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First, notice that there’s an edit after the sixth shot. The video cuts to a closer view. The shooter then fires another, presumably seventh shot. The operator then reaches back with his supporting hand to flick the switch that changes the KSG’s magazine tubes. It’s a fairly graceful maneuver, albeit one that might be damn near impossible whilst on the move (as one should be in a tactical situation). And it’s not the technique recommended by Kel-Tec at the SHOT Show (video after the jump). The main issue: this video does not show the “click” after the seventh shot. As we’ve already discounted the advisability of loading different types of rounds into each tube, why doesn’t the KSG automatically switch from one magazine to the other?

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  1. I agree; Kel-Tec adding a reliable, mechanical method for automatically switching the magazine tubes seems like the biggest (only?) obstacle between this gun and market-altering greatness.

  2. I don’t like the cut in the video, and I don’t like his left-handed magazine tube switch. Holding a long gun between your right hand and your cheek, even for a second, seems like a bad idea.

    This video only confirms my belief that this shotgun will need an automatic magazine-tube switch.

  3. The more I watch the videos, the more ‘WTF were they thinking?’ pounds me in the head.

    Assuming a scenario where a hi-cap bullpup shotgun IS the best possible tool for the job, the KSG just seems a dangerously slow and cumbersome solution.

    If there really exists market for this config, maybe we call FN and have them scale up the P90 to 12 gauge.

  4. This is just a cheaply made plastic gun, and as we all know Kel-Tec is not known for quality weapons. Now if Benelli or FN were to produce this gun, it would be a semiauto and it would switch on its own. (It would also be a top quality gun)

    • I like the way you put that Joe. I’ve been wondering what good the KSG was good for, as in “can you hunt with it?”

      Like Joe, I don’t see a well made useful product here.

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