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By Brandon via

A Pennsylvania concealed carrier certainly has his moment in the sun after successfully stopping a man from stealing a car from a woman with her two children in the backseat. Multiple witnesses confirm that the suspect entered the Quick & EZ Stop in Plymouth in what was described as “in a huff.” One customer was inside with the clerk at the time. The woman got her things and got into her car.  When asked if the suspect was alright by the store clerk, the suspect left and attempted to gain access to the woman’s car. According to the woman, he told her to get out of the car and she refused. He kept trying to gain access and when that failed, he yelled, “she’s trying to kill me!” . . .

So he didn’t really have a strategy figured out. That’s is when the 911 calls began to pour in.

As the suspect ran across US Route 11, he stopped a white Saturn and pulled the driver out of the car.  The woman fought back, screaming that her two children were in the back. She wouldn’t give up control of the vehicle no matter how brutal he was.

That’s when a concealed carrier, who had pulled into the gas station to purchase cigarettes, saw what was going on and decided it was time for this to stop.

He pulled a gun and said, “I have a license to carry this gun, don’t move.”

The suspect wised up to a simple truth. He had two choices: comply or don’t. The suspect then surrendered and waited for police, who arrived shortly afterwards.

From the Times Leader:

[The concealed carrier] said his thoughts were with his son, who is at Parris Island, South Carolina [for Marine Corps Basic Training], but that he “had to do what he had to do.”

“Its something everyone needs to do,” he said, “(Step) up and take back their town.”

No rounds were fired. No people were hurt as a result of the concealed carrier’s actions. No children were kidnapped. Wow. That’s crazy.  Don’t let the media find out.

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  1. +1 in the DGU column. The one that the left use the “hide” feature on.

    Also if the nameless Concealed Carrier is reading this site, pass along thanks to your son for his service.

    • False flags don’t require real blood, or bodies. Only crisis actors staged at training events whining about how we need more gun control are needed.

    • Ain’t THAT the truth. Modern media have degenerated into pure tabloid crap. Sensationalism, emotion but above all . . . no factual journalism.

      • Unfortunately, it’s not just a modern trend. The Hearst publication did help rouse public support for a U.S. war with the Spanish over Cuba. With the Philippines as a consolation prize, which like the Mexican American war, we ended up paying the defeated power a couple of million for the territory we won in war.

  2. But wait … I am confused. This upstanding citizen who prevented a carjacker from taking a woman’s car and kidnapping her children is a terrorist, a TERRORIST I tell you. And the National Rifle Association who supports upstanding citizens such as this a terrorist organization.

    Or, this upstanding citizen is just that, an upstanding citizen who helped a fellow human being in their community. And the National Rifle Association is an advocacy and lobby organization who tries to make sure that upstanding citizens have the ability to use the most effective tools available without sanction from government.

    • He is a terrorist.

      That woman should have just given up her car. It was only a car after all. And, well, her children would have been awarded with a new cultural experience.

      Someone could have been shot!

      /end sarcasm

  3. That’s when a concealed carrier, who had pulled into the gas station to purchase cigarettes, saw what was going on and decided it was time for this to stop.”

    ” Don’t let the media find out.”

    They won’t say a word.

    The concealed carry ‘thug’ was buying cigarettes. 🙂

  4. And yet another DGU that will not be counted in the ‘official’ DGU column.

    Because Shannon says these don’t actually happen…

  5. The comments section is full of praise for this guy’s actions. It shows that the media isn’t the “final” arbiter of truth in this nation.

  6. This is so much more common then the media would have us believe. They are the lapdogs and “useful idiots’ of the Liberal powers that be.

    To me, this guy showed great restraint, and i’ll give him credit for that. The criminal was trying to commit an assault against the mother, and a felony (kidnapping) that would have endangered the two children. To be honest, after many years in law enforcement (Probation officer), he could have been justified in using deadly force, although it’s better that he didn’t because now there won;t be an investigation into his actions.

    So . . happy ending that wouldn’t have been possible without a good guy with a gun.

  7. If this doesn’t show that the main stream media has no intention of covering a “good guy with a gun” story…. I live about 25 minutes from Plymouth, Pa and just heard about this incident here on TTAG that took place over a week and a half ago.

  8. Wait, where are all the comments saying, “Don’t get involved, you don’t know what is really happening! My gun is ONLY for me and MY family!”

    • You do need to take a quick moment to evaluate the situation because you can ruin your life by sticking your nose in where it wasn’t wanted, needed, legally wasn’t allowed, or where you will just make the situation worse. With that in mind i have contempt for those who stand by or turn away when somebody needs help. Especially when they have the means and ability to help. After all, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    • The whole point to the second amendment was that each citizen was a citizen soldier committed to defending his community (and his fellow citizens) and his country from predators, whether lone criminals in the street, organized predators invading the country or the predators of his own government.

      I believe when we, as Americans, no longer see other Americans as our spiritual family, to be defended with our life, if need be, as we would for our blood family, then that is truly the end of the American dream.

      Then it’s just a mass of disparate tribal groups, at each other throats, willing to sacrifice those “others”, on the altar of “multi-culturalism”.

  9. Now that’s a hero! Also chalk up yet another plus for the good guys who use their firearms to stop bad people from doing bad things. Glad everything worked out well, and I too want to thank this man’s son for his service to his country.

  10. Ask the media are there still fires burning in California.


    Then Mr. & Ms. Media, report that they were put out by valiant personnel! Lives saved, lost, property damages, displaced families, or are you peeps going to rebuild in the forest? Wait, I’m not writing your stories for you.


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