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The once and future MSNBC host Ed Schultz is so left wing his airplane flies in circles (counter-clockwise). In this post-Dem debate video, Schultz criticizes the Democratic nominees for making it easy for the eventual Republican nominee to to portray his rival as a gun grabber. Heads-up Ed! It’s true! Wait. You know that, right? So, despite Ed’s astounding pronouncement (“the vast majority of gun owners in this country are law abiding”) and to-the-point question  (“are we going to infringe on their rights because schools are getting shot-up in this country?”) and his determination to “thread the needle” on gun control, the guy’s a disarmist. A die-hard liberal/democratic socialist who wants his party’s hopefuls to disguise their true intentions on gun control to get elected. I love Ed’s somewhat pro-gun bent and know that’s how politics works, but Ed’s realpolitik exhortation to his Democratic cohorts – STFU lest pro-gun voters see your true colors – is more than slightly nauseating. Bleh.

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  1. I on’t know anyone who isn’t looking forward to Democratic Debates as a stand up comedy act. They’re so stupid they don’t even realize what giant asses they make of themselves…

  2. Well the dems do want to disarm America, being a pilot is not mentioned nor quartered by the constitution. So shut the hell up ed.

    • Wondering the same thing Frank. Running to my Constitution right now see if you and I mistakenly missed the part about the right of the people to fly aircraft.

      I”ll let you know if I find it……

  3. Both parties would be utterly irrelevant, if not for their abilities to inflict pain upon our lives by upping the ante on totalitarianism.

    I wouldn’t p*ss on any of ’em if their heart was on fire.

  4. Just keep in mind, the debates at this point aren’t really aimed at the general populace. The candidates’ answers are aimed at what you might call the party faithful, whose votes a candidate needs to get beyond the primaries and on the ballot in the general election.

    The candidates are probably hoping most of the country forgets what is said during these, since what convinces a party hardliner to vote for one, might not do well with the general population. And I think that’s exactly what happened re gun control in this debate.

    The same sort of thing happens on the Republican side.

    And I note that the reaction from the respective sides’ peanut galleries is pretty similar to both their own, and the opposing, party debates.

    • Accept its on tv. And they all came out for gun control. Even sanders bragged about his d- with the NRA. So when Hillpig is running in the general, superpacs will be running ads in swing states letting reminding people how evil she is. The reason Ed doesn’t want them talking anti gun in the primary is because he KNOWS it will hurt them in the general.

    • Negative. Both in 2008 and 2012, Obama was VERY careful never to poke the hornet’s nest. One could go and look back at some nebulous statements he had made in the past, but it was very hard to pin him as super anti-gun. He never mentioned gun control, even after Gifford was shot in the head. Now, they are having a prime-time anti-gun pow wow on national TV. The Dem party has decided to come out of the closet with its antigun stance. I can only pray that we make them pay dearly. These sound bites will be looped and replayed for all to see come general elections. The Dem’s party tune has changed big time since ’08 and ’12.

  5. hmmmm–still with the “90% want UBC”–and with the “it’s that evil gun lobby thwarting the will of the people”. OTOH, he did manage to make a couple of decent points. Even if it was only in the interest of getting his guys elected, I’m still surprised.

    • Yep. The one hates it outright, the other says they don’t have a problem with it but I betcha they wouldn’t want their daughter to marry it.

  6. I’m wondering if Hillary told her truth by accident or if she has only talked to like minded people for so long that she has forgotten that other points of view exist.

    • I doubt her handlers would let her forget anything. The issue of gun control is, for democrats, like gay marriage for republicans- a loser.
      Being anti gun MAY help win the primary but it CERTAINLY gets the money flowing in. But the kind of people who want gun control are gonna vote democrat anyway, if they vote. The issue is that while gun control rates VERY low on most democrats/liberals list of voting issues and very low on most most anti gun independents list, there are a lot of pro fun voters who will not give money or a vote to somebody anti gun. Many of these are blue collar democrats or independents. Some may not pull a lever for a repiblican but they will stay home instead of vote against gun control. And gun people generally DONT stay home. They vote! And they write letters, give money , knock doors and are very organized. In a tight race they can make sure the anti gun turnout costs you a precinct or a county or even a state. ED Schultz is a true believer BUT not so much that he buys into the hype that most Americans are anti gun. Ed knows gun control ihas cost many a democrat an election. Bill Clinton said it best support for gun control laws maybe brod BUT it’s not very deep. The people against those laws on the other hand vote that issue !

  7. Last night on redeye they threw up a list of all the free stuff promised during the debate; it overflowed into the next screen. And it’s all super expensive pie in the sky stuff, teaching deaf kids to sing, and so on. I can’t imagine the morons who fall for this caring one bit about liberty or individual rights. Ed, as is his MO, is teaching the dirty hippies how to shower just enough to not offend the horses.

  8. Just for the record, the AC-130 gunship flies in left hand circles while shooting (counter clockwise). I am pretty sure they don’t agree with Ed.

  9. Schultz claims that both he and his son are gun owners. Of course, he used to be a Conservative Republican before becoming a leftist Democrat — probably the latter pays better. So I guess you can say that he was for it before he was against it. Whatever, he’s just a schmuck with earlaps.

  10. Ed is just providing a friendly reminder to the Dem candidates not to go full retard. The strategy is and has always been frog in a pot set to medium. CT and NY are the test cases. Lots of good and otherwise law abiding citizens are felonies waiting to happen and everyone knows it. There won’t be a widespread and aggressive confiscation. Most LEOs won’t do it and the carnage on both sides from those that would be unpalatable to most Americans.

    The test will be when enough of the otherwise good guys get outed by ex’s, neighbors and their own stupidity resulting in arrests for assault weapons possession finally reaches critical mass. It might take ten years or maybe a generation.

    Make sure your children understand the Bill of Rights.

  11. I don’t think the plane would be turning counter-clockwise without a right wing, instead it would be barrel-rolling with accelerating violence as it plummets towards the ground.

    Oh right, our government is doing that.

  12. Here’s the one fact that scares the living daylights out of me as America approaches the 2016 General POTUS Election: The very day of the election the Democrat POTUS Candidate enters the voting knowing full-well that he or she already possesses 50% of the vote–specifically these are groups of voters that are “in the bag” for the Dems as a “given” such as Blacks and Hispanics as well as Women (the first two due to entitlements/free checks and majority of Women who are “Pro-Choice”)…

    So what does this mean? Well in a nutshell it becomes Obligatory, absolutely Mandates that the Republican POTUS Candidate mobilizes the entire Republican Base to get out and VOTE in historic unprecedented numbers (frankly, Republican Voters had a dismal turnout in 2012 primarily because they were not enamored with Mitt’s “moderate” Republican Voting Record)…Secondly, it is equally important that the Republicans WIN the “Swing Vote” and the Undecided Vote as well. It’s all or nothing at all as the late great Sinatra used to say.

    So that’s what will keep me up the night before the vote and most likely the very evening of the General Election as well…The interpretation or, moreover, the very existence of our Constitutional Rights and The Second Amendment all hang in the balance–everyone needs to ‘man-up’ and do their part to keep the Dems out of The White House to be sure! God Bless US All.

  13. Ed, the Liberals and Conservatives alike keep believing these shootings like Sandyhook, Charleston, and Oregon are real, they’re NOT! The powers that be stage these fake shootings to create a narrative that guns are evil and they should be banned. The main stream media has sold out to the Liberals and run every gun violence story they can to anger people about guns.

    Hitler confiscated guns from his people and now Liberals in America are trying to do the same thing with Obama’s help because they hate Freedom and Liberty in America. Obama Liberals don’t like people having Freedom to do what they want inside the Law. These Liberals hate the Constitution of the United States because it doesn’t support their evil beliefs or agendas.

    They want to create Laws that stifle people from protesting against Government. These Liberals support a Police State that will for one protect their Gay agenda. The video evidence on YouTube showing how fake these shootings are is staggering. Video doesn’t lie and you can clearly see a behind the scenes gun control agenda coming to America.

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