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People who seek to degrade Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms love to play silly buggers with stats. They cherry pick data to make the argument that civilian ownership of firearms is a bad, bad thing. The key principle to keep in mind: correlation does not equal causation. When they assert that “states with lax gun laws have a higher rate of firearms-related homicide” (or a similar statistical fallacy), remind them of┬áthat. By┬ásending them here. That is all.

[h/t CVA]

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    • On the same note, there’s a correlation between people who eat Boston Baked Beans and people who get Frostbite.

      Alright beans .. quit causing all that frostbite!

      If we can save even one child’s pinky toe isn’t it all really worth it?

  1. That’s simple. Once guys get married, the sex starts to taper off. So they take up fishing. Less marriage, less fishing.

  2. That is fantastic. “Pick a number between one to ten. Now, pick the number that you think I picked you to pick.”

  3. Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine homicide statistics correlate with less gun control, less crime. How does that fit in?

  4. its kind of beside the point, i know, but…

    “number of people who died by becoming tangled in their bedsheets”
    “murders by steam, hot vapors, and hot objects”

    im flabbergasted that these are things that happen, rare or not.

  5. While it is amusing (seriously, I do so love stuff like this), it factually does sweet FA to illuminate the logical fallacy of equating correlation with causation, specific to the question of guns and homicides.

    What does bury it is charts showing suicide rates (which aren’t “homicides”), charts showing that the majority of those guns are actually obtained outside of the law, and owned by people illegally. Not to mention used illegally.

    I’d love to see them also do a chart of these “firearm related homicides” by race of perp (and victim), with the fact being that the ~8% of the US that is black and male commits ~50% of all murders. What ridiculously simplistic conclusion would they draw from that? Or would they just label themselves as ‘evil racists’ and solicit prosecution for “hate speech”, or thoughtcrime, or whatever?

    (If you think I’m being “racist”, please re-read the para carefully…)

  6. I just did a few personal correlations…

    The number of times I’ve seen Obama on TV is an exact match for the number of times I felt like crying for the future…

    The number of times that Shannon opened her mouth is an exact match for the number of times I’ve wanted to punch her in it…

    Tho, I think these might actually be causative…

  7. I think that’s pretty close to my reply on one of the anti’s correlation links posted before. Something about the amount of people drowned in oceanic boat accidents and the number of boats in Utah. Sounds legit until the person reaizes that Utah is land locked.

    • …Sorry, bloated TTAG crapware lost that I hit reply to someone, so this ended up down here.

      I know better than to hit “delete” (even if it were to show me that option, which it doesn’t), because that doesn’t work at all. (Some webmaster somewhere needs bitchslapped.)

  8. My state of Maine is armed to the teeth; every single house here in the eastern coastal area has at least one hunting rifle, a shotgun, and a .22 rifle. Over half have pistols of some type. Our gun laws are lax by the direct choice of the electorate, and we don’t let the lawmakers forget that, ever.
    I have followed Maine in the FBI’s uniform crime statistics for years; we have had anywhere from 12 to 23 homicides per year for the last two decades or more. The most that we had since records were kept was 40. All the while that guns were killing 2/3 of the homicide victims in the US proper, Maine gun deaths accounted for only 55% of our killings.
    The entire working assumption of gun control is that guns are the problem; how do proponents explain Maine, with almost universal gun ownership, a homicide rate /hundred-thousand that hovers around 2.0, and gun deaths as a percentage lower than the overall federal rate? they can’t!

  9. A common confusion is looking at state-level gun control laws and the total number of gun deaths in the state. That is not what you go by. You have to look at the total number of gun murders. You can find a state can have an overall lower level of gun deaths but yet higher gun murder rate .And a state can have a higher number of gun deaths from things like self-defense shootings, accidents, and suicides by firearm, but yet a lower number of gun murder.

  10. Well, based on my methods, either I will never get married in Kentucky OR go boating in Kentucky…..whew! That was close!

    ….and no mention of cousins? That might skew the chart a bit???

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