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None of the gun laws detailed in TTAG’s post on French gun control prevented the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. The legislation failed to deter the Islamic extremists and helped create a large pool of defenseless citizens upon which the terrorists could prey. As in slaughter. Bottom line: the prevalence of “assault rifles” amongst French bad guys is no longer a secret. And if the Paris attacks weren’t enough to expose this grim reality, here’s a post-Paris story [via] that makes that point perfectly clear . . .

Several Kalashnikov-wielding gunmen are on the run tonight after a botched robbery attempt led to a dramatic shootout with French police close to the Belgian border.

A bank manager’s wife and their two children – including an 11-month-old baby – were taken hostage during the siege, which ended after several hours when one of the armed men was killed.

Another was arrested but ‘two or three other gunmen’ fled the scene in the northern French town of Roubaix, local authorities said. The hostages were freed unharmed some three hours after the gun battle began at about 7pm local time.

Police say the incident is not believed to be linked to the terror attacks in Paris.

No doubt this event will help energize the French government’s renewed call for [increased] gun control. While fueling the black market for firearms amongst law abiding Frenchmen. [h/t NJ]

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  1. It’s a shame that normal, everyday Parisians(?) will have to resort to the black market to buy firearms to protect themselves and their families. Take note, this may be our reality if the Regressives have their way!

    • How is it that the French government seems totally ignorant of the history of the French Resistance to the Nazi occupation? Brave French men and women obtained firearms and explosives by whatever means they could devise and used them to various degrees of effectiveness in spite of certain torture and death if caught and in many cases the death of your family, friends or even an entire village.

      At some point the descendants of those brave partisans who survived will have had enough of being treated like helpless victims by their own government and decide to make the necessary changes. I hope that it is not already too late.

  2. The thought that any government, anywhere, can prevent people who are willing to spend money from getting their hands on any “contraband” is beyond ludicrous.

    If you have the readies you can get all the coke, H, or whatever you want in the UAE, and a variety of other countries where dealing is punishable by death. The suggestion that any gov, anywhere, can stop the flow of illegal guns to bad actors is akin to believing in a flat earth.

  3. Whoa! Must have drifted off for a second! I was imagining that first paragraph being read by the great Rod Serling… try it yourself!

  4. I only hope that people as a whole can open they’re eyes and see that guns are no more of a problem than human nature………. Human nature is what drives anybody to do whatever it is that, that person has their mind set on…… Getting rid of firearms will only open the doors to other means of crime. Hell look at Europe, more stabbings and beatings, but guess what they can’t blame guns, right? Blame the knives, Damn those evil knives and clubs!!!!!!!!

  5. AK’s keep turning up in France at crime scenes. Do the French have an AK’s R Us outlet I don’t know about. Have any of these crime scene AK’s been traced to legal outlets and buyers in France? If an RPG turns up at the next event are the French gonna ban pellet rifles?

  6. How come the French (and Belgians) are so lucky? They have access to full auto ak’s at a thousand euros a pop! No tax stamp, no registry, no waiting and best of all… wait, there is no best. Sorry I thought it was LAW ABIDING French and Belgians who were so lucky. My mistake. Carry on. These aren’t the ‘droids I’m looking for.

  7. Maybe the French need Le NRA? N est ce pas?

    I mean we are always accused of trying to export democracy, which we aren’t (at least always) and shouldn’t be really doing anyway.

    But exporting the second amendment to countries like France, or any other that does not recognize this individual right, perhaps is something we should seek to do.

    And the NRA might be a good vehicle to do that.

    So a French branch of the NRA? Sounds good to me.

    • Thanks for your email. I live in France (ex-Scotland). I am a paid and active member with the NRA and support and wish to help Americans defend their rights and their liberty. Unfortunately we don’t have th 2nd Ammendment ( how I wish ) but right now we surely need the help of fellow shooters in the USA.

      If you have any influence on anyone then bring your idea up. I’m sure it could catch on. Perhaps call it ‘NRA Overseas Friends’ or something like that.

      Kind regards, Mark

      • No, thank you Mark for your reply, I think that’s awesome!

        Apologies, I have no influence other than being a citizen who is able to support organizations like the NRA and SCOPE (our local gun rights organization), which I do to my limited ability.

        Yes we have the second amendment here in the states, but as you know it is under attack. I live in upstate New York (that means far away from New York City where the second amendment is all but nullified. We have to deal with the SAFE act which puts great limits (infringements) on what firearms we can purchase. Even so, we are allowed to exercise our rights with the exception of “assault rifles” which cannot be purchased at all.

        I do have an AR-10 (as you might have guessed from my nic 🙂 that I have carefully built to be compliant with the SAFE act. That means a barrel that has no threaded end or muzzle device, no protruding grip as you see on traditional AR-10/15 pattern rifles. For this I use the FRS-15 stock which is a little goofy and while I would prefer a traditional grip I actually like the FRS-15 stock even so. I also only have 10 round magazines which I only am able to load with 7 rounds per (unless I am at the range).

        It’s a terrible law and frankly makes no one safer to do all of the things I mention above, but where I live this is the law and I am a law abiding citizen so it is what it is. C’est la vie, no? 🙂

        Anyway I am very glad to hear this response from someone in France! The point I was making – just the thoughts of a simple US gun owner really – was just an idea. We believe that the right of self defense is not just an American right, but the right of all men everywhere, an inherent right that all men should be able to defend themselves from evildoers and to meet them with the same force that they are able to bring to bear. This is a simple idea, and thankfully our founding fathers put this right into our nations founding document.

        But I believe this is something that should be a right of all men in all free societies!

        So often we Americans are accused of being imperialist and an expansionist force, trying to export democracy to all the world. This, in the bigger picture, is absurd on it’s face, but of course there are reasons this accusation is made and very valid when looked at in specific cases.

        Anyway my real point isn’t about this being a valid accusation or not – right or wrong I believe that the exportation of democracy is a bad idea and shouldn’t be a goal of our nation in the slightest. But what I do think would be appropriate and should be done, is to support all men anywhere who seek to change their own countries laws around the right to keep and bear arms and to put it simple, that we should seek to export the second amendment!

        Hah, were we to do this in any official way, we all know what the screaming anti-gunners would say!

        I say bring it. This is the right thing to do, that all law abiding and good men in any society should be able to meet evil force with equal or better force, and the second amendment fosters that right.

        I am tired of the constant attacks here on our clear and unalienable right, codified in our constitution. If they are going to attack this right, and we know they will, we should seek to keep this right and help any in any society that seeks the same thing for themselves!

        And how do we do this?

        I can’t make it happen, all I can do on my end is think and write and support politicians on our side who will seek to preserve our rights (Ted Cruz is such a man in my opinion).

        I think having a French branch of the NRA would be a great thing. I’ve no idea how this would happen or if it would even be possible (lawyer is not what I am). But it’s just an idea, and it’s not the solution in itself either, and not the only option.

        But like I said, I am just an average NY resident who supports gun rights and posts on blogs occasionally….

        But I think it’s awesome that you responded and we are thinking of you and praying for the victims and survivors.

  8. I say we send Shannon and her mommies over to establish a European chapter. They have been so successful here in the US with gun control. /sarc

    • I wouldn’t get too cocky, daddy BloomBucks has really deep pockets and won’t give up until he’s pacified the savages.

  9. You are correct Robert, about everything except saying Islamic “extremist”.

    When the founder of Islam(Muhammad) has set the standard of how a devout Muslim is supposed to act in practicing the religion of submission, then everything that happened in this last Islamic attack/ mass murder in Paris is simply following the inspiration and guiding light of what Muhammad (as the “perfect” example of the “last prophet of Allah”) did 1400 years ago in spreading Islam.

    The Paris murderers were just being “good”(devout)muslims.

      • The “actual” followers of Islam are called upon to take over everything, and everywhere, in the name of Islam.

        The “good” ones? They aren’t real Muslims, and they will be killed as apostates when the jihadis come. As they always have since the founding of this religion. As they are right now.

        The greatest danger to civilization right now is Islam. You need to be aware of all the Muslim countries where the “moderates” run the show. Protip: There are precisely zero, and there has never been one.

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