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I’m home for my birthday in New York and arguing with my mother is just as fruitful as ever. The issue of guns always comes up, and I always lay on the logic nice and thick, and eventually she tries to come up with some common ground and call it quits. She’s told me recently that she doesn’t stop arguing with me because she sees the logic, she stops arguing because she can’t win and doesn’t want to admit defeat. But the one line she always uses is “they aren’t coming for your guns.” And then she scoffs at me when I bring up examples of current measures introduced that would do exactly that, saying I just don’t understand and they’re only regulating and not “taking them.” I think this new bill in Missouri is clear enough that even she might even agree for once. Highlights after the break . . .

  • One feature test for “assault weapons”
  • No “bullet button loophole” for making the mags non-detachable
  • Exemption from mag limit for lever action tubes, but not shotguns
  • For ALL “assault weapons” AND magazines, 90 days to remove the firearm and magazine from the state, make it inoperable, or surrender it.

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    • NEVER HAPPEN in MO!!!

      MO, my state, is VERY gun friendly. No waiting periods, no mag limits, P2P is legal, it is very easy to get a CCW.

      I will help in any way legal, to drive the vote to get these representatives un-elected next election. These people need to feel the voter heat if they even present these bills, knowing they don’t have a chance in hell of passing. Just the money lost on processing this bill is sad.

      • MO is only Republican in the middle. The large population centers of St Louis and Kansas City are heavily Democrat like most other large cities. And, just because a politician has an (R) behind their name doesn’t necessarily mean they know and understand why it’s important to not give an inch on the Human/Civil right of armed self-defense.

        Very many of them want to be perceived as “reasonable” and only protect hunting rifles based on 100+ year-old technology.

        • The Missouri legislature is mostly Republican (House is 65% Republican, Senate is 76.5% Republican). This bill was introduced (no surprise) by a Democrat. I’d say that chances are very, very slim on this.

      • Perhaps it’s better if the bill does go to the floor for a vote. Then you’ll know who to turn out of office.

  1. This bill is political theater with no chance of passing. It merits a post in the daily round up and not a post of its own.

      • CO is controlled by DEMOCRATS. The MO congress is controlled by REPUBLICANS. The MO house has a super majority of REPUBLICANS. No way this passes. Do your homework when you vote, but remember as a general rule, one party wishes to confiscate your guns, one does not.

        • exactly!!! there are some gop that will cave on certain gun control measures, but most are pro 2A, dems will now NEVER get (not that they ever did) any vote from me, ever! they are clearly the gun grabbing party at both the state and federal level.

        • Chuck and Okie, you are both….CORRECT. While there are some libtards who are pro-gun, ALL anti-gun are libtards.
          You get the added benefit of reduced tax and spend (as well as other leftist BS).

    • They didn’t think the CO bill would pass.

      They didn’t think the NY bill would pass.

      Care to roll the dice?

      • Not even close to the same Jim. CO and NY are both solidly controlled by Democrats – everyone knew they were going to pass. Missouri on the other hand has a House where Republican have 65% of the seats and a Senate where Republicans hold 76.5% of the seats. The odds of this going anywhere are slim unless their Republicans suddenly decide they don’t want their jobs anymore.

    • “This bill is political theater with no chance of passing.”
      One would think. But those of us who are not drinking Obama’s kool-aid can’t predict the behavior of those who are.

      • California liberals have been moving to CO for years now. Since they’ve screwed up CA (budget shortfalls, debt, cities in bankruptcy, uncontrolled illegal immigration, gang violence spreading, failing/crumling infrastructure, anti business environment, etc) so bad, many are leaving for CO and greener pastures. Their impact is being felt as they increasing vote democratic. CO will eventually go the way of CA in all things.

        • CA liberals have also been moving to liberal communities or resort locations in northern Wyoming and western Montana. I don’t think their numbers are anywhere (yet) enough to make a difference.

        • ^This
          Never expected to even think about ever leaving CO. Now our main state-shopping criteria includes, “how attractive would state X be to the same invaders ruining CO?”…followed by “where does it rate on the Brady score-card?”. What a world…

    • I know the man in charge of the committee that must release this bill for a vote, Brian Nieves. Here, let me let him speak for himself (via Facebook)

      To all my 2nd Amendment supporting friends, Let me make this Perfectly Abundantly Clear… The Dems in BOTH the Missouri House & Senate have, and will likely continue, to file Anti-Gun Legislation. Here’s the Good News – I am the chairman of the committee in the senate to which ALL gun bills are sent!! ALL Gun Bills, good or bad, must go through me!! I assure you, I promise you, all these Anti- Gun Bills are dead, as in D E A D – Dead!! ALL – ALL – ALL the Anti Gun Bills are DEAD!!

      I know Brian to be a real stand up guy, and only a handful of KC and STL Democrats are going to support this. We need to eliminate them at the ballot box, along with the liberal governor, attorney general and leftist secretary of state, but this bill is DOA.

      • Tim,

        While I am not a lawyer, doesn’t Article 1, Section 10 of the United States Constitution state that no state shall pass any ex post facto law. If such a law were to pass, it would be unconstitutional by making you a criminal for a previous lawful act (owning a personal defense weapon with standard capacity magazines). I pray that most of the state Congress are in their right minds and will squash this proposed law like a bug. I can only imagine that the four horsemen of the idiot class are pandering to their constituents for votes, at least I hope that is what they are doing. If not, they should be impeached for attempting to disenfranchise gun owners.

        • Doesn’t work that way Gumby. ExPost facto laws are those which punish past behavior that was legal at the time the act was committed. Here, people are not prosecuted for their past ownership of an “assault weapon” but for their current possession of a banned firearm.

  2. Any body know the timing scheme of these measures?
    Like pass law, take guns, cut them up, melt them down, SCOTU declares unconstitutional, sorry to late.
    Will there be enough time for an injunction pending Supreme review.

    BTW the Supreme Court has to know they are on deck with NY already having passed. Post Heller, what is currently in front of them to decide.

    The barbarians are at the gate and a few of them already squeezed in!

  3. I’m also thinking that a place like Missouri might have more than its share of folks who would “strongly resist” confiscation measures. Try to take their guns and things could get kind of ugly really fast.

  4. Larsen is wrong about NY, sort of. We get to keep our guns. (For now, anyway.) It’s the pre-ban mags with capacities in excess of 10 rounds that have to be gotten rid of. Just so we’re all clear.

    • Its amazing how long people cling to denial! We in NY get to keep our guns? Let’s just assume that for the first time in world history government mandated registration of guns doesn’t lead to confiscation of those guns. Unless the “act” is repealed the current generation of owners is the last generation of people that will own the recently banned guns. They cannot be given to a New York State resident, nor willed to one, nor sold to one. When the current owner dies they have to be sold out of state, rendered inoperable, or surrendered to the police for destruction. So I guess if you are OK
      with registering your guns and you don’t care about preserving the second amendment for future generations then ya, you get to “keep” you guns if you think the state is done with it and is willing to wait for you to die to get rid of your guns.

  5. I do not know how many LE officials you have talked to, but none of them that I have spoken to will not enforce a law like this. Still glad that I live in the commonwealth of PA. On a side note, stop with the anti-Obama crap and do something. I can easily blame Bush for the Patriot Act (which has allowed Obama to do some of things he has done) and the death of thousands of Americans over some false wars or blame Reagan for the all the crap with Iran. See how easy that is. It is not just Obama or the Dem’s fault. It is all the rich people in office.

    • Easy Shawn, so u voted for obama twice, nothing u can do about that now. What, by the way, does the patriot act have to do with any of this?

    • This is about gun control. Obama is horrible on gun rights, as are 90% of the Democrats. If you care to keep your 2A rights, you don’t vote Democrat–ever. I don’t like the Repubs on social issues, but those are trivial issues compared to 2A rights and economic issues.

  6. Think its safe to say there are a LOT of people in Missouri and Kansas area who see these states as the last bastions of freedom. Cave here and then what, flee to Wyoming or Montana?

  7. These assholes who call themselves politicians need to propose all levels of gun legislation in order to test the waters on each one so they know what level they can get away with.

    • Ha, ha. I think the fascists have that drill down pretty well by now. Let’s say they come and take your guns like they did after Katrina. Do ya think they’re goin’ to take real good care of them for ya while the big bad gumnt gets its comupence in court. Those folks got their guns back in New Orleans and most of them were damaged beyond repair. Nice fantasy though, cling to it.

      • Well in MO I can say to them “what guns?, I sold them months ago on Craig’s List to some guy name Gus”, because P2P is legal.

  8. WTH? This is really bad. Clolorado, now missouri. What is going on? We are definitely voting with our wallets. Are we not making ourselves heard?

    • Republicans are in control so the bill will go no where. The democrap who submitted it may as well wipe his ass with it because it won’t be good for anything else.

  9. As a suburban STL resident, and knowing the composition of the legislature, I was very surprised to see this come up here. Then I looked up the primary sponsor. It makes sense when I recognized him as a local personal injury lawyer whose district includes University City; a bastion of all things left, loony, and full of diversity of everything but thought. I’m happy this will die immediately. I’m embarrassed there are even 3 politicians in Missouri who are this ignorant.

    • I too live in West StL county and the confiscation of weapons would go very poorly, primarily because it would have to be a Federal effort. The St. Louis County Sheriff is 100% pro-2A, recommends arming schools, and signs off on all Form1 / Form4 apps with no grief. He has stated he will not enforce ANY legislation that restricts legal gun ownership.

      As for this University City fool, he recently introduced a bill making it a requirement for all parents to inform their children’s school if they have weapons in the home… Which was immediately crushed in committee. This is another attempt to (successfully) draw attention from the downtown lefty fringe.

  10. I live in Missouri and I’m not worried about this bill. This is nothing more political grandstanding by two politicians and has zero chance of going anywhere. Hopefully it will serve as political suicide for these two idiots. As for Colorado, I hope that Magpul follows through and moves out, these states need to start feeling the sting financially.

  11. Saw this yesterday, it was a few dems out of St. Louis. Republicans have super majority in house and senate as well I believe. No way this passes. Colorado and New York are controlled wholesale by the democrats.

  12. Here is what I don’t get about these laws. I own several AR type rifles and countless magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. A conservative estimate of the current market worth of what I have that would be banned: ~$20,000, maybe more. How could the govt legally force me to turn over to be destroyed $20,000 in private property? That is like the govt coming to my house and crushing my pickup. Doesn’t eminent domain require them to pay me market value for my property?

  13. I see these laws like tossing spaghetti on the wall. Throw enough of it on the wall and eventually some will stick.

  14. Someone explain to me exactly how a politician can introduce something like this and not be tried for treason or, at the very least, impeached?

    Screwed up country.

  15. Be sure and let us know whan your mom sees the light. Hope for the best, but expect full-bore denial mode: “I don’t want to believe that, so I won’t.”

    Been there, done that, still here.

  16. If you live in Missouri, you had better work to kill this bill and to punish those who introduced it. Otherwise you might have folks knocking at your door out in the boonies!

    Washington State has a half dozen large cities with the rest of the State rural.
    Unfortunately the population in those large metro areas is a clear majority of the population. So the liberal city dwellers can and do pretty much what they want regardless of the wishes of the rest.

    And they will find enough votes to pass whatever they want in a close election.

    So be proactive, regard this as a real threat and crush those who introduced it!

    • Washington State still has the right to keep and bear arms in its constitution. Better yet, it explicitly calls out self-defense as the motivation to do so (in addition to defense of the state), and so any law banning carry would likely be deemed unconstitutional:

      “SECTION 24 RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired, but nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing individuals or corporations to organize, maintain or employ an armed body of men.”

      And we have SAF located in the state, which will come in very handy if there ever is a need to bring the constitution up.

      Furthermore, since we have state pre-emption of any local gun laws, this is an issue that will always be decided in state legislature, not by the cities – otherwise Seattle would have had a gun ban a long time ago. The state legislature, on the other hand, even though it’s majority Ds, does not seem to be all too keen on gun control.

  17. Well in a Brightbart news piece I read in Wisconsin Dems dont want to ban guns but ban all HP even SP ammo. Whats the WI legislator look like?

    • Scott Walker is Governor so zero chance of becoming law.

      Do you people understand how government works? Anybody can introduce legislation but you have to get a majority of the legislature to pass it and have the Chief Executive sign it. So before going off the deep end look up who controls the legislature and who is the Governor. If any component of the process has an (R) after it and is not named Christe don’t go off the deep end.

  18. Be afraid, be VERY Afraid
    I know some gun owning MORONS that scoff at the very idea of gun confiscation, they are in absolute denial at the level of Evil that has engulfed this nation in the previous 5 years

    • Agree ensiti. Most of this leglislation is just the testing of waters and more will continue. Most politician think Americans have short memories. Let down your guard and more leglislation will get passed.

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