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Crime scene where Jo Cox was murdered (courtesy

“A member of Britain’s Parliament [Jo Cox] was shot and stabbed to death Thursday in an attack that stunned the nation and brought to an immediate halt the country’s European Union referendum campaign just a week before the vote,” reports. “Police did not provide a motive for the killing. But British media organizations including the Guardian and Sky News quoted witnesses as saying that the assailant shouted ‘Britain First!’ during and after the attack — a slogan linked to anti-immigrant groups.”

Jo Cox (courtesy

Witnesses told British media that the assailant appeared to have been waiting for Cox outside a library in the town of Birstall where she had been meeting constituents. He targeted her with a gun that was either homemade or antique, as well as with a knife. He continued to stab and kick her even after she had fallen to the ground, bleeding.

Needless to say, the WaPo felt obliged to add this bit:

Gun attacks in Britain are rare, and members of Parliament do not customarily have security protection. British gun control restrictions are extremely tight, and firearms are considered difficult to obtain.

So tight, in fact, that a disarmed bystander was powerless to intervene:

Britain’s Press Association quoted witnesses in reporting that a man who works at a nearby dry cleaners initially tried to stop the assailant. The attacker, who was wearing a white baseball cap, then scuffled with Cox before shooting her at least twice and lunging at her with a knife.

“He was fighting with her and wrestling with her and then the gun went off twice and then she fell between two cars and I came and saw her bleeding on the floor,” the Press Association quoted a man named Hithem Ben Abdallah, who claimed to have witnessed the attack, as saying.

Our condolences to Ms. Cox’s friend, family and colleagues. Meanwhile, this incident will do nothing to help restore gun rights in The Land of Hope and Glory and everything to ensure that they remain moribund.

UPDATE: reports that the reports that the killer was politically motivated were . . . politically motivated.

Thomas Mair, who has been named locally as the man arrested on suspicion of killing Labour MP Jo Cox was not politically minded, according to locals who knew him reported by the Daily Telegraph. A neighbour said he wasn’t a member of a political party and had never expressed interest in the EU referendum.

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  1. I don’t usually buy into false-flag / conspiracy stuff, but this stinks. Why do this when you’re winning?

    • Given the recent history of “fake” hate crimes this was most probably one of her own that shot her. Its becoming a favorite tactic of the left to advance their narrative.

      The “Remain” crowd will stop at nothing to ensure Britain surrenders its sovereignty to the EU.

    • I agree with you, conspiracy theories are (usually) for the hard of thinking. Which leaves me with an uneasy and difficult to articulate feeling about this.

      • Conspiracies do happen.

        Is this one? Obviously people are only theorizing based on what little there is to go on, and that’s all.

        There is enormous power and money in the EU, and I don’t think it’s a stretch to consider the evil people might do to keep that power and money.

        I share your skepticism, but I also think it’s worthwhile to consider that some things are not as they appear on their face.

  2. Meh… The Brits are facing REAL tyranny. The EU is a non-democratic authoritarian regime and, quite frankly, I would’t cross the street to piss on most of these pro-EU scumbags if they were on fire.

    • I believe the reason that the guy from the cleaners tried to save her briefly before quitting was that it took him a moment to recognize who she was.

  3. Well they should have known that their hateful rhetoric could incite protestors to violence. I call on their party to cease it’s relentless campaign of anti-anglo bigotry, and join the rest of us in the 21st century.

    ^what they would say if Donald Trump was shot and stabbed by an illegal immigrant.

  4. “A member of Britain’s Parliament [Jo Cox] was shot…”

    Stop right there! I call shenanigans!!!

    Everybody knows that not only this doesn’t happen in other countries but the USA, but also everyone knows the UK is a gun-free utopia where unicorns fart rainbows and vomit sirloin steak cheeseburgers with chips.

  5. Wait your telling me even though Brittan has extremely strict gun law gun violence still happens? I’m in shock!

  6. I know I need to loosen the old tinfoil but the timing of this incident is highly suspicious

    • Yea I think I need to try another brand of tinfoil.

      There sure do seem to be a lot of nasty things happening in very interesting times.

      I mean if you were going to try and pay someone off to commit such an evil act as this, this sure seems like the kind of guy you would be looking for to do it.

      There are no co-incidences.

      Terrible thing.

  7. The “BRemainers” are struggling in the polls, and this heroic SJW volunteer’s sacrifice will likely convince the fence-sitters to switch back to BRemain from BRexit, thus condemning the UK to centuries of glorious European Communist Commission domination. /s

    • Don’t know much about the UK but I hear they don’t have guns.

      So… gun. What kind of gun, where would someone like that get one… did he carve it out of wood?

      Very strange indeed.

  8. The Brexit vote has been suspended. There isn’t going to be a vote. I’m shocked — SHOCKED! Okay, I’m not even surprised.

    The EU is a criminal conspiracy and will stop at nothing to preserve its power — including murder.

    • Sadly, that was my first thought as well.

      They are idiots for suspending the vote because something bad happened. Something bad happens every day. By doing so, they’ve set the stage for something like this EVERY time a socially important vote comes up.

      • Where are you seeing the vote is suspended, I see something about campaigning being suspended, but that’s all.

    • Its not like the government would ever use or create a criss to suspend the rights or will of the citizenry, right?

  9. Impossible. Everybody knows that all handguns were banned in UK some time ago. Couldn’t happen. There was no handgun to commit the crime. All banned. UK is the showcase of successful ban of firearms and all citizens are therefore secure and protected everywhere in public.

    While I have to live in wild wild east and have to carry a gun to survive everyday OK Corral travel to my work in Prague.

    • The UK needs to ban those Assault Weapons. This would not have happened if they only banned people on the terrorist no-fly-list from possessing guns. 🙂

  10. The UK needs to get the f— out of the EU while they still can, or they’re going to lose all sovereignty and any hope of being glorious again.

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