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The thing about reviewing a GLOCK is that, well, it’s like trying to review air. We all breathe it pretty regularly and it’s always around. It’s a common thing that we all tend to take for granted until it isn’t there for us. Now, I’m not saying that GLOCKs are necessary to sustain all life, but the new 19X is certainly a breath of fresh air.

First, it’s useful to understand what exactly the GLOCK 19X is and what it isn’t. It’s basically a G19 slide on a G17 frame. But an interesting thing happened earlier this year when it was announced and released.

I’d seen photos of the original guns sent in to the Army’s Modular Handgun System competition. I thought that the GLOCK entry was very cool and a departure from what they otherwise offered. I naturally wanted to put my hands on one and figured that they would eventually offer a version to the general public. I wasn’t wrong.

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so, I have news for you: GLOCK lost the MHS bid to SIG SAUER’s P320 XM17/18 variant and chaos ensued across forums and gun publications.

Was the military wrong for selecting the P320 as their new service gun? Some seem to think so, others not so much. Oddly enough, the GLOCK variant, now known as the GLOCK 19X, wasn’t exactly given a hero’s welcome when it was released to the civilian market a few months ago.

I tuned out the negative voices and determined to get my mitts on a 19X, mostly because it was a damn cool gun and offered some features I wanted to see in a full-size pistol. In what was a surprise to me, the general internet populace and others in the gun culture weren’t happy with it.

It thought the 19X had tons of potential, but it seemed like my opinion fell on deaf ears. I talked to lots of friends and colleagues in my professional media circles and they loved the idea of releasing the military variant to the public. So what went wrong?

What I found from talking to many people was that consumers decided that, with the 19X, GLOCK had released an unnecessary gun. They would have rather seen a G17 slide on a G19 frame. Or even a G19 slide with a G26 frame. The idea being that a shorter grip and longer sight radius was better for concealed carry.

I disagree with this concept, as I like a short barrel and short grip, but that’s just me. The thing I heard over and over again about the 19X was that GLOCK didn’t listen to consumers, but that’s false. People wanted the MHS handgun, and now it’s available. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. If they hadn’t released the 19X, people in the forums and comment sections would have cried about that, too.

So, lets get on with the review. In the weeks I’ve had the 19X I’ve put a little over 2,000 rounds through it. I don’t know what some of the YouTube dorks were doing with this gun in the early days to make it jam (probably to generate more views on their videos with some manufactured controversy), because this thing runs exactly like a GLOCK always seems to. I had no issues to speak of in terms of reliability.

I fired everything from cheap ball to top-shelf Lehigh Defense loads and experienced exactly zero failures. I remember when the gun first came out it was supposedly plagued with stoppages and I saw none of that. In fact, it was so reliable that my testing was almost boring.

I didn’t clean the gun at all in the course of 2,000 rounds. I didn’t mess with the sights, swap out a trigger, or even bother to take it apart to wipe out the copper-colored lube. I just picked the pistol up, took it to the range, and began ringing steel.

One of the features of the 19X is GLOCK’s new Marksman Barrel. The barrel features different rifling than GLOCK’s traditionally used in their pistols. This enhanced polygonal rifling is a genuine improvement over the old style and I noticed that the 19X displayed exceptional accuracy for a polymer-framed gun.

Part of that accuracy is also due to the 19X’s improved Gen5 trigger that GLOCKophiles have been loving so much. GLOCK’s triggers have always been their pistols’ weak point. Serviceable, but certainly nothing to write home about. They made a market for Ghost Triggers.

But with the changes GLOCK has made to virtually every aspect of the trigger assembly, (trigger bar, plunger, spring assembly and locking block), GLOCK’s Gen5 trigger is a breath of fresh air and a huge improvement from past models.  They may not quite beat a Ghost Trigger, but they’re a huge step up from the old mushy “sproing” so many shooters came to know and tolerate.

I fired thousands of rounds through this pistol as I mentioned earlier, but I did not chronograph or measure accuracy in all loads. Data here was recorded over my Oehler 35P chronograph at a distance of five feet from the muzzle at 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Accuracy is in inches at 25 yards, averaging four five-shot groups.

Black Hills Honey Badger 125gr Subsonic 956fps, 3.23”
Lehigh Defense 90gr Xtreme Defense 1443fps, 1.75”
SIG SAUER 115gr FMJ 1117fps, 2.5”
Hornady Critical Duty 135gr +P 1144fps, 2.1”
Hornady Critical Defense 115gr FTX 1131fps, 2.85”

The barrel is, at least to me, a very substantial improvement over legacy options. I have always found that the barrel and accuracy was something that could be improved upon with many GLOCK pistols I have owned in the past. That improved accuracy is a big plus as I didn’t have to chase the sights or expect errant holes in my targets.

Moving on, the most visually striking features of the 19X is the color scheme. The nPVD-coated slide is the first colored slide that GLOCK has offered from the factory. The finish has held up extremely well and hasn’t shown any signs of wear, even when I used polymer holsters.

The frame features some things that are different than Gen 5 pistols. The 19X is basically part of the Gen 5 family, but isn’t quite a full member because of some differences in the frame. It doesn’t have the flared magazine well found on other Gen 5 guns, but adds a unique lanyard loop and a flared finger rest on the front near where your pinky would rest. In addition to these features, the grip has no finger grooves, which is an improvement all by itself.

About that grip, it’s been the subject of much controversy. The full-size grip fills my hands well and allows me a more relaxed grip than with a standard G19. Those like me with larger hands feel we’re being squished onto the grip in many cases, but not so here.

Another set of features that I find most welcome on this gun are its night sights and ambidextrous slide stop. Both come standard and are highly functional. An unseen feature is inside the slide. The gun has maritime spring cups that allow water to drain around the firing pin assembly. This is a little addition, but for avid outdoorsmen like myself, it brings peace of mind when out near rivers and open water.

Lastly, the 19X ships with three magazines, one 17-round and two 19-rounders. I usually leave the 17 rounder in the gun and have the others ready to go in reserve. I don’t know many people who will carry with the full 19+1 capacity, but it’s available should you want to.

The GLOCK 19X is a very solid, supremely reliable, and accurate gun that’s somewhat unique on the market today. I hope that GLOCK continues to push its design barriers and make more guns like the 19X. I’d love to see a 19 frame with a 26 barrel and slid. Despite the controversy surrounding the 19X in recent months, there’s a good chance the 19X will make you and your safe extremely happy. There just aren’t guns on the market that offer as many unique and functional features as the 19X. It may not look like your classic GLOCK, but is shoots a hell of a lot better.

Specifications: GLOCK 19X
Caliber: 9mm
Length: 7.44 in.
Width: 1.3 in.
Weight: 24.83 oz. unloaded
Barrel length: 4.02 in.
Sight radius: 5.94 in.
Trigger pull weight: 5.8 lbs.
MSRP: $749 ($600 at Brownells)

Ratings (Out of Five Stars):

Reliability * * * * *
It comes as no surprise that this thing works as advertised. Perfection.

Accuracy * * * * *
This is by far the most accurate out-of-the-box GLOCK I’ve ever fired, and I’ve fired most of them. The Marksman barrel is a significant improvement.

Aesthetics * * * *
While GLOCKs aren’t known for their beauty, I love how this thing looks. Even the lanyard loop.

Ergonomics * * * *
Although it’s an improvement over prior generations, this is still a GLOCK and I still don’t like the backstrap system for adjusting grip size. All in all, in my large hands, it’s a very comfortable gun to shoot and handles like a champ.

Overall * * * * *
I’ll probably catch hell in the comments, but the 19X shoots great, handles well, and even looks good. And that third magazine is a definite plus.

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    • But it’s a new Glock, which means it’s better, because GLOCK!

      Seriously though, this “innovation” seems right in line with Glock’s 30+ year history of slightly different grip textures, slightly different sizes, and different calibers. I think the most innovative gun they’ve ever released was the G36, because it was their first single stack…and that’s not much innovation.

  1. what purpose does this gun serve that the countless other glock models deoesn’t?? i guess you have to stay relevant.

    • Its simple. People wanted the gun that competed for the MHS contract to be available for sale. So Glock obliged them.

      • Yeah, except this isn’t the MHS gun at all. They removed the safety and a few other minor details.

        • Because a standard Glock doesn’t REQUIRE an external safety.
          You can drop it, throw it, smack the butt of the weapon, and it won’t fire.

          Unlike the M17 and M18. Which they would have found out had some militard not jumped the gun when they saw the bargain basement bid and completed testing.

      • Modular.
        Nope, I don’t see it meeting the definition. The fire control group (or chassis, or trigger assembly, or whatever you want to call it) apparently can’t be swapped from one frame to another and I’ve not heard anyone say the short slide can be swapped for a full-length one (If it can, cool – let me know!).
        So it still seems to me Glock lost the MHS contract because they didn’t submit a truly modular design.

        • They met the criteria. It didn’t specify that each individual weapon had to be able to be refit for all possible roles.

        • The modularity of this Glock fit the definition of what the military was looking for, otherwise it would not have been one of the last two standing. There were multiple reasons the Glock was not chosen but the modularity was not one of them.

          I have owned Glocks since 1993 and this is by far the best one I have owned or shot.

  2. “19X is certainly a breath of fresh air”
    Care to elaborate further on that? Seems like the only things new here are extremely minor.

  3. Solid review. I like the 19X for all the same reasons you cite. If I were going to go buy a new Glock, I would pick this over the 17 or the 19.

    • The short slide reciprocates faster. Glock should have cut grooves in the slide for a red dot optic, this is just begging to be made into a Roland Special.

  4. “Don’t like it, don’t buy it” ummm, okay, I won’t. Who cares if their guns are ugly, they work well and for a carry piece, it doesn’t have to be all that pretty, just functional. That said, the 19 and the 43 are good carry pieces, no interest in anything else.

  5. I was waiting for the finger grooves to disappear to buy another Glock but now I’m waiting until they do something about that trigger guard. I’ve lost too much finger skin to Glock knuckle.

    • This^
      I’ve relieved mine under the trigger guard. It’s not the prettiest work, but it’s a nice improvement.

      • Has anyone offered a professional service to do that trim work?

        It’s kinda like a soldering iron stipple job. I *could* do it, but I’d like it to look like it was done right…

  6. It’s essentially a rebirth of a commander, and those are super popular. I like small guns small and big guns big… I may get one if I see it lighty used, but to bash it for being a commander size gun ignores much of whats sold for 50 years. Not really for me, but lots of people like full grip and 4″ barrel.

  7. This makes no sense to me.

    G17 slide on G19 frame . . . yes
    G19 slide on G26 frame . . . yes.


    ? ? ?

    • I don’t see it either. I have big hands, 2X gloves and size 14-15 rings. Never have I thought that the grip on my G19 needed to be larger. I did occasionally think about a Lone Wolf long slide a few times. Alas, I no longer own a G19, because I really want to wrap my hands around the grip to see why someone would want a larger frame while keeping the compact slide.

    • Again. This firearm was never made with Concealed Carry in mind.
      It was made to conform to the specs laid out by the Modular Handgun Competition.
      If you look at the firearms entered, you’ll notice they’re almost identical in terms of dimensions.

      This isn’t a CC weapon unless you’re a BIG guy. And was never intended to be.
      This is a war-fighter’s gun. It’s meant to fit into hands wearing gloves and fast to draw.
      The only reason they stripped off the external safety is because…GLOCK.
      A careful firearm owner has no need for anything beyond the trigger safety.

      Unlike the M17 and M18. Where, if you drop it or bump the butt of the gun, it fires.

  8. 40 some years of the same gun being reintroduced as a new gun. But only 35 years or so of writers trying to pretend it’s something new and fresh. So there’s that.

  9. Great review. Quite thorough. Thank you John.
    I’d like the option of G19Y instead: G19 frame, G17 bbl/slide. Glad it doesn’t have the “flared”
    magwell of the Gen 5. That’s an unnecessary contrivance for a double-stack gun. If you like it, fine, guns, like cars, are 99% personal opinion. To each his own.

    • “G17 barrel with a G19 frame”

      While the 19X was never intended for CC enthusiasts, I’d be MIGHTILY surprised if they do NOT come out with what you’re asking for, eventually.

      Call it a 19L, or a 17S, or whatever.

      What’d be interesting (for me at least) is to see other Glock types (ammo variants) in an X setup.
      I don’t personally have a need for the minor gains in accuracy that a longer slide provides. But the compact grip just doesn’t quite sit well in my paw.

      Sure, I could get magwell extensions. But…

  10. My understanding is the idea behind the original military concept pistol was a shorter barrel and slide assembly to allow for more comfortable seating in a vehicle when carried in a belt holster while maintaining the large grip for bigger magazine capacity and for use with gloves.

    Seems like a “niche” Glock that will appeal to some folks and probably has not cost Glock a lot of money in factory retooling, etc., to produce.

    • Bingo!

      There was lots of interest in the pistol BECAUSE it was an MHS candidate.
      And once the Army went off and did their own thing, can you REALLY fault Glock for not wasting all that tooling?

  11. You make a compelling case. Good work. I’ll stick with my revolver but I almost always recommend Glocks and non Glock brand Glocks to friends getting their first EDC. I am a hypocrite I guess;-)

  12. Big grip and smaller slide makes about as much sense to me as bragging about big balls and a little dick.

    Let’s see a g43 frame with a 4 inch barrel. Like the xds 4.0 but not from an anti Constitution company.

    • That’s because you’re trying to shoehorn a square peg (war-fighter gun requirements) into a round hole (ideal CC firearm).

      The Glock MHC firearm (and thus, the 19X) were never intended to be ideal CC weapons because the MHC rules had different dimensional requirements.

  13. No the Military was not wrong in choosing the Sig over the Glock as the Glock has a much weaker ignition system as its only 67 per cent cocked while the Sig is 100 per cent Cocked. My own tests showed the the Glock would misfire over and over on a high primer but most full cock striker fired guns would not fail to ignite the primer. Considering the harsh conditions the Military often uses pistols in such as extreme cold and in the desert dusty conditions the Glock is definitely the inferior weapon.

    • Yet the M17 and M18 will fire when dropped. Or struck on the butt of the weapon.
      Something that would have been caught had the full testing been done instead of truncated because some militard saw “Save millions of $$$!” and stopped thinking.

    • My own tests showed the Glock would misfire over and over

      Sure, maybe the problem is you? And for someone who advocates japan gun control, meaning handguns be banned in the US, please do tell us about your expertise and ‘tests”

  14. The latest Glock model was recalled last summer , oops I mean UPGRADE because we are all too stupid to know they are one and the same. THE REASON; SAME PROBLEM Glock has had for years. A hard drop and the slide falls off the plasticky frame when it flexes on impact. Glock went through 3 modifications of the slide rails and this time proves they still did not get it right.
    THROATING; If you want to experience the thrill of a handgun blowing up in you face the Glock is the one that will give this thrill to you. It can and does fire out of battery. Doubt my word, take a primed case without powder or bullet and let the slide run “almost” closed and then pull the trigger. It will occasionally fire right off. Not every time depending on how far the slide is still open and depending on the sensitivity and the hardness of the primer but yes it does happen. Just be glad you did not try it with a loaded round unless you want to blow yourself up. All this means that a dirty Glock that has its slide not fully close when shooting it could just result in it going ATOMIC on you.
    Check out the underside of the slide. You will find an open channel that the striker rides in. Perfect for letting in dirt, burnt power or excess lube.
    Check out the bottom of the grip and see the hole that leads right to the inner sanctum of the guns guts, perfect for letting in dust and dirt under combat conditions.
    Check on the anemic ignition system and compare it to a hammer fired gun like the Beretta 92. Pre-loaded striker fired systems have extremely weak ignition systems. Seat a high primer in a case, no powder and no bullet. Try and set it off. It will not happen people. Now try the same test with the bone crushing blow of the hammer fired Beretta 92, it will drive the primer to the bottom of its socket and still have enough energy to set it off each and every time no matter how hard the primer is. Now that is reliability.
    Try carrying a Glock in your coat pocket without a holster (empty of course unless you plan on committing suicide) and see how long it takes of the guns striker to trip off because there is no manual safety. Recently I saw an off duty cop from Columbus Ohio in a security video. He was on an elevator with his wife and attempted to take the Glock out of one pocket and put it in the opposite coat pocket and as you may have guessed the safety less Glock fired right off and he shot himself. I could give you add infinitum of similar accidents, many with Police Officers but why repeat the same story over and over again.
    Glock factory plasticky sights are pure junk and will break off or wear down with too many holster presentation unless the holster has a sight track.
    No way to un-cock the Glock unless you take the round out of the chamber first.
    No easily visible loaded chamber indicator and no the extractor sticking out 1/32 of an inch just does not get it.
    Take down system is an accident waiting to happen. Just forget just one time not to check the chamber and you must pull the trigger to take it down. Even Tarzan’s Cheetah the Monkey could have designed a safer take down system. Compare that to the Beretta 92 that makes you lock the slide open which would eject any loaded round you forgot to take out of the gun.
    And lets not forget the wonderful trigger pull on Glocks, its so long and creepy that even Nostradamus could not predict exactly when it will go off.
    And last but not least we can discuss the beauty of the Glock in all its Plasticky splendor. Yes Herr Glock finally did achieve something that was unbeatable, he designed the most ugly pistol in the history of the world,

    • Can you repeat that? Wasn’t paying attention. A hot chick wearing short shorts was vacuuming her car out at the car wash

      • Here, allow me to translate:
        “GLOCK blahblahblah USELESS blahblahblah HATE blahblahblah UNSAFE blahblahblah TERRIBLE blahblahblahblah PLASTIC blahblahblah BERETTA blahblahblah UGLY blahblahblah NAZI blahblahblahrowrbazzleharrumph!”

        That’s pretty much it.

      • Wow, cisco (lower case for insignificance) has a hard on for beretta jizz. All firearms have their ups and downs. What’s works best for you is crap to the next person. Give it a break as I never take negative stuff seriously and dismiss the author as a single mined fool who cannot see the woods for the trees. I really appreciate folks who can separate their feelings from facts and give a real world, useful, and sincere review.

    • My Sig P320 was a POS out of the box. Jammed with even ball ammo, takedown lever near impossible to operate, although it had an adequate trigger. It’s just a striker fired version of their failed P250. I own a lot of metal Sigs, great guns. Not this one. Traded it in on a Glock19x, haven’t had any problems with it. Shot great out of the box. A far superior gun to the 320. Even the Army is finding that out now in field testing.

    • Yet full data sets from a number of departments show glocks don’t have any more negligent discharges per gun than revolvers or SA/DA hammer guns.

  15. It’s a solution looking for a problem. I’m very much of the opinion that a short slide on a long frame is useless. There’s no niche this logical fill for me.

    And this is coming from someone who really likes Glocks.

    • In a back-handed way, you’re right.

      The Modular Handgun Contest presented a problem. “Meet these criteria”.

      So Glock DID.

      If you’re some CC fanatic who worries about the impressioning while wearing nothing but a banana hammock and a garter belt, yeah. They did NOT make this pistol for you.

      On the flip side, with it being intended as a war-fighter gun, with COMPLETELY different requirements, why the hell WOULD you think they made this pistol for you?

  16. The ‘maritime’ segmented firing-pin spring cups are certainly a cool thing, but they’re not really intended for rapid drainage of the firing-pin channel if the gun is dropped into water.
    What they are REALLY intended for are those occasions when one has to FIRE the pistol when it is completely submerged; As water is not compressible, and the firing-pin channel is ‘mostly’ sealed, any water in the channel COULD slow down or stop the firing-pin’s travel and prevent it hitting a primer with sufficient energy to work. The little segments in the cups are intended to allow the water to squirt out past them as the pin and spring/cup assembly goes forward, relieving any possible compression issues.
    Glock used to refuse to sell these nifty ‘military’ cups to ‘civilians;’ I assume that this policy has ceased with the 19X.
    REAL operators that operate operationally ALL have maritime spring cups. . .

  17. I’m a Glock fanboy but this seems like the worst of both worlds. The handle of a 17 so it is hard to conceal carry and the barrel of a 19 so I don’t get the best accuracy. Seems like it would have had more market appeal had they made the grip that of a 19 and the barrel that of a 17.

    • Again, the pistol conforms to the dimensions spec’ed out by the Modular Handgun Contest.
      It was never intended to be a CC’er wet dream.

    • Completely agree with @C.Borner here, but must add that I carry this weapon concealed and it’s MUCH better than what you suggest you’d rather see. Not discounting your opinion, but I’d say that it all depends on HOW you conceal your handgun. I just happen to be built in a manner that can accommodate appendix carry. Wearing jeans and a close fitting t-shirt it DOES NOT PRINT. Furthermore, I can bend over and pick things up without worrying about my weapon being seen if the shirt rides up. It also locates that weapon system in my workspace up front. Makes for MUCH better retention in any situation. Being seated is the only REAL point that this position runs into limitations…but only in regards to barrel length. Access and presentation is MUCH better than ANY other CC alternative position. The 19x barrel length has shown to be just right in this regard for me. Anything longer and now we’re intruding on things “Down Under” which becomes very uncomfortable rapidly. I hardly notice the 19x presence when seated. In my book that’s a Win-Win across the board.
      Just my .02…mileage will vary.

  18. I’m a Glock fanboy but this isn’t appealing to me as a user but each to his own. Did Glock miss the mark? Nope. It was made to do something that didn’t work out and instead of just scrapping it as most have they sold it to a market that is gaga over it.
    It’s a Glock it will run and there’s a reason it’s as popular as it is.

  19. My opinion on the 19X was pretty much bleh, until I picked one up. The longer frame and the shorter barrel balance PERFECTLY for me. I bought one, took it to the range, dropped a little oil on it, and qualified with it. Actually shot a perfect score with it. And the FDE/Bronze combo are just pluses. It’s a keeper.

  20. This is strange for me. That being I’m a 1911 guy. Carried one in Vietnam that’s all i own now, it’s what i carry now. I sell firearms at Cabelas and obviously handle a lot of glocks along with other firearms. The 19X is a great firearm. Fits well in my hand. It just feels like it belongs there. So I’ve ordered one and am quite anxious to get mine. I know what a great gun it is and can’t wait to shoot it. Whoever this guy is that wrote this review is spot on. Good job dude.

    • Had mine since April.
      Didn’t want a full-size pistol.
      But the compacts were just, fractionally, too small for my paw.
      The 19X is in the Goldilocks zone.
      Also, if feels more balanced and I’m able to manage muzzle rise better.

      As it’s primarily intended as a range toy and home defense pistol, I have exactly zero need for the fractional accuracy improvements a longer slide would afford me.

    • what will you use it for? too big for CCW? and you already have the 1911 on the nightstand. just curious…

  21. Bought 19X a month ago. My wife and I are big time Glock fans. Anyway, after shooting my19X I felt really impressed, it felt way better than my gen 4 19. Two of my friends tried my new 19X and got the same impression, one of them is professional firearm instructor and I really trust his opinion.
    My wife liked it so much that she got 19X for herself the next day.


  23. What WE wanted was a G19 frame with a G26 slide.

    And this review makes no mention of ejection, is it bouncing brass off the shooters nose like so many 9MM Glocks? Weak erratic ejection is a plague of the 9MM Glocks.

  24. Purchased one in April 2018. Fired maybe 300 rounds through it on three different occasions. Of those occasions used a holster on two of those shoots. This weekend discovered wear on the upper of the slide down to bare metal. Contacted Glock and they indicated wear from a holster such as a kydex holster could wear the coating off. WTF? I am sending the gun back through the dealer. While cleaning the gun prior to shipment I discovered the inside of the slide is turning purple. While at the dealer he took a G19X used for rentals out of the display case. He opened it up and also saw a purple color inside. There was also wear marks on the out part of the slide. Awaiting a response from Glock.

  25. i read alot of comments where readers consider ruger and springfield armory gun poor people buy becaue they cant afford a real gun . i found this gun offrered for 601 at budsgunshop. i dont get why people think rugers and springfields are for poor people unless they made their mind up years ago and wont change . i shut them up when i aske ted if a colt gold cup was good enough . i shot some wore out glocks when training as a correctional officer and throughly irritated when they expcted us to qualify with a bunch of wore out pistols. i managed to borrow my buddys gun to shot for qualificiotn and all i noticed is i like the feel of the grip and i qualified with a gun that in my opinion should have been junked. i have a omm taurus with adjustable sights and got the accurizer kit for the beretta since its a copy . living in the outback my buddy dit the cutting required to install the accurizer . we couldnt wait till daylight to test it so grabbed a spotlight and headed to the shooting spot we did bring targets he shot it an i shot it and we both decided it was an improvement so i guess you can say its an experimental pistol since i installed the accurizer as he manufacture called it. i called and told them what we did. they were really interested in that because its obviously something they didnt even think of . im sure if i buy this new glock it will be fine and 400 cheaperr than the price of the of the gold cup. my rugers shoot just fine but somehow theyre considered junk because i chose to buy what was fairly price versus what i considered over priced. after reading the reviews i ll probably end up with this pistol

  26. After reading the above comments, it seems that most people are concerned with what they wanted the gun to be rather than what it actually is.

    I was ‘meh, so what?’ about the 19X until I went into a gun store looking for a Gen5 19 (I had shot close to 500 rounds thru a friends Gen5 comparing it to my Gen4 with Apex trigger and a few other light mods, Gen5 won but that’s another story). Clerk handed me a 19X and the balance caught my immediate attention. I ended up buying the gun and went to department firearm qualifications an hour later. Shot a perfect score, even though I find the issued night sights….adequate.

    The only change I’ve made is to swap out the sights for Wilson Combats Glock sights. I may add an aftermarket trigger shoe, and if I do, that will be it. I’m that impressed with it. Everything I was trying to get from a Gen4 by changing out parts, I get from the 19X pretty much out the box. Longer grip? Physically almost identical to my VP9, so I really don’t get all the wailing about the length of the grip. I haven’t even bothered to remove the lanyard ring.

    The FDE doesn’t bother me but I would still like one in black. YMMV

    • Sounds like you should look at the G45. Same basic pistol in Black.

      *NOTE FOR NITPICKERS: Please don’t jump me…my choice of the word “basic” was purposeful. The other differences are very slight and I consider it the normal colored equivalent and alternate purchase option if you don’t like the FDE.

  27. I bought a 19x because I have big hands and the grip fit extremely well campared to a regular 19 23 32 ,the lack of finger groves really helped because all of my fingers sits flat on grip now not strattleing the humps so to speak, I’ve owned Glocks for years, the Gen 1 and up to 4 the 19x is buy far my favorite

  28. I do not understand why so many people complain about this not being the opposite (19 frame with 17 slide). If that is what you want then cut down a 17, it’s been available since the mid 1980’s. Why does it have to be factory Glock? It isn’t that hard to cut down the grip. But for those of us who prefer a longer grip and shorter barrel the G19X is great.

    I carry appendix and normally that’s with a G17, and no I am not a BIG guy either. I just got used to carrying a full size pistol and I rarely notice it’s there anymore. The only issue I have is from time to time sitting at a certain angle the barrel can push into my leg and with the shorter barrel of the G19 it helps tremendously while still giving me the 17+ round mags and full grip I like.

    I don’t understand why so many people want shorter grips, I guess because everyone carries on the hip? If you carry appendix that shorter grip makes the gun much harder to grab onto when drawing and it isn’t any harder to conceal a longer mag. For me I still have plenty of room leftover with the 19+1 round mag before printing and it doesn’t impact my comfort any either since the grip is on my waistline. Perhaps if you have a big pot belly it could be uncomfortable.

    Now if you carry on the hip I understand, if you’re worried about it printing the shorter grip makes sense. For those of us that carry appendix this gun makes sense. You may think it’s stupid and doesn’t make any sense but for me it’s the perfect design.

    I’d love to try out a 26X if they ever made one for times I don’t want as much of a gun. I’ve thought about making one myself by cutting the front part off a G19 Gen 4 frame and putting the G26 slide on top. It should fit considering others put G19 uppers on G26 frames. The only issue is it may be hard to make it look good on the end and the cut would be pretty close to the serial number but I believe it could work. For now I will wait and see if Glock comes out with one, if not I guess I will have to make one myself.

    And lastly, as many comments here have said the G19X was NOT MADE TO BE FOR CC. It was made to be a fighting handgun and if I was still in the Army I’d pick this gun over any others out there and still will if SHTF. I am not a Glock fanboy, or maybe I am… but that doesn’t mean I am not just as much of a Sig, Beretta, S&W etc. fanboy. I don’t buy guns or talk them up based on their brand but what they are capable of and what they offer me.

    The Sig P320 had many issues starting out but it has turned into a pretty good pistol from what I have seen and I’d like to pick a couple up myself. They are pretty good feeling guns, but so is the Glock – to me. There are many great options out there today, most have their small issues including Glock but overall the big name brands produce good pistols the majority of the time.

    To me the Glock fits my needs rather well and I tend to shoot and carry them more then anything else. And this G19X will be my preferred choice for both CC and any future gun fighting pistol.

  29. Purchased a 19x a week ago,fired 20 rounds through it and what I found was it did have the ‘close ejection’ issue (had one case actually land on my shoulder and sat there!) Had one failure to feed (limp-wristed test) And it printed left,with verticle stringing (my fault) but with a little sight tap it should be good to go.Really nice looking weapon and sights are a vast improvement. God Bless.

  30. I am looking at getting a new carry pistol. Not liking the weight or capacity of the 1911. But I also have gorilla hands. Can this be a good conceal carry pistol with a full size grip? Looking at both iwb at the 730 position (southpaw) and appendix

  31. I own one and my friend was looking at getting one. I told him “not enough difference over your Gen4 G17 to justify getting it, but if you didn’t already have a Glock, GET IT”

    I put a TLR1-HL on mine and it looks phenomenal. Handles like a dream and is reliable beyond question. I consider myself a very average shooter and was able to crush a 6 plate drill QUICK.

    19X feels great, night sights are great, color is great, accuracy is great. overall, great.

  32. I thought the Commander size 1911 was the best of the bunch. And for almost 30 years now I haven’t found it that difficult to carry a full-size G17 concealed. Remember folks, plenty of people out there carry a full 1911 for CCW without any trouble. As someone else said, the 19X is the Goldilocks gun. The 17 was a bit long in the slide for me, especially when driving. The 19 frame was a tad too short. I can and do use both without trouble. But after trying the 19X I think it is now the primary carry gun for me…just right!

    • I agree. I’m not much of a Glock fan (I’m older, so grew up on hammer-fired pistols), and the 19 grip was just not comfortable for me. I was drawn to the 19X due to the increased grip size and I find it terrific for me. Great grip, better trigger, night sights, good capacity, and not all-black. This is my favorite Glock to date – my only wish is that it had forward serrations on the slide like the Gen 5 19.

  33. I was a revolver man. ALWAYS loved the. 357 Magnum, and still do own and love it. I heard about the Glock 19X, and wanted to see what it was about. I always thought Glocks were ugly. But the 19X was different…way different. It was the first semi auto I’ve ever had. It was a game changer. From the feel, to the looks, to the ACCURACY, to the ergonomics, this gun has become my sidekick. I don’t know what anyone was complaining about. Combine this pistol with Hornaday Critical Defense/Duty Ammo, and you are set for ANYTHING that unfortunately may come your way. It’s GREAT for conceal/carry. Adding on the beaver tail grip made it even MORE accurate! And the coyote brown/ tan is GORGEOUS! The angled front gives the Glock some ”panache’ that other Glocks lack. The night sights are great. 3 magazine clips?
    What is there to complain about?
    I sure as HE’LL made the right choice with this gun!!!!!

  34. I was a revolver man. ALWAYS loved the. 357 Magnum, and still do own and love it. I heard about the Glock 19X, and wanted to see what it was about. I always thought Glocks were ugly. But the 19X was different…way different. It was the first semi auto I’ve ever had. It was a game changer. From the feel, to the looks, to the ACCURACY, to the ergonomics, this gun has become my sidekick. I don’t know what anyone was complaining about. Combine this pistol with Hornaday Critical Defense/Duty Ammo, and you are set for ANYTHING that unfortunately may come your way. It’s GREAT for conceal/carry. Adding on the beaver tail grip made it even MORE accurate! And the coyote brown/ tan is GORGEOUS! The angled front gives the Glock some ”panache’ that other Glocks lack. The night sights are great. 3 magazine clips?
    What is there to complain about?
    I sure as HELL made the right choice with this gun!!!!!

  35. I love the 19X! It is my first Glock. I wanted something for home defensive purposes and this hits the mark. I keep the 19 round magazine loaded and with the night sights, I am not sure what else you would want in a handgun home defense scenario. I plan on carrying this too. I think this a very special piece. Haters gonna hate.

  36. Picked up a 19X last month while browsing after selling my Sig P320 compact. I liked the color as well as the concept. Took it to the range and had great results. Extremely accurate (accuracy depends on you the shooter) but the new barrel does make a difference. No FTEs or FTFs. Great gun in all respects. Love the night sights that came with the gun as well as the three high capacity mags. Don’t plan on carrying it but I could if I wanted. I carry a Springfield XD9 subcompact and a Glock 19. Both great guns that shoot well and work as intended. Is the 19X better? No…just different. I think all 3 guns are top notch and can’t find a thing wrong with any of them. Don’t overanalyze your handgun choice.

  37. When this first came out I thought, oh great…Glock is just getting around to building something like my Springfield XD-M 3.8. It was basically way late, and nowhere near the features of my XD-M. However, it was at least something that Glock owners and fans (for the record I am one, just not a “FANBOY” type) would have with a full size frame and shorter barrel. Especially handy for those who carry Appendix and don’t need a longer barrel nudging things south of the border. In short, I had zero interest for my own purchase. Until….one day in my local friend’s shop he had one in stock. I noticed it and said something about it and he told me that he couldn’t keep them in stock! Said the one in the showcase wouldn’t make it to the end of the day. We exchanged opinions of it, then he proceeded to SHOW me the differences between my old GEN 3, the GEN 4 and this new “Hybrid” GEN 5 that the 19x represented. I handled it, and sampled that new trigger. With all the upgrades from traditional Glocks included…I was SOLD. The gun went home with me and I’ve been a VERY happy owner since. Shooting experience is exactly as the author described it. The gun is awesome and a perfect fit for my needs. However, the ONLY thing they need to include (IMHO) are slide modifications to accept an RDO. I really want to add an RDO but don’t want to cut this slide…or have to purchase another. Truly the ONLY downside from my experience.

  38. The 19 slide on the 17 frame is a great idea. As a matter of fact I think Glock was reading my mind. I’ve been waiting for this setup for some time. I have big hands, so the 17 grip is just right for me. The 19 slide is great for concealment. Especially when using a OWB mid rise kydex holster. I’m a big guy, so hiding that Roscoe is no problem.

  39. Well i totally agree the glock is not the most attractive handgun ever made that being said i have carried a glock model 19 back and fourth from Iraq to Afghanistan. I ran a 3 man tactical Psyop team and was attached to NSW team 5 (west coast seals) and 10 (east coast) guess what we all carried? Glocks. I never saw a jam or malfunction from a gaston product but i sure saw a lot of Beretta issues (to be fair most were due to the Army buying off brand magazines) the only glock i have ever seen blow up was a 40 cal Glock 23 that a buddy back home decided to reload some rounds well beyond its limits. If Glocks were as bad as you make them out to be I wonder why military Tier 1-3 operators and most police departments use them. I retired from the Army last year and i dont know you or your experience with firearms but i have fired just about every combat weapon there is and have been in more firefights than i can remember and in my experience the Glock is as good as anything out there. Here at home my daily carry is a very sweet 1911 but if i were back in the sand box Give me my Glock 19

  40. I bought the 19x about a month ago. I was worried with the picky reviews people were leaving, but I said screw it and bit the bullet. I am extremely happy with the gun, more so with the night sights and the barrel.
    I think this is one gun that if you don’t absolutely love it, don’t buy it.

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