Missouri Legislature Introduces Firearm Confiscation Bill

I’m home for my birthday in New York and arguing with my mother is just as fruitful as ever. The issue of guns always comes up, and I always lay on the logic nice and thick, and eventually she tries to come up with some common ground and call it quits. She’s told me recently that she doesn’t stop arguing with me because she sees the logic, she stops arguing because she can’t win and doesn’t want to admit defeat. But the one line she always uses is “they aren’t coming for your guns.” And then she scoffs at me when I bring up examples of current measures introduced that would do exactly that, saying I just don’t understand and they’re only regulating and not “taking them.” I think this new bill in Missouri is clear enough that even she might even agree for once. Highlights after the break . . .

  • One feature test for “assault weapons”
  • No “bullet button loophole” for making the mags non-detachable
  • Exemption from mag limit for lever action tubes, but not shotguns
  • For ALL “assault weapons” AND magazines, 90 days to remove the firearm and magazine from the state, make it inoperable, or surrender it.