Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser To Docs: Tell Your Patients to Disarm! IMI Systems Quote of the Day

MNike the Gun Guy Weisser

“There is only one thing that doctors should tell their patients about guns, which is that access to any gun represents a risk which cannot be mitigated or ignored. And this statement does not need to be validated by any further research; it says what doctors should be saying to their gun-owning patients right now.” Mike Weisser, Doctors Are Getting More Engaged In The Gun Violence Debate, But It’s Not Rocket Science [via huffingtonpost.com]

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  1. avatar No one of consequence says:

    There are only two things that should dictate the conversation between a doctor and patient: the patient’s needs, and the doctor’s abilities.

    1. avatar GunDoc says:

      If those words every came out of my mouth, 95% of my patients would walk. I encourage those that are not armed to arm themselves (though the percentage of my patients that are not armed is about…5%).

      As a doctor, I can respond to this bloviating mouth-breather that doctors are far more deadly than guns.

  2. avatar Mister Furious says:

    I am so sick of this dipshit blowhard; not sure why anyone pays any attention to him.

    1. avatar No one of consequence says:

      Because the gun-grabbers can point to him as an exemplar of a “gun guy” (gun store owner, supposedly) who agrees with them, they pay attention to him.

      Apart from that…? I have to wonder how long before someone from the left calls him out as a hypocrite for being “in the business” in the first place.

      1. avatar n64456 says:

        Libs must have something on that toad; “Do anti-gun agitprop for us, or we’ll publish our evidence of you doing _________”…

      2. avatar BLoving says:

        If gun bigots decided to start calling out hypocrisy, they would never stop yelling at each other.

      3. avatar Serpent_Vision says:

        More specifically, HuffPo can hold him out as supposedly representing the views of a typical (“responsible”) gun owner, so anyone who doesn’t share his views can be branded as some sort of extremist whose opposition to gun restrictions can be ignored as a fringe view (regardless of how mainstream it may actually be among gun owners).

        1. avatar John says:

          How could a gun store owner want people not to own guns? Does he want to put himself out of business? How can a “gun guy” (a gun owner) not believe in owning firearms? If he really believe that, why has he not given up his own firearms?

        2. avatar Brian says:

          John, simple, FUDDs don’t care about anyone else as long as they’re able to keep their hunting rifles/shotguns.
          They might be able to tell you all about how to trap varmints and how best to load your muzzle loader for deer season, but can’t see why anyone would want anything besides a shotgun for everyday use. They don’t care if ARs/AKs get banned because they don’t know why anyone would want them to begin with. Nor do they care is standard capacity mags are banned because if you can’t hit what you’re aiming at within 2 or 3 shots, you don’t need to be out hunting- or whatever it is that kids do with their shotguns nowadays.

    2. avatar magnumsteele says:

      Come on now people, this is just good business. Docs tell your patients to surrender
      what they’ve got, realize their mistake, then buy more from me!!!

    3. avatar Lost Down South says:

      Two words: DOUCHE. BAG.

    4. avatar doesky2 says:

      Any person on this website that lives within 20-50 miles of this place shuld be doing whatever they can to torpedo his business.

  3. avatar pwrserge says:

    Doctor: You should really get rid of your guns.
    Me: I don’t pay you to tell me how to live my life. I pay you to patch me up and get me back on my feet. Now shut up and get sawing.

    Quite frankly, I’ve known enough doctors in my life to know that any time something comes out of their mouths, you need to get a second and third opinion. Fortunately, I have enough MDs in my immediate family to just text them whatever test results I’m concerned about and have them confirm that the MD in question is full of shit. Most MDs these days are very very shitty doctors anyway. Their standard answer to everything is to push drugs.

    1. avatar How_Terrible says:

      50% – 75% of the people that work in any particular field are shit at their jobs. Doctors are no exception.

      1. avatar NateInPA says:

        You always have to remember, even in medical school, a D is a passing grade.

        1. avatar Sam I Am says:

          50% of all med school graduates were in the bottom half of their class.

          Which is why my medics know they are my employees, not my guardians.

        2. avatar Diksum says:

          That’s the old riddle –
          Question: “What do you call a medical student that graduates at the bottom of his class?”
          Answer: “Doctor”

    2. avatar Cloud says:

      Going through this right now. Dr. Asks a series of questions, then says “you need to go on this drug that costs $500 a month”.

      What a crock.

    3. avatar Tom in PA says:

      If you go to enough doctors, eventually one of them will kill you.

    4. avatar pg2 says:

      “Quite frankly, I’ve known enough doctors in my life to know that any time something comes out of their mouths, you need to get a second and third opinion.” -Literally laughing my fing ass off! Except for vaccines serge, right?

      “Most MDs these days are very very shitty doctors anyway. Their standard answer to everything is to push drugs.” FLAME DELETED

  4. avatar NYC2AZ says:

    Yes Mike, there is a risk with gun ownership. There is a risk with car ownership, knife ownership, bathtub ownership, and ownership of thousands of other objects. However, it is not your place, a doctor’s place, a politician’s place, nor anyone else’s place to tell me what risks I am allowed to accept during my daily life. But if you’d like to put yourself in a straight jacket and a padded room to avoid all of these risks, you’d be doing the country a great service.

    1. avatar Kevin says:

      I have had more car accidents (ALL caused by other drivers) than gun accidents (None, Zero Zip).

      Cars are definitely more dangerous than guns.

      1. avatar dukecitydean says:

        uh oh!! We’d better start banning cars, guys.

    2. avatar Quasimofo says:

      Exactly. You can replace guns with bathtubs, cars, knives, ladders, lawnmowers, hammers, air compressors, gas appliances, power tools, cans of gasoline, household cleansers, etc., and most of Mike’s statement remains true. However, his error is that the risks all of these items, including guns, present CAN be mitigated with thoughtful and proper usage.

    3. avatar Where Is Doc Glock When We Need Him? says:

      248.7 million cars & trucks on the roads. 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year.
      The percentage of vehicular fatalities that are actually suicides could be anywhere from 1.6 to 5 percent, or about 40,000 vehicular suicides.

      The US approximately 400 Million Privately Owned Firearms. 31,537 people die from gun violence.
      11,583 people are murdered. 18,783 people kill themselves

      So with about one-third more guns than cars, Americans still manage to kill themselves with their cars 40 times more than with guns.

      325,467,306 Americans take prescription drugs. Drug Overdoses Killed 50,000 in the U.S.

      Doctors, your people are slackards. Heal thyself!

      1. avatar Sc says:

        Your stats are way off. There are about 40k deaths involving motor vehicles in the US annually.

  5. avatar Curtis in IL says:

    “…any gun represents a risk which cannot be mitigated or ignored…”
    If you’re a thug intending to invade my home or do me harm, that’s certainly true.

    On the other hand, shooting as a recreational activity is orders of magnitude safer than most other outdoor hobbies. The most dangerous thing we do on a regular basis, by far, is operating a motor vehicle on the public roadways. Pretty much everything else we do is exponentially safer.

    1. avatar Jake says:

      That quote, “access to any gun represents a risk which cannot be mitigated or ignored”, means that there is no risk reduction associated with use of safeties passive or active, safe storage, retention holsters, teaching the four rules, making firearms drop-safe, or chamber pressure design standards.

      1. avatar rick3 says:

        Yeah, as someone who does risk analysis as part of my job, that statement jumped out at me, too! Sure, let’s just ignore the “risk reduction associated with use of safeties passive or active, safe storage, retention holsters, teaching the four rules, making firearms drop-safe, or chamber pressure design standards.” It makes things a whole lot easier that way!

        1. avatar Jake says:

          It also means that any “gun safety” legislation short of an outright ban and confiscation is useless. I suppose that is the upside of his statement. In this he admits there is no value in magazine capacity limits, assault weapons registration or bans, suppressor regulation, SBR restrictions, requirements for training, etc.

        2. avatar Cuteandfuzzybunnies says:

          Also the risks associated with gun ownership are pretty ducking small. Accidental gun deaths are 600 a year. That’s the only risk that is 100% caused by gun ownership. Suicide and death from violent attack are not caused by gun ownership. People who don’t own guns die that way every day.

  6. avatar Rick the Bear says:

    Access to cars present a risk that cannot be ignored. Whatever. Idiot.

  7. avatar DaveL says:

    A risk that cannot be mitigated or ignored! And to think, we constantly surround the President with armed security. Something doesn’t jibe here.

  8. avatar Arandom Dude says:

    “a risk that cannot be mitigated… does not need to be validated by further research.” He’s suggesting, quite openly, that doctors should straight up lie to their patients. Anti gun nuts often promote untruths, but this is one of the more blatant examples.

  9. avatar Chris. says:

    ” this statement does not need to be validated by any further research;”

    Hitchen’s Razor:
    “What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence”.

    1. avatar uncommon_sense says:


      I certainly agree with Hitchen’s razor.

      Please note that universal, obvious, everyday experiences confirm many basic claims and suffice as the “evidence” for those claims. For example I can claim that, “Some people in the United States get angry every day and my claim does not need to be validated by any further research.” Such a claim is absolutely iron-clad and rock-solid. And Hitchen’s razor would not apply.

      Weisser’s claim that, “… access to any gun represents a risk which cannot be mitigated or ignored.” is absolutely true and does not require research — assuming that he is referring to the base level risk that is associated with all objects (including “harmless” objects such as pillows).

      Now, if Weisser was claiming that there is greater risk in owning a firearm than not owning a firearm, that would require research and Hitchen’s razor would apply.

      1. avatar Serpent_Vision says:

        Cannot the inherent risk be mitigated by safe handling practices, such as not pointing the muzzle at anything one isn’t willing to shoot, keeping one’s finger off the trigger, etc.?

        1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

          No risk can be eliminated entirely. This is true of all things.

          There is no way of eliminating the risk of being injured by a firearm. If you get rid of you guns, you may actually increase the risk of being injured by a firearm. If you never practice, you may actually increase the risk of being injured by a firearm. If you practice often, you may actually increase the risk of being injured by a firearm.

  10. avatar Shire-man says:

    Has Mikes doctor told him losing weight would greatly mitigate his risk of dying? His fatness is more likely to get him killed than my guns are me.

    1. avatar Remmi300blk says:


  11. avatar AM says:

    What I would like to know is, who the hell is buying guns from him?

  12. avatar little horn says:

    i legitimately hate this ass hate.

  13. avatar Wiregrass says:

    “Can’t be mitigated”

    Uh, yes it can. Keep your weapon secure, on your person and in storage. Use your grey matter to learn safe gun handling and practice it.

    The problems come with the ignore part, but that too is declining, even as this shill huff and puffs and bloviates about it.

  14. avatar Heartbreaker says:

    Doctors are over 10x deadlier than guns. Medical malpractice kills 400k per year. I suggest avoiding doctors.

    1. avatar JD says:

      Funny, I just posted that on the H-Puff comments section and then see this.

  15. avatar Gordon in MO says:

    If doctors should tell their patients about risks other than medical they will have no time to treat the medical issues.

    Doctors should stick to their (alleged) field of expertise and leave the rest of it alone.

  16. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

    I imagine that this fellow simply knows what to say to get checks and a little bit of notoriety from HP. Referencing him here also generates clicks and activity. No I am not criticizing RF for it. He has to keep the ship under power, which he does.

  17. avatar Craig says:

    Maybe Glock should sue him for using their logo in an ant-gun screed.

  18. avatar MDH says:

    Weisser is the Moshe Merin of the firearms community.

  19. avatar ATFAgentBob says:

    How the hell is this guy still in business!?!? Seriously he continually spouts anti gun rhetoric and yet still sells guns. How come he hasn’t quit the business or been abandoned by his customer base? We boycotted quite a few gun companies and gun rights groups for less and yet folks still buy guns from this idiot! This guy has got to be the only gun store in a 100 miles of a large city or else he would’ve folded long ago or his customer base is just that stupid and still keep buying from his shop. Assuming he actually has a shop, really he could just be a liar or maybe Daddy Bloomberg bought his shop out and now pays him to spout this stuff.

    1. avatar Dean Jones says:

      This tool no longer has an active gun shop in Mass. When he did, it had a terrible reputation. No big surprise.
      He currently is on the payroll to write articles for the Huffington Post as some type of authority on firearms. Need to say more?

      1. avatar doesky2 says:

        Wrong. Apparently this douchebag is surviving on Groupon as an “instructor” (375 reviews! but just 6 over last year)


        From Groupon:
        The Range
        The Ware Gun Shop houses an NRA- and state-certified shooting range in its basement.

        The Rentals
        During courses, instructors supply rental firearms equipped for laser exercises or live-fire ammunition.

        At a Glance
        Despite its store’s name, the staff at Ware Gun Shop does’t just sell firearms—though it does feature a changing stock of equipment and accessories from brands such as Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Beretta, and Remington. Each week, the firearms experts—each of whom holds certification from the NRA as well as the Massachusetts State Police—conduct a safety course and explain the proper way to handle firearms.

        1. avatar Dean Jones says:

          You have that partially correct. The Ware gun shop no longer sells firearms. Although he does hold himself out as an instructor. Feel free to review the reviews from those who have been unfortunate enough to interact with this foo.

        2. avatar Serpent_Vision says:

          Have to wonder whether part of the training is where he teaches them proper handling, but also asserts that there is no way to mitigate the inherent risk.

        3. avatar Cuteandfuzzybunnies says:

          Is he an NRA certified instructor ? They should take that certification. Away if he is !

  20. avatar former water walker says:

    Quit “featuring” the gun goof RF…

  21. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    “… access to any gun represents a risk which cannot be mitigated or ignored.”

    Any object, no matter how safely someone stores and uses it, indeed creates some minimal level of risk.

    And there is risk when someone refuses to store or use objects that are useful.

    If physicians were to say anything, they should encourage their patients to research the risks of owning AND NOT OWNING firearms. Both choices entail risk.

    1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      It’s like medicines. All medicines I have ever heard of have negative side effects. They often have a laundry list of side effects; many of which are worse (like death) than the affliction. Doctors still prescribe most of these medicines in some situations. If I were to look only at the downside of medicine, I would never take an aspirin.

  22. avatar A Brit in TX says:

    Here he is again, one of the lefts ‘useful idiots’ who will be discarded like yesterdays newspaper when his use is over. His media appearances must be paying the bills (or someone has some dirt on him!) because I very much doubt anyone is buying anything from his supposed gun store.

  23. avatar Sam I Am says:

    Proves my daddy was right. He always said that when people are talking stupid, encourage them.

    1. avatar Remmi300blk says:

      Lol I should probably follow your fathers advice. I’ve spent a lot of my free time trying to perfect arguments, and just last month I was arguing with BLM supporters about how there is no epidemic of police killing unarmed black men, and they couldn’t even comprehend what I said. They were incorrigible, and I spent a long time frustrated while they believed they “debunked my strange, conservative-libertarian ideology with facts.” I should just let them get more and more stupid. Say more and more stupid shit. I see it on Campus Reform what these professors say. Not everyone is as dumb as a rock. Perhaps I should embrace extreme right-wing politics haha.

  24. avatar Chocolate Rain says:

    In that vein your doctor should tell you to never leave the house, as the risks of driving or being a passenger on any road greatly increases the risk of death. Consequently, so does going to see a doctor. So your Doctor should tell you to piss off since the 2nd leading cause of unnatural death in the country (right behind motor vehicle collisions) is due to malpractice in our health care system.

    The more you know.

    1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      You are incorrect in the facts, but very right in your point. The practice of medicine is the number one cause of unnatural death in America.

      “Medical errors are now the third-leading cause of death, outpaced only by cancer and heart disease, according to a new study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. Medical malpractice now claims at least 251,000 lives annually, making it more deadly than Alzheimer’s, strokes, infectious diseases, and accidents.” https://www.spinalcord.com/blog/medical-malpractice-the-third-leading-cause-of-death. Though I must quibble with the claim that medical malpractice causes more death than “accidents.” Other accidents would be correct. The implication is that medical malpractice isn’t an accident, and therefore not malpractice but intentional and therefore murder.

      1. avatar Dave M says:

        http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2014/05/survive-your-hospital-stay/index.htm According to Consumer’s Reports, 440,000 DOCUMENTED medical error deaths each year just in U.S.; number would be about DOUBLE if ALL medical errors were included. Not my numbers, look it up. Just the number if people that I personally knew this happened to is rather large.

        1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

          I was contesting Chocolate Rain’s point: “So your Doctor should tell you to piss off since the 2nd leading cause of unnatural death in the country (right behind motor vehicle collisions) is due to malpractice in our health care system.”

          My source said “at least 251,000;” your’s said “440,000.” Both are more than car accidents and would be the leading cause of “unnatural death,” as I understand the term.

          My source was just the first thing I found on the internet from a source I would be willing to cite to or citing something I would be willing to cite to in a professional work. The exact number doesn’t matter to me. The fact that it is a shit ton more than any other cause of non-natural death, especially guns, is what matters to me.

  25. avatar Remmi300blk says:

    Lol at this fatass, Mike “I’ve sold 40,000 implements of death so I blog about how horrible guns are” the Gun Guy. Dude should read his own citations. Damn near every anti-gun study finds risk factors bigger than firearms. Also, what is the risk? Suicide? You can control that. Accidents? You can control that, and they’re rare. These aren’t diseases. We’re dealing with civil rights here. Far too many antis ignore that or try to downplay that fact.

    1. avatar Gman says:

      Did you have to disparage us fatasses?

      1. avatar Remmi300blk says:

        I’m sorry my not fat privelige offense you 😉 In all seriousness, I didn’t mean ALL fat people. My apologies! Just this one. This very obnoxious and condescending one I might add.

        1. avatar Gman says:

          Us fatasses take offense that you link fatassness with all his other obnoxious traits. I’m pretty sure his lack of functional logic is not related to his fatassity. So please, don’t profile all fatasses with unrelated mental deficiencies.

  26. avatar Gman says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with this guy. Please, all so inclined doctors do go ahead and let us know who you are so we can avoid you. Hopefully you will go out of business.

    1. avatar Sam I Am says:

      Beware. Do not discount the probability that one day it will be a felony to lie to a doctor about you possession/non-possession of firearms. The anti-gun people are not to be underestimated.

      1. avatar Gman says:

        If it ever got to that point I would acquaint him/her with the business end of the one I’m carrying.

        1. avatar Sam I Am says:

          The doctor is not the issue. It is the use of your firearm in a manner that gets the attention of law enforcement. If (and where) it comes to the point lying to medics is a crime, should you be involved in a shooting episode that results in your name being provided to law enforcement, investigators will depose your doctor(s) to see if you admitted to having the firearm. That is when things get uncomfortable. If the anti-gun movement can make ownership or use of a firearm so difficult as to not be worth the risk, they have a victory.

  27. avatar Gman says:

    But of course, to idiots like this guy, there are NO benefits from gun ownership. God forbid…

  28. avatar Gman says:

    You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that a particular condition, in this case the condition happens to be access to a gun, represents a serious health risk when it kills or injures more than 125,000 human beings each and every year.

    Access to a gun does not represent a health risk to anyone and kills or injures no one. To be technically correct, pulling the trigger is the problem. 100,000,000+ folks have access to guns daily. I’d venture to guess that if simple access was a serious health risk the number would be much greater than 125,000.

  29. avatar Gman says:

    “… access to any gun represents a risk which cannot be mitigated or ignored.”

    I guess that put an end to the conversations about safe storage, magazine limits, bump stocks, and all the other BS. Guns are simply so dangerous that it makes no difference, nothing will ever make them any safer for those around them.

  30. avatar DRGO says:

    I’d like to extend my gratitude to Mike Weisser and Huffington Post for mentioning DRGO.
    Since the publication of his rant (very kind of you to link to our site, Mike), we’ve seen a surge in registrations at 2Adoc.com from pro-2A providers as well patients seeking those providers.

    Arthur Z Przebinda, MD
    Project Director
    Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership

    1. avatar Gman says:

      One could say, that in your opinion, Mikey is a…

      Useful Idiot ?

  31. avatar emfourty gasmask says:

    This guy is just a face that succumbed to money, he doesnt give a shit or believe anything he writes. He just does it because he’s a greedy piece of shit. He knows what he’s doing though, and its that free money he’s after more than anything.

    He’s just willing to compromise his own morals to get it.

  32. avatar Ironhead says:

    A doctor once asked me if i kept guns in the house. I no longer go to that doctor. I took my files with me on my way out.

  33. avatar J_cobbers says:

    Funny thing, my dad’s a doctor and owns quite a few firearms. I don’t think that this is the kind of advice he’d ever give to a patient. And knowing him, if he were ever going to talk about it, then it would be about fire arms safety in terms of keeping ammo and guns locked and secured so that kids don’t get into them; making sure that the patient knows how to properly handle and firearms; transport them; etc. You know, the fundamentals of gun safety. If the patient has a medical condition that affects their ability to handle their firearms then maybe he’d advise them to find something they can actually use. He actually did this for a friend of his who had a car accident that damaged his forearm, after surgery the guy couldn’t effectively work a semi auto with his dominant hand. The solution was for him to get a wheel gun instead! 🙂

    1. avatar DRGO says:

      I invite you to visit our website a search for “Wollschlaeger”.
      This is a real problem and it is driven by an anti-gun bent in medical academia.

      Arthur Z Przebinda, MD
      Project Director
      Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership

    2. avatar zebra dun says:

      A Dr could rationally tell his patients to get rid of their circular saw or a hammer. Would not work any better either.

  34. avatar JJ48 says:

    Everything has a risk associated with it. When I drive, I wear a seatbelt and focus on driving to help mitigate the risks of operating a car. Similarly, I make sure my firearm is in a proper holster when carrying it, or properly secured when not, to mitigate the risks of owning a gun.

    Just because there are risks doesn’t mean we need to abandon something, and it doesn’t mean the risks can’t be minimized. I guess maybe if someone doesn’t have the sense to figure this out, maybe it would be a bit unwise for them to own a gun (though still well within their rights).

  35. avatar grumpy says:

    We generally do not hear this dribble (guns are bad for you) from doctors in Texas, mostly they know better. If they don’t, their patients prescribe a double dose of STFU to the m-diety and find a new doc.

    Personally, I am less stressed knowing I have the tools available to defend myself and my family. That is a big plus. I then prescribe to myself a weekly dose of range therapy which helps even more. I can mitigate the other risk from having a gun with a little common sense and following the basic rules.

  36. avatar Tom in PA says:

    Why is he called “The Gun Guy”? To be “The Gun Guy” you actually have to know what the hell you’re talking about and have credibility among others with actual knowledge and experience. He’s the “gun guy” like I’m the trim, super handsome quantum physics astronaut cheetah flip guy. What a crock of Shiite!

  37. avatar Justsomeguy says:

    Access to guns does pose a hazard as does access to motorcycles, cars, swimming pools, bath tubs, chemicals, knives and plate glass and many other items. All of those risks can be mitigated.

    This comment system really sucks

  38. avatar clst says:

    If my doctor wants to discuss firearms, or anything else not related to my physical health, he will have to make an appointment. I might have an opening in about 3 months, or if he can’t wait he can be seen by an intern.

  39. avatar DesertDave says:

    Medical malpractice kills many more people that firearms. Maybe we should be asking Dr’s to stop practicing?

  40. avatar Johnny108 says:

    DR: Are you a gun owner?
    Me: Does your mother eat garlic?
    DR: I fail to see how that is relevant!
    Me: Exactly, I came in here for my knee, and you are asking about guns…
    (Awkward silence ensues until DR gets the point that I will not answer the question)

  41. avatar H says:

    …….and doctors do not discuss diet.
    These people prescribe opioids because they don’t want you to have any pain after you decided to have surgery. They were the first line of defense to tell us the risks of taking these pills for a week. Did they? Hmmmm.
    Weed your own garden.
    Background check maybe to buy Roundup? Class from someone knowledgeable before you buy a weapon of mass destruction like a chain saw?:)
    I’m trying to stay out of your office, hospitals and especially emergency room.
    Being balanced with my choices. Watching my negative to positive thought ratio. Walking away or avoiding the wrong places and people. Eating well. Drinking lots of water. Have fun. Put love in my work. Hobby it up. Hmmmm. That’s what I call good doctor talk.

  42. avatar Brandan says:

    Fuck this Kapo.

  43. avatar Werner Klemperer says:

    The guy is such a pantload, and Jews love them some gun control.

  44. avatar John Fritz HMFIC says:

    Mike “The Gun Guy” Weisser To Docs: I Support Glocks For Docs!!

    “There is only one thing that doctors should tell their patients about guns, which is that… you WILL own a Glock”.

  45. avatar John says:

    He needs to tell this 70-year-old that he should not have owned a gun.


  46. avatar Hannibal says:

    Medical mistakes cause a hell of a lot more unnecessary deaths than guns in the US.

    Doctor, heal thyself.

  47. avatar Chris Morton says:

    So, that twit is volunteering to be my personal bodyguard?

    I didn’t think so.

  48. avatar Patriot says:

    Why does this mother-fUcker traitor FUDD keep getting free publicity?

  49. avatar Edward Knox II says:

    In his case a doctor should be telling him to stop with the hamburgers, eat a salad and get on a treadmill. Cause his eating habits are what’s going to kill him.

  50. avatar GS650G says:

    Mike the gun grabber can ask his doctor to check his prostrate for all I care

    1. avatar Where Is Doc Glock When We Need Him? says:

      “Mike the gun grabber can ask his doctor to check his prostrate for all I care”.
      I am going to take a SWAG and think you actually meant “prostate”. Although, in this case, “prostrate” is amusingly appropriate, when one visualizes Mikey the GG on the laid out floor, begging for air. (Or mercy).
      All things considered though, I still have to give “prostate” two thumbs up.

  51. avatar Joseph says:

    Weisser is not only stupid, he’s stupid looking too. He just needs a hot steaming cup of shut the fuck up.

  52. avatar Ken Corsell says:

    Know what they call a medical student who graduates at the top of his class? Doctor! Know what they call a medical student who just gets by to graduate? Doctor! Be your own judge!

  53. avatar GeorgiaBob says:

    So . . . When my dentist gave me 2 pounds of alligator tail that he had killed the week before my visit, was he violating “medical ethics?”

  54. avatar HeyJax says:

    Having a pool in your backyard increases the likelihood of drowning. Doctors should warn people of swimming.

  55. avatar jimbob says:

    Typical farcebook fhoney.

  56. avatar zebra dun says:

    More folks die due to a Dr misdiagnosis than from guns, how does this clown square that?
    Doctors should tell their patients to get rid of their even more dangerous cars.
    As it is I never tell my doctor I own firearms it is none of his business.
    I ride horses and that is a very dangerous sport, yet no Dr. I see has told me to stop.
    Basically the gun guy Weisser is two floppy shoes shy of a complete clown outfit.
    Screw him.

  57. avatar Thom Ream says:

    Re Doctors and Guns: Which are more deadly? I still like the stat that just one of Ted Kennedy’s cars has killed more people than ALL of my guns put together.
    And really, who cares what HuffPo and Airyheaded Huffington has to say about ANYthing?

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