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  1. I carry to protect my life, the life of my wife and children, and the lives of those who feel that they do not need a gun in public. If it wasn’t for people like me, these mass shootings would become common occurrences. There is only one way to stop a mad man with a gun, that is another person with a gun who is capable of stopping that person from doing any further harm. Now the only question you need to ask is this: Would you rather wait a few seconds or a few minutes for that other person with a gun to stop the mad man?

  2. Mr. Colion Noir spot on a usual. Bad people will do bad things to good people, its just the way of the world. Are you prepared to defend yourself and your loved one?

  3. The legislatures don’t get it that people can be basically so bad the only recourse to stop them is force. Too much faith in laws despite no respect for the law.

  4. Love the t-shirt. May have to buy one (though it’s implicitly an ad for Glocks and I don’t have a Glock).

    But, this video is excellent, right on target. Well done, sir.

  5. What leaps in logic. Of course none of you guys will criticize his thinking.

    Isn’t he the same idiot who went on and on about how difficult it is to cope with homeless panhandlers.

    • Please feel free to criticize his thinking. Poke holes in his logic. Destroy his argument. I’d really like to read that.

      • He said “This person is wrong because I said so.” That’s the extent of the gun-grabber argument. So like children, they are, in more ways than one.

      • mikeybnumbers isn’t about logic or issues, he’s about hate. an ex pat that hates the country that gave him the freedom to spew his hate and of course he hates himself.

        • I don’t care if someone leaves the country, but I agree with you that he probably does hate himself deep down.

    • I guess your site has been lacking in hits recently. So nice of you to poach from the good people of TTAG’s viewership.

      You pop in, make a baseless comment, add nothing to the conversation, bring no facts to back up your lack of content, and then disappear to your hole as fast as you arrived here.

      • All right, let me try to elaborate. Besides already thinking he’s a clown for his ideas about homeless people, here’s what I thought about this video.

        at .35 “I didn’t change, nothing about me changed, what changed was my understanding of the world.”

        Does that work for you? Does that sound like an intelligent analysis of himself? To me it sounds like double-talking bullshit.

        The rest of the video is just the same old paranoid nonsense you guys are always talking about. As always, it fails to consider that the chances of a violent attack are far lower than the chances of your having a moment of negligence or some other gun mishap. What’s important is that you convince yourselves and each other that you’re tough guys who would fight to the death rather than back down to the bad guys. It’s adolescent fantasizing about being stand-up guys.

        The truth is, when push comes to shove, most of you are not tough. You’re not the stand-up guys of your over-active imaginations. You’re not capable of using your gun calmly and responsibly in a heated moment. That’s why you love this guy so much, he’s convincing and while listening to him you imagine yourselves to be just like that.

        The truth is, since this is about The Truth About Guns, all your guns do far more harm than good. The best we can hope for with all the numbskulls who think Mr. Noir is so cool, is that you never have a negligent discharge and never face a possibly dangerous situation.

        • Just say you don’t like guns or me. I’m not a tough guy, I just like to shoot. I love the mechanical operations of guns and learning to better manipulate my firearm.

          Someone who loves martial arts and loves getting better his art will use that ability to protect himself if that skill will allow him to do so.

          I love guns and I seek to get better at the use of my gun. Fortunately, the very thing I enjoy “may” help save my life. I get so sick of being insulted because I enjoy shooting and try to take a reasonable and logical approach to carrying a firearm as a form of protection.

        • Guys who practice martial arts and guys who practice shooting both suffer from AFD* (antagonistic fantasy disorder). That’s when you spend lots of time imagining yourself in a fight. You daydream about it, you picture yourself coming out on top, generally, often far exceeding your true abilities. Other times it swings into Grandiose Victimism*. That’s when you go down heroically in a blaze of glory.

          One difference is the martial arts guys don’t so often suffer from obesity like you gun guys.

          * I invented those to describe you characters

        • oh bullshit right back at you, mikeybnumbers. you’re projecting again. just cause you’re worthless when the shtf doesn’t mean everybody is. and you used to claim you were for common sense gun control. lately the true you is slipping through and it looks like you want them all done away with. your side lost champ. not only will there not be more gun laws forth coming, i’m willing to bet that the trend to reverse gun control will continue.

        • Your lack of experience shines through yet again. The generalizations about gun owners you spout is off as usual. The majority of gun owners I know (and where I live that is no small number) are not the fantasy driven agressive types you mention. We are the first ones to attempt to calm a tense situation such as an argument or confrontation. We know the end result of a gun fight, we understand the consequences, and keep them in mind whenever the possibility of that action becomes apparent. At the free public rifle ranges in my area, ones that you would expect the worst offenders of the gun community to frequent, you could not wish to meet nicer people. Everytime there is a problem (ie a car not starting, flat tire, malfunctioning weapon, someone not being safe, etc) instead of being indifferent or aggressive/rude, most patrons are happy to offer to help, give advice, and do so in a manner that puts the left of society to shame.

          Your comment about the obesity of gun owners is off as well. I am usually the only person that is even slightly overweight at the range. The same cannot be said of where I work. You would think that a place like a Medical University would have more concern for their weight. A majority of these (ironically anti gun/responsibility types) make excuses for their condition, or are indifferent about it. In fact, while making excuses for their lack of activity out of one side of their faces, they will demonize users of tobacco products, and confront them in the rudest possible manner all the while not seeing the irony in their thought process.

          Stop projecting. Not everyone is a recovering criminal wanting to lash out at everyone that doesn’t agree with them (read: you).

        • You’re the one making unfair generalizations. You say “the majority of gun owners” you know are responsible and reasonable. I say that’s not good enough. The relatively small percentage which is not, which I guess we agree exists since you did say the “majority” and not “all,” means your whole generalization goes down the drain. Those unfit ones among you ruin it.

  6. Good, succinct way of putting it. Problem is, this kind of explanation goes right over gun-grabbers heads. Either they can’t fathom the concept of personal responsibility or they’ve been brainwashed into blaming inanimate objects for the world’s ills because confronting the fact that evil and dangers exist in the world would send their fantasyland mental/emotional blockades crashing to the ground.

    And those are the “good” gun-grabbers. There are plenty who do get it, such as wannabe-tyrants, politicians, and control freaks, which is exactly why they want to ban guns.

  7. Well it is amazing, 3 minutes of talking and I couldn’t disagree.

    He does have a good point here. Options, yup lots of them. Being smart, and where you are and who is around you. Learning to protect yourself. Carry a weapon.

    Now the last one, carrying a weapon, he mentions non lethal and lethal options. This could be pepper spray, or a taser, or a gun. He also makes a good point, that you may choose one but not another. So there may be time you don’t carry a gun, but you might carry pepper spray, or something else.

    I saw Michael B’s post but don’t quite understand what he is getting at. If he was making some leap or conclusion that doesn’t make sense then please explain.

    I see it like this. He basically says be aware of your surroundings, and be smart. I don’t see anything wrong with that.
    Your choice of what to carry, if to carry is just that a choice. It is something we in America have.

  8. Excellent video! His calm, sensible and articulate manner refutes the stereotype that is broad brush painted of us gun owners.

    Now if you could just add in there a few sentences about “Gun Free Zones” I could send this to my legislators. They might not listen, but then again………. We have to start somewhere, and if we don’t go on the offensive, who will?

    Now Mr. Colion Noir, do you have any videos like this concerning black rifles?


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