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Nick tried to tackle his mom (metaphorically speaking, of course), demonstrating for her that the civilian disarmers among us actually do want to confiscate law-abiding citizens’ legally owned firearms. His example: Missouri’s recently introduced HB545 that would require removing all (broadly defined) “assault weapons” from the state or surrendering them. With both the House and Senate firmly in GOP hands in the Show Me State, HB545 is about as likely to pass as Bar Paly (NSFW) is likely to spend this summer at fat camp. Nevertheless . . .

Two GOPers wanted to makes sure they’re on record with the home folks as opposing any trimming of their constituents’ right to keep and bear arms. Toward that end, Springfield’s Eric Burlison put together a little home movie, above, that features a shooter using a copy of 545 for target practice.

Not to be outdone, Mike Leara of St. Louis County introduced a similarly doomed bill of his own that would make introducing a bill proposing gun control measures a felony. It seems there’s not much chance of a modern day Missouri Compromise where gun rights are concerned.

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  1. Nick apparently hasn’t learned about not foolin with Momma!!! She will put a hurting on your ass Nick!!!

  2. Yep HB633 & it’s about time some of the GOPers start making these rediculous bills like the others have been doing. Great job!

  3. Just to the south, Arkansas is in the process of passing a law that will allow concealed carry by faculty and staff on college campuses, and our Democratic governor, Mike Beebe, supports it.

    • Im glad I have some firearm freindly neighbors. If TN were to ever tell gun owners to FOAD I wouldnt have to go far. I doubt it will happen though. Its my understanding that we have become more liniant on laws over the years.

      • By Memphis,
        Like I said before: Go West!! Just drive across the river bridge and us Arkies can fin you a new home I bet!!!
        Got cold beer waiting!!! Hope you like Guinness!!!!

        • Im with you WA_2A But you must fight there AWB is DOA even it author says that. But they are trying to make you do a background check every day STOP THEM!!!!

    • Same here, Greg, as well as local gov buildings. Open carry is in the works as well a whole host of other pro gun bills. Texas is working on moving lots of gun makers and accessory makers here. No state income tax here and plenty on incentives for manufacturers make for a great business climate.

  4. I smiled when I saw this. I don’t live in Eric Burlison’s district, but just outside of Springfield. I’m well familiar with both the gun shop and the shooting range in the video. My only regret is that I didn’t happen to get a chance to have at it with a buckshot-loaded Mossberg 930 🙂


  5. I really, REALLY like the idea of making the proposal of gun control measures a felony. Which is really what it should be since gun control is technically unconstitutional

  6. I’m glad Eric is my state rep, and I wish St. Louis had their share of Eric Burlison’s instead of those who would disenfranchise us and attempt to take away our God given rights. Pray we keep a Republican super majority in both houses here else we will be fighting the same fight those in CO are fighting. thanks Eric, and I hope you plan on giving that bullet riddled copy to the author of that tainted piece of trash.

  7. You all should just tell your legislators to model there laws after the ones we have in Arizona! No need for a permit to carry concealed, open carry is fine, we can own automatic weapons, silencers, SBR’s, AOW’s, Texas always says they lead the way, well I can tell you they are way behind the curve; our biggest problem is too many idiots from commiefornia are moving here and trying to screw it up!!! We are still a free state, no democraps allowed!

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