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Fiery conservative Dana Loesch gave a speech to the Conservative Political Action Convention today, in which she warned Democrats that unless they embraced the legions of blue collar gun owners in “flyover country” they would continue to lose Presidential elections.

Mrs. Loesch, who was recently appointed to be NRA jefe Wayne LaPierre’s point person on public communications, asserted that working class voters in Appalachia and the Midwest (“flyover country,” as she called it,) delivered the 2016 presidential election to the GOP because they were tired of being lectured to and ridiculed by Dems who had taken this once-significant segment of their coalition for granted.

She decried “one-percenters who want to outsource to firearms to someone else because they think it’s…virtuous to be a victim….” She continued: “Do you know why Democrats lost in November? Because these [working class] voters were worried about how to put food on the table. How to pay premiums. How to keep the lights on, how to keep jobs…. They got lectured to about who could use whose bathroom. Lectured about everything that has nothing to do with vital necessities of day-to-day life. That is why Democrats lost.”

As a nod to her new employer, Mrs. Loesch touted the National Rifle Association as the nation’s original civil rights organization, dedicated to protecting the constitutionally protected natural rights of Americans. She stressed the organization’s diversity, noting her own Native American heritage and describing Maj Toure, the founder of the gun rights organization Black Guns Matter, and the predominantly LGBT gun rights group Pink Pistols as “the face of the NRA.”

She returned to the working class theme repeatedly, at one point mocking an article in the New York Times that urged Democrats to run further to the left in future elections. “Only way they’ll win is if they figure out how to run Jim Webb!” she declared, referencing Ronald Reagan’s former Secretary of the Navy, who represented Virginia in the Senate as a Democrat, and briefly challenged Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. She also recounted a very personal story about how her grandfather protected her aunt with his shotgun after she was attacked by a violent ex-boyfriend.

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    • If they ran someone like Jim Webb they wouldn’t be the “enemy.” My only big issue with Dems is their desire for a disarmed populace.

      • That’s how I feel and why I’m tempted to register so I could vote in the primary.

        But. Remember that lots of dem candidates have talked about how they have no interest in ‘taking your guns.’ I think Clinton was the first to almost abandon that line- and any time she said it, nobody believed her. The democratic party that runs Webb might be different, but I worry that they would run him and would change him more than he would change them.

      • Other than the blatant racism, communism, and outright anti-semitism that’s become the bedrock of the party? Please, the only thing Democrats deserve is a free helicopter ride.

    • This is my first thought exactly, let’s not give the Dems a key to the white house backdoor yet. But she does touch on a good point. Republicans and in-betweeners think of the real problems and how they’re going to solve them. Not whose using what bathroom.

  1. Oh no, here we go. Let the blind alienation begin.

    Will somebody please take away her microphone before she wrecks the whole thing!

    She reminds me of a straight Milo Yiannopoulos with real knockers. The NRA hate’s gonna reign then rain.

    • I’m really not sure where you’re coming from on this. Dana Loesch gave a decent speech. You can disagree with her thesis (white working class gun owners in the midwest made the difference,) but she was hardly cringe-worthy.

    • You know, I was willing to just dismiss your comment as the usual “can’t stand women who talk outta turn” bs I’ve seen from a number of irrational Dana-haters on this site, but screw that. Defend your statement. What about her speech was “blind alienation?” Who is she alienating? What special groups has she attacked?

      How about we stop worrying about every single “minority” group and just talk to all Americans? It worked pretty well for the President.

  2. She’s right. On top of the lecturing they did good ol’ Hill dog walked out on stage in the first Democratic debate and one of the last things she said to us all that night when the Silver Fox asked “Which enemy are you most proud of?” and she responded “Well, in addition to the NRA …Probably the Republicans.” Sure made me want to vote for her! Lovely to know that your potential president views you as an enemy.

    • Hillary’s calling the people who disagree with her “deplorables” cost her the election the way Mitt Romney’s comments about makers and takers cost him the 2012 election.

      • And isn’t it fantastic knowing that SHE knows that SHE helped to sink her own boat because of her own incompetence.

        Absolutely delicious.

      • What about when she said Trump could murder somebody in the street and his voters would still support him?Or when she said Trump was the kind of candidate who loves voters who are poorly educated? Oh, wait, those things are what Trump said about his own supporters.

        The only people who could feel burned by the deplorables quip are those with low enough self-esteem to realize that it’s true.

  3. Well they won 2 in a row with Obama beating the Republicans with a stick and could have won this one if Hillary didn’t “insist” on being the candidate. make no mistake about it the Democrats are licking their wounds now but they’ll be back.

    • True, but at the same time they lost over 1000 state legislatures and lost both the house and senate. They even failed to reclaim either of them in 2016 as some thought would happen.

    • Obama won because he refused to touch the gun issue before the November 2012 election, even after the Aurora massacre. Only after the November 2012 election was over, when Sandy Hook happened in Dec. 2012, did Obama try to resurrect gun bans. By then he was already safely into his second term, but it cost all the other Democrats dearly.

      Pennsylvania went Democrat every presidential election since ’92. What changed in ’16? Guns, and that is all.

  4. The Democrats lost for a lot of reasons, and among them was the fact that the Dims care more about toilets than about jobs. The Pantsuit herself declared that she wanted bathrooms open and coal mines closed. This while pouring out love to the impoverished of America while trying to create more of them.

    She was a total ass.

    In the tight swing states, gun owners seem to have delivered the knockout blow to the Hildabeast. But we were not alone.

    • Recent Leftist rumors are the HildaBeast may well run in 2020, at least that’s what she is telling the donor class to keep the cash flowing into their slush-fund ‘Foundation’.

      I sure as hell hope the Trump DOJ will investigate it, but I’m hearing Trump is being *strongly* cautioned not to do so, fearing the precedent it may set…

    • “This while pouring out love to the impoverished of America while trying to create more of them.”

      The fact that so many people voted for her depresses me significantly.

      This is a woman who, whether she realized it or not, ran on completely destroying the economy. Her general philosophy was “Businesses think it’s too expensive to do business here? Well fuck them, I’ll make it more expensive! Then we’ll pass laws that make it so they can’t leave! It’ll work, I swear!”.

      Anyone who couldn’t see that her entire economic, no check that, all her policies were bat-fucking-shit crazy was and probably still is either insane or so stupid they should probably be given a post-birth abortion. You know, for the children who might grow up to want a job one day.

      • The problem is; if you are a Democrat you will vote Democrat no matter what the issue.
        It’s been proven in NY and other places with a large Jewish population where Jews voted Democrat even when the Dems where clearly anti Israel.
        So it goes with the rest of the population. The saving grace is that if you look at the county Electoral maps, they are predominantly Red except for large urban areas. Even California and NY were mostly Red but it’s hard to counter LA, SF and NY city where a lot of people get things for free. Why would you vote to eliminate all those free things?

    • It is difficult to pin down exactly when the DNC decided that they were going to let their genitals do their thinking for them, but I’d have to say that the trend started in the Clinton administration. Somewhere before Obama’s first term, the DNC had purged the Clinton allies who believed in, as James Carville once yelled, “The economy, stupid!” as well as getting their freak on.

      Somewhere between 2004 and 2008, the DNC decided that they were going all-in on making a full taxonomy of sexual deviancy and that they’d create a campaign pitch to every micro-demographic in said taxonomy, and that elections were about normalizing deviancy, not the economy, jobs, Social Security or whatever else they used to campaign on. Any moment now, I expect a DNC campaign to elect a furry to Congress.

      I think this detour into increasingly bizarre and obscurant predilections actually backfired against the DNC’s favored Alinskyite tactic of shaming GOP candidates with sexual comments/behavior. Shortly after the tape came out of Trump saying the “grab them by the pussy” comment, I happened to be in a social situation with older to elderly women who were tut-tutting about it in the way women want to do when they’re developing convenient memory loss of their own youthful behavior. They were going on and on about what a cad and rake Trump is/was, blah, blah.

      I waited for my moment and then quietly said: “Well, look on the bright side. Trump’s sexual preferences are at least mainstream, unlike so many Democrats these days. He’s a man, and when sees an attractive woman, he wants to have sex with her. I’ll bet $1000.00 with each of you right now that your husbands and boyfriends had the same sorts of thoughts when they first saw you… wanna take my bet?”

      You could have heard a flea fart in the minute after I made that remark. Then I got lots of scowls and harumphing, pursed lips, those knowing, sly looks that I was indeed a Very, Very Bad Boy… buuuuttt… in the next couple of minutes, I also received grudging admission that I was correct, and then the conversation veered off into wondering “What the hell are the Democrats going on about with this transgender/whatever using the ladies room nonsense?” without any prompting from yours truly.

      In the future, when a male GOP candidate is caught having an affair with a female campaign staffer, etc, I think he should address the allegations thusly, looking directly into the camera with a smirk and saying:

      “I’m proud to tell the American public that these allegations are true. Every word of it, and more. I banged her like a screen door on a Texas doublewide in a F3 tornado. And I’ll do it again, because I’m a red-blooded American male who likes to have sex with women. Now, I’d like to take this opportunity to talk about my latest economic proposals…”

      Game, set, match – because when one normalizes deviancy, one also resets the benchmark for normalcy.

      • I have had the pleasure of advising a sitting Governor and Presidential candidate that, if he should ever be charged with sexual misconduct he should:
        1. Make sure she’s damn fine.
        2. Post a YouTube video of himself, teeth firmly attached to said hot ass, mumbling the words “What did you expect me to do?”
        He’d pick whatever office he wanted for the rest of his life. America would alter the Constitution itself for unlimited terms for that performance.

  5. The Left hasn’t yet figured out the reason they lost was the product they were selling, not how the product was marketed. As far as they are concerned, they just need a ‘shiny, happy, people’ candidate and a little polishing and an ad campaign.

    The chances of the Left truly embracing the 2A (as we know it to be) is roughly zero point one percent. They will lie outright and say they respect it, but what we have seen in California is the future of gun rights under the DNC. If they could get away with it, they would demand a background check and a 5 day cooling off period for each individual round of ammunition sold.

    Right now, the best we can hope for is two solid conservative replacements on SCOTUS so we can put some hard limits on draconian legislation…

  6. I dropped my NRA membership when they endorsed the Democrat running for governor in MO, now they hire a consultant for the Democrats to get the blue collare gun vote.

    The NRA is not your friend.

  7. I’d say not to give them advice, but they never listened when we told them about smaller government the past century, so I doubt they’ll listen now.

  8. Why does anyone want to make the 2nd amendment even more of a political football? If we can elect Democrats that support firearms that otherwise support working Americans, we might even get a Democrat party back for the people.

    • The problem is the democrats are only marching leftward from here on out. No matter the consequences. With their massive defeats latley, they’re not changing a damn thing about their platform, Infact pushing even farther left. Blaming their losses on “racist sexists.” If the GOP plays their cards right, they can smash them again in 2018 and 2020. Trying to bring them around at this point is a waste of breath, and the minute you tell them tour a gun owner you’ll become a “racist Nazi sexist skinhead klan member.”

    • rt66paul,

      If we can elect Democrats that … support working Americans …

      Please explain how Democrats “support working Americans” when they advocate taking something like 40% of working Americans’ income — much of which goes to “entitlements” to people who are not working.

      When someone takes your money under threat of deadly force and gives it to someone else, we call them a heinous violent criminal that should be imprisoned. When government does it, they call themselves public servants that should be lauded.

      Forced charity at the barrel of a gun is not charity at all. If entitlement programs are such a universally great idea, voluntary programs should exist and be awash in donations.

      • The Democrats have been both since much further back than that.

        I recommend you read up on the administration of James Buchanan.

  9. Way to call out Maj.

    Anyone who gets a chance- see him. Now THAT is a powerful speaker. Colion Noir is smart and urbane, but Maj is fiery and primal. I would be gobsmacked and not be able to stop smiling if NRA doubles down with Maj.

    I’ve seen him talk. I’ve talked to him. I’ve seen his impact, person to person, in black communities. He absolutely is a breakthrough in community relations. Please TTAG- get Maj in for an interview. Fly him out. He’s 100% real deal.

  10. Actions matter more than words, Republicans. Ten thousand CPAC speeches ain’t gettin’ it done. The GOP controls Congress and the WH NOW! Repeal the NFA. Pass carry reciprocity.. no need to write a bill, the NRA has one already written for you. Get off your butt, GOP, and go to work!

  11. She saved the best for last,

    “We had the right to bear arms before we had the right to vote and I’ll be damned if you take that from me!”


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