Clever Trash Pandas Take Advantage of Sundowner Joe’s Senility to Tool Up

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  1. So, anyone believe the rumblings that Big Mike is going to get into the next race for President?

    • Again? LOL lets hope it turns out like last time where he spent a ton of money and got little result. He hung his campaign staffers out to dry as well, so I’m hoping that causes him personnel issues.

      VCDL kneecapped him really well in the last election too. I would argue that they had a huge role in knocking him out. “I have armed security because I’m important” doesn’t go over well when you’re trying not to look like a plutocrat.

    • Little Mikey’s ego and bank account demands it…cause ya know, Elites are like rats – they gotta Elite all over everything they touch or crawl over.

  2. The sad part of this is that biden is not competent to stand trial. A lifetime of crimes against humanity and violating the civil rights of an entire nation and treason for cash and he will not stand trial. He will go to a facility.

    Fortunately the clintons and barry can stand trial and also hunter.

    • The crazy part is – that’s exactly what they would argue. His mental health would magically deteriorate in the waiting period and then his liars would argue he’s not competent. I also find it funny how these “special counsels” are “inviting” Trump to give a testimony lol. The 5th amendment does exist and they have no legal grounds. Such a waste. But seriously, him running again is just a brilliant way for the republican party to lose, again. He needs to run independent. We all know how that goes in this country though…

      • And that’s why it’s a monarchy. Dempublicans or Republicrats two wings on the same bird , but a bird needs a tail to fly also that’s where an independent party could make a change. What we’ve got now is nothing more then a watered down diplomacy. As far as disarming the populace, theyll pick off the good guys one by one, good guys might turn into bad guys(doubtful) and the gangs will turn the streets red in some places. It’ll be part Terminator and Excape From New York all rolled into one…
        Its getting pretty bad, this over stepping off authority or presumption there of. One of these days it’ll piss off some group of fuku’s. Ant teef ah might be wrong but I admire them in a peculiar way. And then that’s when sht will get nasty, 100 million gunms, singing cry as they came,
        you better run through the jungle.
        Oh and BTW them little bandits, well that’s some of the Coons of Doom I talk about, like I said, I got friends.

        • And by gangs I’m not leaving out those whom wear a uniform or claim to be “Law Enforcement Officers” either. One of the most efficient extortion rackets since Al Capone.
          Think about that, not peace officers, but Enforcers of THE LAW.-“He’s being a wise guy and needs a tune up.” Enforcer. More like exterminator anymore, because everyone that gets shot or dies by the hand of a gang member deserved it ,right?
          That’s what I been hearing.
          Race, along with its cultures, divide.
          Devided we fall.
          Personally my faith is in them old ooks(<G)them guys are super american patriots and they done seen the sht and this is THEIR Country .
          But we are seeing it getting pumped up media wise already. Stop the Asian Hate. Bullshit. Love the asian hate- cause them fckers hate what's becoming of THEIR Country.
          Why I'd feel right proud to kill, and if it need be, die, next to Mak or Kau.
          Nope good guys one by one, step outside the vehicle, handcuffs, car searched, what's this, ???, Off To Prison American Satan. Bad guys r like fck u mthrfcker Blamitty Blam Blam.

        • There’s no way an independent party makes a significant run in this country. The last person to make a small dent was Ross Perot. You’re better off utilizing the infrastructure of one of the existing parties, and working toward changing their values. That’s already happening on a small scale. Obviously it’s being met with resistance.

  3. It’ll never work.
    Their puppet looks too coherent and is speaking a complete sentence.
    Comon’ man!

    • It’s only just starting, we’ve done sent in the coyotes and cleaned out your cats, now the elite unit Coons of Doom wreak havoc on your trash and disrupt your alarm systems, then Company B Armadillo Brigade adavance to take out the foundations and flooring and of your castle and the possums move in for the spoils.
      Now that sounds bad , and it is but the best parts for last because.
      Next come the Rats, of which 22% carry fleas infected with the Bubonic Plague.

      • Raccoons I hate because they’re wasteful. They’ll rip the head off a chicken and leave the whole body. At least hawks and coyotes and foxes take the whole thing. I personally lebensraum the damn raccoons.

        • Owls.
          Owls are where it’s at. Kill at night, eat it from the comfort of a tree, then urp up the unusable stuff. Yep,
          Be the Owl.

        • Raccoons – just masked, fuzzy-tailed possums still in
          their prison garb.
          Thievin’ little rat bastards is what they is.

      • “…the elite unit Coons of Doom…”

        “Sundown, you better take care
        If I find you been creeping ’round my back stairs”

        They’ve gotten into my wife’s bird feeders one time too many, and I have been given very clear orders…

  4. My dogs tend to keep the racoons away from the buildings. Possums don’t seem to get the message though. Had to shoot another one last week for trying to get into the chicken coop. Armadillos just help dig up the gardens. Local foxes and coyotes seem to have gotten the memo about staying away from the buildings because of the dogs and a couple being removed from the population. The biggest problem around the farmstead are feral hogs. They love to root under or break down fences and get into things they shouldn’t. Getting bolder and don’t stay away as long after I remove a few with extreme prejudice. May have to start setting up traps or bring in more hunters.
    Any of the disarmament crowd that doesn’t think anyone needs a firearm is welcome to come chase the hogs out of my garden next time they come through the fence. And fix the fences as well. Might learn feral hogs are not the same as the cartoon pink piggy they want to protect. 200 lbs of mean with sharp tusks and destructive intent is no joke.

  5. Historically, all a strong Third Party run really does, is it splits the Republican base and hands the election to the Commiecrats. Ross Perot’s run handed Clinton the election.
    We’ve only had one successful Third Party President in our history, when Teddy Roosevelt ran and defeated both Party picks.

    For the most part I liked Trump enough to vote for him twice. Sure, he did things I disagreed with, but so did Nixon, Reagan and the two Bush’s.
    I really hoped he wouldn’t run again, because it will be an uphill struggle for him to win again. Far too many Anti Trumpers in the GOP ranks.
    I hope I’m wrong, but I’m too much a realist to believe he’ll win, because all the Commiecrat skullduggary to steal the Election in 2020 and 2022 remains in place. our Elections are no longer free or fair, and the US is now a Banana Republic.

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