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Mossberg Shockwave

Mossberg’s new Shockwave shotgun was introduced at the SHOT Show and is finally being seen in the wild. The shotgun, classified by our friends at the BATFE as a “non-NFA firearm,” features a 14-inch barrel and a 26.5-inch overall length. In short, it’s a short-barrelled shotgun of a sort that doesn’t require a tax stamp. Just don’t conceal one about your person, in which case their determination may change (per the BATF Compliance Division letter).

Some claim the Shockwave is effectively a 5+1 capacity version of a coach gun, “ideal for home defense.” Whatever the gun’s utility as a home defense piece, it should nevertheless make for a potent, compact package.

Mossberg claim that it will shoot the Aguila’s Minishells with an adapter, significantly increasing capacity, (and reducing recoil). The Shockwave retails for about $450.

Before you rush out and buy one, you may want to pay attention to this caveat from the Mossberg website:

NOTE: This letter only speaks to its FEDERAL status. There could be local/state laws that prohibit the sale of this gun in your state. Consult your State Police for clarification.


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  1. I’d rather not use a shotgun without a buttstock for anything, much less home defense. A shotgun with 18.5 inch barrel and buttock is plenty maneuverable, and if you’re that worried about it use a handgun.

    • I agree. The advantage of a handgun in close quarters is your ability to operate it using only one hand, leaving the other free to do other things like holding back your attacker or tweeting a selfing of yourself shooting a bad guy, etc. The advantage of a shot-gun is it’s ability to dump 10 times as much energy onto the target. From a tactical point you’re giving up some of the power of a 12ga. with the short bar rel, losing any semblance of accuracy without a butt stock, and gaining nothing back in exchange.

      However, if the ATF were to grant us the privilege (sarc) of being able to own Mad Max’s double ba rrel 12ga. pistol I’d be there in a heartbeat. Don’t suppose it would ever be anything but a range toy though.

      • I’ll be all over a lupara if the NFA gets dismantled. Have to research which basic, pistol-grip-type double has the snappiest extraction, because, yanno, of course I’m going to want to flick it and have the shells pop out. Maybe home-brew extra light mini-shells

      • I could see actually being useful as an actual coach gun in your car/truck, as the threat of crazed left wing mobs rioting and stopping traffic, then attacking stranded motorists becomes more prevalent. You could keep this in many areas within arms reach of your drivers seat, and if surrounded by a group of rioters, (especially if you’re on a blocked street/interstate, unable to run them over and drive away) it would be handy to empty a few salvos of buckshot from it before then going to your secondary carry piece. Recoil and noise would be a real MFr but you’d be alive.

      • 14 inch barrel doesn’t hurt 12ga much.

        Remington 00 Buck:
        12″ barrel average FPS- 1121
        14″ barrel average FPS- 1127
        18″ barrel average FPS- 1216
        19.5″ barrel average FPS- 1205
        20″ barrel average FPS- 1182
        28″ barrel average FPS- 1250

        • I can only assume that those numbers are for the 3″ 15 pellet 00. Because if those velocities are for 9 pellets that would be slightly less powerful than a .30-30, even with a 28″ bar rel. Personally, I like the 41 pellet #4 buck myself. Shot a full sized silhouette once at 25 yards with my 22″ IC choked Winch ester 1300 and the pattern covered the whole torso.

      • What’s funny is Mad Max’s sawed off is perfectly legal as an unrestricted firearm in Canada.

        • I can see that. Canada has a lot in common with post-apocalyptic Australia.

          Only colder.

        • Seriously? Wow that’s really something! You know we always think of Canada as being super restrictive on stuff , but you can have a Mad Max pistol up there in 12 gage? Hell! Next time I go to the Prince of Wales Hotel in the Wharton International Peace Park, I’m going to bring me one! LOL!

      • I have often dreamed of owning such a shotgun. Then reality intrudes.
        IMO, for what that’s worth, I think Mossberg is marketing this gun because they know people will buy it. There are people who will buy anything, if it’s marketed right (evidence: pet rocks).
        I’m a big guy, and I use a Mossberg 500 with a 20″ bbl for HD. I have shot pistol-grip shotguns (my 500 is a convertible, and came with a pistol grip). The pistol grip makes aiming next to impossible, and the recoil is far less manageable. This is with regular shells.
        However, if the adapter allows the Shockwave to use the smaller shells, is does a few things: It allows smaller people (than me; there;’s a LOT of them!) to use a 12 gauge without fear of the recoil, and of course, it opens the use of a 12 gauge for general shooting. And, IMO, shotguns are a blast (is that a pun?) to shoot.
        And I had to look up “lupara.”

        • I have the short 500 “Cruiser”, with the bird’s head grip. Night and day difference with the better grip. It just rocks in the hands as was intended. The pistol grip shape just hurts. The birds head grip from Shockwave is a game changer.

        • Know exactly what you mean Gary! I have two Ithaca Model 37 shotguns, one with a full butt stock, and the other with a pistol grip. Both have 18 and a half inch barrels. Holding the buttstock Ithaca with my hand wrapped around the pistol grip section of the stock is far more comfortable than holding the actual pistol grip version, because it doesn’t cause the gun to come back in the web of your hand, kicking the B Jesus out of your wrist! The bird head grip on this Mossberg is a definite Improvement! Reserved my Shockwave at buds gunshop back in February, and just got it earlier this week. Only pay $389 with free shipping, and a $15 transfer fee at my local FFL. The gun shoots very well, the aftermarket adapter for the mini shell Works excellently, and I couldn’t be more pleased! Get you one of these, you’ll be glad you did!

  2. If someone could explain to me how this has a sporting purpose, I’m all years. Otherwise, this is a destructive device (barrels greater than .50 inches) and well, we all know what that means. It’s also stupid.

    • I don’t believe domestically-produced firearms are required to pass any “sporting purpose” test.

      I could walk-up a few gophers and blast them if it’ll make you feel better about the whole thing, though.

      • You can do that with anything, but blasting a few gophers isn’t a sporting purpose. The NFA has nothing to do with domestic vs imported.

        • Just stop it, already. “sporting purpose” is not a legal metric on domestic firearms no matter how much you or the left wishes it was.

    • The sporting purposes test only applies to imported long arms, and has zero application to any domestically built firearm.

      As for being a destructive device, it would have to be specifically designated as such by the NFA branch, like the AA12 was, thus making commercial sales a no-go even for semi-automatic versions.

      I do agree, it seems it’s applications are pretty damn limited, but that’s not Mossberg’s fault. Put a stock on it, and it’d make a nifty little bump in the night gun. Bill’s idea about it being a nice anti-carjacking/Antifa riot buster is also a good one. If I kept one handy in my car, I’d also get a set of hearing pro to keep next to it in cases where I have at least a little advance warning of impending violence directed my way. I don’t fancy going permanently deaf.

      • @Reef Blastbody

        Wrong. Its manufacture location is irrelevant. Shotguns are a huge gray area and “defensive” shotguns should be considered destructive devices because you wouldn’t use them for anything sporting or hunting. The mossberg is a perfect example of something that would fall into the ban list.

        • Hey Hillary give us a break Jiminy crickets enough is enough with the destructive weapon crap it’s a 12 gauge even if you want to take it to the range and shoot it at paper targets it’s still a 12 gauge and enough with this trying to classify it the batfe has classified it not as a shotgun but as a firearm. Plus this is America it doesn’t have to have a sporting purpose it’s fun to shoot it’s good enough for me and it’s good enough for the feds as well. And it does have a restriction it has to be at least 26 inches long overall length period and a couple more things I can’t remember.

        • Not that you’ll care, but I just ran a club 3-gun event with a shockwave-fitted 14″ barreled M500. So, you’re entirely, completely wrong about no sporting purpose.

        • ” Shotguns are a huge gray area and “defensive” shotguns should be considered destructive devices because you wouldn’t use them for anything sporting or hunting. ”

          There are a few factual problems with this.
          Shotguns are not a “huge gray area” at all. They are legal. No gray area about it.
          To say “you wouldn’t use them for anything sporting or hunting” shows your ignorance.
          Three-gun competition uses shotguns. Many other types of competition also use them. No sporting use? How can you be that ignorant and use a computer?
          Hunting? Shotguns are used legally in many types of hunting.
          It is evident that you are either extremely ignorant in your rants, or are simply a troll.
          Which is it?

        • > Shotguns are not a “huge gray area” at all. They are legal. No gray area about it.

          Did you actually read his link?

          Anything that has a bore larger than .50″ is a destructive device, as defined by NFA. The only exception is for shotguns, but only those “particularly suitable for sporting purposes”. See for yourself:

          “Destructive device. The term ‘destructive device’ means any type of weapon by whatever name known which will, or which may be readily converted to, expel a projectile by the action of an explosive or other propellant, the barrel or barrels of which have a bore of more than one-half inch in diameter, except a shotgun or shotgun shell which the Secretary finds is generally recognized as particularly suitable for sporting purposes”

          12ga demonstrably has bore larger than .50″. Thus, any 12ga shotgun needs the exemption to not be considered a destructive device. In practice, ATF issued a blanket exemption for anything 12ga, and then excluded specific firearms from it on the basis that they aren’t “sporting”. AA-12 was one such example.

          Now, they absolutely can try to argue that this thing isn’t “sporting”. But I don’t see why they would, given that they didn’t do it for existing pistol grip shotguns.

          Still though, worth remembering that the legality of any 12ga you own is entirely in the hands of a single unelected guy who is the head of the ATF. The way the law is written, they could literally ban them overnight.

        • Actually, no, merely being a shotgun does not exclude a weapon from determination by the batfe as being a destructive device. I happen to own a street sweeper comma and was grandfathered in back in the mid-nineties when they were declared destructive devices. I had to be fingerprinted, have the sheriff sign up on my NFA forms, and wait six or seven months for the FBI to complete a background check and then finally be issued a stamp bye the BATF. (There was no “E” on the end of it at that time. Hahaha!) All that considered, I don’t think we have to be too concerned about owner US declarations by the batfe under our current President’s Administration!

          • Hey man I’m not trying to be rude or anything but have you been in a coma for the last year-and-a-half? LOL this shotgun is not going to be labeled as a destructive weapon because it’s not even labeled as a shotgun it is labeled and is identified as a firearm not a shotgun. And just so that you know you no longer when applying for a destructive weapon a machine gun a silencer or anything else have to notify your chief law enforcement officer you no longer have to do that that was taken out of the schematics of purchasing a class 3 weapon some time ago now. This is no more then firearm. They’ve already gone all through it and how they’re going to register the weapon and passed all of atf’s scrutinous crapolla that they give manufacturers. And besides all that a street sweeper was no more effective then a spas-12 or any other semi-automatic shotgun that you could go from pump-action to semi-automatic fire another one of the Hillary Clinton complete orchestrated Manoeuvres in the Dark of b*******.

    • Excuse me, which amendment has the part about sporting purpose and/or destructive device I missed that section. FUDD

    • If someone could explain to me how the Second Amendment has anything to do with “sporting purpose,” I’m all ears…

      • This is clearly not a destructive Weapon by description alone this in the ATF size is a firearm. You left you liberals I swear to God coming onto one of the top rated gun websites and flaring up your crap a week after this posted. Blow it out your ass how about that one.

  3. That is gonna be popular, especially for home defense.

    Short enough where it isn’t ridiculously long with that shotgun suppressor on the end of it.

    Would it be legal to change the receiver to one that accept magazines?

  4. They’re going to kill the cottage industry of making these out of PGO shotguns. Kind of a pity.

    They’re quite fun with reduced recoil 6-pellet buck from Centurion or Herter’s. Full-house buck and slugs are not as fun.

    • Especially “not fun” if that top-mounted safety catches the web of your hand in recoil.

      But it’s perfectly located for this type of firearm, so we’ll just have to be careful.

      • I use squash grip tape on my grip, and it helps tremendously. It soaks up a little recoil, and it also keeps the grip from slipping.

  5. What’s with the adapter required to shoot Aguila mini shells? Is it available now? Does the adapter it come with the gun?

    • The little clip is called the OPsol Mini clip and its available at Amazon for like 15 bucks

  6. House gun? Shop gun? Boat gun? Car gun? Seems like it’s awful special purpose for a general purpose weapon like a shotgun. And I love my shotguns.

  7. Meh…I can’t shoot this at any local range.No stock. As mentioned it doesn’t look fun to shoot with fullpower loads. And I also use Herters 2.25″minibuck-out of a 20″ barrel Maverick88. Good stuff and EZ enough to maneuver. Cheap and reliable too. I COULD see it as an actual coach/truck gun…

  8. It’s bad form to end a written piece with a quotation, sans commentary. It’d be nice if Mossberg took the time to make a list of states that would classify this as a short barreled shotgun.

    • I would think that Mossberg has enough legal hassles with making sure their guns pass federal muster. Trying to keep up with state or local laws is nigh impossible. The liability problems associated with advertising based on interpretation of local laws should be obvious.
      Yes, it would be ‘nice.’ but probably not gonna happen.
      As always, it’s up to the user to make sure s/he is operating within all laws that apply.

  9. Ok, so… why? A KSG is gonna be just a few hundred bucks more, slightly shorter, and it’s gonna give you 14 rounds and an actual stock. Oh wait, this is gonna be for anyone who doesn’t trust a design that’s not a century+ old, regardless of practicality. Got it.

  10. Seems like it could be a good side piece full of frangible breaching rounds during a shtf scenario.

  11. You do not make a shotgun better by taking the stock off of it. You just make it more difficult to point accurately and safely.

    This has no appeal beyond a range tool cool factor.

  12. I guess with a SERIOUS amount of practice a person could shoot accurately using a PGO shotgun. Most people won’t so I don’t see any utility in the ShockWave.


  13. Kudos to anyone who can shoot this comfortably and accurately… I have a mossberg 20gg pistol grip shotgun that still kicks too much for me to use as a home defense gun.

    • Yeah, mossbergs are awfully light. You do this to an 870 and it has enough mass to be manageable.

      • I’d be interested in a non-NFA 870. Mossberg…I’ll pass. Had a Mossberg shotgun, sold it a couple weeks later.

      • Suarez International (Gabe Suarez) is marketing his version, built on an 870, called the “870 Stakeout”. It’s about twice as expensive, but the birdshead grip and forend are more aggressively stippled, for a better grip, the bore is polished, barrel is ported, and there are a couple more options, including a California version with an 18″ barrel instead of the 14″. Generally, a more polished and refined version of the same weapon, using the 870 instead of the 590.

    • The raptor grip makes this far more controllable than a true pistol grip; it changes the center of gravity to where shooting from the hip (as the thing is obviously intended) is actually balanced. Even in 12 ga it’s very controllable. As others have noted, high brass is not a fun range day but it can easily be done enough times to make a difference in your life.

      • I can second this. I had a shotgun in high school with a home made grip that looked like the raptor grip. My best friend had a 590 with a pistol grip and I have shot both types in the same range session.

        Pistol grips put your wrist in the wrong direction. I had no problem running a hundred plus rounds of birdshot at one range session with a “raptor” style grip.

        that was one of my favorite guns to shoot. FUN!

  14. Interesting thing about this is you could.. for example… keep a buttstock for it handy.. in case, you know… there were no one around to enforce NFA laws anymore. And if questioned you merely state “oh this? This is for my other mossberg.”

  15. Another gimmicky gun like the Judge/Governor that doesn’t do anything better than an existing, more sensible firearm, does a number of things worse, and which people will buy just because they think short pistol grip shotguns are “cool.”

  16. According to the Mossberg website, the model 500 JIC pistol grip only firearm has an overall length of 28.75 inches and the model 590 Shockwave firearm has an overall length of 26.37 inches. That is a difference of 2.38 inches.

  17. Well I definitely want one, but I’m gonna wait til a price tag shows itself. This thing is cool, but if it clocks in at $1000, I’m not dropping a sweet G a range toy.

    • Both the video and the article say the retail price will be around $450.

      I can see some shops getting scalper prices for the first few that hit town, but Mossberg can build and ship at a high enough rate that the dealers won’t be able to keep prices artificially high for very long.

      • Get a squeeze-activated laser aiming device built into the rear grip, combined with Mossberg’s Tactical Light Forend, and this becomes a viable defensive piece for car or home use.

        Come on, laser makers, get moving!

  18. I remember when I was qualifying with the 870. The Gunny showed us how to shoot from the hip, but told never to do so unless we absolutely had to. So I never have. I think that is still good advice. I really can’t imagine ever needing this shotgun for anything useful.

  19. Might be useful in bear country if you don’t have the coin for a big revolver or 10mm.

    Better than a sharp stick, that’s for sure.

    • After a few practice rounds of 3″ 12-gauge one-and-a-quarter-ounce slugs, if Yogi ever DOES show up, you’ll probably find yourself looking back and forth at the bear, then the gun, then the bear, then the gun, trying to figure out which one is going to hurt you worse…

  20. I know this serves no practical purpose, and I don’t give a shit. Tons of things in the firearms market are not practical, but that doesn’t give some FUDD the right to tell me I can’t own one. I wonder if the same people whining about this gun have cars that only go the speed limit because we all know there is no need to EVER drive faster than that, all grey clothing because color choices are completely ridiculous and unnecessary. I like these short little bastards and I am getting one (two if they bring them out in 20 gauge).

  21. I could see Mossberg selling a lot of these. It has the “check this out” cool factor without the hassle of ATF/tax stamp/SBR process. Price is also right. I could also see a ton of applications for this configurations. I’d pick one up if the streets don’t drive the price up. better hurry before ATF changes their minds

  22. would be a handful, Used in the Nam, loaded with #4 buck, Better area coverage, 9 round Mag. which works out too lots of leaky holes in a few seconds, especially with the trigger set to fire on slide lock up! ammo heavy to carry, great conversation piece for war stories!

  23. I do like it, but with that much kick, I’d agree with the others that I’d prefer to have a stock.

    If you want shotgun power at close range, really I don’t see why you wouldn’t just go with a .410 youth model. Sure, the range would be limited, as would the payload, but if you’re talking self-defense, as opposed to hunting, that shouldn’t be a problem.

    You get, what, five 00 shot in a .410 shell versus nine in a 12 ga.? Capacity is about what, 4+1 versus 5 or 6 +1 shells (depending on shell length) in a 12 ga.? The .410’s light recoil, easy maneuverability, and massive firepower should prove adequate to the long gun task and superior to a handgun in such a scenario. No need to go 12 gauge.

    • I’ve got a 3” (chamber) judge. I can load any way I want, with 410 and 45 colt. I wouldn’t rely too much on the 410 though, unless the range to bad guy is 7 yards or less.

  24. I am 5’1″, 140 female and thinking of getting one for home defense. what are your opinions? Please no jokes unless they are really funny 🙂

    • If you want a shotgun for home defense, I’d stick with a regular 18″ with a stock. You’re adding 4 inches, which ain’t nothing, but the stock will make it more accurate, and clearing rooms with a full-sized shotgun really isn’t that bad if you practice with it. Personally I prefer an AR “pistol” in .300 BLK, or my Px4 Storm in .40 with the light/laster attached.

    • If you follow me, you know I am a shotgun fan.
      My opinion is, get a shotgun with a full stock. Much easier to control, especially under stress.
      Learn how to shoot it, and shoot it often. Stand properly, lean into the gun, pull it tight into your shoulder, and the recoil won’t hurt you, and you’ll still be on your feet for any followup shots that may be needed.
      Being small isn’t what hurts, it’s not knowing what you’re doing that hurts (that goes for a lot of things in life, doesn’t it?).
      And, unless you have a LOT of training, and have a backup team with you, do NOT go looking for the perp. Let him come to you, and let HIM be surprised.
      Also, a 12 gauge isn’t your only choice. Try both a 12 gauge and a 20 gauge; at Home Defense ranges, there’s not really a whole lot of difference.

  25. Anyone know when these are going to be available to the public? I looked around on the internet and I saw a bunch of reviews but none for sale yet.

  26. I realize everyone has an opinion, and experiences that formed the opinion. All I can say to a lot of these comments is:
    TRY IT. Yes, you can hit accurately with pistol or raptor grip. Yes, aguila shells are plenty lethal. And so far, from my personal experience and from what other users are reporting at Opsol’s Amazon site, the Opsol Mini Clip works as intended. Perhaps take a look at the Opsol Texas Youtube site. They have videos that show the lethality, and they show inexperienced shooters hitting targets easily with pistol grip shotgun. I am not a great shooter, nor well trained, but when I “unload” on targets, I am way more accurate with a Mossberg and mini shells and then with my pistols. TRY IT.

  27. Companies have been building these for a while and making good profit on them. It’s nice to see Mossberg getting on board and making it a fair price. I don’t particularly question the utility of it, it seems like a really fun range toy to me and I’ve shot 18.5″ pumps before from the hip without any issue. Actually it saved my shoulder some wear.

  28. don’t criticize it unless you have shot it. I have one and love it. I can hit with it and manage it fine. Those who are afraid of it should not buy one since they will not shoot it well if they are intimidated by it.

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