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MSNBC anchor and gun enthusiast — yes gun enthusiast — Rachel Maddow sets up a straw man in this segment and shoots it to pieces. “As long as people were’t being frisked . . . it’s understandable” that the Pulse nightclub killer could get a handgun and spare ammunition into a nightclub. Hello? Pulse patrons were frisked. If Ms. Maddow didn’t know that, she should have.

Anyway, the anchor seizes on the SIG SAUER’s MCX foldable stock and reduced recoil as the key to its suitability for mass murder. It’s “super small” so “you can hide in your coat”! Here’s a pic of a SIG SAUER MCX — with its standard-issue 18″ barrel — folded, held against my chest and positioned “under” a jacket.

TTAG Publisher Robert Farago holding SIG SAUER MCX (courtesy

TTAG Publisher Robert Farago holding SIG SAUER MCX (couyrtesy

Bottom line: the SIG SAUER MCX is not a highly concealable weapon. And while the recoil may be less than a “standard” AR-15, we’re talking about a teeny tiny little bullet fired from a gun that doesn’t recoil much, period.

More to the point[lessness], what difference does any of this make? The same features that make the MCX “frighteningly easy to handle” make it “wonderfully easy to handle” for Americans exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

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    • Why capitalize it?

      That’s like saying ISIL (when not even ISIS has the stones to claim the Levant or else Israel will nuke them) or Daesh like they’re a “thing”.

      Notice how the ISIS turds started wearing uniforms? (likely in an attempt to gain un-signed Geneva Convention perks, because if you’re going to throw people off of buildings, skin them alive, submerge them slowly in acid, you sure as sh_t want an attorney to represent you at the Hague).

      • DAESH (it’s an acronym, after all) is literally ISIS in Arabic. That is how you would say it if you were an Arabic speaker. They like to be called by their full name as they think the acronym takes away from their legitimacy. Think of it as if Americans got mad at others for saying USA instead of The United States of America. Keep calling them ISIS, it makes them butthurt in any language.

  1. Yeah, but Madcow wants to see it under the disco-ball. Does it look smaller there?

    Is it more concealable in the hands of a civilian-citizen, or a stupid-crazy power-grabbing civilian (a/k/a: a governmental employee; a/k/a: your stupid neighbors who need jobs).

    Nice Sig though, jealous.

  2. I could be crude and make a reference as to where a gun that size could be concealed on Ms Maddow, but I’m far too kind to do *that*.

    (No hotdog and hallway analogies, kids…)

      • anonymoose clearly doesn’t know many lesbians. They may not use actual penises as often as straight women but I assure you that external manipulation is not the only pastime of the group. It’s not like they literally scream out, “Scissor me Xerxes!” and that’s all they’ve got. I’m sure you’ve heard of personal massagers? Well that’s not all they play with. In reality all of the things one could imagine being turned into sex toys, and a lot of things one would rather not, actually are. If you’re not sure, think of something really vile and then look up Rule 34 of the internet and test it out.

  3. Frisking, bouncers, metal detectors all useless.
    The attacker will just start shooting earlier in the case of searches or the victims will have to hear the “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!” along with the gunfire in the case of metal detectors.

    I swear given some of the interaction I’ve had with people not one person on the planet knows how metal detectors work other than myself. People act as though it will hold you in place with a tractor beam or zap away the metal on your person.

    Just as the TSA how well x-rays, metal detectors and hands on frisking work.

    • Establishments catering to controversial patrons should be required to have sally-port entrances with interlocked doors. So should schools, for that matter. Won’t stop all the violence, but would lessen some of it.
      Confiscating all the firearms will simply make jihadists and coconuts switch to other means — tanker trucks, mass electrocutions, mass poisonings, assorted bombs, backpack acid sprayers, sheesh, folks with big imaginations will always think of something or look for it in video games or movies.

      The real problem is that the planet has twice as many people as it can comfortably support. Cramming humans together into massive cities is never a good idea.

      • Any such rigorous security creates a chokepoint for entry, causing traffic to back up. This collects a large group of easy targets in a small location (think TSA wait lines).

        A better option is to eliminate the rigorous security, and trust the patrons to act like reasonable adults. And for those who don’t, trust security (and armed patrons if necessary) to act like responsible adults and deal with the problem.

      • “Confiscating all the firearms will simply make jihadists and coconuts switch to other means…”
        Uhhhh nope. No such thing as 100% confiscation and no such thing as the bad guys not having access to firearms.

    • I got frisked on my way into a nightclub once (I know, I know, but my wife really wanted to go for New Year’s, and I love her). I had an LCP in my front pocket, so I was nervous, but the bouncer didn’t think anything of it when he patted that area. He did ask me to empty my back pocket, though, which is where I keep my spare magazine. When I showed it to him he said, and I quote, “What’s that? Oh. Lighter,” and waved me through. So much for “security.”

      • Seems the frisker/bouncer would be the first one shot and ‘security’ would be irrelevant after that.

  4. Seeing that most people where just laying around waiting to die he could have used a Colt Single Action Army revolver and killed the same exact number of people.

    • I was thinking a few matchlocks would have been enough.

      I am still baffled how so many people could have just cowered in corners for several hours waiting to die. I just read an article where a bunch of high school students tackled and subdued a shooter despite having to dodge a volley of bullets. By their actions, they saved countless lives. I guess they were too young to understand that they were supposed to cower in a corner and await their inevitable death.

  5. Remember: The Girandoni was a 20 round capacity (with nothing stopping it from being upscaled to 30 if you could handle the weight) semi-auto rifle that had existed for 20 years when the Second Amendment was signed. It was also nearly silent and had balistics equal to or superior than Harris’s Hi-Point carbine. It was in use by the Austrian military and the Lewis and Clark expedition so it wasn’t unknown either.

    Meanwhile, a printing press was an expensive machine that required multiple buff men to operate and took days to print what a modern printer can do in under an hour. Ban assault printers!

    Also Omar didn’t remotely try to conceal the rifle.

    • It’d be particularly tough to conceal given the typical attire one would wear to a nightclub on a Florida night in June.

  6. MSM purveyor with incorrect information on firearms, while pursuing an agenda. Par for the course. Nothing new to see. Carry on. Really, carry on.

  7. Yup, they’re getting desperate. The fact that they can barely even get a vote on their background check bullshit tells me they know they are fucked.

    • Bingo. In any scenario such as this, the longer it takes for anyone to respond effectively, the bigger advantage the aggressor has to carry out his killing. Except for bombs obviously.

  8. Ah! So by inference the AR-15, with no folding stock, is NOT dangerous and concealable! You kids can put down your crayons now. Class is over.

  9. So… Terrorist calls 911 and endorses ISIS, yells Allah Akbar while killing people, police address the problem 4 hours after the incident begins…

    …And my AR15 is the problem??

    And … We need terrorists (who are arbitrarily chosen based on one guys opinion or typographical error) to be denied firearms from dealers? The same list that senator Ted Kennedy was on? The same list that included a bunch of TSA employees?

    Also – we need to stop and enforce background checks on my private sales between me and my neighbors/friends because of some terrorist killed a bunch of people in a bar while the cops chilled out outside the bar for 4 hours??

    • “So… Terrorist calls 911 and endorses ISIS, yells Allah Akbar while killing people, police address the problem 4 hours after the incident begins…

      …And my AR15 is the problem??”

      Yep. You got it.

      YOUR AR is the problem.

      Because from the perspective of the a-holes perpetuating this crap, the Orlando shooter is the GOOD GUY, and YOU are the Bad Guy(tm).

      They HATE us…they literally hate us more than they hate Islamic infiltrators and murderers (in general, not just Islamic ones) simply because we dare disagree with their worldview.

      We deny them complete control over every aspect of life; we deny them being Sheep to their Pigs in the farmhouse, and that makes them angry.

    • You left out “repeatedly investigated by the FBI”, but the point’s the same. Nevermind all of that.

      Let’s focus instead on 100 million other gun owners and their 300 million guns, plus or minus, who’ve never harmed anyone and have never given any indication they want to.

  10. All this is happening at a time in which I have no extra money to grab things that are surely going to disappear 🙁

    • I feel ya, man. I’ve wanted an MCX for a while, but don’t have a lot of spare cash at the moment. I’m seriously considering running up some credit card debt before the things are banned or the prices spike.

      • The MCX is a Great rifle, being a collector; I have many Sig Sauer rifles and pistols. The MCX is a giant step forward in design follow through and I can’t fault you AT ALL for wanting one. BUT, more importantly…..if you already own A rifle with magazines that are 15 rounds or greater I would get some extra mags first. (notice I did not say “high capacity”…High capacity is relative and subjective, especially when comparing a 15 or 30 round mags to 100 plus ones) Anyway, When they break, wear, or otherwise become unusable… replacing them may not be an option if the insane does happen and mag capacity limits for the private sector somehow passes. It will always be easier to make magazine changes and ammo restrictions before banning or changing rifles. Look at California’s mag release and ammo restrictions! If they can’t mess with the rifle they will mess with the parts/supplies. Additionally. even without any legal changes on design, the simple shortages caused by the current hype and fear and price increases are reason ENOUGH to buy some more mags and ammo…without them you just have a club like they want. (Oh my god he has a club with a folding handle!!!) Keep the MCX in your sights but get some mags and ammo for what you own already before getting an MCX.

  11. She lives in Massachusetts. Hard to be a gun enthusiast in a state the highly and stupidly regulates guns.

    • She actually claims to enjoy shooting, she just thinks if you own a gun you should have to keep it locked up at the range. She doesn’t hate guns so much as she hates people having the liberty to defend themselves.

  12. The reason sig is marketing the folding stock is because its an ar type rifle but has no buffer tube, hence making it different from most ar’s on the market. Shame on sig for trying to branch out from the ar norm!

  13. Everybody in MSNBC knows that folding stocks makes rifles extra “shootier.”

    Ugh… the stupid, it hurtz!

    These idjits needs to stop sniffing glue and do a little more research before opening their pie-holes.

  14. “Some stocks collapse which means they go very flat without you having to fold them.”
    Ay ay ay. If this is true, then why is the folding stock of the MCX a benefit. That would mean that almost every AR on the market could go down to the same size. She is just flat out lying. I weep for the powers reserved for the people.

  15. Wow RF-that’s one of the least scary pictures I’ve ever seen…is a folding stock like a shoulder thingy that goes up? Off to look at AR’s(seriously).

  16. … It’s “super small” so “you can hide in your coat”! …“.

    She’s talking about Neo’s coat. In Orlando. In June.

  17. Im starting to think this is the master plan for radical islam. Everytime they do a massacre, they know that law abiding citizens are going to lose more gun rights. Soon we will have no defense, because of liberals taking them away, and then radical islams master plan is set. Attack wherever, whenever they want, because our government did all the work for them.

    • Bingo.

      One need only look at how COMPLETELY the responses after this crap cover up for and apologize for the Islamic element.

      What is the debate today, four days after the event? The fact that this a-hole was a Muslim among MANY others that have attacked on US soil, or the fact that he used a rifle they calling an AR-15?

      Complicit politicians and complicit news media. The lines in the sand have been drawn.

      Some fun stats and links:

  18. MSNBC’s resident carpetmunch, Fred Savage, I mean Rachel Maddow, knows how to frame his, I mean her, no it’s “it’s” propaganda so it will have the maximum impact upon the two (2) dozens viewers of it’s show. Maddow relies on her audience’s ignorance to advance her lies and he/she/it does know what emanates from it’s mouth are “lies” because he/she/it has admitted it met his/her/it’s female mate, an “ARR-TEE-ST” at an NRA-sponsored event they both attended to gather intelligence to later be employed in “art-work” and in broadcasts (I said “broad”, is that “sexist?) to smear the NRA and law-abiding gun owners and indoctrinate those who know nothing about firearms.

  19. “The same features that make the MCX “frighteningly easy to handle” make it “wonderfully easy to handle” for Americans exercising their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.”

    Defending themselves from terrorist attacks in public places and in home invasions by thugs.

    Finished it for you. For some reason, emphasizing that part seems important today.

  20. So what? Cigarettes are small and concealable, don’t kick very much and you know what, they kill 1200 Americans EVERY DAY!!!

    So all those blow-hard anti gun idiots can KMA! or put another way, FO&D!!!

  21. Robert,

    You are wasting ink (electrons?) on this. Reality no longer matters to these people. The majority of them (who have never even handled a weapon) are in a screaming stupor and the only thing that will abate it is sacrificing rights on the alter of progress.

    It really doesn’t matter at this point, they have been waiting months for this moment so that the full court press can begin on starting to make lists of what civilians are and aren’t allowed to have.

    Meanwhile the real 600 pound gorilla in the room, the religion that calls to these whackos, goes unmentioned and remains blameless.

    Someone could have committed that shooting with a bag of revolvers or murdered them with a gallon of gasoline and chained doors but he used an “assault rifle” and we shouldn’t have those.

    Lets next elect Hillary and find out how bad things can really get.

  22. “You can fold it up super small, and hide it under your coat”

    — In Orlando, in June, at a gay bar.


    • Now if he/she/it, Fred Savage, damn I did it again, I mean Rachel Maddow said “it’s ‘easy’ to stuff and ‘conceal’ in your cargo shorts” I might believe him/her/it.

  23. I can literally feel my IQ drop the longer I watch this video.

    Never has profound ignorance been a prerequisite for viewing a cable network.

  24. Anybody notice at 6:50 (yeah, I made it that far…) she starts talking about how easy it is to handle an AR? That it’s light, doesn’t recoil, a 5 year old could shoot it….

    This makes it official, Rachel Maddow is more man than the NY Daily News op ed writer from yesterday….

  25. Never have so many journo’s, known so little about the subject they’re talking about. This level of clueless ignorance would embarrass most normal people.

  26. She gave a trigger warning for “gun imagery?” lol. Then she proceeds to take marketing bullsh!t as gospel.

    Wasn’t it reported that the attacker got in to a shootout with a police officer outside of the club before the massacre happened? Neither party was injured, the attacker entered the building, and the officer did not follow. Right? When everybody else inside is cowering and waiting for someone to save them, it probably isn’t very hard to just walk in. How is any of that related to the weapon that was used?

    Oh right… she’s pushing an agenda. That’s how it’s related…

  27. The glee in which the left has attacked guns after this sure makes it look like they are glad this happened. To them the only thing that would have been better would have been if shooter was a white Christian and member of the Tea Party. I am sure Obama and bidens meeting with the survivors was to assure them that they are martyrs for the cause against evil guns.

  28. You’d think the shots fired at the off duty cop outside the nightclub would alert people to the fact he had a gun, but what do I know, I’m not on the news. I don’t think concealabilty was a concern for him.

    The fact is he had over three hours to do whatever he wanted with no resistance and no concern of the consequences. Given nearly any weapon he could have done as much damage. This simply illustrates the sensationalization the media creates and feeds off based on ignorance and the denial people maintain to believe we can control evil by way of controlling things. People want to believe we can stop all evil, they just need something to blame and control instead of admitting some people are plain evil and evil cannot be avoided, it can only be halted by force when it presents itself.

  29. Great……now I’ll look like an a hole if i try to buy a sig 556 like i wanted to a few months ago.

  30. She said it has almost no kick.

    Didn’t a news reporter talk about I how the horrible kick bruised his shoulder?

  31. amazing how media is focusing on the guns used, and not the actor(s) who committed and allowed act to proceed. just been reported that another gun shop refused to sell to the guy a month earlier, reported it to FBI, who did nothing. seems like the system worked fine, but government agents dropped the ball.

  32. Jacket? This is Central Florida in mid-June. It’s 90+ degrees during the day and in the high 80’s at night. You’re automatically a suspect wearing a jacket this time of year here.

    • Saw a guy downtown in 90’s heat index wearing a hoodie over a cap at noon. No lie. Not against the law but could not understand it.

  33. this is another false flag operation caused buy the current Administration, funny how when the Democrats control thing the Majority of the most horrific shooting happen, the Democrats want to make use defense less so the jihadist can kill us with Impunity just so they can start a civil war, declare Marshal law then rescind the bill of rights for the duration! making them the rulers of this country for life! The FBI, ATF are ignoring the Law so treasonous people like Hillery can walk!

  34. So to paraphrase: “this gun is too good for civilians. Civilians should only be allowed to use unwieldy, cumbersome firearms designed with no sense of ergonomics in mind… because safety.”
    That’s tantamount to saying “cars are too dangerous for just anybody to use, what with their big, heavy frames, and their ability to travel so quickly. Somebody could get hurt with all that kinetic energy moving around, so now everybody is only allowed to ride mopeds with a velocity cap at 20mph, and everyone must wear a helmet and a bubble-wrap bodysuit… because safety.”

  35. That was extra crappy reporting done buy nothing special reporter like president Obama and Hillary Clint is there cheer leader for them both. Ever one knows that report is about pro gun as any body you find at Brady bunch who are all ant firearms. Her story like most MSNBC stuff leaves out biggest fact of them all he guy did try hide any firearms get in that night club shot way in through front door passing unarm security . I have worked at night clubs and bars as unarm serurity there not lot you can do when person has firearm you only have can pepper spray. Let make one thing clear any bar night club in United States well all,s be firearms free zone because of there Liquor License. They do want customers get drunk than get in fire fight in there night club or bar. Yes this happen before in parking lots bars and night clubs where fight break out goes from fist fight in fire fight if some one bring firearm does happen a lot but does happen. I have seen happen.

  36. You may have experienced a stroke, please seek medical attention.
    Best regards,

  37. After Boston… why haven’t the libs in Congress tried to ban the little 2 liter pressure cookers that sell for $40 in every dept store?

  38. What a bitch, it’s one thing to comment on how a person uses a fireArm to commit a act of terror but to say it’s the rifles nonexistent concealability is about the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. She says the ad is despicable, what about the ads for makeup brands that they use animal testing for how the hell aren’t those despicable? My point is it was a horrible thing but blaming a rifles design is retarded because, if someone wanted to commit an act like that they would find a way, look at China they took away guns now they have mass stabings so either way it’s gonna kill you or wound you

  39. Hold on. People were being frisked and this guy still made it through the door with a rifle, pistol, and bucket of ammo to start the shooting inside? This just keeps getting better and better, and by that I mean worse and worse.

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