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“There’s nothing wrong with the Second Amendment. As written and as intended at that time. I think everyone has the right to own a musket . . . If you are worried about safety get a dog.” – Michael Moore

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  1. I assume Mr. Moore is completely consistent and believes that computers aren’t protected by the 1st Amendment and that we have right to parchment and a quill? I bet.

  2. Wait, a dog can fight multiple opponents? A dog will stop domestic violence? A dog can grab bullets out of the air? Dogs can stop knives?

    Dogs are awesome but not that awesome.

    Michael Moore, shut up, every time you open your pie hole you sound crazier and dumber. Wait, keep talking.

    • He should tell this to the surviving relatives of the young woman who was murdered hiking in a Georgia park a few years back. None of the standard liberal alternatives to guns worked for her – fleeing, hoping for help, martial arts, and yes, her dog, which apparently didn’t so much as lift a paw to defend her while she was being brutally assaulted.

      • Martial Arts can be an asset, but not if you only train in Competition oriented or that useless self-defense tripe they push on women.

    • >Wait, a dog can fight multiple opponents? A dog will stop domestic
      >violence? A dog can grab bullets out of the air? Dogs can stop knives?

      Apparently you have never seen Lassie do her thing. If she can rescue Timmy from the well there is no limits to what dogs can do.

      • Yep, that Lassie sure was some dog. Shame she wasn’t there to stop the White House from being blown up by aliens, nor did she do anything to help those poor castaways marooned on Gilligan’s Isle.

  3. i hate the musket argument that he always makes. The second amendment was written to protect the american people against tyrants that also had muskets, now they have ar’s

    • “i hate the musket argument that he always makes. The second amendment was written to protect the american people against tyrants that also had muskets, now they have arโ€™s”

      I think you misspelled M4’s ๐Ÿ™‚

    • The counter argument is that muskets were the contemporary weapons of war. The muskets the colonial civilian milita had was no different than the muskets the professional british army had.

      • Weren’t some of the colonists’ rifles actually more accurate than the smooth-bore standard issue muskets that the redcoats used? If so, shouldn’t we be better equipped than the modern soldier?

        • Soccer, yes the Kentucky Rifle. That wasnt its official name but I forget off hand what it was.

          In addition to having long guns with rifled barrels the average male citizen was also a hunter which essentially made them better marksmen.

        • Don’t forget the Girandoni! 22 rounds inside 30 seconds, virtually SILENT, at muzzle velocities rivaling a .45!

          This gun was designed and marketed in 1779.

    • And attack helicopters.

      If there was one thing the Soviet troubles in Afghanistan should have thought people, it was the value of easily portable and deployable surface to low-flying air defenses in civilian hands.

      And as the standing army the second was intended to keep in check gets ever more sophisticated body and vehicular armory, civilian possession of armor piercing rounds become more important as well.

  4. & when dogs start tearing up home intruders then the brady crocodile tears will come out. Harboring a vicious animal, excessive force, well…. everybody here knows the drill, Randy

    • What do you mean “when”?

      There are already Assault Puppy Bans. In some cases, existing APs might be grandfathered, but with requirements for registration, licensing, secure storage, mandatory liability insurance, etc.

      For example, Denver, CO.

        • When you abuse and neglect any animal, they will be messed up and may be a danger, regardless or breed or even species.

          Case in point, Chicago.

        • Since my family has Pit Bulls, I disagree with both of those bills being proposed. But this brings up a good point. Pit Bulls, like people who are of bad breeding and who are treated poorly grow up to be thugs and criminals. These bills are biased against a certain breed when the persons who should go to jail are the people raised them poorly.

          My cousins Pit Bull truely is a puppy in every way and none of the neighborhood kids have ever been hurt. I have seen him get his tail grabbed and foot stepped on and he simply whimpers away because he understand they are kids and everyone is just playing. When he has had enough, he simpy asks to go back into the house.

          The Bias is all on Bit Bulls but there is no laws against Malinois or Belgian Shepherd Dog, German Shepards or Doberman Pinscher who for many years have been raised as guard dogs and police dogs.

    • Actually if you look at the way computers and other electronic storage is treated by the courts in relation to 4A the court does not consider these things to be “papers” in which you have a right to be secure from search. It would then follow that (tragically flawed) logic that if electronic media are not “papers” then the internet, TV, and radio are not “the press”.

    • Likewise my guns don’t age and get arthritis or hip dysplasia like my GSD who is spirit willing to defend hearth and home but flesh unable. I suppose ol’ Mike would say I need to euthanize my friend and companion and get a new dog if I am that worried about it.

  5. I’d be willing to bet that he’s never fired a gun before. Wait, I bet he shoots skeet with Obama. What a wase of oxygen.

  6. Ten bucks says that after the first chicago thug killed some kid with their musket Moore would be doing a documentary on how the musket industry is corrupting our children and why we need to ban muskets… ,excuse me, I mean “assualt muskets.”

  7. By that logic, since the 1st Amendment was written before movies existed, all of Mr. Moore’s movies should be removed from civilian access because they are not protected speech according to the 1st Amendment.

  8. Having a dog (a dog that could protect you, not a toy poodle etc.) can be a valuable asset. Properly trained a dog can protect you, but usually by keeping the criminal busy while you get your weapon. A dog’s main use though is an early warning system, nothing wakes you up faster than a dog barking. But relying on just the dog is stupid, what happens when the criminal shoots the dog…..

  9. My question is if this fatso lives in a gated community with armed guards or does he live like the rest of us. Open and vulnerable. Thankfully nobody takes him seriously anyhow.

  10. Mr. Moore apparently doesn’t understand the difference between a companion and a tool.

    I’m guessing his wife has the same problem. But hey, he has brought home the bacon pimping poverty to the guilty elites these past decades.

    No less than a Mister Burns-class pack of slavering hounds could guard that mansion.

  11. There is nothing wrong with the 1st Amendment as written at the time. Since modern technology did not exist back then, if you want to create entertainment with a political message then put on a play.

    BTW, my dog’s name is Ruger.

    • Who really believe that the founders thought that the right to free speech actually covered the right to pass around movies of poor chicks on drugs getting f##kd in the keister? So now we have a nation of young teenagers that, before they’ve even had sex, are wondering which of the bizarre acts they’ve seen are the most fun? 1st amendment? Nope. Just the result of modern porn peddlers and Cali organized crime….and a willing judiciary and Congress.

  12. By fatso’s own standards then, he can $hitcan the electricity, the toilet paper and flush toilet, the automobile and all he holds near and dear. None were around when the 2nd amendment was penned. You try that Moore, then we’ll talk….

    ps, guess that would include his easy-bake oven and his Barbie Dolls as well

  13. The second amendment says:

    “The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    The second amendment does not say:

    “The right to keep and bear muskets shall not be infringed.”

    Michael Moore should have been paying attention in school when subsets and supersets were taught.

    “Arms” is a superset of “Muskets”. The second amendment is very clear – arms != muskets.

    This is one of many logical fallacies he has made in his career.

    • Part of what makes Mr. Moore’s philosophy possible is the lack of a conscience. For a propagandist, the end justifies any means, and inconsistency, or flaming hypocrisy, don’t even move the needle on the polygraph. (You can bet he and his bodyguards are both armed, and not with muskets.) He’s just hoping to fool enough people enough of the time, which seems fairly easy these days.

  14. I don’t know what good a dog will do when MM is barreling down your hallway after knocking down your door. Does he really believe he knows what he’s talking about? He casted Megan Fox in 4 movies about explosions, I think the 2nd is beyond his comprehension.

  15. What’s the wait time for a concealed Chiguagua permit?

    I assume in NY I can’t carry more than seven. With my luck, some criminal will attack me with his illegal 10 Chiguagua’s. Another law abiding citizen out Chiguaguaed.

    Good Grief! Is there no end to the stupidity of the pro-confiscation spokespeople?

    They now defend themselves from being accused of defending themselves.

    • How horrible… Entire generations of people would be lost all at once. Plants would never grow again in the spot where it transpired.

  16. You guys are missing the point: that he agrees that if someone feels they need a gun to protect themselves, that they should have the right to do that.

    The point he makes after that about suicide or a dog is simply an appeal to the gun owner to voluntarily give it up – but I’ll maintain that he said people should have the right to have a gun if they want one.

  17. When will this fat slob die of a heart attack. The worst part about that is Obama will wipe a fake tear and say he was shot with an assault weapon.

  18. Like Michael Moore, I was born in Flint, Michigan. If there’s *one* city in the US where a good guy *needs* a gun to survive, it’s Flint. There are many areas of Flint where even the cops wont go.

    Ive heard he has returned to living in Michigan, but obviously not to Flint. When he actually sets up a homestead in Flint, with only a dog to protect himself, then I will gladly disarm.

    My grandpa lived in Flint, until he passed, about 20 years ago, and was assaulted & robbed numerous times. I remember all too well an attempted carjacking I experienced as a child with my mother driving, in daylight, just blocks from grandpa’s house. I remember my father coming home and telling us about stopping at a red light, and having a group of punks surround his car and try to open all four doors at the same time, long before power locks were common.. Only now, it hits me how close I came to growing up without a father.

    My family fled Flint 30+ years ago, for a small town surrounded by cornfields, where guns weren’t necessary for home defense, but everyone has them anyway to hunt deer. It’s *really* easy (and asnine) to say no one “needs” a gun from behind the walls of a gated community, 100 miles away from the war zone.

    If Mr. Moore wants to “fix” Flint, I’m all ears. I’d love to stop by the Starlight Coney Island after dark – hell, I’d *gladly* buy my childhood home back as a “summer cabin” & pay the incredibly high “non resident” property taxes, just to escape the July heat in Phoenix, but I’m not willing to risk my life to do so based on his out-of-touch views.

    For those who don’t know, Michael Moore’s Michigan residence is in Torch Lake, about 200 miles from Flint, Michigan, about as far as you can get from Flint, and still *be* in Michigan. He’s surrounded by bunnies and deer, not gang-bangers and meth-heads, so no – HE doesn’t need a gun.



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