Mossberg Announces New 940 Pro Turkey Semi-Auto Shotguns With 18.5″ and 24″ Barrels

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Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey shotgun

From Mossberg . . .

At the core of the 940 Pro platform is a durable gas system that can run up to 1,500 rounds before cleaning and is compatible with factory-manufactured 2.75 or 3-inch shells. Performance-driven features include oversized, beveled loading port with redesigned elevator and shell catch to allow for efficient and pinch-free loading into the magazine tube; new barrel-making process to maintain point-of-aim and impact; slim-profile forend and user-configurable stock for length-of-pull (13 – 14.25 inches), drop, and cast; and oversized charging handle and bolt release button for ease of operation.

In 2020, Mossberg launched the 940 Pro family of 12-gauge autoloading shotguns with the award-winning 940 JM Pro competition-ready shotgun. Now joining this line of high-performance autoloaders are two 940 Pro Turkey shotguns. These optics-ready packages feature a choice of 24 or 18.5-inch barrel lengths; HIVIZ® CompSight® fiber optic sight for quick target acquisition; Mossberg X-Factor ported choke tube for improved pattern density; full camo coverage in Mossy Oak® Greenleaf for the ultimate in concealment; and a host of premium features and finishes.


Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey shotgun

The internal components of the 940 Pro (gas piston, magazine tube, hammer and sear) are nickel boron-coated and the return spring plunger is hard-anodized aluminum. Combined with a self-draining stock, these 940 autoloaders are designed to reliably perform in the harshest of conditions.

940 Pro Turkey 24-inch (85156) – The vent rib AccuChoke-compatible barrel on this 12-gauge turkey-slayer is equipped with a HIVIZ CompSight front fiber optic sight and X-Factor XX-Full ported choke tube (additional choke tubes sold separately). The receiver features cuts that accept low-profile, direct mounting of micro dot sights (Shield RMSc pattern). Completing this 940 Pro package is full coverage with Mossy Oak Greenleaf camo; aggressive Mossberg signature texturing on the forend and stock; sling swivel studs; 5-round capacity; drilled and tapped receiver; and convenient, ambidextrous safety. MSRP: $1,120

940 Pro Turkey 18.5-inch (85158) – The vent-rib barrel on this compact 12-gauge is topped with a HIVIZ CompSight front fiber optic sight and comes equipped with a ported X-Factor XX-Full choke tube (fully compatible with other AccuChoke tubes; sold separately). The receiver features cuts that accept low-profile, direct mounting of micro dot sights (Shield RMSc pattern) and for maximum concealment, this 940 is fully camouflaged with Mossy Oak’s Greenleaf pattern. Rounding out this 940 Pro Turkey is aggressive Mossberg signature texturing on the stock and forend; sling swivel studs; drilled and tapped receiver; and top-mounted safety for ease of use by right or left-handed shooters. MSRP: $1,120

Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey shotgun

Built for the hardcore turkey hunter, these 940 Pro shotguns delivery with premium features and functionality. For more information on these new models and the complete line of Mossberg 940 Pro autoloading shotguns, please visit

Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Autoloading Shotguns Specifications:

Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Specifications

HIVIZ® and CompSight® are registered trademarks of HIVIZ, LLC. Mossy Oak® and Greenleaf are trademarks of Haas Outdoor, Inc.

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  1. Optics-ready is a welcome surprise. People are starting to figure out red dots are useful for more than just competition…

  2. I’ve owned Mossberg shotguns. Even one of their 30-30 lever guns back in the day. Solid firearms at a reasonable price. However, I have to say if we’re talking repeating shotguns I prefer an earlier Wingmaster or 1100. Winchester Model 12s are also welcome.

  3. The 18.5″ is intended to attrack buyers seeing the home defense lightbulb flashing. Better deal would be both barrel lengths included. It’s already breaking the bank for a Mossberg so go all the way with both barrels.
    My tactical semi 12 shotgun iis an inexpensive one Made in Turkey from Gun Prime. Out of the box do not bet your life on it but once properly tweaked to run including flaring the loading port it does everything the expensive ones do and in some cases better.

    • How many rounds have you fired out of that turkish shotgun?

      Rumor on the interwebz is that they won’t go 500 rounds without gunsmith level care being needed.

      • jwm,

        In the same vein I have two cheap Chicom pump-action 20 gauge shotguns at the ready (a.k.a. “wall leaners”) in my home. I shot something like 10 to 20 shells through both of them to ensure that they cycle and go “bang!” reliably.

        I do not expect nor need them to fire 500 shells reliably. All I need them to do is cycle and go “bang!” up to 10 times in the event of a home-invasion. Perhaps Debbie W. is planning for the same application/performance.

        Bonus: if I ever do have to use either of my two “wall leaners” for righteous self-defense in a home-invasion, it will not matter if law enforcement confiscates them and treats them poorly.

        Note: I have a Mossberg 500 pump-action shotgun for applications where I shoot a LOT such as trap and skeet shooting.

        • Corrosion and rust tend to ruin fingerprints… ergo the faster they rot in the evidence room the better. And these days your right to speedy trial tends to take at least a year… spilling lemonade on it could work wonders.

  4. I’m glad to see turkey guns starting to come with 18” barrels. With a red dot, the sight radius doesn’t matter and you don’t lose significant velocity. Hunting from a blind or sitting in a pile of brush is a lot easier with a shorter barrel.

  5. I have 2 Mossberg 500 one 20ga. and one 12ga. Love them. If I could I would have one in every gauge.

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