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Over at Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop machine, readers are invited to go Inside the Class That Teaches Missouri Lawmakers When It’s OK to Pull the Trigger. According to writer Blake Nelson, the “key message” of the class is that “Americans are under an ever-present threat of violence, and an armed citizenry is the first line of defense.”

Mr. Nelson’s summation is entirely in keeping with the civilian disarmament industrial complex’s view 0f American gun owners: paranoid fantasists. The People of the Gun are tooling-up against an imaginary threat and they’re incapable of meeting it should sh*t get real (paraphrasing).

The truth seems pretty obvious to me: a threat is imaginary right until it isn’t, and it’s better to have the ability to meet a threat with ballistic intervention than not. But the question remains: is the threat of violence in America “ever-present” and are armed citizens “the first line of defense”?

Oh and why isn’t anyone mentioning the threat of government tyranny? Or is that threat imaginary too?

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  1. Government tyrann???? You’re crazy, our benevolent overlords love us and will protect us!!!

    Of course that’s all bullshit.

    • If any American does not think they are under the constant threat of violence then I have one suggestion: stop paying your taxes. Then you can see not the threat of violence, but the application of violence.

      • “Then you can see not the threat of violence, but the application of violence.”

        Like when you create a communal group in a field, for religious purposes, and you have women and children….and guns? Like when you quietly and privately grow marijuana, and your wife stands inside your kitchen, back to the door, holding your infant child? Like when you refuse government control over land and property that has been in your family for generations? Like when you decide it is time to refuse to recognize federal claims to you land, and you take over a government outpost to prove a point?

    • Liberal: “You don’t need a gun to protect yourself against the government, you’re just paranoid!”

      PotG: “What do you think about Trump?”

      Liberal: “He’s literally Hitler!”

      • A liberal will tell you that we have nothing to fear from the Government, so why are they all so afraid of Donald Trump.

        • “A liberal will tell you that we have nothing to fear from the Government, so why are they all so afraid of Donald Trump.”

          Because government is almost exclusively a liberal possession (therefore benign to liberals – note: see Ernst Röhm and the Sturmabteilung [SA]). Trump is not government. Trump is “other”. Trump is an existential threat to the left. (and the whole DC establishment?)

  2. “Ever-present?” Probably no more so than the threat of my kitchen catching fire is ever-present, and yet I have an extinguisher under the sink. Or the threat of grave bodily harm in a car accident is ever-present, and yet I still wear a seat belt every time I drive. Somehow I don’t hear most folks mocking the people who keep extinguishers under the sink, or those who buckle up when they drive the car.

    • +1000 Using tools available to keep you and others safe from bodily harm is logical. I made the decision to protect myself and others from the threat of a fire. I legally purchased smoke detectors and fire extinguishers, and!, and! here’s the big AND! I read the instructions on how properly install them, how they work, where I should place them, followed the instruction booklet and wrote down a plan incase of fire and even did the recommended emergency drills.

    • Well here’s some personal stats for you. I have been robbed at gunpoint twice in my life and never had a house fire. Seems I’m much more likely to need my gun than a fire extinguisher.

      • Actually, the numbers bear that out: your odds of being the victim of a violent crime are WAY higher than your odds of having a house fire.

    • Ah, yes. The fire extinguisher analogy…
      I must recite that to first-time customers five or six times a week; the uncertain wife dragged into the store by her husband who timidly insists “I don’t really want to shoot anyone” while she looks at the guns (cue “fire extinguisher” response).
      Another favorite? “Are you looking forward to changing your next flat tire? Why do you have a spare and a jack in your trunk?”

  3. False. It’s not just Americans.

    If you need proof, stand a little closer and clear your calendar.

  4. Ever present? Not in most of the country. However, in the cities very much so. But as others have said, it is safe until it isn’t, and you can never know when that will be.

    • I’d agree with you. But while the chances of being a victim increases as you go toward denser populations, one can say that the odds of a fire in your home increase if a smoker likes there.

    • If there was NOT an ever-present threat of violence in America (and most other places in the world, including Vatican City) then police the world over would not carry weapons with which to confront violence.

      Just sayin’.

  5. Technically, yes, depending on what one means by “ever present.” There is a fraction of a percent possibility of violence occurring at any time, much like Warrens examples above. Is it likely? Not in most instances. However it is always better to have and not need than to need and not have. When I go for a day hike, for example, I don’t plan to need to start a fire, make a shelter or shot a bear, but I make good and sure that I have the means to do all those things. I don’t see the antis throwing out their tire irons because they don’t plan to need them.

  6. Here’s how I see it. There are people that are constantly under threat of violence in this country. Most of them live in high crime areas with strict gun control.

    There is always an underlying threat that violence may seek out traditionally safer geographical areas; be it at the mall from a crazy person/religious zealot or at a gas station (which happened to me). It is up to me to be the first responder if I become a target. It is not up to politicians or writers at The Trace to determine what I carry, where I carry, or how I train (no matter the odds of using my tools or my skills).

    It is only further proof of their sophistry that they hold up their failed urban gun control experiments as proof of their compassion instead of their virtue signalling pomposity and ivory tower elitism.

  7. I never leave home expecting to have a need for my EDC, but always knowing a situation could arise. The firearm I carry is personal protection, the firearms at home have their own purpose. A couple are designated for protection in the event of a home invasion, although rare in the area where I live but possible. Some are simply for recreational use at the local shooting range. Others are to support my country in the event of an invasion by a foreign power, also an extremely rare possibility. All of them can and will be put into service in the event of the threat of government tyranny.

    Ever present danger, I think not. The possibility of danger, you better believe it.

  8. There’s no threat of government tyranny. And ZOMG, Trump is literally a Nazi who wants to round up people and put them in concentration camps!

    Also: there’s no way a bunch of hicks with rifles could tie up an army equipped with the latest weapons. Other than in Indochina, Algeria, Rhodesia, Angola, Mozambique, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Kashmir, Sri Lanka….

    • And so the British Empire thought when engaging a bunch of rag tag colonists, who were vastly outnumbered and outgunned.

      • True, although the Brit’s penchant for marching toward enemy fire in a straight line did help somewhat. Ever hear of serpentine FFS?

        • I didn’t say that the Brits were smart. You’d think that after getting their asses waxed a few times, they’d have changed their tactics. Moral of the story…..a small intelligent group can beat a much larger (and better armed) group if they have the drive to persevere.

  9. A more accurate assessment could be:

    Americans have had an embarrassingly slow reaction and ineffective problem solving response to violence.

    • Well, most 45 ACP rounds do travel under 1000 fps…so technically you are partially correct. Thanks for teeing that up for me.

  10. If you live in areas controlled by “the resistance” you are probably subject to substantially greater everyday threat of violence than most of the population but the question itself is kind of silly. If the probability of being a victim of a violent act is non zero than the threat is constant. Realistically speaking almost everybody lives in a world where no active threat is present a any given point in time. However, you cannot predict when you go from no threat to threat present.

  11. Stuff like this drives the mathematician in me crazy. Are we under an ever-present threat of violence? Yes. A very small, but nonzero threat. The alternative would require that we be able to identify times when our absolute safety from violence was guaranteed.

  12. An astroid could fall into Earth’s gravity well, or China could get it’s nose out of joint and start WW3 and my Glock wouldn’t be any help dealing with either type of violence. That said there are plenty of low stasticical probability events that Glock would be the right tool for. My risk profile for these varies depending on my location, time of day, the season, and even the weather! In the end only I can evaluate my risk, and determine my risk tolerance. I will not yield my right to do so.

  13. I don’t live in the ghetto or spend much time in the ghetto. So I generally feel safe. But I was a minute away from some idiot shooting at anything and everything about two years ago. I witnessed the accident as he was running from the police, and saw him jump out of his truck and run off on foot. All I was trying to do was get some Jimmy John’s for lunch. It was one of the several reasons I decided to start carrying.

    I also know a guy who has a video recording of some crazy bastard threatening him with a gun in a county park over a Pokemon gym. I drive my kids around to play that game all the time, and people take it that seriously.

    People are nuts. So yes, there is always a constant threat of danger. And it isn’t paranoia.

  14. Most everyone is under “some risk” of their home/house burning. Will it be today, or when you are long gone and some other person is in residence? Unknowable but most have insurance and have a paid or volunteer FD. As the burnin is not scheduled, we need many FD to provide timely coverable of most addresses.

    Same for personal firearms.

    “Ever-Present Threat of Violence”? – Progtard socialist gov;t and mohammadan ongoing war on the civilized world. Take your pick.

  15. … is the threat of violence in America “ever-present” …

    Yes, I have been in at least three situations where I was legally justified to use deadly force … and all of them in nice, quiet, “safe” areas of our nation.

    … are armed citizens “the first line of defense”?

    I was in my situations.

    … is [threat of government tyranny] imaginary too?

    I am quite confident that every German citizen in 1930s Germany was absolutely convinced that government tyranny could never happen in a civilized nation. It happened there … and it can happen here.

  16. Yes. Most Americans are ordered to give large portions of their income to a criminal organization that, if refused, will collect with force.

  17. Of course we’re under constant threat of violence. I’ve read that over 30,000 Americans are killed by “gun violence” every year, and having a gun in my home makes me a Godzillion times more likely to be killed.

  18. Mass shootings and killing don’t happen in the rest of the world on a daily basis.

    Europe, Canada, Japan, Singapore, UK, South Korea and Australia still have not turned into the Orwellian hellholes people like you claim is happening.

    Yep, I guess improved healthcare, superb education, lack of homelessness, excellent economy, lack of crime and more freedoms and rights that these countries have are considered “cruel” or “tyrannical” to philistines on this fake news hate site.

    Ask yourself this, Heck make it a topic on this fake news website; Are guns a useless security theater?

    Answer Yes.

    More guns do not mean more freedom or safety. More and More pointless security theater that does not solve the problems society faces. This country is not really “free” if it has a crime and murder rate higher than war-torn 3rd world countries.

    The US is not even considered a “safe” let alone “prosperous” country by various legit organizations such as the United nations, the OCED, The world health organization and this countries own CDC.

    Your not really “free” if you live in fear 24/7 of “threats” caused by fictional boogeyman.

    Your not really “free” if your brainwashed by modern day snake-oil salesmen that claim you need a gun to be safe.

    Statically there have been no cases of normal everyday people stopping violent crimes, let alone attacks with a gun EVER.

    You or your own loved ones are more likely to be murdered or commit suicide with a gun in the home than stopping a threat.

    Again, Guns do nothing to solve any of the problems this country faces.

    • Guns do nothing to solve any of the problems this country faces.

      Actually they will. That is if the wall, massive deportations and helicopter rides don’t work first.

    • Millions of Americans who have used guns in defense of themselves and others disagree. I have guns in my home, and my children have not killed themselves or any of their friends. Maybe that’s because I keep my guns secured and have educated my children that they are never to touch them until they’re old enough to learn to shoot. Or maybe it’s because you and your B.S. statistics are as tired as your narrative.

    • Ah, so you’re (note the spelling) only “free” if you’re brainwashed by the DNC into viewing certain freedoms as bad and abdicating your right to self defense to government-sanctioned personnel who generally show up to assess the aftermath of a violent crime, as they lack the magical ability to appear in time to prevent it…

    • “Mass shootings and killing don’t happen in the rest of the world on a daily basis.” You cannot be serious. This is the same BS the last president spouted after every terrorist attack(foreign and domestic) in this country just prior or just after a mass killing in a foreign country. Or do suicide vests and car bombs not count in the fantasy world you live in. Note to self, don’t feed the trolls.

    • You make it sound as if it is unusual for an American to finish their day with any rounds left in their sidearm. Guess I’ll have to buy some more ammo in case I ever encounter the hellhole that is you call reality. It sure sounds dangerous.

    • “…Singapore, UK, South Korea and Australia still have not turned into the Orwellian hellholes people like you claim is happening.”

      Singapore? Where chewing gum gets you a caning? Srsly? Do you even brain, dude?

    • Do you ever stop to read what you write? Is America dangerous place with “crime and murder rate higher than war-torn 3rd world countries.”, or should we all get defenseless and be finally free since all “…”threats” are caused by fictional boogeyman.”? Which one is it?

      Seriously? Being powerless and sticking your head in sand in face of threat of violence makes you free?

      When are you planning to finally move to some of your proclaimed gun free paradise? Let us know, I will gladly chip in for your one way ticket to Singapore.

      • Bwahahahaha!!!! Singapore would cane him just for atrocious spelling and grammar. That would be fun to see!

  19. As opposed to the anti’s…

    “key message” is that “Americans are under an ever-present threat of violence, and a cowardly citizenry is the first line of defense.

  20. About a year ago I was in a store and I was buying a pack of cigarettes at the counter when a young black male came into the store and pulled a 22 caliber pistol and shoved it in the clerk space I was just behind him to his left. I could have really easily pulled my gun and shot him in the back of his head dropping him like a bad habit. But I was able to reach a bottle of quart bottle of Colt 45 and bust it over the back of his head dropping him like a rock. The police came and the lady behind the counter thing to me and I offered to pay for the broken bottle of beer and she said that wouldn’t be necessary and the police shook my hand and said we appreciate the help this kid apparently had brought five or six other little convenience stores in the area and held people at gunpoint in each situation. I just know by being a citizen and being out in the public there’s no telling who you’re going to come across or what situation is going to develop right on top of you in the blink of an eye my suggestion and advice is to keep your head on a freaking swivel and be very situationally aware to what’s going on around you at all times and make good decisions on how you exit or engage and a combative experience.

  21. Not sure the question is framed properly. “Risk of harm” is ever present. “Likelihood” of harm” is another matter, altogether. “Risk of a specific” harm is also everpresent. “Likelihood of a specific harm” is greatly less than likelihood of harm in general. Risk/threat of a “violent” harm is a specific risk, and is ever present, regardless of who one is. Likelihood of violent harm is incredible low. However, in all this, one must factor in magnitude of negative outcome in developing risk mitigation. Violent harm can run the entire spectrum of outcomes, with utter disaster (the ending of life) unrecoverable. Mitigation plans should take that into account.

    Government tyranny? Well, we have seen it live on television, three times. Seems not to support the notion that government fears the people.

  22. I live in a town of about 25,000 on the Mississippi river. Up until about 6 or 7 years ago I would have answered no to this question. In last last few years we have had to deal with an influx of some of Chicago’s finest (sic) citizens. Now almost every night there are gun shots,drive by’s,break ins,home invasions,and robberies. There parts of town where it’s no longer safe to be in regardless of whether it’s day or night. So Yes in our case we are under the ever present threat of violence and crime. My EDC is like American Express…I never leave home without it.

  23. Wait, now I’m confused. I keep getting told by all these anti-gun folks that blood is running down the streets thanks to guns and that everyone I know is in danger thanks to them.

    So… which is it?

  24. Is the threat of violence in America “ever-present?”

    No, but it is present.

    Are armed citizens “the first line of defense?”

    I can’t speak for all armed citizens (or all armed permanent resident aliens, for that matter), but I certainly am my own first line of defense, and maybe I’m the only defense I’ll ever have or need.

  25. The risk of becoming the victim of a violent crime varies with where you spend your time and what you do there. The latter includes necessary, reasonable activities, not just foolish ones likely to attract predators. A resident of a bad neighborhood in Chicago would have an answer different from that of a resident of a small town in fly over country. Personally, I don’t expect to be attacked. At the same time, I don’t expect it not to happen, either.

  26. I use a couple of my favorite quotes to respond to idiocy like this.

    The statistical probability of being attacked (or hit by a meteor for that matter) may in fact be low, but the consequences for the INDIVIDUAL in that situation can really SUCK if the statists leave them no options to defend themselves.
    Why do I need a gun? To have immediate access to a tool that gives me and mine a high probability of survival during a low probability event.

    I view the probability of my needing the use of my seat belt in the same light. Relying on recognizing the time-frame that I will need it and THEN installing in my car and wearing it just before that time has NOT been a skill that anyone has developed yet. Until such foreknowledge becomes common place, piss off.

  27. Several years ago I moved out of a city (about 700,000) because of a clear and present danger.
    We lived in a quiet neighborhood for years until someone build some section 8 housing near by. Within three or four months we started having problems; car break-ins, burglary, vandalism, etc. Someone broke into one of my cars to ramsack then set it on fire. Then one evening three houses to the north someone knocked on a door about 9pm and when the owner opened the door thugs stuck a gun in his stomach and robbed them. A couple of months later, two houses south thugs kicked in the front door, shot the owner setting in his chair and robbed them. Everyone started carrying a gun at that time.

    There was a clear and present danger and no end in sight. We decided to move miles out of town where we live in a quiet rural area. Does that make us safe? No but it reduced the probability some. That probability is growing because of the present insanity spreading across the country. The city we moved out of is pretty conservative but there are still some of the left wing lunatics causing trouble.

    I’m looking to move farther back in the hills.

    Where ever you are……Be Prepared!

  28. It’s ironic that this was published in the Trace. After all, Michael Bloomberg is constantly accompanied by armed men in public. As is Shannon What’s-her-face.

    Are THEY constantly under threat?

    Ultimately, it’s not really about the odds. It’s about what’s at stake.

  29. Of course there is always a possibility of violence. And I live in Cook County,ILL where one bad cop stop could turn into Ferguson in an instant. I also insure my car and home carry. Shite happens…

  30. I was a member of the Cub Scouts, Weblos and Boy Scouts my entire childhood, and became an Eagle Scout at the age of 18. The fundamental philosophy of the Boy Scouts of America is “always prepared”. I have lived by that philosophy my entire life, and will continue to do so until I take my last breath. It has served me well throughout my life and my 21 year military career. I pity anyone who does not see the value in being prepared for any eventuality, no matter how unlikely any certain event may occur. I will never be that person who says…..”If only I had”….(fill in the blank).

    • “I pity anyone who does not see the value in being prepared for any eventuality, no matter how unlikely any certain event may occur.”

      Afraid you indicate a complete lack of understanding of the majority of the nation, today.

      First, individuals should not be required to be prepared at all, because that is what we pay taxes for.

      Second, being prepared is racist. The poor, disadvantaged, immigrant, and refugee cannot afford to be prepared. Only those who win the lottery of life (through no effort of their own, just luck) can afford the cost of being prepared.

      Third, if there were no guns, there would be no reason to prepare for an armed attack. Guns are the cause of it all, burden the people, and prevent peaceful conflict resolution.

      Fourth, being prepared to defend yourself with a gun breaks the social contract that protects us all; the reliance on professionally trained and maintained police forces (which would largely not be needed if there is no gun violence).

      Fifth, you are proposing that individuals be responsible for their own lives and safety. This is in direct opposition to an advanced society, where one can be assured of health, safety, wealth and contentment through the communal efforts of us all.

  31. Hell ya, police are only 10 minutes away, my 9mm is 3 seconds away and my phone is a minute away, guess what I will do when the cards fall, yep BANG, get the phone and call police. At 76 I still want a little more life if God will give it to me.

  32. We’re also under the constant ever-present threat of stupidity but that doesn’t seem to be a concern.

  33. I for one picked up on it immediately, but I’m sure as you stated…..many will not. ?

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