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  1. Another American gunmaker with a ‘Blackwater’ marketing angle? Maybe there are some juveniles who think it’s cool to pretend to be lawlless mercenaries, but many of us find it highly disrasteful. How about a ‘Lon Horiuchi’ promo line of sniper rifles, or a ‘Halliburton’ promotional field shower that electrocutes you?

    Ditch the Mercenary Chic, Mossberg. The fact that the 590 is used by all four service branches is cool enough already.

  2. It’s an interesting concept, and points to Mossberg for actually doing something different in the world of shotgun accessories.

    Would this be something I’d consider as an addition to any firearm I owned? No. Will any law enforcement / military service branch do so? I sure hope not.

    What I see when I look at the “Chainsaw” is a real easy way to violate muzzle-discipline and proper target acquisition. Point-shooting is one thing, when it’s needed. Point shooting has been established doctrine for a good while now and is taught in many circles. Typically, it is taught as a secondary shooting strategy specifically designed for life-threatening emergency situations.

    It just strikes me as a bad idea to make a point shooting style with a shotgun your primary discharge method. For me, there’s no substitute for eyes-on-target through the sights. The Chainsaw is just way too “tacti-cool” for me.

  3. Well, I WAS going to buy a Mossberg shotgun. But after seeing how they glorify their association with thug mercenaries (Blackwater), I’ll bring my business elsewhere. Truly disgusting.

  4. Add me to the boycott list, not for the poor design, but for the “Xe” promotion. I should write them a letter…

  5. Completely empathize with the above stated disgust for the mercenary branding and glad to see such broad expression of it.

  6. Huh….the first time I saw the chainsaw attachment was in the context of a “breecher’s” weapon so they’re not holding the weapon at an odd angle. Is it the answer to a proble that didn’t exist? Maybe, but many weapons re advertised in tasteless ways or less than professional ways, but that doesn’t make the weapon or the company that makes it a bad company. So many are so quick to judgement.

  7. Oh for christ sakes. Mercenaries are an needed force since we have no draft, and a draft gets everybody-hippie trash and on and on. Useless and deadly. Mossberg is the shit. Now, instead of crying about irrelevant matters, any reviews on the actual topic? –HOG

  8. I was looking for a shotgun for my elderly grandfather, age: 77. I think the chainsaw is ideal for him to lift, aim and reload safely. It was intended to shoot at the hip, which makes me think it is more suitable for his needs. I’m a handgun shooter and do not have a lot of experience with shotguns. Any comments would be helpful

  9. I completely agree with the two last statements. 1) the way a company chooses to build their products and the way they advertise are two completely different things, two completely different departments. Maybe their marketing team does need someone to call and complain if it’ll make you feel better, but put your childish opinions aside and give a decent review on the TOPIC. We all know Mossberg makes pretty good quality guns for their price. 2) Yes the Chainsaw was designed for home defense, and yes even grandpa should be ok shooting it without losing footing or worse damaging his shoulder because its ment to be shot from the hip and the new handle allows for the recoil to distribute through both shoulders rather than one. Shooting from the hip is a faster response time than “eyes on target” shooting. Its a shotgun ladies not a rifle… point and shoot.

    • I dare you to shoot from the hip in an accurate and safe manner, in a home defense scenario…..shooting from the hip is childish, safety is not.

      • D.L. what is your ideal weapon for home defence ??????? What shotgun would you recommend for the same purpose?????

  10. This gun is perfect for the idiot that thought Hornaday’s “zombie killer” ammo was cool. Add me to the boycott list, I don’t give my money to companies like Mossberg or Hornaday that promote the irresponsable use of weapons.

  11. I’m glad everybody can bitch and moan about one little thing that a gun company does.those of you whom are “boycotting” mossberg for their blackwater affiliation, are ruining fire arms for everybody. As well those of you who complain about hornady’s zombie ammo, what happened to a joke? Since when do firearms have to be so black and white why can’t I have a little fun next time I go shoot?

  12. Many of you miss the point- this product is useful for persons with disabilities who are afflicted with motor neuron diseases and peripheral extremity weakness in one side. A one who represents wounded warriors in PEB cases on a daily basis, I will tell you that some of my clients with such injuries or who are afflicted with griffin’s claw deformities have personally enjoyed the fact that this arrangement accomodates their injuries and allows them to defend their homes in a safe and effective manner. For those who purchase it and do not like it, you can simply remove the grip and have a classic Persuader. No harm, no foul. v/r

    Jack Gately

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