Hipster Liberal Hunters
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“Of course, it’s possible to be a liberal hunter. I even know a few—mostly fellow journalists in western states who every fall disappear into the woods in search for deer or elk. Hunting doesn’t belong to conservatives anymore than hiking belongs to liberals. But demographic shifts over the last half-century have made cities liberal bastions, and left rural areas deep red. Hunting and gun culture have become synonymous with conservative politics, to the extent that the National Rifle Association, an organization once primarily devoted to hunting and shooting safety, has become a de facto wing of the Republican Party.

“But perhaps the solution, or the beginning of the solution, to America’s gun problem will come not from further entrenchment into our positions, but more crossing over to the other side. Maybe the solution isn’t just more conservatives willing to consider gun control, but also more liberals learning how to hunt.” – Oliver Staley in I wanted to become an all-American man. So I learned to hunt [via qz.com]

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  1. “…the solution isn’t just more conservatives willing to consider gun control…”…Out of context, but literally true.

  2. “More Liberal Hunters Could be the Beginning of the end of America’s Gun rights”

    If this is true then get ready to welcome a whole new generation of Fudds and those “I’m one of you people but not really” types. Think I’m crazy? Then read the last bit again.

    “Maybe the solution isn’t just more conservatives willing to CONSIDER GUN CONTROL, but also more liberals learning how to hunt”

    • Yup. Don’t need more Fudds who are happy with nothing more than their deer rifles and duck guns.

      I would direct libs toward shooting but not necessarily hunting. Hunting is an a additional area of endeavor that goes beyond just owning guns and shooting for pure recreation. It takes a lot more gear, time, money, safety courses, licenses, tags, etc. … but above all knowledge and commitment. It’s not something you dabble in. It’s a step I’ve never been motivated to take.

      And shooting just for pure recreation will help them to appreciate the newer, more modern and non-traditional guns and accessories on the market that are the focus of the disarmament bigotry. Get them familiar with the “giggle factor” of guns and shooting.

      • Want to second this opinion. Hunting takes a enormous amount of commitment of time and money. Engaging in shooting sports is much cheaper and quicker way to enjoy firearms. Far more people are engaged in shooting sports than hunting in this day and age.
        One other thing. Anybody who thinks getting Liberals to hunt as a backdoor way to increased gun control is barking up the wrong tree. Gun Control has failed, the people of the gun know it. Not One More Inch.

        • While we agree that bringing a new shooter out to enjoy shooting sports is cheaper than hunting as a one-time thing, hunting is easily the cheapest long-term shooting activity I do. I spend maybe $150 a year, on average, on hunting. If my memory serves me correctly, I spent $130 in match fees last month. I wouldn’t want to figure out how much ammo was used in those eight matches. My competition pistol, rifle, PCC, and shotgun all cost more (as in each one individually) than I have spent on hunting equipment (rifles, crossbow, stand, etc.) in my lifetime. Perhaps I have a simpler approach to hunting, but even if you get a new rifle every few years, I’d bet I spend more than that in 9mm ammo alone every year.

          All that said, the article is laughable.

      • Blammo makes an outstanding point (which TommyG seconded).

        Simply get liberals to a good location where they can shoot targets and see how much fun it is — and how safe it is when responsible people are involved. That sort of activity requires nothing more than a firearm, ammunition, and fundamental firearm safety and handling skills (which you can learn in about 10 minutes).

        On the other hand, trying to get a liberal out hunting requires the above AND good marksmanship (which can cost a fair amount of money to achieve for many people) AND proper clothing AND other equipment (tree stands, game carts, blinds, calls, scent control, etc.)

        Start simple with target shooting. If a liberal is excited about hunting AFTER basic target shooting, by all means help them out.

      • “Would you mind more Fudds or more Giffords’ puppets? A little skin in the game could go a long way.”

        Give there are 100 million gun owners, and we are in the battle of our lives to save the second amendment, I can’t seem to tell the difference between Fudds and puppets.

        • The puppets are easier to spot, they don’t own any “icky guns” and set themselves apart from POTG. The Fudds are more insidious. “Listen to me, I am one of you.”

          Who is more deserving of your ire? Those who declares themselves your enemy and acts as such or those who declares themselves your friend but act as your enemy?

    • Just a quick point of clarification needed here. It appears that TTAG is condoning the shooting of American citizens because of their political beliefs.

      True, TTAG did not write the comment, but they did allow its posting when other comments have been removed for far weaker reasons.

      • “True, TTAG did not write the comment, but they did allow its posting when other comments have been removed for far weaker reasons.”

        Ahhh, *now* we’re getting somewhere –

        What comments of yours, ‘Dan’ did TTAG nuke? 😉

        (And would you like examples of Progressives who call for gun owners to be murdered?)

      • Agent Dan,

        There is a subtle and monumentally important distinction in Pwrserge’s comment that is not clear to you. Pwrserge does not desire to eliminate American citizens simply because they have different political beliefs. Rather, it is the FACT that Leftists are actively infringing on our rights that has motivated Pwrserge (and many others) to call for push-back.

        Just because 50% + 1 people in a state (which is nothing more than an arbitrarily defined geographic boundary) say it is okay for government agents to steel your money, freedom, and life does not make it right. If Joe Blow tries to steel your money, freedom, or life and you use any force necessary to save your money, freedom, or life, we all say that your actions were righteous. Why do those actions become non-righteous if the aggressor is a government agent?

        • “has motivated Pwrserge (and many others) to call for push-back”

          Interesting twist of logic.

          I’m headed out to the woods this weekend to do a little hunting. Er, I mean to push-back on the elk who I perceive may infringe on my rights.

        • Dan, be advised that if the liberals ever actually get the civil war they are striving for over guns, that as soon as it’s over (won’t be long, only one side is armed) there really will be liberal hunts, until 20-30 million have been culled. Don’t want to have to do it twice.

        • He’s (Agent Dan) one of these, I support the 2A but, guys. Supports reasonable commonsense gun regulation, yadda yadda yadda.
          Dan is part of the problem and I stole the line from up top.

        • The 2nd Amendment is not in case the elk rise up against us.
          And since you need a license to hunt in most states, hunting is therefore a privilege. Gun ownership is a right.

      • Gee… why don’t you arrest all those people condoning punching “nazis” on every public platform known to man, then come talk to me and I’ll explain to you how the first amendment works kiddo.

  3. Dianne Feinstein had a CCW.
    Bill Gates, Michael Moore, Roseanne O’Donnell and and George Soros all have armed bodyguards.
    The list of Hollywood and music stars that either own guns themselves or have armed security but still donate, activate, and campaign against gun rights (and do the same for anti-gun rights candidates) is endless.

    As we’ve seen over and over again, if you arm liberals they won’t suddenly come to an appreciation of the Constitution and the Second Amendment… they’ll just be freedom-hating, corrupt, ARMED screamers who still want to take YOUR guns away. Only now, since they’re armed, they don’t have to stop at screaming.

    Don’t arm people who hate you. Don’t arm people who support people who hate you.

    • Dave P says, “The list of Hollywood and music stars that either own guns themselves or have armed security but still donate, activate, and campaign against gun rights (and do the same for anti-gun rights candidates) is endless.”


  4. Most Leftist’s that I know are so anti gun that the thought of using one to harvest game is out of the question.

    I was grilling some pheasants for me and my next door neighbor,a acquaintance of my next door neighbors stopped by to visit,one thing led to another and he ended up eating with us.

    He asked how I did what ever I did to the chicken as it was the best grilled chicken he ever ate,I told him it wasn’t chicken but rather pheasant.

    He asked what store I bought pheasant at,I replied natures store ,the great outdoors,he said you mean you shot these,my reply was yes.

    After that he didn’t care for any more and said he didn’t eat any thing that was hunted and shot, so the best chicken he ever had suddenly stuck in his craw.

    Leftist’s hunt possibly but not in great numbers as it may offend their religion.

    • Wonder how he’d feel if he got to see what the chickens go through to end up in those neat little packages at the grocery store. Being a pheasant might not seem so bad by comparison.

      • Correct,or if the beef and pork purchased at the market,if they only had a clue but then that may pop their warm and fuzzy balloon.

    • But your dinner guest is cool with contract killing his grub? I’ve heard this multiple times , plastic wrap and white foam makes all the difference.

    • That always kills me when people are opposed to hunting but still buy and eat meat. I’m sure whatever you’ve killed in the wild had a much better life than 99% of the stuff they’ve purchased from a store. If any ever give you that “hunting is unethical” nonsense just go into full detail of how that meat gets into that nice plastic wrapped styrofoam package and watch them turn green. 😀

    • “After that he didn’t care for any more and said he didn’t eat any thing that was hunted and shot, so the best chicken he ever had suddenly stuck in his craw.”

      When he asked, you should have spoken in ‘Liberal’ terms.

      You should have told him it was “Free-Range” pheasant… 😉

    • managed to sneak a peek in a slaughterhouse when I was a kid…maybe it’s something more liberals should do…or did he think that chicken committed suicide?

  5. Hiking is a liberal thing? How do they think we hunt? Maybe from helicopter? No no no. Sorry to burst a few leftist bubbles, but freedom minded outdoor enthusiasts just don’t virtue signal about hiking.They are the ones tweeting about it, sharing pics on fu$&book, and making sure everyone knows what they are doing. “Oh look I’m like totally hiking and getting in tune with my gender non-binary, earthen, wheatgrass, roots and junk”. We just go do it because it’s part of going out your front door. And substance matters more to the adult mind than virtue signaling and all that fluff.

  6. You’ll notice in the article, there is no mention of his actually buying a shotgun. I imagine the onerous procedure to even get a NJ Firearm’s ID card lead him to using his buddy’s shotgun. Otherwise it would have the been the following year’s hunting season for him.

    • There are outfitters who will provide a new hunter with a gun and everything else they will need to hunt for the first time.

      Just as you can rent guns a many ranges now before buying the firearm.

      • None of that flies in Jersey. He can’t even handle a gun w/o possessing a FOID card. Not to mention he specifically talks about buying a gun for hunting and then mysteriously pivots to borrowing a shotgun to go hunting. If you know anything about New Jersey’s gun laws, you can see the subtext: he couldn’t get a FOID card in time.

        • seeking permission to exercise a constitutional right?…getting rid of those stupid cards is one of the first things the new court should do…

  7. Hunting for leftard’s?!? Their gals(or boyfriend’s) will hate all that mess. No soy latte or puzzy hats. What about the “hunting is murder” trope? Or” trophy hunting is genocide”? Not well thought out boy😄😎😏

  8. There are gun owners that do not support the Republican Party, just as there are survivalists that read Mother Earth News. For those of you that do not know, Mother Earth News was a magazine that was written for and by hippie commune types that went back to “organic” farming. There is a bleed over into the homestead and prepper movement. Many farm, raise animals for meat and milk and also hunt, getting meat like was done 150-200 years ago.

    There will always be sheeple, that is how Reagan won, using Pat Robertson and other mainspring Protestant preachers for the pulpit vote. Remember Reagan made us into a debtor nation in outspending the USSR in military spending – our great grandchildren will be paying that bill (whether you supported him or not).

  9. I have no problem with hunters, sportsmen traditionally are the backbone of this nation.

    With that said, hunters do not advance and defend gun rights, they at best slightly slow the decline.

    The second amendment is as much about hunting as the first is about writing letters to your grandma. Given the choice, I’d rather live somewhere that outlaws hunting but preserves my Creator given right to self defense as opposed to the converse.

  10. I’m pretty liberal, and I used to support stricter gun laws. That changed when I got experience with guns and learned more about gun laws, statistics, and other relevant things. Lefties owning guns may solve this country’s gun problem, because a decent number of them will change their minds when they take in new information.

    • I have 2 liberal/left-leaning friends that love hunting, they’re don’t care for handguns or AR15s, but would only support 2A to keep their rifles and shotguns. Their firearm/accessories purchases and teaching of new hunter helps to a certain extent, but when it comes to voting, that’s a differnt story because they don’t believe the Govt will ever take away their over under. Not all hunters support 2A, just like what a few posters here already said.

    • I wouldn’t trust a modern liberal with a sharpened pencil, much less a gun. Sorry kiddo, but when your side of the aisle embraces an ideology responsible for a quarter billion dead bodies, I stop caring about #notallliberals

    • These are serious questions.
      What have Liberal gun owners done in states like California all the way to Maryland in defending gun civil rights?

      Do they speak up when they are around other Liberals or when attending a non gun activity/ function?

      Or are you afraid to be kicked out of your social groups? How thick is your skin? Conservatives have had to develop a thick skin over the past several decades.

    • LEFTIES are NEVER the solution for anything except if you want to implement a FINAL SOUTION.
      LEFTIES primary output is chaos.
      Always has….always will.

      Now the ever dimishing LIBERAL is another story.

      Know the differenece between LEFT and LIBERAL.
      Here’s a start.

  11. Hunting is nothing to do with the 2A. This will increase the numbers of those ‘FUDD-types’ saying semi-autos (of all types!!) aren’t needed for hunting (despite the fact that they are commonly used for hunting). Then, once they have semi-autos legislated out of existence, they will move on to other types.

    Mark my words, the opposition play the long game and will never back down from their desire to ban all firearms.

    • Tell me again how the ‘lib’ hunter who votes for pelosi, feinstein, hillary, etc. is helping the cause of gun rights?

      Now, if those folk would renounce gun control and abandon the democrats it might benefit us. But I don’t see that happening.

      • A “lib” hunter would usually vote for socially liberal rights and would be more conservative in constitutional areas – an educated person who votes Libertarian. There are always candidates that we don’t like, even in the party we claim. Hopefully, the Libertarian Party will run someone that actually supports freedom(and changes the open borders thing). In Ca, it is the only vote I can make with a clear conscience.

        • BS…I have vast experience with black folks who ALWAYS vote leftard D. And own guns-legally. Massive disconnect and clueless comments from “Obama doesn’t want to take away my gun” dumbazzes. They won’t get free chit if they go Republican…

  12. Hunting is boring. We need to grab the kids playing Fortnite (literally everyone aged 10-20) and introduce them to 3 gun.

    • I mean, yeah, but 3 gun is one of the more expensive categories of our hobby, which isn’t exactly cheap to begin with.

      (Also Fortnite sux! PUBG FTW)

  13. Bullsnot…just cause someone owns a gun, or hunts, doesn’t make him or her my friend or battle buddy in the 2A cause. The leftist mindset demands that the STATE dictates how, when, and where the lowly prols can use those firearms. They have no respect for individual liberty. When told the rules by the STATE they will grin and bow and obey. Then they will thank the STATE….Ask me how I know? I live behind the wire. Where it takes 40 pages of background info, a couple hundred bucks in fees, and up to 2 FREAKING YEARS to get a pistol license. What do most of the gunowners say when they “get the call” that they have been “approved”? Woopie! Instead of storming the fortresses with pitchforks and torches! Totally whipped.

  14. “the National Rifle Association, an organization once primarily devoted to hunting and shooting safety, has become a de facto wing of the Republican Party.”

    Only because the democrat party completely abandoned firearms owners, going all in abolishing the 2nd Amendment. Just like they abandoned the “forgotten men and women of middle America.

  15. Anniversary! ( Off-topic apologizes ! )

    This Sunday Sept 16th, is the anniversary of the September 16th 2013, US Navy Yard shooting in Washington, DC where allegedly 12 people were killed!

    Many of us know how the Satanist/illuminati love to stage events on certain dates and anniversary’s and that they really love their numerology…Given all that, I fully expect the FBI to Try and stage a false flag attack to Try and take advantage of this anniversary.

    This false flag could be a mass shooting false flag or a chlorine gas false flag in Idlib Syria blamed wrongly on Syria and President Assad or some other staged attack.

    If anything “Happens” between today ( The NWO loves Friday’s for false flags ) and Monday, please call kit out for the Staged Farce that it is and question everything!

  16. I’m not interested in ‘accepting’ them for one reason –

    A ‘Progressive’ is, above *all* else, a ‘Progressive’ *first*.

    And that means the will vote their politics above all else.

    (Now, it is true we do the exact same thing…)

  17. This could spawn more “I’m a hunter and I own guns, B U T nobody needs semi automatic “”assault rifles” fudd circle jerk.

  18. Mr. Staley seems to not understand the conflict we are in; perhaps by choice.

    The idea that liberals will become POTG because we teach them to be hunters indicates a complete misunderstanding of the difference between guns and “guns”. Liberals, so far, are fine with hunting rifles (meaning no black rifles or similar). Rifles with capacity limits of four or fewer rounds. Hunting rifles or shotguns are not “guns” as far as the anti-gun mafia is concerned. “Guns” means only handguns and “weapons of war”. Asking a lib to tolerate what is already tolerated accomplishes nothing, and reinforces the meme that “no one needs a gun, except maybe for hunting”.

    “But perhaps the solution, or the beginning of the solution, to America’s gun problem will come not from further entrenchment into our positions, but more crossing over to the other side. ” Oh yeah. We did all that crossing over thing, and the result is the world we live in now. Nothing succeeds like the determination to fail again and again.

  19. I consider myself a liberal. Not a whiny, tree hugging liberal, a liberal who enjoys their firearms, strongly believes in my 2nd Amendment rights as a citizen, and is dedicated to the education and proper understanding of firearm use and ownership for all.

    I do not belong to the NRA, and never will. To me, right or left, they’re just too far over the edge on too many issues.

    I firmly believe one can hold what are considered “liberal” views and opinions and still be a gun owner and supporter of 2nd Amendment rights. Maybe I’m an outlier, who knows?

    I go out of my way to point out the futility of a ban on “semiautomatic weapons” to anyone I know. I correct news reports about the same to my friends. My favorite bone to pick? That pesky “gun show loophole”! Yeah, you know, the one that lets people buy guns in a private sale at gun shows? (sarcasm)

    As I see it, one can hold liberal views and still be a gun owner. Why so many liberal people can’t properly grasp or understand the concepts of responsible gun ownership is, in my opinion, due mainly to the way that the media obfuscates the truth. Things like prevented crimes when the victim possesses a firearm, or the fact that gun owners are far less likely to commit a crime.

    It just makes me shake my head when I see the media BS in this area, and when I do, you can be sure I’ll speak up and point out the lack of balance and adherence to facts when I see it.

    • Here is why your self-assessment rings hollow:
      – A defender of the Second Amendment believes natural rights flow from God
      – – A liberal believes there are no natural rights; “rights” flow from government largess

      – A defender of the Second Amendment believes each person is their own first responder
      – – A liberal depends on government to protect and care for oneself

      – A defender of the Second Amendment believes firearms are tools of individual and community safety and preservation
      – – A liberal believes private citizens with firearms are a danger to themselves and the community

      – A defender of the Second Amendment understands that the Second Amendment was a declaration of the right of the citizens to prevent and defeat a standing army being used to suppress the rights of the people
      – A liberal believes government is endlessly beneficent, needing no one with “weapons of war” to discipline and contain the government

      – A defender of the Second Amendment believes no one needs permission from the government to protect themselves, their families and their communities
      – – A liberal believes only the Second Amendment demands government approval for the people to exercise their constitutionally protected right

      If you are truly a liberal, you cannot support, but only exploit, for selfish reasons, the Second Amendment

      So, I ask you this: “If you had to choose between the enumerated constitutional right to keep and bear firearms, or the imagined and unenumerated right to government- guaranteed “safety”, which will it be?”

    • So you believe in citizens having gun rights but vote for Marxists who believe citizens have no rights and exist for the pleasure of the state. How is that working out in progressive totalitarian countries and states?

  20. And to further the point, while I have hunted, I don’t actively hunt myself as I don’t have the time to devote to it to do it well. Maybe some day….

    That being said, I’m all for hunting and strongly support it in all its forms.

  21. Someone should tell Oliver Staley that hunting is on the decline and that being a hunter will give him no credibility on guns. If he wants credibility, he should go get a concealed carry permit, buy an AR-15, take some of those high-speed-low-drag tactical shooting courses, and change political parties. That might give him credibility.

  22. I have found white conservative gun owners know more about the Deacons for Defense and Justice than white Liberals. In fact white Liberals said the civil rights movement didn’t use firearms at all. The second amendment has nothing to do with hunting or stopping a home invader.

    Its about defending yourself against a tyrannical government.
    The coal mine wars 1900 to 1926. Coal miners defending themselves against government and coal companies aircraft used to bomb their own employees.

    The Athens Tennessee Revolt

    Deacons for defense and Justice.

    The Montana Range Wars.

    The Mormon execution Order

    Robert F Williams

    The Black Panther Party For Self Defense. Yes that’s correct They are on the list too. Its amazing how every white Liberal defends the rights of the Klu Klux Klan but not the rights of the Panthers. And don’t talk to me about the dead president Ronald Reagan. Who runs California now??? Who was directly asked by gun owners to repeal the Mulford Act when he was senate president in California??? Hint its the same guy who wrote the 10 day waiting period. And his name is not Jerry Studds.

    The reason why there was a “Cincinnati Revolt” was because the Panthers were denied their gun civil rights. Look it up. Get educated.

    And if you brought up the fact that Rev MLK applied for a concealed carry gun permit, you were called a racist.

    Liberals have a right to own guns. That’s a given. But when have white Liberals (socialist progressive in their political orientation) supported gun civil rights for black people or anyone else???

    • “The coal mine wars 1900 to 1926. Coal miners defending themselves against government and coal companies aircraft used to bomb their own employees.

      Black Panthers

      The Athens Tennessee Revolt”

      Everyone overlooks the Bonus Army March, January 1932. WW1 vets were promised by Congress they would receive a monetary bonus for their WW1 service. Fourteen years later, Congress declared that there just wasn’t enough money available. The veterans set up camps in D.C. The president sent the Army to rout the veterans. The Army used horse cavalry and primitive tanks to burn the veterans out of their camps. “Weapons of War” used against Army veterans seeking redress of grievances from Congress.

      The attack on the protesting veterans should have been the beginning of the third American Revolution. Fact: the federal government used the standing army to suppress a peaceful assembly of citizens. Fact: such an event was the very thing the Second Amendment was created to prevent/respond to. Fact: “we the people” simply yawned and turned to the sports section of the newspaper (much like today).

      • Bonus March is a great example. Its why the civilians should have the same weapons as the standing Army. Bump Stocks for the poor. And if you can afford it: Machine guns, flamethrowers, tanks, civilian armed aircraft, bass boats with mounted guns, pontoon boats with mounted cannons. And anything else a civilian can think of to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. That is what the second amendment recognizes is our right as american citizens.

        Now do Liberal gun owners support that????

        The following officers lead the standing Army against the civilian population.
        General Douglas MacArthur
        Major Dwight D. Eisenhower
        Major George S. Patton



        ps. It was military and civilian police who disarmed civilians after Katrina

      • they wanted their money early…of course it gave a rather prominent but extremely arrogant general a chance to show off a bit…

    • Its amazing how every white Liberal defends the rights of the Klu Klux Klan
      Not lately at any rate although the Democrats have loved the KKK in the past and actually their present policies do keep minorities down on the plantation.

      • To be honest Liberals have support the KKK on TTAG. It’s a badge they wear.
        When white Liberals start to repeal the gun free zones in public housing projects, they will have finally done something positve for black people.
        Like that will ever happen.

  23. “Of course, it’s possible to be a liberal hunter.
    I am sure someone who is a member of PETA, reads Marx, votes Democrat, and loves Michael Bloomberg with Everytown for Gun Safety will just be biting at the bit to go hunting.

    • daughter is a big fan of PETA…once went down into my game room to find all my trophies covered with sheets…she said “Dad,..they should have dignity in death”…oookay!…..

  24. “More Liberal Hunters…”

    …Would insist you dont need an AR or more than ten rounds to go hunting and more of either is a human rights travesty.

    Sorry, this is not killshot solution you’re looking for.

  25. American doesn’t have a gun problem. Unless you mean that not every citizen has an AR and 1911.

    We have a stupid people problem.

    Change the title. It hints that we do indeed have a problem.

    • This. When we define what a “problem” is, guns don’t even make the top 25 list. ~32000 people a year is NOTHING compared to most things that will actually kill you.

      We need to define the terms, and start pushing back with things that will actually kill you.

  26. “More Liberal Hunters Could be the Beginning to Solving America’s Gun Problem”

    Yes, it certainly could be. However, I believe that it is illegal to hunt liberals.

    Now, if the DEM ever recognizes that liberals are an invasive species and schedules an open season for hunting liberals, please sign me up. And, can I also get a few doe tags?

  27. Typical “I support the 2nd amendment…. BUT…” garbage.

    Support it. Or don’t.

    But don’t sit there and tell me you support it while undermining it at the same time.

  28. Try thinking critically about what he is saying before you get your hackles up. I think he is partially correct. I have a buddy from Hoboken who was as anti gun as your typical new englander but completely changed his views after being in the Marine Corp. As he explained it to me: there wasnt any real way to enjoy recreational firearm use where I am from. Guns were bad because there was no good way to use them where I am from. I’m paraphrasing, of course, but that’s the gist.

  29. Oliver convinced me to become a liberal hunter. Can anyone tell me when the season is, and what the limits are? Is a liberal considered big game or a varmint? Is baiting allowed?

  30. any “liberal” gun owner who votes for the same communist that wants to take away your gun is not a solution to the problem. if they want to keep their guns, they need to wake up.


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