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By Heidi Zinzow, Clemson University

More than half – 54% – of all firearm deaths in the United States in 2021 were attributable to suicide, according to February 2023 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Suicide deaths involving firearms – the most common means of suicide in the U.S. – have increased 28% since 2012. Groups particularly at risk include men and veterans, who are more likely to have access to and experience with firearms. Research also suggests that alcohol use is a significant risk factor for gun-related suicides, as opposed to suicides involving less lethal means. This is particularly true for young adults and middle-aged people.

Access to firearms is a key risk factor for suicide due to their high lethality. Suicide attempts that involve firearms end in death 90% of the time. Suicide is often an impulsive act, and when a person has access to swift and lethal means such as a firearm, there is limited opportunity to intervene or allow for a suicidal impulse to pass.

It is a common myth that once a person has made up their mind to die by suicide it is not possible to prevent them from doing so. In fact, most individuals who survive an attempt do not attempt suicide again, and those who survive an initial attempt using one method are unlikely to switch to a different method.

These findings underscore the importance of restriction of access to firearms as a critical suicide prevention strategy.

Research indicates that storing a firearm safely reduces the risk of the owner – as well as others, including any children living in the home – dying by suicide.

Firearm safety measures include gun safes, lockboxes, storing firearms separate from ammunition, and either voluntarily or involuntarily removing firearms from the home when a person has a mental health condition or other warning signs for suicide risk.

Nineteen statesCalifornia, Connecticut, Florida and Maryland among them – as well as the District of Columbia have enacted so-called red flag laws. These allow law enforcement, family members and sometimes school administrators or health care professionals to petition the court to remove a firearm from the home of a person at risk of harming themselves or others.

In addition to these measures, policymakers and care providers can address other risk factors for suicide as part of a comprehensive suicide prevention strategy. This includes screening and identifying people who are at high risk, treating underlying mental health conditions, improving access to mental health care and encouraging stronger family and community connections. Prevention priorities also include reducing risk factors such as exposure to violence, financial strain and chronic illness.

Another strategy is training friends, teachers, clergy, coaches and other community members in assessing suicide risk and referring individuals to resources. This has been shown to increase both the likelihood that a trained helper offers needed assistance, as well as the likelihood that the person who is suffering seeks help.

If you or someone you know is in crisis, call 988 to speak with a trained listener. Veterans can press 1 after dialing 988 to connect directly to the Veterans Crisis Lifeline. Or, text HELLO to 741741. Both services are free, available 24/7, and confidential.The Conversation


Heidi Zinzow, Professor of Psychology, Clemson University

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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  1. “as opposed to suicides involving less lethal means.”


    if a person actually comitted suicide by any means the means was not “less lethal”

    ok this has got to stop. these numbers include suicide attempts where the person did not go through with it or had threatened to do it or failed thus wounded….thus no actual suicide.

    • Does the cases of young girls “cutting” themselves make it to the attempted and “less lethal” lists? Because that crap is very prevalent.

      • Depends what you mean by “cutting.” Not all “cutting” is suicidal but an attempt to relieve mental stress by the traumatized to be able to “feel” something/relieve pressure when they feel numb much of the time. Cutting usually is skin surface level and does not go deep enough to his an artery or vein. It also is usually perpendicular to the artery/vein where as someone who is serious about suicide cuts deeper along the direction of the vein. As a therapist, I’ve worked with those who’ve cut as a way of relieving the stress of their trauma. Hope this helps.

    • I have a friend who attempted. Twice. Pills. If they had succeeded, we’d never have met. Wonderful person, now pretty stable (I think, to outward appearances anyway).

    • Good point. FWIW, I have a bit of a ‘prevent suicide at all costs’ bent, but, “by less lethal means”, is patently ridiculous. Without lethal means, all you viewing from afar, suicides are not “suicides.”

      • Yes but there’s a scale from “immediately lethal” (firearms, jumping off a skyscraper) to “you’ll die unless someone intervenes but it might take a while for it to happen” (pills, some types of cutting attempts)

        Broadly speaking men are more likely to go for the “immediately lethal” methods vs. women.

    • To the demented paranoid Booger Brain

      quote———–ok this has got to stop. these numbers include suicide attempts where the person did not go through with it or had threatened to do it or failed thus wounded….thus no actual suicide.———–quote

      Your reply shows what a sick person you really are. Of course the studies would include the people who shot themselves but survived, how in the hell else could you have a study on suicide.

      Because you are so demented you failed to understand that the studies proved that people who survived suicide attempts did so because they used other means rather than using firearms and as such were more numerous than people who did not survive suicide attempts because they used firearms. Of course to fathom any of this you must be of a sound healthy mind.

      And the study did indeed differentiate between the number of people who died by firearms suicide as compared to the people who died by other methods of suicide which ranks suicide by firearms as the leading cause of death by suicide. Even child could understand this or and adult who is sane. So do not try and tell your usual demented lies about the study.

      • Study is more fake and gay than the trans movement yet still has a better grasp on reality than you

      • “………what a sick person you really are…..”


        The lil’dtard calling someone sick actually made coffee shoot out of my nose.

        Put your hockey helmet on and go back down to the basement before you hurt yourself idiot.

      • @dacian

        you obviously do not understand that ‘suicide’ and ‘suicide attempt’ are not the same thing.

        The author conflates the two.

        a ‘suicide’ is always ‘lethal means’.

        there is no such thing as a ‘suicide’ that used ‘less lethal’ means as the author claims because if its actually suicide the means was 100% lethal and not less lethal.

        when I posted “ok this has got to stop. ….” it was pointing out the deceptive conflating the author was using.

        why don’t you go find your own lethal means and end your stupid.

      • I know three people who committed suicide with firearms and a fourth who tried to literally blow his brains out with a shotgun (Failed, so firearms are not automatically a guaranty of a fatality.). I also know one person who sliced their wrist, one who jumped off a high bridge, one attempted jumper and one who drove at highspeed into a tree (Single car accident-no one kows how many auto accidents are actualy suicides.). Pills and carbon monoxide also seem very popular methods of taking ones life.
        One does not need a gun to commit suicide as Japanese suicide numbers show. With or without a gun will not stop a suicide if the person is intent on doing the deed!

    • The left: we need to restrict your rights so that people won’t blow their brains out.

      No. Hard pass.

    • Their complaint is false or they would not support “medically assisted dying” in these states:
      Oregon Washington Montana Vermont California Colorado, Washington D.C. Hawaii New Jersey, Maine New Mexico.
      Pure mule excrement!

    • It’s all quite interesting. Mark
      Twain is quoted as saying, “Figures don’t lie but liars figure.”

      Japan has probably the most strictly enforced laws against individual possession of firearms of any country in the world, yet Japan has a higher per capita successful suicide rate than the U.S. Hmm. Wonder how that is? A social phenomenon that exists in Japan that doesn’t as far as I know outside of Jonestown is group suicides where a group who meets on line in a suicide chat room decid to all exit simultaneously after meeting at some secluded spot. Aokigahara, the Sea of Trees, near Mt. Fuji is a popular spot for group suicides. Japanese officials regularly search through the forest to retrieve the bodies of those folks who have been successful.

  2. Japan has a suicide rate that is about 6X that of the US from what I remember yet it’s also got super strong gun laws. Places like Australia and Canada that have implemented gun bans really haven’t conquered suicide either.

    I had a cousin hang himself in jail with his underwear. If you can’t prevent someone in jail from killing themselves it’s unlikely you will prevent it from happening most anywhere.

    Instead of addressing a symptom or a tool, why not address the root causes of people wanting to kill themselves in the first place. In terms of men, something worth noting for instance is that being an old single man is a huge symptom of suicidal tendencies. Odds of a single man in their mid 70s killing themselves is something like 40%. Maybe a way of assuring they have help staying connected with the world would be a good thought.

    Besides that there’s also the trans gendered population which is at a similarly high rate, but you can’t really talk about that because then you’re a bigot.

    • “Odds of a single man in their mid 70s killing themselves is something like 40%.”

      Oh hogwash. That doesn’t pass the smell test.

      • According to figures gathered by the CDC — and we all know the CDC is the font of truthfulness and accuracy — the suicide rate for men 85+ is 20.0; the suicide rate for men ages 75-84 is 18.4; the only other group that comes close is 25-34 at 18.4 also. I took those figures from a graph in the whole CDC report. I suggest going on line to read the whole report which is, what else would one expect from a governmental agency, too voluminous to post here. I believe the 18.4 represents the percentage of total successful suicided in the U.S. Now, whether the 18.4% of total suicides represents 40% of the 70s aged men or not I am not in a position to say but they lead every other group, apparently except for the 25-34 group and the over 85 group.

  3. 400,000,000 (probably a lot more) guns, 30,000 (or fewer) suicides with a gun. So, 0.000075 suicides per gun, at worst, got it. So, if we were to reduce the number of guns, this year, by, say, 10%, then, by how many would the suicides go down? Well, if it is the guns at fault, then by 10%, right? (/sarc, duh) So, 30,000 becomes 27,000 and 400,000,000 becomes 360,000,000 and, suicide per gun is still 0.000075 per gun but, hurrah, the total is down. If, however, they are not proportional, well, hmm?

    What if it does not require 13,333.33 guns (1/0.000075) to “produce” one suicide? What if it requires only 1? Well, in that case, if there were 30,000 gun involved suicides in a year (which there aren’t but go with me) then we would have enough guns to provide for the current number of annual suicides for, at a minimum, more than 13 thousand years. Good news, get rid of all the new guns and, in the year 15,536, suicide will be no more – hurrah.

    Oh, as a bit of an aside, suicide has nothing whatsoever to do with guns. People who choose suicide do so independent of means. (That is a multifaceted, complex discussion better reserved for another venue.) Without a gun, the person who wants to end their participation in this life will do so using another means. With a gun, well, they might use that because it will likely work. The person in charge of this decision is, in fact, in charge of this decision and, unless they are hesitant or completely inept, they will kill themselves if they want to. Bullet or no bullet is really not important. To believe otherwise is to believe that people who want to die but do not use a gun were too stupid to pick another method.

    Gun or no, the notion that guns cause suicide is both statistically unsupportable and philosophically foolish. Suicide is a choice, a choice made by people. If those people choose to use a gun, well, then, it just proves the addage: Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

    (All this has been said, FWIW, by a man who’s brother killed himself with a gun and whose friend used a rope.)

    • Your thoughts make sense except for one thing. Most who attempt suicide are suffering from a great sense of isolation, a lack of purpose and cognitive distortion that grows over time. Their “choices” are then skewed. I’d say 90% of the people I’ve worked with that contemplate suicide answer my question: “Do you really want to die or do you want to stop your pain?” respond with the “stopping the pain” and don’t know any other way of getting out of their own dark place. Adult males over 70, (I am one of them) begin to experience more isolation at this age from the death of friends, spouses, retirement etc, relocation, loss of property/income, loss of purpose etc. These losses create isolation from which depression and anxiety can flourish and feeling disconnected paranoia can seep in. Life goes on around us and it’s hard to find a way to connect to it. Our culture does not respect the elderly because they can’t keep up with the rat race the way they used to or participate in the life they used to have. People, ability to do activities and participate are stripped away from them a little at a time or all at once depending on circumstances. If you don’t believe me, visit someone in a nursing home.

      • Yes, most who attempt are suffering from some combination of isolation, depression, loss of hope, loss of ability and loss of purpose. I agree that their choices are skewed but, they are usually fairly rational and systematic in how they carry out those choices I have, unfortunately, far too much insight into the lives of people who find themselves in that kind of situation.

        That all said, however, it is still not the gun that *causes* the suicide. If it were, I’d have about half as many suicides in my data set.

  4. Why doesn’t suicide qualify for “Our Bodies, Ourselves”?

    If anything an adult making this decision is much more personal and sole entity in nature than any so called “reproductive health care” decision.

    • I have been asked, “How can you have such a cavalier attitude about suicide (which i kinda do, long story) and be opposed to abortion?” My response: “My brother killed himself, which sucks but, it was his choice” (his body, his choice). If my sister killed my niece then she would be a murderer. Not her body, not her choice.

      I miss my brother but, thankfully, I love my niece. (And my sister, and my brother, for that matter.)

    • Because it’s an excuse to demonize and go after guns. These aren’t the most genuine people.

      Why didn’t “my body, my choice” translate into vax choice? Those same people were for nationwide government-coerced, experimental vaxes. Never forget that when they pretend to be for the “freedom of choice.” It’s just a slogan.

      • It’s “my body, my choice”. There is no “you” in this equation.

        Silly uneducated, inbred, red state, trailer dwelling Right-wing MAGAbilly shitstains (read: anyone who disagrees with ME, because I’M important and I’M educated and I live in a city and shit) don’t get choices because that’s how they end up sisterfuckin’ and making more of themselves.

        And, as everyone knows, we can’t have that because it just makes more work when it’s time to finally cleanse the country of the undesirables.

        I mean, these religious fucknuts actually teach their kids that gender isn’t a choice. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a 80IQ purple haired grade school teacher to brainwash a kid to cut off his dick when the parents have values?!

      • “Why didn’t “my body, my choice” translate into vax choice?“

        You may be aware of the fact, but pregnancy is not contagious.

        Unfortunately Covid and other pathogens are indeed contagious, and everyone who wishes to be a member of our society needs to take reasonable actions to help protect the society from these pathogens.

        “Mask Slackers’ and ‘Deadly’ Spit: The 1918 Flu Campaigns to Shame People Into Following New Rules

        Cartoons, PSAs and streetcar signs urged Americans to follow health guidelines to keep the pandemic from spreading.

        • Bullshit a century ago and bullshit now the sooner we ridicule it into irrelevance the better for society.

        • If you want to read about the government being behind the vax deaths/disabilities (40% increase from insurance company records) go to Dr. Mercola’s site.

        • Well, no one “contracts” pregnancy without another person involved, so …

          As far as COVID goes, it’s still my body and my choice, even more so than after a pregnancy begins. If you don’t want to expose yourself to the infinitesimally small probability that I might infect you with a deadly case of COVID, well, stay at home. Me, I’m gonna go out for dinner.

        • MinorLiar,

          COOL STORY, BRO!!! Now, link us to the study that proves that the COVID vaccine prevents transmission. And while the VAST majority of people who contract COVID are either asymptomatic or recover completely, every successful abortion results in a death. Are you really that stupid?

          Why are you the way that you are?? Ah, because you are a lying liar who lies, and a Leftist/fascist propagandist.

          Go fornicate yourself with a telephone pole.

  5. So, most gun deaths in Amerika are suicides, oh but guns aren’t #1 tool in suicides?

    I thought the libs considered suicide an individual ‘choice’. Usually older white men (the ultimate boogeyman). Deep down you know they’re tickled pink, nevertheless they’ll use the stats to push their bullshit.

    • Oh, don’t make them delve into the demographics of suicide – heads will explode and then those of us who are left will have to clean up that f’ing mess.

  6. “Research indicates that storing a firearm safely reduces the risk of the owner – as well as others, including any children living in the home – dying by suicide.”

    1. no it doesn’t. it just reduces the risk of someone other than the owner getting their hands on the gun quickly.

    2. if the owner is the one who stored it they already know how to get to it when they want.

    3. even if a person can not get to the gun, if they were at risk of suicide they are still at risk of suicide even without the gun.

    this is the anti-gun myth they created…that the gun creates the risk. in reality the person was already at risk of suicide and is still at risk of suicide even if there is no gun access. A person at risk of suicide is not suddenly not at risk of suicide simply because a gun is locked up or they do not go through with it.

    if it were true that the presence of a gun suddenly and magically, as the anti-gun myth posits, creates a risk of suicide then why are the majority of gun owners not committing suicide on a regular basis?

    • “3. even if a person can not get to the gun, if they were at risk of suicide they are still at risk of suicide even without the gun.”

      Oh! Absolutely! Wish I had said that because it is absolutely true! If, seriously folks, if you have someone in your sphere who is, has, or might be, considering suicide, do two things: First, foremost, talk to them about it! Don’t be scared to use the word “suicide.” Second, don’t worry yourselves about what means *you* might think they would use (i.e. super scary guns) but ask *them* if *they* have a plan and what it entails. Seriously, “Are you considering suicide?” and “Do you have a plan for how to carry that out?” are two of the most powerful, and suicide preventing, questions that exist.

      Those questions are hard, very hard, to ask but, go ahead and grow a pair and ask them. I know what I’m talking about here – do that! Even if that person is a kid, someone else’s kid, ask those damn questions!

    • Arrgh, my comment went to moderation purgatory. Short version: #3 above is correct – if you are concerned about a loved one, ask them these two questions:

      Are you considering suicide?

      Do you have a plan?

      These are the most powerful questions you can ask to *prevent* suicide. Don’t be afraid of the word, they have already used it in their mind at a minimum.

      Ask the questions, just ask, please.

  7. As far as I can find hanging was the most common male suicide means in Australia before and after the 1996 gun grab. Firearms were and still are number two.

    Girls frequently use tablets or cutting which are not as instant or lethal.

    I’ve had two cousins hang themselves even though they had guns.

    Guns are harder to gain legal access to now in Australia but still millions registered and probably as many off the books.

  8. They are overlooking the greatest risk factor for dying of suicide and that is being suicidal in the first place. If I recall correctly Jeffrey Epstein managed to hang himself from the floor of his cell floor supposedly while being under close observation from the staff. If they couldn’t stop him from killing himself do they really think that they could prevent someone that is unsupervised from doing it?

    • A guy that I used to work with overdosed 2 weeks ago on fentanyl. People that knew him well speculated that it was suicide, since he had been severely depressed for a long while. Cause of death was officially ruled an accidental overdose. While it’s good he didn’t go out in a messy manner, how many other o.d.s aren’t logged as suicides and are skewing the ratio?

        • Every OD is suicide. Some happen over months and years… Some happen the first time. Either way they chose to ride the lightening. Which always has the chance of not ending well. You buys your ticket. You ride your ride….

      • A great solution for the homelessness crisis as well as illegal immigration would be a program to distribute free fentanyl.

      • It likely wasn’t a suicide, but accidental. The lethal dose is so small (by weight) that it’s real easy for the dealers that cut it for better profits to screw up the dilution…

        • Years ago when I was a drug dealer we got some heroin that was pure. Our cutting procedures were all fcked up because we got too high messing with the sht, not wearing mask or gloves. We had people overdosing and others demanding they get their money back”.
          My partner said screw it and sold his share to me. I quit selling it too and became a heroin addict.

  9. As Shrek might say, “what a bunch of crap.”

    Check out the actual world data.

    The comparison between the United States and Japan over time is particularly revealing. Back in the 1990s, Japan had nearly double the homicide rate as the United States.

  10. Over 80% of people who comit suicide by any method were under on going care of a mental health professional and deemed to have been improving.

    ~60% of annual gun suicides (ruled suicide) are later found to have been either murder staged to look like suicide or accidents. Once entered as a gun suicide in statistics these are never removed from those numbers.

    ~26% of suicides are incorrectly listed as gun suicides because a gun was present close by even though the gun was not used. These are usually drug overdose and the reason the gun is nearby is in case the drugs don’t work or are taking too long. Ya would think this is obvious but most suicide bodies are never looked at by a ‘medical examiner’ person (which in most jurisdictions are not even doctors) and they go on the police report which says something like, for example, ‘deceased was found laying on bed with gun.” and that’s it and the person who enters the records for the death simply assumes it was a gun suicide. Once entered as a gun suicide in statistics these are never removed from those numbers.

    Gun suicides statistics are falsely over inflated.

    • Clarification for : “~60% of annual gun suicides (ruled suicide) are later found to have been either murder staged to look like suicide or accidents.” – more specifically for “later found to have been either murder staged to look like suicide or accidents”

      Overall police are not that good at their initial determination in deaths thought to be suicide. There is a lot going on in determining these outside of the police investigation. The initial police investigation goes on mostly what they observe at the scene that’s obvious.

      For example;

      A person thought to have been alone in a room with a gunshot to the head is initially thought to be suicide and the police send the body off to a medical examiner with their initial observations of the obvious of being alone and a gunshot to the head and generally further investigation stops then unless there is a compelling reason to continue investigation then. In the mean while, the medical examiner office/authority has a case to close also and needs a cause of death, so they look at the police initial observation findings and list the cause of death as a suicide by self-inflicted gunshot type of reason and from there it gets into stats for suicides. But later, upon further investigation (if it does take place) by police the investigation reveals either murder staged to look like suicide or accident but the gun suicide cause of death is never removed from the stats and instead a different cause of death is listed (changed) for the same record.

      Sometimes this determination by police of ‘murder staged to look like suicide or accident’ takes place in a relatively short amount of time that causes it to get entered by the medical examiner. But more frequently it doesn’t and it may be months or even years after the case has been cleared by the medical examiner authority that the police discover it was really murder staged to look like suicide or accident and not actually suicide.

      The result – ~60% of annual gun suicides (ruled suicide) are later found to have been either murder staged to look like suicide or accidents and these numbers are never removed from suicide stats numbers thus the gun suicides statistics are falsely over inflated.

  11. “as opposed to suicides involving less lethal means.”

    Where’s the hard numbers? Japan and S. Korea have high suicide rates and low gun ownership rates. Is their suicide success/failure rate significantly lower than in the US? Overdosing, stepping in front of trains, hanging, and falls from heights all have low survival rates if a person is serious about killing themselves and not just trying to get attention.

  12. Sure but suicide is the ultimate sacrifice one can make to stop climate change, so shouldn’t we be encouraging it?

    • It’s only the ultimate sacrifice for Gaia when it’s state sanctioned. You must be told to starve or something.

      Otherwise the right people don’t get their rocks off on your demise.

  13. This also reminds me that Better Off Dead was John Cusack’s best movie and a wholly underrated ’80’s classic.

  14. “Research indicates that storing a firearm safely reduces the risk of the owner – as well as others, including any children living in the home – dying by suicide.”

    OK, now I KNOW I just read a bunch of BS. A gun owner with full access to their own safe will have no trouble accessing their own firearms.

  15. 👆When you admit the truth, but completely miss the point.

    Seriously, anyone that actually wants to die will find a way. Most suicide “attempts” are just the person seeking attention or validation. I know a handful of people that owned guns but chose to take pills and make sure that someone knew. Sure enough, they survived. If they had really wanted to die even for a moment they’d have used it. If the tool had not been there, they’d have just found one of a dozen other ways like just keeping their mouths shut about the pills.

    On the flip side you can’t go on labeling gun deaths as “violence” or “Murders” if you’re admitting right here and now that vast majority of the deaths are self inflicted.

    • …you can’t go on labeling gun deaths as “violence” or “Murders” if you’re admitting right here and now that vast majority of the deaths are self inflicted.

      Of course you can. Allow me to introduce you to this new concept that humanity has just discovered; It’s called “dishonesty”.

  16. I might GAF about this argument if these people actually cared about suicide, but they do not.

    On one hand they’ll threaten parents with child suicide if you don’t mutilate your kid over some confusion yet they know that the “surgery” doesn’t change the suicide statistics AT FUCKING ALL.

    OTOH they don’t give a shit about ODs or veteran suicide and they actively promote a system like Canada is rolling out (MAID, Medical Assistance in Dying) specifically for people who are depressed.

    Again, the answer to all this stuff is “Fuck you, no” and nothing else. Unserious people need to be told to fuck off from now on, including unserious people “on our side”. We’re out of time and out of wiggle room to entertain delusions and stupidity.

    Next week, for example there’s a high likelihood that the Lefties straight up troll with a perp walk of Trump when they get a Blue grand jury to indict him over the Stormy Daniels thing.

    It doesn’t matter how you feel about the guy. Doesn’t matter at all. What matters is that that kind of trolling is fucking dangerous on a societal level and they don’t care they’ll do it simply because they’re in a TDS-driven cult.

    • “the Stormy Daniels thing“

      That’s an interesting way to characterize tax evasion, fraud, financial misrepresentation and campaign finance law violations.

      “He denied the allegation but in 2016 his longtime fixer Michael Cohen made a $130,000 hush money payment to Daniels, which Trump reimbursed.

      Cohen later pleaded guilty to federal campaign finance violations linked to his role in the hush money payment and alleged that it was made “in coordination with, and at the direction of” Trump. Cohen, who spent time in prison, recently disclosed that on 17 January he met Manhattan prosecutors investigating the matter.

      The Times reported on Monday that witness David Pecker, former publisher of the National Enquirer, a tabloid that helped broker the deal with Daniels, was seen entering a building in Lower Manhattan where the grand jury has been empaneled.“

      Apparently, being a whore monger has consequences.

      • I’m not sure how that works these days because of the addition of children and teens to the mix, often via pressure to get surgery (often resulting in remorse for having done so later).

        Several years ago, when only adults were part of the cohort, it had no statistically significant effect in Canada or the US

        The hypothesis that the current situation would increase the rate would make sense. I’ll have to poke around and see if there’s a reasonably clean dataset on that. Due to the political nature of this, I suspect not, but it’s certainly worth a gander.

        • One of the more honest department of health employees I know did hint at a noticable increase in percentage (above 25% compared to lgbtqwerty baseline) but if you find a study let me know because I come up with nothing on what I can draw from.

  17. I think as a certain portion of the population becomes more and more averse to firearms and it is handed down to the next generation we will see a change in how suicidal urges are played out. Liberal households will have more od’s. With the fentanyl flowing into the country an od is no longer a bottle of pills and a chance for rescue. It will be a couple of pills with no narcan for the save. Next thing is having depression parties with groups of kids going out together. Weak minded sheep.

  18. As I stated here > > the statistics on gun suicide numbers are falsely inflated.

    How gun suicides are reported for statistics also falsely inflate the number of gun suicides in statistics.

    Suicides have always been a problem for numbers reporting because its not always as simple and saying ‘oh look, a method is present so that means its suicide.”

    For an example; When overall drug overdose suicides are reported, intentional and unintentional overdoses are counted, along with drug poisonings inflicted by another person with intent to injure or kill, and overdoses in which the intent to harm cannot be determined.

    Most suicides by any method, for reporting them have the same discernment problems and the same methodology is used for reporting.

    We have nice tidy definitions for “suicide” but the reporting is not as tidy. Suicide is death caused by injuring oneself with the intent to die. A suicide-attempt is when someone harms themselves with any intent to end their life, but they do not die as a result of their actions.

    For example, an unintentional self-shooting when the person is by their self is not a suicide or suicide attempt, but these are reported in stats numbers as suicide because of the circumstances of being alone and thought to have been a ‘spur of the moment’ suicide because the person may have had some type of difficulty in life such as, for example, financial troubles.

    The difference between suicide/suicide-attempt and something that isn’t suicide/suicide-attempt is intent. A suicide/suicide-attempt person has a self-intent to cause harm to their self meaning to end their life and without that intent there is no suicide/suicide-attempt.

    Yet of all suicides using external physical means (e.g. hanging, jumping off buildings, electrocution, gun, knife, etc….) reported in stats for almost 70% there was no self-intent known to exist and another reason/cause at the time could not be determined so they are called ‘suicide’. To account for these deaths in police/medical-examiner case clearances and investigation, and the confounding variable they represent for statistics and research and studies, its all wrapped up with a neat tidy bow called ‘spur of the moment suicide’ and its said that “Typically, a lot of suicides aren’t planned in advance”.

    Its the same thing for gun suicides, a lot of them that appear in stats numbers are not actually suicides.

    • In the article missive, this:

      “In fact, most individuals who survive an attempt do not attempt suicide again, and those who survive an initial attempt using one method are unlikely to switch to a different method.”

      No, its not a fact. Its not a fact because “most” were not actually suicide attempts to begin with but rather unintentional result or ‘staged’ or ‘accidental result’ events that were categorized as ‘suicide-attempt’ because they sought or were given medical treatment for the resulting ‘injury’ or were sent to see a mental health professional because of the circumstances surrounding the event occurrence when in reality they weren’t ‘suicide-attempt’ and the person simply did not do those things again.

      • over 50% of unintentional accidental falls from height (for example, off a building roof or a bridge) are automatically categorized and reported as ‘suicide attempt’ if the person survives and as ‘suicide’ if the person does not survive simply because at the time immediately before the fall the person was foolishly playing around in a ‘horse play’ situation with another and said/taunted “they would jump’ (or something similar) when in reality it was an accident they fell.

        seriously, suicide and suicide-attempt numbers are very over inflated.

        This is not to say there are not actual gun suicides or gun suicide-attempts, there are such just as there are those events using any other method. But these numbers and ‘facts’ tossed out in articles like this one and by anti-gun interests are not as true or as factual as they try to make the public believe.

  19. something anti-gun and these types ‘studies’ as in this article routinely ignores is something that actually increases the likelyhood of suicide and that is the anti-gun co-conspiring cohorts darlings and complicent death creators – that something is main stream media.

    for example: When Robin Williams’ died by suicide in 2014, suicides using the same method increased by 32% in the months following his death. That’s not a coincidence. It’s also not a coincidence that suicide contagion is also known as “copycat suicide”. That rate increased because of the way MSM covered it.

    on fact, everytime MSM covers a notable persons suicide … suicides using the same method increase for a period of time following the coverage.

    vulnerable people see the coverage and it spurs them on because in reality they had been contemplating it and been at risk for a long time even of they didn’t show any outward signs of struggling with being at risk.

  20. What percentage of suicides are amongst the terminally ill?
    IIRC elderly men are a pretty significant number, choosing a quick end vs a lingering death.

  21. Academics can no longer tell us what the definition of the word “woman” is. Their opinion on everything more complicated than this should be ignored.

  22. Are people that choose to go to life ending doctor offices like the ones in Oregon factored in to the sucide totals? What category are they listed under?

  23. I call BS on the Professor’s claims. I worked as an RN on the Psych Wards long enough to know BS when I hear it. I also saw too many attempts that were stopped, receive treatment, everyone thinks they’re better, gets released and then proceed to be successful on their next attempt to end their life.
    Sometimes Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, and sometimes it’s not temporary, but a problem the person we’ll deal with for the rest of their life.
    I find it ironic and a tad suspect, that the same group that’s claiming guns are a risk factor, are also the same group pushing Legalized Euthanasia.

  24. The Commies will come up with any excuse they can think of to get people on their side of the ‘ban guns’ argument. If a person really wants to commit suicide, they will find any means available to accomplish that. By their reasoning, if most drug overdose deaths are from illegal drugs, maybe we should ban illegal drugs? How did that work out?

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