Something We Missed While In the SHOT Show News Cocoon: Lee Paige

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You remember Lee, right? Who could forget him? Paige was the only one in the room “professional enough” show a group of Orlando area kids his gun. Yep, that Lee Paige. He has sued his employer, the DEA, over the release of his negligent-discharge-for-the-ages video. It seems his viral notoriety has prevented him from working undercover and has resulted in no small amount of humiliation. . .

Humiliation? Who’d-a thunk it? If you’ll remember, it took the audience’s objections to prevent him from professionally showing them another gun after he’s shot himself. From

The video shows that after Paige shot himself, he tried to continue his presentation to the Orlando Youth Minority Golf Association. “See how that accident happened?” he told the audience. “It can happen to you, and you can be blown away. So guys, never play with guns.”

Limping, he started to bring out another gun to show but the audience protested. He tried to assure them the second weapon was unloaded — as he had claimed when he brought out the Glock — but ended the presentation when the crowd continued to object.

While we were deep within the SHOT Show reporting bubble came news that Paige has now lost his appeal of an earlier court defeat.

On Tuesday, a three-judge appeals court panel upheld that ruling and found that the video contained no private facts because the accidental discharge occurred in an Orlando community center at an event open to the public.

Bummer. Guess Lee will just have to continue being the National Negligent Discharge poster boy and YouTube star that he’s become. Surely there’s a way he can cash in on that fame. Somehow. Maybe some good can come out of this after all. Maybe he can team up with Eddie the Eagle, traveling the country (with a limp) and telling kids (while holding a blue gun) “don’t be like me.”

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  1. This reminds me of the old writer’s adage “Show, don’t tell.” I might add “especially if you’re telling someone it’s not loaded.”

  2. Watching him hop around after his ND, trying so hard to vamp when we all know damn well that what he really wanted to say was “Motherf*****! I just f****** shot myself in the f****** leg and it f****** hurts!” Now that was priceless.

    I have a great idea for a cable TV series. Lee Paige could channel his inner Super Dave or Chevy Chase and have a major pratfall every week. He’d make a bundle, we’d all have some laughs, and that’s what I call a win-win.

    That Shakespeare dude was right. Tis the sport to have the engineer hoist by his own petard.

  3. Is eveh buddy aw rite?

    Well, no. Not everybody Mr. Paige.

    On the upside, being a law enforcement bureaucrat employed by the federal government, I’m sure he enjoyed the best after-shooting-ones-self medical care and follow-up treatment that your and my money can buy.

  4. I find it funny that you all are only blaming Him for the negligent discharge when at the 37 second mark he has his partner Safety Check his firearm, and the Partner doesn’t catch the bullet in the chamber either. along those lines it was his boss’s that posted the video and as such the guy can’t do his job any more seen as he was an undercover agent. I have much more sympathy for the guy who pulled the trigger and shot himself because he TRUSTED his PARTNER than it seems most of you all.

    • He thought it wasn’t loaded, but he didn’t know it wasn’t loaded, which is why we always assume all guns are always loaded. He also pointed the gun at himself and managed to pull the trigger at the same time. The guy gets raked across the coals because he broke such basic rules. And, to top it all off, he doesn’t STFU and GTHO.

      Adding to his list of indiscretions he then sues his employer for something resulting from his mistake.

      I think he’s fair game.

    • I have much more sympathy for the guy who pulled the trigger and shot himself because he TRUSTED his PARTNER than it seems most of you all.

      Not really. I just formed a charitable foundation to benefit jackoff cops who shoot themselves while they’re bragging about their handgun prowess. Top that.

      • So the guy who also “safty checked” the fire arm is blameless? so if you are asked to check to make sure a fire arm is clear and safe and you screw up you shouldn’t be held to the same level of scrutiny as the guy who pulled the trigger?

        secondly it was the DEA who put the Video on youtube not one of the atendes of the class if you employer doesn’t want you working undercover because of your Negligent discharge they should just say it not post the video so you cant work undercover for anyone ever.

  5. Let’s not forget that the moment before that famous shot, you were proud to call him one of your own. Now what, you’re pretending that he’s a completely different animal? He’s not. He’s still one of you.

    My question is how many other hidden Lee Paiges are there among you.

    • Let’s not forget that he’s one of the ones that you think gun ownership should be restricted to: law enforcement. This isn’t a civilian gun owner we’re talking about here, this is a DEA agent, a member of a hugely counter-productive organization which does nothing but increase the amount of violence in our society.

      Nice try, Mike.

      • Sorry Carlos, you’ve got me mixed up with someone else again who wants only cops to have guns. That’s not me. I’m the one who says civilian and law enforcement gun owners need better training and screening.

        Robert, how many times have you aligned yourself and your agenda with law enforcement? Most cops are good guys doing a tough job, you say, or am I wrong about that. Is the problem that the DEA is halfway to the ATF, like you originally wrote, compared to your regular man in blue?

        I don’t differentiate between LEO and civilian gun owners. You guys keep saying I do. But you pick and choose. Sometimes if it suits the argument you align yourself with them, other times not.

  6. Hey, Mr. Paige could make anti-gun commercials for the Brady Bunch of Boobs and Mayor Bloomberg! “See? No one is qualified to own a gun except highly-trained and screened Federal law enforcement officers! WE’RE THE ONLY ONES!”

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  8. Yes. I am very, very late to comment, but just stumbled on to this update on Mr. Paige.

    But I wish to comment so as to offer moral support. Hey, if Andy Bernard can recover after the whole “Baby Wah Wah” incident during the auditions for America’s Next A Cappella Sensation, then surely Mr. Paige can recover as a pin cushion sales man, a national rep for Swingline’s Low Force Three-Hole Punch or even become a body guard for Lil Wayne…I mean Hell, he’s proved he can be shot and stay on his feet.


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