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Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun JournoList is alive and well. This we know thanks to Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Echoing his fellow anti-gunners’ use of the “t” word, Gross responded to Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee’s call to discuss gun control with the NRA, uttered with characteristic verve during last night’s Democratic debate. “This is not a negotiation with the NRA,” Gross proclaimed. “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.” Gross was equally charitable about Bernie Sanders’ gun control-related remarks . . .

Sanders “mirrors the talking points of the gun lobby,” said Gross, who praised Hillary Clinton and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley for hammering the senator on the issue.

“Last night, it was summarized as, ‘Don’t vote for Sanders, because he sides with the corporate gun lobby over the American people.’” Gross said.

Sanders came into the first Democratic presidential debate with a mixed record on guns, and he did little to ease the concerns of gun control advocates.

He talked about respecting the right of hunters in rural communities to own guns, which is in line with arguments from the NRA. But Gross said this “perpetuates the myth that sensible gun laws are at odds with hunters and supporters of the Second Amendment.”

“We take exception to anyone promoting that myth,” Gross said. “We need to get past it.”

The article at provides more evidence that the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex is looking at a “divide and conquer” strategy to blunt or at least fracture the pro-gun vote. Will it work?

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  1. The threat might have more teeth if the Obama administration actually stopped negotiating with terrorists and their state sponsors, like Iran. Maybe all we need is gun free zone signs in the middle east.

    • That’s a great idea for a counter-campaign actually. Applying Anti-Gun logic to real world applications like wars, conflicts, gang-bangers, etc.

      How many dictators have been overthrown with a guns-free sign? Or murderers stopped by a 20-minute police response time?

      It will highlight how ineffective and idiotic those ideas that antis champion so readily actually are.

  2. when crazy, religious zealots (progressives, leftists, Brady and others) declare war, shouldn’t we take them seriously?

      • actually, i surrendered already. i refuse to defend, protect, save or otherwise enable the safety or life of anyone other than my immediate family. period. never know when one of the fanatical gun-grabbers are being attacked, and they deserve no consideration.

  3. So now Because I’m an NRA member I am a terrorist? I happened to do four and a half years in the Army 82nd airborne.I’m having a really hard time with this I guess the only thing I have left to say is EXPLETIVE DELETED Brady Campaign! Is that clear enough for you I hope so

    • Yeah, I’m a major terrorist, too; four years active duty w/multiple deployments to SEA during the wars there and four years in the reserves, plus more years as a street cop on city night shifts in bad ‘hoods. Also a Patron Life Member of the NRA for years.

      They’re all lying, chiseling scumbags; when a guy like our Bernie Sanders comes across as pro-NRA and a gun nut, we pretty much know how the rest of them will act once in power. Hell, they were bragging about their low grades from the NRA. Not that the Repubs, i.e., Stupid Half of the War Party, are any better; they’ll lie to our faces about how they support gun rights and then turn right around once in office to continue the war on us.

      Voting and participating in the ongoing election charades simply labels us as gullible fools who deserve to be screwed and laughed at, and it encourages and enables the bastards who are working night and day to destroy the country and bring on another civil war.

      So the media rumpswabs tell us Cankles “won” the “debate”? Good. Bring it. Maybe eight more years of that bloodthirsty, chiseling fugly pig will finally wake Mr. and Mrs. Boobus Americanus from their Krispy Kreme haze and get their lazy dumb asses off the couch.

    • Well now you just admitted to working for the world’s largest and best funded terrorist organization – the US military. Ever since WWII they’ve terrorized any country that doesn’t have a large enough army to truly fight back. Amusingly though, the ones you call “terrorists” have done a good job defending their homes from your attacks for the last 14 years.

      • Sounds like you ought to be playing for team Gross, pubes. Why else would you call 2a supporters terrorists?

        Are you one of the divide and conquer trolls. Split gun rights supporters into ineffective camps. Millions of .gov workers, current and former, support the 2a. That’s millions that are needed. And you try to drive them off.

        • “Why else would you call 2a supporters terrorists?”

          I didn’t, I called the cowards in the military who terrorize countries unable to defend themselves “terrorists”. Hell, your precious terrorists – er, in your language “brave heroes” – recently got caught intentionally shooting up a hospital full of innocent people, despite being informed of it’s location beforehand and STILL kept up their killing spree for another half hour after being informed yet again that it was a hospital full of innocent people.

          “Millions of .gov workers, current and former, support the 2a”

          No, they don’t. They support government power and special rights for government employees, because they’re part of that special “protected” class. Hence why every anti-gun law exempts all current and retired government thugs. They’re not pro-gun because they like feeling special and they know that gun control laws don’t apply to them as a reward for being good dogs and using violence to force the will of politicians upon millions of people. Hell, you could also try just talking to them and you’d hear from their mouths the endless list of things “civilians” (meaning us lowly peasants who pay their salaries) shouldn’t be allowed to have or do.

        • Well, pubes. You and Chris Mallory and trannysoreass enjoy your circle jerk.

          The rest of us will work towards 2a freedom.

        • Yes, supporting freedom and not worshiping the violent thugs who take away our freedoms is “trolling”. I hope you remove your head from your ass before trying to fire your gun, because you sure didn’t remove it before typing.

    • Hey Dan Gross, I am a 8 year Air Force (Fire fighter) Veteran, Current DoD Fire fighter, deployed for OEF, and I get called a terrorist. Maybe the the Brady Campain needs a lesson of what Terrorists really are. Come at me Bro!!!

  4. This dude should have just told the truth. “We’re going to force a civil war that will destroy this country. There’s nothing that will deter the minions of kapo bloomberg from this goal.”

        • Oh yeah, the gigantic circle-jerk that voting and elections have been in this country for decades is always a wunnerful solution. See how well it’s worked so far?

          Yet we’ll be exhorted and screeched at and whined at over the next few months to vote for “the lesser of two evils” or “against the anti-whatever-my-thing-is candidate” and if you don’t vote, why, you deserve whatever hellfire befalls you and any evil that comes about is entirely and exclusively your fault for not participating in this huge charade, wherein we are laughed at to scorn for encouraging and enabling the criminal scum who rule us.

          Yeah, the ballot has worked out just swell for us.

          • Balloting could work, if we all sit back and let nature take its course; don’t vote. Let’s get it over with, the slow slide is boring. Let “the people” have the government they deserve.

      • The Four Boxes of Liberty

        “The tools to preserve liberty are as follows: soap box, ballot box, jury box, ammo box – Use in that order.”

        The Soap Box—right of free speech
        The Ballot Box—right to a voice in your government
        The Jury Box—right to a trial, civil or criminal, by jury of your peers
        The Ammunition Box—right to threaten or use appropriate violence in defense of liberty and freedom against government tyranny

        That being said, if TSHTF with gun prohibition and gun confiscation, “chambering a round”; I.E.: using “Box 4”; may end up being the only option remaining.

  5. Has the Brady Campaign / Bloomberg / CSGV taken even $0.01 in foreign money to overthrow our Constitution?

    If so, that is SEDITION.

      • Negative, regardless of its flaws / failings, not even YOU want foreigners to possess the ability (much less the right) to openly attack or re-write our Constitution. Either way (again, regardless of its flaws / failings) I refuse to let anyone hide behind the negative opinions heaped on it.

        Similarly, Joe McCarthy was pilloried for attacking the government, the “press”, Hollywood, and Communists in general, over being rife with Communism. He was never proven wrong.

        • Not only was “Tailgunner Joe” McCarthy right, even he didn’t know about the two Communist spies in ‘The Manhattan Project’ itself: Klaus Fuchs and Peter Kroger (aka ‘Morris Cohen’).

  6. If that is how they want to play it, who are we to argue? Go full throttle. Repeal every piece of unconstitutional gun legislation at the local, state, and federal level. Maybe that should be the stated goal of the NRA going forth.

  7. Given the comments allowed to be made (and allowed to remain) by their own members on their own sites (e.g. Facebook), the CSGV much more closely meets the definition of “terrorist organization” than the NRA.

    • Was going to comment but Chip pretty well summed up my thoughts on this in his post. We are not the one’s threatening to kill people or SWAT them for their beliefs. The NRA is mostly made up of people who believe in liberty and freedom. The Brady Bunch believes in subjugation and government control of our lives. I think it is clear who is on the right side in these debates and how it is pure propaganda to call The NRA and it’s members terrorists. The Gun Control Crowd will say and do almost anything in the attempt to get what they want. Truth really does not matter to them.

    • “That gun nut deserves to be shot”
      “Why don’t they all just kill themselves”
      Someone should make a video to flesh out that hypocrisy more clearly.

  8. The NRA is more popular than Hillary Clinton. They beat her with higher approval ratings and less disapproval.

    I realize that’s not saying much, but the majority of the American people at least understand what the NRA is and represents, and any effort to paint us as terrorists simply results in a loss of credibility for the gun grabbers.

  9. If the NRA, or US gun owners in general were terrorists, they wouldn’t be talking about … talking, would they?

    Also, well, at least they’re admitting what they really want – you have a different opinion about guns, you are an un-person and we don’t need to respect your opinion, or even you.

    • “… you have a different opinion about guns, you are an un-person and we don’t need to respect your opinion, or even you.”

      And that there is the crux of the problem. It is also a statement of the greatest danger facing our nation. All great wars begin with a group declaring that the other group no longer has status as humanity … simply for being “different” of course.

  10. Lincoln Chafee’s greatest academic accomplishment was graduating from Montana State where he learned to be a farrier. Thereafter he made his living shoeing horses until he went into the family business (Republican politics in Rhode Island).

    So, as a man who really knows his horsesh!t from both of his careers, Chafee can probably handle Dan Gross.

  11. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake” — Napoleon Bonaparte

    Wow! The Democrat Party really wants to lose this election. What ever made them think that they could overtly oppose the 2nd amendment with this level of extremism?

    • That’s what I’m thinking… Holy cow who did this lady hire to manage her campaign?
      Going after guns has been certain political suicide for over 2 decades now – GET A CLUE!

      • Folks, count the tickets. There are way more crazies registered to vote than Repubs and Isolationists, combined. Energize the base, turn-out the vote. Numbers determine direction.

  12. What gets especially bizzare is that in all polls Sanders smokes Clinton by a wide margin. Some polls are even a little ridiculous in how wide this is. But the media is only talking about “Clinton does well! We swear!”

    And a lot of Democrat voters are taking notice. It’s interesting to watch a lot of dyed in the wool Democrats finally realize that there is a fast one being pulled on them by the talking heads.

    • They’ll pick up on it sooner than Republicans who are still blaming other Republicans for Romney losing.

      • +10,000.
        A choice between two tyrants is no choice at all. I will have blunt words with anyone who argues for “the lesser of two evils” between Obama and Romney, or Obama in McCain, or Christy and Clinton for that matter.

        At least when the tyrant has a (D) next to his name, people don’t blame me for his actions.

        • Well, if you don’t vote to keep the Democrats out of office, you’re part of the problem. You’re not voting for Romney, you’re voting against Obama.

  13. To paraphrase the Declaration of Independence, “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED.” What if we all revoke our consent?

  14. I’ve been a PROUD member of the NRA since 1976. I guess that put me on one of the face cards in the terrorist deck? So be it. I’ll send them some more money today.

  15. • NRA: Organization actively and strongly supporting one of your civil rights.

    • Brady Campaign: Organization actively trying to suppress and deny an American civil right.

    Which one is the terrorist organization?

    • “…actively trying to suppress and deny an American civil right.”

      Something that near always gets lost or diminished in any lecture delivered by the anti-gunners in their efforts to demonize and destroy every person or organization that supports American’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms is the inclusion of the Second Amendment protections which ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’ in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

      That is no small matter to simply be dismissed, but the anti’s would readily do so.

      Would they be equally readily dismiss the Freedom of Speech that permits them to make the false statements, lies and omissions they proclaim every day. Would they so readily give up their right to be secure in their homes from search and seizure at the whim of overly suspicious agents of government?

      I guess if the antis’ were in control they would be.

      Heaven forbid.

      Oh, that’s right; they don’t believe in that, either.

      • That is the problem though. Those rights are also being ‘common sensed’ and ‘reasonable regulation’ as well.

        • Free Speech “Zones”
        • Property seizures where due to either ‘secrecy’ or ‘hearings’ wherein the victim of those seizures are not represented…(with these new ‘gun restraining orders’ being a new one that cross both 4A and 2A rights…)

        Just like ‘gun control’ these incremental, ‘reasonable’, ‘common sense’ changes are slowly (or not so slowly) eating away at our liberties. You don’t have to look far, this is exactly what is happening to our 2A rights.

        • That is exactly the problem. The first phone call intercepted without a probable cause warrant should have resulted in someone going to prison.
          Instead the government tortured the Constitution until they found justification for their actions. It was so easy and repercussion-free there is no incentive for them to stop now. No matter which party is doing the damage, exactly half the country defends their actions while the other half is outraged, thus nothing changes.

  16. You know you are winning the debate when the opposition resorts to ad-hominems.

    This doesn’t mean it won’t work as a strategy, though, most Americans are pretty darn dumb.

    • Calling their enemies “terrorists” is the left-wing equivalent of a third grade schoolyard argument that culminates with “Well, you’re a poopyhead!”

  17. I think we should start labeling the Democrats and their gun control advocates for what they are: The front white men for black criminal gangs. /sarc

  18. I’m about to make donations to NRA-ILA and TSRA PAC in honor of Mr Gross.

    That’s my thanks to him for calling me a terrorist.

        • Tme for a Best Poster of the Month Prize?

          Like last years Soviet style, I suggest a WW2 theme, with key characters in Nazi mufti.
          Hitlery is the obvious candidate for a makeover, finally coming out butch with her new mustache.
          Gross is my pick for Goebbels.

  19. There will be no “negotiation”.
    None is asked for and we will give none.
    No Quarter Taken, None Given.
    If ant-gunners want another civil war then
    they will be legitimate targets of opportunity.
    Sick the dogs of war on us and we will respond in kind.

  20. If you are genuinely unsure if the divide and conquer strategy “will work,” look no further than the open/concealed carry debate. It’s already working….

      • Sure, but the jerks who get off on sneaking about with a hidden gun, and the government superiority permission slip that goes with it. Making up ridiculous excuses about there being some strategic advantage… Some how saying in the same breath that a visible gun will invite bad guys, but the same gun made visible when drawn from cover wills care them away…

        It’s not just the democrats who have screwed-up brains…

  21. So if we’re terrorists, and based on normal gov’t policy….when can I expect my arms shipment? Do you take requests? I’m a rather particular terrorist, any ole shit arms will not do….standards…gotta have some standards.

  22. Screw Brady and that little weasle Dan Gross. Damn straight I don’t negotiate with terrorists like him. I refuse to negotiate when it comes to my freedoms. Plain and simple fact of the matter is I have nothing to negotiate about. My gun rights are not even on the table. He has the right to scream, rant, cry, and call names. He has no right to decide how he’s going to use government to take what is mine.

  23. Here is my take on all this. The Dems know they are going to loose the presidential election so they are taking the party of jackasses as far left as possible leaving socialist Sanders far to the right with us NRA terrorists. Crazy – maybe but these are the people that believe the Constitution provides for healthcare and does not give the RKBA. They will never give up. The Constitution means nothing to them.

  24. If there was more reason needed to refuse to entertain any possibility of further “responsible gun control” or whatever they call it, this is it. They’ve drawn a line in the sand; that’s fine.

  25. Fine. The gloves are off you gun-grabbing POSs.

    From now on, we must refer to you as felony accomplices to violent criminals. Or maybe seditionists if our discussion has a global quality to it.

  26. As an NRA member it is egregious to label be as a “terrorist” and request a full apology. I’m not kidding, this is stepping over the line as it is threatening to my life and outside of the 1A Rights.

  27. Oh, come on boys and girls, the liberals will never fight us. The liberals will have all those wonderful high speed low drag military and police operators that they hire come at us. It will be interesting to see how all these government employees choose sides. I would imagine more than a few will be eager to serve their government overlords.

  28. Wait! I thought Obama changed the whole “We Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists” thing. I’m pretty sure we do and have now negotiated with them.

    • I went with “sedition” in my comment above but I am willing to compromise and go with treason.

      And gun-grabbers claim that firearms enthusiasts are unreasonable. Hah!

  29. I’ll show you some ‘terror’ be-otch. And I’ll keep on clinging(but not bitterly)…

  30. Anytime someone starts calling other people the T word, you have to think they were in on the original event that kicked off the T word – 9/11. It’s pretty obvious once politicians start calling everyone the T word that 9/11 was not done by 11 people from a third world country. Its intent was much bigger. Now the ramifications are here.

  31. “Conservatives think liberals ideas are bad. Liberals think conservatives are bad people….”

    Combine that with the psychological meaning of projection, and you will understand people like Dan Gross, Diane Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, and the loose screws at SPLC, Brady, MAIG/MDA/Everytown/Trace and the underlying mindset of sewer crawlers at Daily Kos, DU, OFA, BLM, and at the DNC.

  32. The definition of Terrorist is someone that wants to overthrow the government. What does that make them? We the people are THE government. Thomas Jefferson’s letter to James Madison on January 30, 1787 “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.” I have the right to feel safe and that includes carrying a loaded firearm. I have the right to protect myself and if you don’t like it tough $hit.
    The 2nd Amendment was put into the Constitution so the people could protect themselves from a corrupt government. No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS and take away their guns.Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

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