might still be some GFZ’s where security is already provided, like a court room, or on an aircraft where there’s a concern about bullets flying about in a confined area full of people, or Karen’s wetting her panties about depressurizing the plane. But that could easily be taken care of by allowing people to carry a knife or other non-gun weapons. Other than a few sensitive areas, security should be decentralized as much as humanly possible.

        That would lessen your body counts and, hopefully, have some deterrent effect on a large portion of the bell curve for people who consider going “active shooter”. You’ll still have some issues but you’ll have issues no matter what you do, we’re looking for the best possible answer not the perfect answer because there is no perfect answer.

        But it’s not like you’d have a problem finding people willing to step up. One of the kids killed in Boulder stabbed the shooter at least once with a pocket knife FFS. He got killed doing it. Can we get these brave people some better fucking weapons? What’s better than them dying a hero? How about living a hero and actually stopping the asshole shooting people?

        If you can retake the K-12 system (by which I mean if people stop being lazy fucking assholes and do some work like attending school board meetings and overseeing your public officials the way you’re supposed to, which is probably too much to ask at this point) you can start prepping people for at least the mindset in middle school health classes. My middle and high school health classes were basically a joke. They could easily have incorporated basic things like First Aid, Stop the Bleed and CPR, thereby turning everyone older than 9th graders into medical responders for everything from small fires to heart attacks to car accidents to mass shootings. We’re already paying for it, let’s put one condom on one banana and move on to more useful shit because self-diagnosis of genital warts doesn’t really take a lot of brainpower and you’re gonna need to see a doc about that regardless.

        That kind of mindset, IME, tends to grow if it’s fostered in younger people.

        Outside of the Las Vegas attack I can’t really think of too many of these attacks where having 5% of the population in the area being armed wouldn’t help. Particularly if 20% of that population was trained in First Aid to boot.

        • “stop being lazy…and do some work like attending school board meetings…”

          Keep in mind some of us don’t work for the government or “9-5” type jobs. Even if I wanted to do that, I physically can’t. It’s nuts out there right now. (The economy needing help from the government is a VICIOUS LIE. IT’S AN EXCUSE TO SPEND MONEY BECAUSE MONEY=POWER) I’m having a hard time getting through my list of people to turn down (true story). “But, Dude, you have time to post comments on the net that five people will read.” Hey it’s the weekend. We all need a break every now and then. 😉 (Yes I work on weekends too)

        • I whole heartedly agree with you and yes I did misunderstand you.

          Not too long ago the suggestion was made to group some veterans and retired LEO(s) for armed plain clothes security in the elementary schools. The suggestion was good and thorough; they would work the same days and hours as teachers, be in their retirement system, etc., but it didn’t quite catch on as folks had hoped. Some districts did this independently but very few but never heard of any issues where they’re used.

          Problem is folks are too hung up on schools being GFZ(s) and for some reason cannot connect these armed security officers would be employed as the exception. Some districts have said they want such security but insist they be unarmed only and can’t understand this defeats the purpose of having special officers. Such people are hard to penetrate with common sense no matter how much sense is made.

        • “Even if I wanted to do that, I physically can’t.”

          You cannot pencil in a single hour, even once a year, for a meeting that is announced three to six months in advance?

          *deletes three paragraphs dancing around calling this out*

          I’ll just come out and say it: Bullshit. Sorry, I don’t buy your story. At all. You just don’t want to be bothered. If you cared, you’d find a way. You’d turn away ONE more customer on that list of people you’re already turning away.

          This is like the guy here several years ago who tried to convince me that his roof needed work and that this is why he didn’t ever hit the gym… for decades. Must be one Hell of a roof, eh?

          I know pipeliners who pull this off but you can’t? No, you can, you just don’t want to.

        • “*deletes three paragraphs dancing around calling this out*”

          LOL! That’s okay, let me have it. I can take it. You got me. Everything is a matter of priorities. My main priority is my family and my second priority is my career. And actually, right now, I really couldn’t do it without telling a regular client to find someone else. It’s never been this crazy before in my life. The last time it was close to this, with money seemingly growing on trees, we had a massive crash and a recession. There wasn’t the threat of hyperinflation like we have now. I have two kids about to go to college. I’m gettin while the gettins good.

          So yes, it’s possible, but it isn’t a priority for me right now. And no, it isn’t because I’m lazy, because it isn’t like I’m sitting around at home with my feet kicked up in the recliner. I can admit that I’m relying on others to pull my weight. I didn’t even realize it was necessary to keep up with local stuff like that until recently. Things are really bad now because the crazies have gained control of our institutions while normal people are just trying to get by and support their families.

        • I didn’t say that you were lazy. If you have to turn away customers I would doubt you COULD be lazy.

          I said “You just don’t want to be bothered.” That’s both a distinction and a difference. It’s one of those nifty little British English turns of phrase that captures the nuance of the truth in just a few words.

          In your original reply you stated “Even if I wanted to do that, I physically can’t.” This is, to put it lightly, painting the situation in rosy hues. You don’t do it because you have other things you’d rather do.

          Now, I may have an opinion on the importance of the situation which differs from yours, and unlike serge, I do not find this to be grounds for a duel. Everyone has priorities, but don’t tell me that you can’t do something you quite obviously can but won’t.

          And, perhaps, this is picking on you a bit. But I’m sick and fucking tired of supposedly “conservative” or “freedom minded” folks flat the fuck out lying to themselves and everyone else and then complaining about the outcome of the choices they’ve made by denying that they ever had a choice.

          If we’re going down that road then there are a lot of hardcases in Chicago who’ve never wronged a soul because they were forced into gangbanging, robbery and murder.

    • A few of us were discussing this the other day agreeing there’s too many people convinced of the existence of false flags for this to be a mere myth. Obviously somebody knows something about this and made sure it was leaked to the public somehow. I’ve heard it discussed for years before I ever first saw it mentioned in a media narrative.

  22. No ideas or tactics by gun haters have worked. False flags won’t neither as most folks of average intelligence know this. Infringing any further on our rights will make things worse. Nothing replaces a well-armed and at least minimally trained individual providing for their own safety and security.

  23. Suicides will never stop sadly. We hear very little about them. But giving these sad souls a chance to make national headlines is just tempting them! I’m against censorship but giving free nationwide press coverage of every mass shooting must stop. I feel sorry for everyone so inclined, but the name, social situation, pictures of his “arsenal”, family, co-workers makes mass shootings a tempting way to make sure your internal pain is known. Can’t we all agree that a bare bones report is enough?

    • I suspect from your post that did occur that it had to do with the punctuation.

      WordPress, hilariously enough, doesn’t like punctuation. Words are iffy, punctuation is bad. Apparently.


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