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From Armasight . . .

Pioneer in Thermal Imaging and Night Vision Devices, Armasight begins production of the new ArmaCORE Thermal Core as the latest evolution in uncooled thermal imaging technology. Armasight products are Proudly Designed & Built in the USA with U.S. and global components.

The ArmaCORE combines a 12μm pixel sensor, image processing, and interfaces for wireless communication, GPS, internal memory, WiFi and USB streaming capabilities into a single piece of hardware. The self-contained nature of the ArmaCORE creates enhanced reliability in devices, simplified workflow in manufacturing, a significant size reduction, and a 25% reduction in overall weight.

The 12μm pixel ArmaCORE represents a pixel size reduction of 40% over the previous generation of sensors available on the market, translating to improved resolution in devices. This translates to an overall decrease in power consumption of up to 35% giving users longer runtimes with smaller batteries and faster recharge cycles. This reduction in size is achieved while improving the overall quality and scalability of the video image.

Armasight Vulcan
Armasight Vulcan

With a weight of 7.5g and a 21mm x 21mm x 19mm body, the ArmaCORE represents an industry-leading reduction in space without sacrificing performance. The advanced embedded processing and video analytics, as well as customizable software functionality, gives this small camera big capabilities, including integration with auxiliary sensors, third-party cameras, GPS, and IMU.

Built-in Image Processing

  • Automatic AGC – Histogram based AGC equalizing the image dynamic range
  • Automatic FFC – Build in shutter optimizes deep flat field correction
  • Auto Colorization – Auto pallet colorization is based on 256 color LUT
  • Enhanced Grayscale based on 14 bit dynamic range
  • Image stabilization minimizes the effect of shaking
  • Digital image enhancements include gain, gamma, medium and mean filtering

Onboard image capturing and recording is available to external memory via SD or USB, based on device characteristics. Continuous streaming at 30 FPS over SDIO for Wi-Fi and over USB is a built-in feature of the ArmaCORE. An API is also available for the control of filing systems and image manipulation.

“ArmaCORE provides better performance, a smaller form factor, and a compelling cost profile that allows industry leading manufacturers such as Armasight to create high performance thermals for their customers using US technology at price points unseen before.” said Dmitry Rocklin – Head of Product at Armasight.

The ArmaCORE technology is Designed & Supported in the USA and will be included in future Armasight thermal imaging products. We look forward to the range of new products it will enable OEM partners to develop. Product development testing is now available for OEMs who want to consider powering their products with Armacore.


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  1. So a guess based on name schema; 320p resolution interpolation up-scaled to 720 (I bet) @ a whole 30 fps (30Hz)?!? Yea, nope. Funny how they specifically left that out of the press release. Pulsar did that an age ago, and they have 60 fps capability in several lines, inclusive of Thermion.


    Who cares? Unless it’s data mining, then I care. If so, immediate hard nope.

    video analytics

    Sure sounds like newspeak for data mining (spyware = analytics).


    Unless target coordinates, idgaf unless it’s tied to the ‘analytics’, which big data will def want. Ratting out the physical location of your rifle & or scope? No bueno.

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