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I just got this in an email from MidwayUSA’s Larry Potterfield and thought I should share it.

Dear Valued Customer,

I’m sure you’re well aware that on January 15, 2013, New York passed and the Governor signed into law the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act. Now, I’m no politician, but it looks like all this law does is keep law abiding New Yorkers from purchasing or owning certain products, many of which we sell. While, I’ve always been against bad people doing bad things, I’ve also always been against honest folks being deprived of their 2nd Amendment rights. It pains me that New Yorkers are going to suffer for the acts of the wicked who don’t obey laws.

When this law went into effect last week, MidwayUSA rushed to comply and keep our Customers and our company from doing anything illegal. Since this 39-page law was written and approved by people who don’t know what a gun is or the difference between bullets and ammunition, we had to spend a lot of time sorting through the legalese to fully understand the details. To say the least, the law was confusing, so we erred on the side of caution. It looks like we jumped the gun a little and we are truly sorry for that.

Now that we’ve had time to read through the law several times and have received some answers from the NY State Police, we can fix our mistakes. Effective immediately, we’ve lifted our newly imposed New York restrictions on ammunition, reloading components and magazines with a capacity of 8 to 10-rounds. Now, unfortunately, we’ll have to reinstate these when each portion of the law goes into effect (April 15, 2013 for magazines and January 15, 2014 for ammo). And, we’ll have to reinstate these restrictions about 2-weeks prior to the effective dates to make sure Customers have these products prior to those dates (clarified by an attorney for the NY State Police).

One last thing, if you had a backorder for these products and we cancelled it, we’re in the process of contacting you to see if you want this backorder recreated.
Again, we’re sorry for any inconvenience we’ve caused you. Please understand, everything we do is intended to be in the best interest of our Customers.

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    • Yeah, MidwayUSA is definitely coming out of this looking like the good guys, especially since they’ve been holding the line on pricing for all of the high-demand items.

      I’ve only bought a few things here and there from them in the past, but they’ll be my first stop for ammo-related purchases going forward.

      I also don’t generally back-order stuff as it has rarely worked out in my favor, but I’ve been so impressed with their handling of back-orders throughout this supply drought that I’m going to give them a try for long-wait-time stuff.

      • My best endorsement of Midway is this…..

        My first order from them was in 1988 when I was a sophomore in high school. The ad was in a Shotgun News and I rode my bike to the corner grocery store to get a money order to send to them by snail mail. It was for a Lyman No. 55 powder measure.

        In the 25 years since I’ve ordered from them every month or so and have never, not even once, had a problem with an order. They are family owned, give generously to the shooting sports, have good prices, decent shipping charges and recently in this buying hysteria they’ve stayed true to us and kept prices the same. They deserve every bit of business they get and then some.

  1. An island of common sense in that sea of idiots currently trying to out-do each other with our freedoms! Great job Larry, that is commendable!

  2. I’ve always had great experiences with Midway. A great company. I can only imagine what giant pain in the butt these new laws are for them.

  3. MidwayUSA has become my go-to place to buy things. Every single purchase experience has exceeded expectations. I can’t compliment them enough; they *get* it.

  4. I can understand the struggle for these companies. Lots of confusing and heavy impacting law is being introduced at many levels, they have to keep track of 50 states (most are well behaved, but the usual suspects take up a lot of attention) and the federal government. Misbehaving or misinterpreting something can incriminate the company, so being a bit cautious is not necessarily bad.

    On the other hand, being cautious can tick off gun owners and give you a bad rep. So it’s like being a referee in a cagefight with hands tied and the fighters deaf and on a meth/salt/whatever rage.

    A great response and it’s good to see them apologize, correct any open orders that got impacted and work with people as good as they can. Maybe I’ll just pop in a support order.

  5. Midway will continue to have my business for years to come. They have been great(along with Brownell’s).

    Don’t forget the Outdoor Channel’s gun shows air tonight. Midway is the main sponsor of Best Defense.

  6. That seems like as straightforward a response as anyone could reasonably expect. I’ve never had a bad experience dealing with Midway.

  7. To me integrity is being able to stand your ground and also be able to admit you messed up. These guys have it as well as my respect.

  8. Larry is “good people”, love their service and their reasonable prices (“much cheaper than dirt” – Pun intended…. I’m trademarking this :P)

  9. I live about 30 minutes from their offices, and their free pickup option alone has saved me hundreds. I can’t say enough good things about the company!

  10. Larry Potterfield is a good guy. I like his company. And his videos on YouTube demonstrating different firearms, he looks so happy.

    • There are even more great videos on the MidwayUSA website than what they post to YouTube! Check them out. Helpful gunsmithing videos and other stuff…

    • I’d b happy too if I could get paid to play with guns and help people out with gun questions.
      Midway has always treated me right as a customer, and their prices are down right reasonable.

  11. Midway, the Brownells Group, and Optics Planet are my top three go-to mail order companies for my supplies.

  12. Agreed. I look to CTD only to see their prices and get info. I then head to Bud’s and Midway for purchases (Along with GT Distributors).

  13. I haven’t ordered anything from Midway before, but I will in the future because they appear to be an amazing company. Kudos to them.

  14. It is my belief that if companies pulled out of places like NY and stopped selling to the citizens of these states (would be easier for companies like MidwayUSA) that the people would be outraged enough to do one of two things: (1) protest, protest, protest and get the laws reversed (probably wont happen for about 20 years if at all; and (2) MOVE!

    Voting by moving to a place where you can buy ammo, mags, firearms, etc. without any “hic-ups” or legal issues is a much better form of voting. I’m sorry NY citizen, you now live in a place where the government is controlling everything about you. So move, and tell everyone.

    • What you propose is the way it should be done as that’s a proven corrective method when NO ONE (that’s right, local/state/Federal cops & regulatory personnel & private security too) is exempted. The fight’s well & truly on & it’s WAY past time for the aforementioned to stand up IN PUBLIC & declare their opposition to this anti-2A/pro-thug cult BS, they’ve been getting a pass for playing all sides against the middle (just like the Fudds) & that has to stop. Joshua 24:15, folks, & it’s time to define who your Lord is.

  15. Couple of weeks ago Bill Moyers wrote a column at HuffPo in which he labeled MidwayUSA a Merchant of Death™. After I stopped laughing at that, I googled the company and now I’m a happy customer. Thanks, Bill!

  16. MidwayUSA is a fantastic company, and this proves it. I’ve always purchased from them in the past and will keep doing so.

  17. MidwayUSA is a first class company and they have provided me with nothing but first class service!

  18. Great letter Larry – I don’t fault your course of action one bit in regards to the N.Y. SAFE act, I believe you acted entirely appropriately.

    However, I would like understand the reasoning why your company has a policy of not selling handgun ammunition to New Jersey residents when the law allows it and many of your competitors have no problem selling and shipping handgun ammunition to the “garden state.”

  19. Larry and co are truly a blessing for the shooting sports community. I feel like I’m buying from a friend when I shop with MidwayUSA. They will continue to get my business for years to come.

  20. +1 on MidwayUSA both on product availability and customer service. The last order I made, I screwed it up. I called and said – hey, I goofed the order. Those guys got it fixed quick, and my stuff was not delayed. They followed up too, making sure I had what I needed.

    So I followed up and sent them whatever the *opposite of* a nastygram is. I let them know their service was first rate and it was quite evident that their people just plain cared. That is a very good thing to have in employees. Nobody is perfect, for sure, but Midway has been just plain great to deal with for me.

    They’re just a good company to do business with and that’s the way it is 😉

  21. Sorry guys, but Larry has earned the Mr. before his name. Its Mr. Potterfield to us. He is a great representitive of the industry we hold dear, and someone many of us would like to call a friend. Much Respect.

  22. I like Midway, Natchez, Brownells, most of the catalog sellers. Unfortunately, only Natchez seems to have ammo available. I got an email from Natchez this AM offering case lots of .308 and 5.56 NATO — in stock and ready to ship. Alas, not to Massachusetts, so I pass the info along to y’all for your dining and dancing pleasure.

    • Aw, hell, I might have to buy some just to resell to the desperate here in CA. (Kidding. Not really. OK, a little.)

      Thanks, Ralph!

  23. First rate company. Ordered plenty from them. Right in my backyard too so shipping is rarely more than a day.

  24. Dirk said, “However, I would like understand the reasoning why your company has a policy of not selling handgun ammunition to New Jersey residents when the law allows it and many of your competitors have no problem selling and shipping handgun ammunition to the “garden state.”

    The reason for that is that NJ law requires MidwayUSA to maintain records of those sales INDEFINITELY. The company purges those records after seven years. As they can’t comply with NJ law they can’t sell hangun ammunition there.

  25. Between Midway USA and Primary Arms, they get 95% of my online purchases. Both are fast and reliable.

  26. Class Act! The Potterfield’s are patriots! I ‘ve used them before and after Cheaper Than Dirt, failed to stand with us for the coming fight, Midway USA, I am proud to say is my go to company! Values matter!

  27. You know what.. They may not be the cheapest, but the fact their CEO admits the wrong, and corrects it is HUGE!
    I get the whole being overly cautious. With the way the laws looked, you don’t want to do something illegal and get your whole business shut down. That is a loss for everyone.
    I give these guys a +10 stars!

  28. Midway has always treated me right. Larry Potterfield seems to me to be a class act and is trying, amidst misguided and confusing actions of a few knuckleheaded politicians, to do right by his customers, himself and the law, along with providing first rate service.

    To any frustrated gun owners trying to order merchandise I say please be patient as they seem to be doing the best they can to avoid breaking any laws, at least until a court of competent jurisdiction says they are unconstitutional.

  29. I got my stipped upper Christmas Eve from Midway ordered the Thurs before.

    Got 2 shipments on the way from there also. Good prices fast processing. Midway is the place.

    Brownells also, Got my Osprey Gas Piston in 4 days, and another shipment is en-route.

    Both are supporters of their customers.

    Midway’s communication and customer support are just another nail in the coffin lid of CTD and Dick’s.

  30. Midway is AWESOME..CTD cancelled my backorders and like others, the only other items left to buy had their prices increased. I believe in Capitalism, and if CTD wants to sell their stuff for whatever they want, fine. But canceling backorders placed before prices went up..that is not Capitalism. Midway, Brownells, Midwest Gun Works, Bravo Company..all have been awesome and to best of my knowledge, not gouged. I hope we can all support the companies like Midway and the others who have supported our rights without question.

  31. Someone should forward these comments to him. This is free marketing!

    Midway is awesome, they delivered me replacement parts for my rifle in under 30 hours…with standard shipping…to the midwest. WIN!

  32. “Since this 39-page law was written and approved by people who don’t know what a gun is or the difference between bullets and ammunition”

    frickin awesome.

  33. Midway has my approval. An honest company for honest customers. I will definitely do more online shopping with them in the future!

  34. No one mentioned Cabala’s at all. Is there something I am missing. I have good reguards for them because they pulled out of our past great show in Harrisburg and pulled their sponsorship also.

    • Nobody mentioned Cabela’s because this post was about MidwayUSA. People only mentioned a couple other places in passing.

  35. OK, I get it. They walk on water. But they’re still complying with that idiot law.

    I understand the pressures a business faces, but this could be a good opportunity to take the issue to the Supreme Court.

    • In a reality where 9 of 9 justices take no issue with pissing on the constitution to avoid tripping on tradition, and where a majority of them believe in the living document scam that means you can do as you please and claim times have changed, what do you think will be more compelling:

      – a business that chose not to comply with a law and is now b!tching about it

      – a small framed woman who lives alone with children who is hiding from a stalker, and wants to be able to have the best protection available that is requesting judicial relief from an unjust law

  36. I’ve done CTD and MidwayUSA. Midway ROCKS my SOCKS! With this letter, they’ll get all my business.

    I buy a lot of bullets at Everglades ammo. They’re out of all calibers except 380/100gr/FMJ. What the heck?

  37. I’ve ordered from before and just put a $60.00 order in today to support a true 2nd. Amendment company. Added to my “good guys” list

  38. That people comply with laws that violate the 2A only proves to me that when disarmament comes it will be done with a lot of bitching but it will be done and accepted nonetheless.

  39. Why is MidWay still doing business in this State? Pack up and move to a State that has common sense laws and not knee jerk ones.

  40. Larry and MidwayUSA are a class outfit. If all American businesses operated the way they do, America be a heck of a lot better place.

  41. To blog owner: tell people what words are not allowed so people don’t waste their time trying to get a comment to appear. If something is wrong with a post, your stupid software doesn’t tell us what the problem is. BTW, move out of NY folks.

  42. I noticed an airgun distributor, Pyramyd Air, is emulating them and to great success. Not as good but close.

  43. I love Midway and buy a lot of product from them. I only wish I could get a straight answer as to why they evidently gave up their FFL and quit selling frames and receivers. The only answer I got was just a confirmation that they did stop selling them. It’s not really any of my business when you get down to it, I’m just curious as to whether they are anticipating problems dealing with the ATF or the sales are not profitable?

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