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At a recent TTAG writers meeting Nick reckoned Remington should freshen up the venerable 700. Done! A new version is due to hit the shelves sometime in 2018. The new 700 PCR (Precision Chassis Rifle) has a 700 action in a Teflon-coated anodized aluminum chassis. The 700 PCR clearly takes aim at . . .

the Ruger Precision Rifle. To take on their Arizona antagonists, the updated 700 went full Magpul, including a Gen3 PRS stock, Magpul grip and one five-round . . . you guessed it . . .Magpul mag.

New Remington rifle

The 5R rifled threaded free floating barrel is covered by a removable aluminum handguard with key mod attachment points. I guess by the time the engineers worked their way to the front of the rifle they had forgotten about Magpul’s Mlok system.

The three rings of steel are still present as always — the action hasn’t been changed.

Big Green claims the PCR will shoot a three-round sub-MoA group right out of the box. All Remington 700s are live fire tested, but these (like the military contract versions) are tested using a system called CATS which electronically detects the impact location for the rounds and only those which pass the test are accepted. It eliminates any fudge factor so you can be sure there’s as little human error as possible. The target is included in the box, too.

The PCR will be available in 308, 6.5 Creedmoor and of course 260 Remington (Magpul doesn’t make a round). The gun MSRP’s at $1,199 ($968 street but not available yet).

Should the folks at Ruger be worried? Yes. Yes they should.

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    • I was just about to ask whether a left-handed version will be available for people who are left-handed and/or left-eye dominant. Remington and Ruger are missing out by ignoring this segment of the population.

  1. The concept is good. Based on most Remington’s I’ve seen over the past few years I have no confidence in execution. Also there’re a couple red flags like – as the author points out – assurance vs. guarantee. Now accuracy guarantees are sort of BS anyway because of all the variables and many people can’t shoot to begin with. But hopefully the rifle is not just marketing BS and product positioning.

    • We will see how good Remington is on backing up their claim. Just received in a .308 Remington PCR. The included test target reads 1.04 clearly not sub-moa. The customer refused the rifle. I will contact both the distributor and Remington on Monday

      • Distributor took back rifle and I received the replacement. The test target on this one is even worst. It printed 1.05 clearly not sub-moa which is 1.047 @ 100 yrds.
        If you purchase one of these you may or may not get lucky.

    • Yes, Ruger may worry a bit but their reputation for customer service will convince many not to abandon ship for Remington.

  2. “The 5R rifled threaded free floating barrel is covered by a removable aluminum handguard with keypad attachment points.”

    First SIG with their proprietary rail on the P365, and now Remington with their newfangled keypad attachments.
    At least they’re catering to their target demographic of keyboard warriors.


    • If you read the lit, SIG went with a proprietary rail because a 1913 Pic rail is too large for a pocket pistol.
      1913 is great at a lot of things, but we’re seeing MLOK, Keymod, and other systems continue to arise because its not great at everything.

      • Notice the “/sarc” detached from any individual statement, because it applied to the comment in its entirety (at least before they corrected the typo).

        I read the lit, and I agree with the decision. I don’t need a pic rail that I’ll never use on a gun of that size tearing up my skivvies.

  3. Why would you attach a keypad to your rifle? I might pick one up but I’ll wait till after everyone finds out it doesn’t shoot MOA, the QC still sucks, and the recalls are all complete. Remember guys the same folks that put together those other 700s that come from the factory off center, that you yourselves suggest buying only the action and building a rifle from that, are the same ones putting this rifle together and sending it through the same QC department that checked the other Remington models.

    • All the “QC” in the world doesn;t matter if you’re building junk. AND if you’re building quality you really don’t need a “QC dept”.

  4. Remington’s “us too” rifle is a bit behind the curve. With everyone moving from Keymod to M-Lok, the Remmy boys didn’t get the memo. Also, way late to the game just like with their 700’s in 6.5Creedmoor.

  5. I love the chassis rifle concept, especially the adjustable stock. Someday gonna pull the trigger on one in 6.5 Creedmoor. Looking forward to the reviews on this.

    Not sure why all the fuss over Keymod vs. M-Lok. You’re going to buy whatever adapter you need to hang a bipod on there and call it a day. It’s not an AR-15 fer cryin’ out loud.

  6. Buy savage or ruger and support a good company with a good product. Not freedom group that ignores bad triggers in ever 700 ever.

    • Yea, I have to agree.

      If they’d gotten something going on this much earlier, they could have had the entire market with a couple of patents

      eg, if Remington had bought out Gary Eliseo’s “tube gun” idea, they could have had the market. They didn’t even have to do any work, just file some patents, do a halfway decent job making the chassis, and poof, they’d have been ahead of the market, and owned it.

      But nooooo… and the reason is that Remington’s management is a bunch of sales/finance types, not gun people. There are some days that I look at executive decisions in most gun companies and I wonder “Do they even shoot on a semi-regular basis? Do they go to any ranges or competitions, and see what shooters are actually using/pursuing/seeking in a gun?” Going to shooting competitions would be high on my list of marketing activities for market research if I were in gun company management… but what do I know? I don’t have a MBA from Harvard.

      I think Bill Ruger was the last true “gun guy” to run a major gun company.

      • Way late, rem marketing has been bad forever. Making a PRS and not offering it in the 6mm shows how behind they are with most PRS shooters leaning to the 6mm

    • I like the Savage GRS Limited in 6.5 Creedmoor or some of the Barbara offerings. The Ruger is nice, but I’ve got a thing for 416 stainless.

  7. “Should the folks at Ruger be worried? Yes. Yes they should.” Now that’s funny! Ruger seems to make guns that work, so ,no, they should not be worried.
    And whats up with the keymod BS? Really. Your years late to the game and you come with this?

  8. “Should the folks at Ruger be worried?”

    Maybe the folks at Remington should be worried. The Tikka T3X CTR already does all of these things at a lower price point. I picked a JRTXC316S up last November and have been shooting ~ 0.64 MOA groups with Remington 180 gr CL-PSP (Ooooh! That’s gotta burn. ;-).

    The Tikka is good equipment. It doesn’t have the Magpul stuff (about which I couldn’t care less) or the fancy handguard, but it does have a free float barrel, a 10 rd mag, and a nice rail on top. That works for me!

  9. I would be interested to see a side by side comparrison of the 700 PCR to the 700 Tactical Chasis. Let me know if you know of one. Quite a price difference in the two guns. Is it justified?
    700 Tactical Chasis $2,900.00 MSRP
    700 PCR $1,199.00 MSRP

  10. Well I have received in three Remington PCR in .308 as far as sub-moa don’t expect it.
    moa at 100 yrds is 1.047 one rifle is .063 (Great) the other two 1.04, and they even sent one that is 1.05 clearly not sub-moa. If you plan on buying one have the vendor confirm the test target before shelling out your hard earned money. Seems I will be stuck with two rifles I can’t sell.

  11. It takes uses Pmags, so does that mean it will take the same 20 and 25rd .308 Pmags that my Palmetto .308 AR uses? If so that would be kinda nice. The $1200 price isn’t so nice…more than twice what I paid for the Palmetto, obviously it is more accurate, however, how likely am I to take a shot over 400-500yds? Not very and I fully trust my ability to make a kill shot on a target even with the reduced accuracy or my cheap POS. IF I happened to miss…a nearly instant follow up shot wont, the beauty of semi auto.

  12. Two of my friends bought these few months back. i wish I could upload a picture. one hole 5 shot groups with 175 grain Federal Gold Match ammo. incredible rifle.


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