Media, Democrats, Shannon Watts Gin Up Fake Outrage Over Jim Lamon’s ‘Violent’ Arizona Senate Seat Campaign Ad

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Criticism towards the ad has been swift, with many people pointing out other recent instances of violent imagery used by members of the Republican party. Last November, Paul Gosar, Republican representative for Arizona, was officially censured by the House after sharing an animated video depicting him killing the Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and attacking Biden.

Shannon Watts, founder of the group Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, called Lamon’s ad “disgusting”.

A spokesperson for the Lamon campaign refused to respond to the Washington Post about criticism of the ad, but said it “shows the DC gang drawing on Lamon and he merely shoots the weapons out of their hands”.

“Unlike Kelly, Jim Lamon will shoot straight with Arizonans and take the fight to Biden – and he damn sure won’t let the left bully him into backing down,” the spokesperson said.

— Gloria Oladipo in ‘Disgusting’: Republican Senate hopeful condemned over ‘showdown’ TV ad

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    • I’m old enough to remember CNN promoting the Shakespeare in the Park play where they stabbed Trump to death. They’re shameless hypocrites.

      • Great Ad…Next ad needs to expose the hidden heinous side of shannon watts’ Gun Control. An ad showing Gun Control behind helpless Jews in German Concentration Camps and Black Americans hanging from trees.

        It’s nitwits like the drama queen busy body shannon who run around selling their “knee jerk sounds good to me Gun Control” just like nazis and the kkk sold Gun Control to gullible knee jerk useful idiots. Sieg Heil cross burning fraulein shannon watts.

    • Actually, either phrase works:

      “gin up (something) 1. To produce or engender something; to stir or work something up. Primarily heard in US.

    • I looked up both, and here’s what I found..
      “Gin up”: From the Free Dictionary:
      “1. To produce or engender something; to stir or work something up. Primarily heard in US. The story has continued ginning up controversy for the last two weeks.
      2. To create something under false pretenses. Primarily heard in US. Many believe the government ginned up the charges as a means of removing the foreign leader from power.
      3. To exaggerate or embellish something. Primarily heard in US. Personally, I think he’s been ginning up the issue as a means of getting more votes.
      4. To stimulate or invigorate something to be more active, productive, or successful. Primarily heard in US. Congress seems confident that the new tax laws will gin up the economy. We need to find a way of ginning up our quarterly sales.”

      “Gen Up”: Again, from the Free Dictionary:
      “gen up on (something)
      To inform or educate oneself about something; to study up on something. Primarily heard in UK. I’m going to have to gen up on my computer skills before starting this new job.”

      So, “Gin up” seems to be the appropriate term here.

    • Gadsden,

      Agree!! Funny but also courageous…an ‘in your face’ response to the tyranny of the left.

      • Possum, if you mean the one in the pic I sent you, that’s an El Paso Saddlery “Duke Rig” from back before the Wayne family copyrighted “the Duke.” Still available, just called something else. All El Paso Saddlery leather is nice.

  1. These people have no shame. Now they’re calling righties who support the trucker protests hypocrites for not supporting blm riots. Meanwhile the lefties are not hypocrites for supporting the riots but not the truckers.

    Nobody should pay any attention to anything they say. Every word is either a straight lie or some deluded fabrication of their fantasy world. Listening to them may result in cognitive function impairment.

    • Proes their idiocy. The BeeYellEmm riots were wanton destructioin that caused billioins of dollars in damag,e destroyed many small businesses, even whole sectioins of towns, a few deaths, at least one outright murder, and many serious injuries (cops blinded by laser lights in Portland). No one was truly set free or relieved of any oppression.
      In sharp contrast, with the Canadian (and hopefully soo, US)Truckers, the only violence or injury so far has been perpetrated by the filthy coppers in Ottawa, beating up short old men as they dragged him from his car, stealing fuel and food, arresting folks for walking down the street. The goal is to livberate Cnadians (and hopefully US as well) from the destructive and harmful (death,serious injury, have resulted from forced injections, in large numbers, probably exceeding the REALdeaths from the disease those shots are supposed toprvent but don’t) restrictin=ons and mandates imposed by an out of control government tyranny. The only reason these goals have not yet been reached is that the head cheese of Canada is a little boy with a manhood problem who thinks he is God. Thank God he is not!! I ope he grts booted off his throne and thrown down.
      No comparison between BLM and the truckers.

  2. Lamon has courage and a sense of humor. Any on this blog from AZ? Does his advert tap into the mood out that way?

  3. If the bad guys are disarmed, you don’t let them get away to rearm. You round them up and put them in jail.

    He needs a sequel where he takes them to trial.

    It would be interesting to see if the left could keep their heads from popping off.

    • Ayep. Reminds me of a tag line from another guy we most of us know and love: if a man can’t be trusted out in public with a gun, how can he be trusted out in public without a custodian? (lock ’em up)

  4. The more I watch that the more I laugh, I just love the way the actors run off.
    Yep we’ve had enough of the DC gang.
    Gas prices, does anyone remember theBiden’s hint that when gas was $15 a gallon we the people would be happy to buy electric cars? It was pretty subtle and pretty quick so a lot of people didn’t catch it.
    What I wonder is where all this electricity is going to come from, the electric companies can barley keep up with the demand now. Think food prices are high now. It takes a lot of fuel to make fertilizer and plant and harvest a crop, and if we start importing more produce from China they’ll really have us by the balls.
    Us old guys lived the glory days of America, I certainly wouldn’t want to be a young man now as the future looks quite dismal.

    • If we outlaw cryptomining, we’ll have enough electricity!

      OK, so that’s an exaggeration. Still, I can’t figure out why we allow people to waste enough electricity to run New York City to create imaginary money.

      Oh wait – the Fed does the same thing . . . Whatever was I thinking?

      • Paul,

        “Oh wait – the Fed does the same thing . . . Whatever was I thinking?”

        Truth is absolutely funny!!

    • Just plug it into the wall, and the electricity fairy does the rest. It’s best not to think about it too much.

    • where will the electricity to run the electric cars come from? China, of course!!!!

      I’ve inved in this same house for thirty years, ahd my electric concumptioni has not changed. The PRICE sure has. First twenty years the bill each month ran between $23 and $25 dollars. Last two months it has been $100. I heat with wood, so winter temps do not make me use more juice.
      Fuel prices at the same pumps here in town have almost exactly doubled in the past year, or since Evroltin Joe ascended the throne. He has shut down the main pipeline, shut down new oil sources, run us back into oil importrs when we were exporting a year ago. Yep, JHe’s too stupid to be figuring all this out on his own sorry self, so it myust be his handlers. Dontchya just LOVE us some puppet strings?

    • Not to mention letting the Sacramento River flow into the SF Bay and not use the bulk of the water for the central valley. Ca could produce much more produce and fruit, but is limited because of made environmental reasons.

  5. I was inclined to agree it was tasteless based on the headline then I actually see the video and he’s just shooting the weapons out of their hands. It was cute and humorous. Faux outrage once again

    • Actually, the left should be very happy about shooting weapons out of criminal’s hands. They expect as much from the police!

  6. A really good commercial!

    No doubt Shannon thinks John Wayne westerns are frightful and disgusting.

  7. When I watched it, I thought it was kinda clever, in a very cheesy way, but something about it bugged me, and I finally figured it out. Really crappy tactics, Lamon, really crappy. Center of mass, dude, center of mass. “Shoot the guns out of their hands” is Hollyweird crap.

    The Leftist/fascists “deplore” cartoon violence, but they’re all on board for their Burn, Loot, Murder and Antifa comrades committing ACTUAL violence, since it’s “for a good cause”.

    Simple message for anyone FEIGNING outrage over this commercial: “Eff off, clown.”

    • I think wasting the pestident would have been a little over the top.
      Shooting the gunms out of their hands was good guy Lone Ranger stuff.

      • possum,

        Won’t comment one way or the other about the efficacy of removing the fake POTUS. My point was, IF you choose to “go there” – what part of “center of mass” is unclear to you. OK, if you’re REALLY certain of your marksmanship, knowing the fake POTUS will be wearing body armor, maybe go for a head shot.

        Perhaps possums can perfect body armor that deflects all rounds, and car tires, and we’ll all be safe.

    • Lol. What? For the love of God, please take that remedial writing course and then come back and try again. You’re embarrassing yourself and your make believe Alma Mater. 🖕🤡.

      • Are your head injuries not allowing you to read and understand simple English? Is your first language English? Where were you on 1/6?

        Is big pharma cheaping out and hiring foreign shills to spread their propaganda?

      • Hey, nameless, brainless troll!

        You are NO ONE’S better, in ANY measurable way – not even dacian the stupid. And for you, “measurable” takes on rich new meaning – “Let me see, can we reliably measure anything less than an Angstrom unit??”. If not, you surely could never measure your weiner.

        You are a vapid, juvenile, witless, serial drive-by dispenser of grade-school half-witticisms.

        You are too stupid to insult. The cable awaits you.

        • You are a pluperfect example of a half wit. I guess in that way, you’re a lot like me. Anyway I don’t want to hold you up. Plus ‘jwm’ just took a blue pill and he won’t blow himself.

        • Nameless coward,

          If you are to witless to come up with your own handle, don’t use MY handle – particularly when you are going to use words like “pluperfect” incorrectly.

          Go micturate up a cable, loser.

    • “Shoot the guns out of their hands” is Hollyweird crap.

      Which is precisely the gennius of it all.THAT is exactly the target audience, the “hollywood crap” lovers. WE all know cnentre mass is the way to SOLVE a problem But they don’t want to solve anything, only perpetuate the idiocy. Starting, these days, with the COvidiocy.

      • Tionico, this also shows that POTG aren’t out to kill things and this ad illustrates how to stop a threat.
        As for the likes of Shannon T Watts, I wouldn’t cut her with Possum’s tool!
        Too many other fields to plow……….

  8. Hey ads are running in ILLannoy. None are funny. Fear of violence & evil Dims sells. Not much selling needed in cowboy(and illegal alien) country…good luck Lamon!

  9. Lol

    No more violent than I see anywhere else. Certainly LESS violent than what the Democrats actually do. Many have lost their lives as a result of the lefts’ policies.

  10. Their faux over the top outrage is a joke!! They are just darne scared of what’s coming and damn it, when the Repubs win back both Chambers they better damn well Fix stuff that people want fixed and not more of the same but from the other party. If they continue the police state tactics, fight the Constitutional Convention movement and keep all these nut job career people abusing their power than things are going to get even uglier in America and this time Washington will be on the outside looking in as the house of cards collapses because everyday folks have had enough of elitism regardless of party!!

    • Krp,

      From your mouth to God’s ear. Republicans have had majorities sufficient to ram through any number of pro-Constitution corrections for Leftist/fascist overreach, and each time they have . . . either failed miserably, or not even engaged in the battle.

      Short list of actions the Republicans need to address, after 2022:

      1. Repeal the NFA;
      2. Pass Constitutional carry nationwide;
      3. Hope for SCOTUS to get off its collective derriere and issue a ruling saying “this is what the 2A means, and stop f***ing with it, you retards!!”.

      And if that happens, I’ll shout a round for the entire blog and all commenters. The Republicans are ALMOST as useless as the Dims.

      My eldest son (who inherited my cynicism) advanced the proposition that neither side WANTS to get definitive “gun” legislation – because the issue is such a great money-raiser for BOTH sides. I fear he is not wrong.

  11. “It’s an old Arizona trick… but I have seen it used as far north as Montana.” – Jason McCollough (James Garner) in “Support Your Local Sheriff”

  12. This is one of the best elections ad so far. I hope this helps awake more people up about the rights were are losing.

  13. That might be the funnest political ad I’ve ever seen. Good job, Jim Lamon.

    And to think that if Watts and the Dimocrat twats hadn’t noticed it and set the propaganda mill in motion, I would never have seen it.

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