Mehdi Hasan America's Gun Culture
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“It’s politically incorrect, though, to point out that the fear expressed by gun-owners is racially tinged. Guns have long been seen as protection for white folks against black and brown folks – yesterday’s Apaches and Sioux are today’s Mexicans and Muslims. ‘Be careful what you say about guns,’ American friends of mine often warn me. ‘Remember what happened to Piers Morgan?’” – Mehdi Hasan in US gun owners are holding the country hostage – and I fear for my family’s safety [via]

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    • Better not trust anyone with a German or Russian name either than. 6 million + dead is quite the murderous cult, wouldn’t you agree?

      • I don’t see Russians and Germans murdering indiscriminately today. Muslims are though and given a pass by people like you which is sickening.

        Even back then when the Germans and Russians were
        doing their murdering their body count paled to Muslim-caused deaths since 632 A.D. (don’t forget the numerous peoples, countries and empires destroyed by Islam!!)

    • he is a brit that is the real reason we have guns they tried to disarm us back around 1776 it has nothing to do about cowboys and indians ass wipe, and what is going on now all americans have the right to protect themselfs regardless on race or skin color, if they are a citizen and of good mind, it is a God given right, guaranteed, by the constitution. never let that be taken from you or you will be sorry.

    • WTF are you here for? Was this some kind of a secret? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, or conversely realize that you are at least partially right, decide to improve your afterlife by whacking you a few ‘Murricans, and you may discover that, yeah, we have been watching you as about 4 guns open up while 5 other guys are still drawing. Better mind your shit.

      • Great point Raptor Jesus. Even though some of my ancestors were English I think that they would be ashamed of what that once great country has become if they were alive today.

        An individualist is a man who says: ‘I’ll not run anyone’s life — nor let anyone run mine. I will not rule nor be ruled. I will not be a master nor a slave. I will not sacrifice myself to anyone — nor sacrifice anyone to myself.

        Ayn Rand, Textbook of Americanism (1946)

    • This guy’s comments are a perfect example of the downside of immigration and “diversity”. Clearly, he brought a set of cultural values with him that are a sharp departure from traditional American values (he ignores, for instance, the role that gun ownership in black communities had is opposing KKK violence) yet, nonetheless, he seeks to present the values from where he’s from as superior to the values of people who live where he is now. His “concern” is based on ethnocentrism. He is suspicious and distrustful of the people and values that are not familiar to him. Of course, in not recognizing the source of his angst, he wants to tell us how superior his values are. We don’t need people like him here. He should return to his homeland where he’ll be much more comfortable.

  1. Fucking wanker. He should go back to the Empire On Which The Sun Set and resume his unnatural association with goats.

  2. What happened to mr Morgan? He got more annoying?

    Option 1) guns are racially driven, so I’ll try to ban you having one.
    Option 2) guns are racially driven, so I’ll push for everyone to have the opportunity to own one so we are all equal.


    • morgan built a career on being as obnoxious as possible…to a large degree, it’s just an act…fake news in its pure, unadulterated form…

  3. On this doll, point to where American Exceptionalism touched you…
    As a natural born Citizen of these United States I will retain the God-given right to self preservation, you can keep your feels.

    • I don’t care who you are, that right there is damn funny!! I’m still laughing.

      Hey, if the Us is so bad, pack your shit up and head back to GB and see if you can keep from getting stabbed to death.

      • Guess they don’t teach history in England… like the fact that we threw the Brits out the last time they tried to take our firearms. Go Home wanker, before we Throw you out.

  4. Wait, you don’t like America’s history, laws and traditions? Just get the fuck out. Go back or stay where you’re from. Don’t try to export your shitty form of governance into “not your country”.

  5. First rule of mass media: give the people what they want. If they don’t want to hear some limey prick criticize gun ownership but you do it anyway, you deserve everything you get. Go back to the Land of Hope and Surveillance if you don’t like it.

    • Second rule of thumb, if you want to get out a propagandist message, don’t offer a comment section. It appears the new statesman has digitally plugged their ears.

  6. I find it really amusing that “politically incorrect” now means “saying anything someone might not like, somewhere, somewhen.”

    It’s really gone too far by far.

    Just say what you think/feel/believe. We’ll all be better off if we know where we all stand.

  7. “What happened to Piers Morgan?” You mean he slithered his slimy self back to the UK? Maybe this guy should too.

    What makes me laugh is this dude is pearl clutching in his article about being victim of violent crime then goes on to state he doesn’t get why someone would own a gun because violent crime is at 25 year lows.

  8. If we’re so violent here, maybe Mr. Hasan should go back east…I hear London is a quite, peaceful utopia right now.

    And while he’s at it, take his bacon hating butcher with him.

  9. Mr. Hasan needs to repatriate himself as soon as possible so he may enjoy the safety and security of his homeland. I’m sure he’ll be far more comfortable in that enlightened country. But, this prompts the question, why are you in the United States to begin with? How long have you been in our country? Weren’t you aware that Americans see and feel their existence with a passion unlike those in Europe before you arrived here? Why do you assume it is your place to criticize the standards of another country? Why do you assume citizens of this country are interested in the opinions of someone who has not embraced the culture? Yes, please return to where you came. Do it for both of us.

  10. Hey Hasan, stop watching the left-wing news. They drive fear to drive ratings. By the way, while you’re fearing for your family’s lives, ask yourself how many people that you know have been murdered. If you think it’s a valid fear anyway, then ask yourself why the US ought to allow so much immigration from countries with astronomical homicide rates (El Salvador, Honduras, Venezuela). Shouldn’t we have a wall or something?

  11. Love it!

    Stay here Mehdi Hasan. I’ll teach your kids about guns. By the time they reach adulthood, they’ll be one of us.

  12. “It’s politically incorrect, though, to point out that the fear expressed by gun-owners is racially tinged.”

    Actually, not only is that a safe expression, it’s de rigueur and even mandatory in many places and professions.

    Guns have long been seen as appliances of aggression against MANY disfavored groups. This guy points to darker skinned people. I point to the light skinned Irish and eastern and southern European people of 19th century New York, against whom the Sullivan Act was selectively deployed.

    I point to vast swaths of Europe prior to and during WWII, who were white and disarmed against the fascist menace. Many of those people suffered disarmament and abuse again under their Cold War era disarming governments.

  13. I am an expat, and a US Citizen for a decade. I love America for its Freedom and ‘go for it’ attitude. I stand for the National Anthem and respect the Laws of the country I call home. The UK was a great place to grow up and it had its own identity. Since joining the EU the UK is now a watered down version of what it once was. I have no problem with Immigration as long as you assimilate into the Country you are moving to, respect the laws and the people, learn the language. If you are against any of these things don’t come and don’t open your mouth and spew crap.

  14. Why doesn’t he home to London it’s not like gun crime has jumped there by double digits two years in a row………..oh wait….

  15. There is an old saying: “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. Mr. Hasan should GTF OUT of MY country.
    His kind is neither welcome nor wanted.

  16. “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” Samuel Adams.

  17. Walmarts in Northern Virginia don’t sell firearms. Ammo, yes. BB guns, yes. But no pistols, rifles, or shotguns. This dude is full of it. But we already knew that.

  18. Yet another classic example why civic nationalism is an abject failure.

    This guy was never functionally British, and will never be functionally American. All the diasporas must go back.

  19. The left-wing progressive anti-gun collective loves Brits who live here – they can get them to express outrage over just about anything (but especially our gun culture), and all the lib/progs will just shake their heads and say, “He’s a Brit – he comes from a culture that is superior to us – he knows!” The Brits have been outraged by most of what American culture represents since 1775 (and earlier – although they love to come here and make money) and many of them have made no secret of their disdain in the media. On the other hand, I am acquainted with Brits who emigrated to the U.S. and embraced our culture and freedoms, and have no problem with guns. So Hasan’s diatribe can be countered by inviting him (if he’s so afraid) to move back to the safety and security of the UK nanny state.

  20. “yesterday’s Apaches and Sioux are today’s Mexicans and Muslims.”

    More Apache and Sioux were killed by Apache and Sioux than by white men.

    Today, more Mexicans and Muslims are being killed by Mexicans and Muslims than by white men.

    If you live in fear, buy a gun so you can protect yourself. Or return to the peaceful utopia from whence you came.

    • Illegal immigrants == oppressed/conquered natives.


      No dude, they’re nothing alike. This Hasan guy is clearly operating from ‘agenda based “news”‘.

      • He thinks we went down to South America and drug them here, kicking and screaming, in order to oppress them? He’s really on top of this, huh? I imagine he thinks the proposed wall is intended to trap them here, ya think?

    • so true…many of the “natives” had/made slaves of other tribes…and were not the peaceful folk many want to believe

  21. Leave my country you SOB, you and the rest of your goat roping friends! why did you leave your country, so you can suck up on free money, free housing, free medical, free education. Then steal an American job because of your Education that the Average American can’t get because Education wasn’t free for him or her! You are a typical import by the Democrats, because like them you and UN want too destroy us. The Left is preaching War, time to go VC on their asses

  22. I am originally from England and it’s a nice place to visit, pleasant tranquil countryside, ancient buildings etc etc.

    However, the US is fantastic and has been my home for many years. This Hasan chap is not typical of any of the many British people that I have met living in the US. His statements are BS and can be picked apart, one by one. For example, other posters have pointed out that in his area, there are no gun shops next to Halal butchers. His commute does not pass the NRA headquarters. Walmarts in NoVA do not sell firearms. And to say that ‘guns are racist’? Well gun CONTROL is racist and was enacted to prevent minorities and the poor from acquiring firearms in the first place.

    What I have learnt the past few years is that the media are purely propaganda peddlers, they think nothing of lying to push their agenda. And now, with digital media and easy sharing, any a**hole with an opinion can get their (carefully selected) message across.

    My message to Hasan is to go back home and give the opportunity of living here to someone that deserves & appreciates it.

    • Here, here good sir.
      There is a chilled adult beverage awaiting you at our 150yd private range here in SW Florida.
      Service is after we partake in a little thing we like to call “our salute to freedom” exercise.
      It involves creating clouds of smoke, ringing steel, and punching holes in paper.
      Everyone leaves with a smile!

    • BRIT in TX – You sir are absolutely correct! I was born here, and so were my children, and we have always welcomed those who want to come here and embrace all things American as you have done. However, I vehemently oppose anyone who seeks to destroy while taking full advantage of the courtesies, rights and liberty we have extended to them through our generosity.

      These unappreciative people do not belong in any society that espouses freedom, justice and liberty for all. These people only understand violent oppression, as long as they are not the ones being oppressed. In their culture males are all powerful and all important, but females not so much – they are considered property and subservient to the men in every way. There is no independence where these people are given power, only the leaders are considered worthy individuals.

      They use this form of slavery to get others, mostly poverty stricken young men, to do their bidding. If that person is killed, they pay their family blood money for the sacrifice of their son or grandson. This is basically murder for hire, and there is no honor in taking innocent life. They try to compare what is being done here with the sacrifice of the brave soldiers who have been killed defending their country but they forget the valor and honor that comes with a righteous death versus their sneak attacks on innocent civilians. There is no equivalency to argue here, their young who die in performing terrorist attacks are dying for nothing. There is no laudable goal that can be served or connected to these people’s heinous acts.

      If the private ownership of firearms in this country terrifies Mr. Hasan, then he should pack up and leave. Al Jazeera – his employer – lacks credibility as they have been anti western for as long as they have existed, always presenting propaganda over what the actual truth is. They take the side of every anti western and anti Israeli organization and they have their roots in the Muslim Brotherhood. This same Muslim Brotherhood allied itself with the German Nazi government of the World War Two era. They cannot be trusted to report the truth, and neither can Mr. Hasan.

      So to you, Mr. Hasan, I say good riddance, you haven’t got a clue what the real America is about, and we don’t need your presence here, so go somewhere that suits your lack of backbone. You serve no useful purpose here.

  23. One more thing, he’s a far left ‘journalist’ and political editor for the UK Huffington Post as well as an Al Jazeera presenter. i.e very biased with an agenda! He also argued that Iran should have nuclear weapons, that alone means we should dis-regard every word that spews out of his mouth!

  24. “Shut your festering gob, you tit! Your type make me puke, you vacuous, toffee-nosed, malodorous pervert!”
    Thank you, Monty Python.

  25. He not wrong on some of the threats we face. The difference is we have tools to do something about it and his home country works very hard to ensure their subjects do not.

  26. What exactly did happen to Piers Morgan? From what I can tell he’s alive and well, gainfully employed, with a thriving family. Is that what Hasan is afraid of?

    • And, according to wikipedia, has had a couple of interviews with President Trump earlier this year. Truly oppressed by American gun culture, the poor guy.

    • From what I can tell, common sense happened to Piers Morgan. He found out that the liberals he used to work for were all full of grade A BS. At least he made a step in the right direction.

  27. I am not armed to protect myself from brown and black folks. Rather, I am armed to protect myself from ALL people (regardless of what pigmentation their skin may or may not have) AND ANIMALS.

  28. Violent crime at historic lows, concealed carry at historic high, yet he fears for his family! He must suspect they will turn criminal or terrorist, if that is going to happen they would be far safer going back to live in Londonstan.

  29. Gee Hasan, we’re really sorry you feel that way. NOT.

    I’m going out in my back yard. I feel the need for speed (2840fps to be precise).

  30. ‘Be careful what you say about guns,’ American friends of mine often warn me. ‘Remember what happened to Piers Morgan?’

    The pasty-white English slimeball who thinks that only rich white people should be protected by men with guns, and that guns are too easy for city-living minorities to get, and was run off back to the UK (who didn’t want him) because he’s just that intolerable? That Piers Morgan?

    This is the example you put forward to try and show how American gun ownership is racist?

    Try harder. Be better.

  31. Hasan forgets the other times guns were used for protection by Americans. Say 1775-1783 against the British, then 1812- 185, against the British, then 1860-1865 with the British supporting the other side, then 1914-1918 and 1939-1945 when we helped save the British.
    But no, it’s all about Husan

  32. Once again some twit is lying about how they live in fear, fear I tell you, because of gun owners in America. BS. Walk around whatever part of the country you live in on a typical day and tell me if you regularly see or hear anything to cause you significant fear – If you do, you live in one of a small number of unusually dangerous areas or, you are afraid of your own shadow.

    Right now, as I type this, I’m sitting in a neighborhood coffee shop, near the urban center of a city of a bit over half a million – in other words, a fairly unremarkable, typical American setting. In my field of view are about 30 people, all but one appear to be adults, almost all of them unknown by me and, statistics tell us that roughly half of them are gun owners. In addition, statistically speaking, I could expect that 5-10% are carrying a gun right now. So, this is a common example, like others played out every day in thousands of other similar settings, all across the nation, in which, supposedly, the “gun culture” in America is causing people to live in constant fear. Well, I don’t see it – these people aren’t behaving like they are in fear. They all appear to be behaving the way the overwhelming majority of people I meet, interact with and see behave – completely at ease.

    This is the America I see every day. People who are relatively safe, comfortable and care-free most of the time. If this pansy is living in continual fear as he states, (which I doubt, he’s probably sitting in a cafe somewhere thinking up his next silly screed and is not scanning the entrance every 5 seconds expecting a crazed gunman to storm in) then he has never been in a situation that causes actual fear – or he is delusional.

    • Obviously not Starbucks, everyone there is afraid and delusional re: guns. Enjoy your coffee and enjoy our great AMERICAN way of life. To Brit in TX enjoy your tea too! You’re welcome in USA any day.

  33. Why do Libertarians want people here who hate american values???? This is why I put them together. Libertarians Liberals and the Left. The three L’s.

    • Are they just here for the Drugs, Sex and Rock and roll?
      Or they couldn’t make a living in the shit hole they came from. They are only here for the money. And change everything else here to the shit hole they came from???

  34. the country of Lord Nelson and the Duke of Wellington has become populated by very small people. WWs I and II depleted their gene pool and these immigrants from outside Western Culture are not made of the same stuff.

    • When you let in some of the sons of Shem, apparently you get them all.

      I call it “Shem’s revenge” (on Japheth) for occupying his tents.

  35. Interesting. I sent a tweet to him and my account was immediately, I mean right then, suspended. There was certainly no time for a review or a complaint.

  36. Mr. Hasan wants to drag up “White atrocities”. OK let’s talk about the millions upon millions of people murdered by Muslims since Mohamed. Maybe he’d feel safer in London with daily knife, acid, truck, and beating attacks the peaceful religion perpetrate against the brits.
    Or then again perhaps he’d feel right at home with ISIS, he can hold the camera while they cut the infidel’s throats.

    Emphasis added for clarity.

  37. I’m unclear what terrifies him…

    – The ~1/2 decline in violent crime (more in violence done with guns) over the last 20 years or so?

    – The ~2.5 million DGUs / year, as reported, eventually, by the CDC?

    – The drum-beat of people securing their and others lives, because they had the means to defend themselves?

    – The millions of CC citizens, who are so calm and peaceful you never know they’re carrying?

    Maybe it’s a more philosophical terror. People with the means to live their own lives — terrifying. People making choices with their lives that may not match yours — terrifying. People taking prudent responsibility for their own well-being, in the world as it is — terrigying.

    Yeah, that’s a problem. Next thing you know, you’ll have people locating their homes outside of flood plains, because sometimes the water — terrifying — comes. You’ll have people stocking in a few days preserved food, water, meds, because sometimes services are out — terrifying — for a bit. You’ll have people who enjoy doing stuff out in the terrifying world, gearing up to lend a hand when the world does something terrifying: search and rescue, sand bags, food / water / shelter, neighborhood security when the security from above breaks down — terrifying. The people doing things for themselves, part, not the bad stuff happening, part.

    People able to do something about how their own lives come out is just a terrifying thing.

    With sympathy for the folks outside Manhattan, after the big storm a couple years ago — the folks in FEMA camps: crappy conditions, restricted communications, limited power, maybe you can get out to grab another blanket from home, maybe not — I am curious how the aftermath will play out, Carolinas vs. Gotham. Even the sea-side cities are embedded in what’s left of a different culture. More agrarian. More self-reliant. More fieldcraft.

    I’d like to see an A/B comparison. Results might be terrifying to “This Place I Came To Is Not The Place I Left”- there.

  38. As a gun owner who has to leave a fairly firearm friendly state in the American West and move to the UK for employment in the next few weeks, what is terrifying about the UK is how little right to self-preservation one is entitled to under UK law. Yes I will miss having a 9mm pistol close to my bed. I don’t like giving this up, but I can stomach it, because it means a better economic quality of life for my family. What I don’t like is that while one can use proportional force in the case of a home invasion in the UK, one simply cannot have any kind of “planned” weapon at home for home defense. If you happen to have a baseball bat in your bedroom or a bottle of some noxious chemical lying around and throw it at an invading criminal with a knife its OK, BUT if you tell a jury or police you kept those things in your home as a precaution in case someone invaded your home, you are in legal trouble because you created an offensive weapon. Its pretty screwed up.

  39. Maybe he is British, but not an Anglo Saxon.
    I am a Brit that has been living in America for a number of years.
    People come to visit and say “Why do you want all those guns”?
    One visit to the range and they are hooked., especially when I bring out the Webley, Enfield and FALs. A piece of British history that they cannot own .
    Please can we have a modern firearm in 303 and 455?

  40. I thought that “Once Great Britain]was still irrationally importing mass qty of Mohamadans. WTF are they sending them on to the US (and WTF are we allowing them in)?

  41. 2015, Hasan moved to Washington DC to work full-time for Al Jazeera. In 2013, Hassan took part in a debate at the Oxford Union to consider whether Islam is a peaceful religion. Hassan vouched for Islam as a religion of peace, citing political and cultural reasons for violence in Muslim majority countries, as opposed to holding the religion of Islam responsible. from Wikipedia

    Every piece this twit has spewed is similar BS. Apparently bucking for a job at CNN/

  42. As one of the American born “average gun owners” I would like to remind Mr. Mehdi Hasan that we ran the limey bastards off more than 240 years ago because they didn’t like how we wanted to take care of ourselves. You being, I assume, of ancestry from the Indian subcontinent should be aware that they also did the same to the Britts just 71 years ago. Your opinions and attitude are unwelcome here and I strongly suggest you take them and go back to where whence you came.

  43. The only reason he can write his drivel is RIGHT he hold a under the First Amendment. There is none of that “Bolshevik nonsense” in the United Kingdom. There the best he would have is the privilege that the Elites allow him at the present moment. It isn’t very extensive and it has disappeared in a flash.

    Americans have a First Amendment because traitors, riff raff, and servants HAD the weapons to pull off a successful revolution. Ask an Aussie about the Australian “revolution” they celebrate their defeat in early December.

    British General Gage brought “gun control” to Boston and lost a war. In 1775 he thought he’d win. In 1783, he was too embarrassed to surrender his defeated Army so, as one of the Aristocracy, he made an underlying do it.

  44. hey asshole with the same last name as the other asshole that did ft hood:

    #1 get the fuck out of my country

    you dont belong here

    youre a scumbag and youre not worthy of it

    go back to the 3rd world where you and your heinous ideology fit in if you want to spout this shit

    #2 keep up with current events

    a significant amount of todays mexicans and muslims that are coming here are every bit the savages that yesterdays apaches and sioux were

    oh yeah and so are you

    you just havent acted out yet

    were not fucking stupid

    we see right through you

    we all know exactly what the fuck you would do as soon as you got your hands on an ak 47 and a hand grenade

    clinton and obama brought all you asshole savages here to terrorize us just like king george lll did with the indian savages

    its in the declaration

    you should read it

    you should know what youre getting yourself into

    because youre HERE now

    and because whats past is prologue

  45. So,…, basically you are saying that we should not trust the US Military with firearms?! Terrified Terrorist, I don’t know what happened to Morgan, but if it was not nice, yes, you deserve the same fate too. Go back to AlQaida or whatever they call themselves today.

  46. in the words of that fine British band The Clash; London Calling, Hassan, GTFO we got enough native born assholes here we don’t need to import any….

  47. the following is this assholes short bio at the new statesman:

    “Mehdi Hasan is a contributing writer for the New Statesman and the co-author of Ed: The Milibands and the Making of a Labour Leader. He was the New Statesman’s senior editor (politics) from 2009-12.”

    heres what it SHOULD say:

    “mehdi hasan is just another asshole writer at the new statesman who also happens to write for al jazzeera and who is a muslim apologist and who believes islam is a peaceful religion and who thinks muslims get a bad rap in the press worldwide and who thinks iran should have nukes”

    THAT would be more helpful

    because it gives one some actual useful and actionable background info on what this guys motives really are for writing stuff

    especially if one is familiar with what “taqiyya” means to adherents of his particular religion*

    *basically in laymans terms it means all muslims are all liars at some point in the day depending on whos within earshot of them at that particular moment

    with the immense amount of feedback the muslim world has given the western world in the last 3 decades 911 or not we all should know by now that for the most part theres only 2 types of muslims out there:

    1 muslims that want to kill you


    2 muslims that are “ok” with some other muslim killing you


    its not islamophobia if they REALLY ARE trying to kill you

  48. Man, I am so f’ing tired of foreigners coming to my country and telling me I have to change the way I live in order to accommodate their sensibilities.

    Piss off and go back to Ole Blighty, and take your damn spawn with you. Sheesh!

  49. If he don’t like the USA he can decide never to come back.
    It is not a gun culture but where he comes from he is governed by the Crown,
    same for many European countries.
    The USA is governed by the people, we have our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, that acknowledges we are born with our rights and no government (or Crown) can take them away.

    • Sounds like he not only dislikes the United States, but a majority of Americans, too. But, just like all committed statists, he pushes ahead with his agenda of “fundamental transformation”.

  50. Didn’t we have to lend the British guns, ammo, ships and planes to fight in WWII? Without our guns, big and small, Britannia would be speaking German right now!

  51. Whatever, little p*ssy. Go back to England then. Where the f*ck do get that white people only have guns to protect themselves from non-whites? Where? Racist little troll.

  52. Those flying carpet folks like their victims unarmed. This guy can GTFO if he doesn’t like it. We don’t need you, and we don’t want you.

  53. If you live in fear here in the USA, get out. No one is forcing you to stay. This country was founded on guns and freedom, and guns are a large part of our heritage. 2A was created to make sure we can arm and fight against our enemies as well as fight our own government if necessary. It is a leveling tool to balance power between the government and the people in which it serves.

    I can also tell you that if there was a threat of takeover, the people with those guns in this country will be the first to fight and people like you will either be the ones we are fighting against or will be hiding behind us. Ever heard of the three percenters?

    • During an invasion/takeover, there’s another group of people that’ll make up a large percentage of the population that you forgot to mention. And it’s the group this dirtbag would probably align himself with, along with the other Liberal Terrorists™️; collaborators and traitors.
      Edit- ooops. I see that you did mention them. Sorry for the oversight. Back to my coffee.

  54. When I was a child we played Cowboys and Indians. (I know, I know, politically incorrect now, but those were better days, and it’s OK, I’m a half-breed with half-breed vigor, and proud of it.) We have not begun to play Cowboys and mohammedens…yet, yippee oh kiyaee, ibin…

  55. He isn’t even British, he is an Arab.

    Last time I checked the Brits were white. Just like France, Germany, Italy, all ethnic states built upon their white nationality. Can’t talk about that though blacks, Arabs, and other non-whites can speak proudly about their nations, cultures, and invade white countries unopposed by the left.

    He should just pick an Arab country and go back there to where he belongs.

  56. BRITISH! LOL, just like how those Child Rape Gangs in UK who look like his ethnicity are called “ASIANS” by the liberal media?
    Yeah, Right.

  57. Why would I live in a country which causes me mental stress and fear because of gun violence? His fear is overstated and just another example of Brits or Euro trash trying to impose their values on the US.So they do not like gun and we do, what’s the problem if not a cultural as well as a mental one. Stay in the UK where Big Brother’s presence is perennial; in London alone there are 270, 000 cameras for street surveillance and yet they cannot stop terrorist nor violent crime from happening to the point that they adopted special armed units. If crime gets worse and cops are hurt or killed, sooner or later they will be armed as well. Keeping a populace disarmed is no guaranty against violent crime and we know that the Brits wrote the book on hooliganism.

  58. First to go is the illegal Mexicans, shortly thereafter to be followed by the socialists from all the once free countries in Europe. Deport them all…

  59. He knew, or should have known, about American culture before he came to our shores. If he fears for the safely of his family here, he should have gone elsewhere.
    Incidentally, it’s not too late for him to vacate those shores.

  60. if he don,t like us with guns he can carry his butt back to where he came from and by the way black kill more blacks than white people do and so do mexicans and they both kill more whites than than whites kill of both combined I have mine to defend against anybody messing with my wife and family and Me

  61. My best friend is a Brit. He calls himself a political refugee. He says that Filthy Mohammedan Savages like this guy are why he will never go back to his home country and are why he is renouncing his citizenship to become a US citizen.
    I’m honored to be his sponsor. Oh yeah, he gladly owns two .22 rifles, as Mossberg 5Hundy and a Taurus 9mm. Yeah, I give him crap about the Taurus.

    • Hell, as long as he owns guns, knows how to, and is willing to use them for the right reasons, welcome. I’d want to get out of the hellhole of the UK — and most European countries — if I were there, too. Soon enough, there will be no escape. Just submission to the savages from the Middle East, or off with your head. Good for you for sponsoring him. And tell him, ‘Buy more guns, and more ammo. And when you’ve done that? Buy more guns, and more ammo’ …


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