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Lamar Smith is my local representative in the House and I sent him a nice letter sharing my views on the current gun control proposals. While this is the same guy that sponsored SOPA and PIPA, I think this reply might just make up for that slight misstep. And once we defeat this round of civilian disarmament efforts, then we can discuss his position on the legalization of marijuana . . .

Dear Mr. Leghorn,

Thank you for contacting me regarding proposed gun control legislation. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

The recent school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut, is a devastating tragedy that has broken our hearts and touched the nation. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the victims.

Unfortunately, some in Washington want to use this recent tragedy for a partisan agenda to enact gun control laws. But rather than curbing constitutional rights, they should focus on the underlying causes of these acts, including violence in the media and mental illness.

Since our nation’s founding, Americans have had the freedom and right to bear arms. As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, I do not believe that limiting the rights of law-abiding citizens will prevent future acts of violence.

As a member of the House Judiciary Committee, which has jurisdiction over Second Amendment issues, be assured that I will have your views in mind should gun legislation come before the House.


Lamar Smith
Member of Congress

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  1. I got this from my rep. Paul Brown :

    Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding gun control. I appreciate the benefit of having your views on this issue.

    The right of citizens to keep and bear arms is one of the most fundamental rights of a free people. History shows us that gun control legislation is progressive in its nature and detrimental in its results. Instead of preventing crime, gun control legislation has only increased the number of violent crimes. Yet, this fact has not prevented the introduction of several gun control bills in the 113th Congress. These bills would seek to prohibit the transfer or possession of large capacity ammunition magazines (H.R. 138), impose federal regulation of all gun shows and require participants to undergo background checks (H.R. 141), ban internet and mail order ammunition purchases (H.R. 142), require the registration of firearms (H.R. 34 and H.R. 117), and ban all private firearms sales (H.R. 21). Unfortunately, these bills are likely only the beginning to a concentrated effort to seriously restrict Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

    I am an avid hunter and outdoorsman, and I strongly support the Constitution’s Second Amendment right to bear arms. As a result, I will continue to defend the rights of law abiding citizens to purchase, use, and keep firearms. I vigorously oppose all attempts to restrict the Second Amendment. I believe that any law – whether at the local, state, or federal level – which restricts or infringes upon law abiding citizens’ ability to own a firearm is unconstitutional and should be repealed.

    As the Co-Chairman of the bipartisan House 2nd Amendment Task Force, I believe that the right to bear arms is not only important to Americans who use guns for recreation and hunting, but also to those who wish to use their Constitutional right to protect themselves in their own homes. I strongly support the right of the people to keep and bear arms—for hunting, recreation, protection, or for any other legal purpose they may choose—and I assure you that I will continue to do all I can to protect this fundamental right.

    For additional information regarding issues affecting our great state of Georgia and the nation, please visit my website at Access to my blog, iPhone app, and e-newsletter are all available through my website, as well. Thank you again for contacting me, and please do not hesitate to do so in the future if I can ever be of service.

    Congressman Paul C. Broun, M.D. (GA-10)

    • That is hypocritical. SOPA/PIPA were just like gun bans, politically. Sure, in theory law-abiding citizens would not have noticed, but in theory, we won’t notice the difference with an assault weapons ban or background check.

      Imagine, then, in the same situation you are fearing with guns, law-abiding companies and citizens to become victims of the law put in place to protect them.

      You could expect this to show up on Google, Flickr, Yahoo!, Facebook, Dropbox, Wikipedia, MySpace, TheTruthAboutGuns, etc.

  2. “…the House Judiciary Committee, which has jurisdiction over Second Amendment issues…”
    Running the risk of picking nits, I think the Constitution spells out pretty clearly who has “juristiction” over all constitutional issues (2A included).

  3. I got this from my Congressman Jeff Duncan (SC):

    Thank you for contacting my office in regards to your Second Amendment rights. I appreciate and share your concerns.

    There have been many senseless acts of violence in our country and throughout the world. My thoughts and prayers are with all of the families that are grieving the loss of loved ones. But we are not alone in our grieving. Generations before us have faced similar heartbreaks, and have overcome. It is now our role to write a better story with resolve and courage. In time, our Creator will make all things new. Until then, we are resolved to preserve the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. While we are resolved to protect the right to life of all Americans, we will also find the courage to live free.

    I will not support any legislation that would restrict your Second Amendment rights. I will not support the global arms treaty that is slated for negotiations at the United Nations this March, nor will I support the reinstating of the AR-15 rifle ban if it is brought to the House. Because I believe evil occurs not because of too much freedom, but in spite of it, it would be misguided to restrict freedom. We must have the resolve to protect the right to life and the courage to protect the Second Amendment without further restrictions.

    Thank you again for contacting my office. As your Representative, it is an honor to serve you in Congress. If you should need anything in the future, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

    Blessings and Liberty,

    Jeff Duncan
    Member of Congress

    I particularly like his comment, “Because I believe evil occurs not because of too much freedom, but in spite of it, it would be misguided to restrict freedom.”

    • I love Congressman Duncan’s remark, “Because I believe evil occurs not because of too much freedom, but in spite of it, it would be misguided to restrict freedom.”

      I am going to shamelessly repeat that quote over and over.

  4. Lamar Smith is my rep as well. I had written him a pretty vitriolic letter back during SOPA- that is an awful bill. But,I also wrote him recently about 2A rights and just got the reply listed above back yesterday- I followed that up with a modest contribution last night. I think that is a really important aspect of this fight, putting our money where our mouths/keyboards are.

  5. From Jersey I got canned manuer:

    Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns regarding additional firearms legislation in the wake of the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut . Your opinion is very important to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to respond to you on this critical issue.
    As the father of two, this tragedy struck painfully close to my heart and painfully close to the heart of every parent. No parent should ever have to bear the unspeakable pain of losing a child, especially to this type of tragedy. I join with every American in expressing our deep and abiding grief as a nation and our deepest — most heartfelt — condolences to the families of the victims.
    As your Senator, I strongly defend the rights of citizens to use firearms responsibly for recreational purposes or protection of one’s family and home. At the same time, I vigorously support efforts to keep guns out of the hands of individuals that wish to use them against society.
    Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. On this, as with any other issue, there are many different views. Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind. I invite you to visit my website ( ) to learn more about how I am standing up for New Jersey families in the United States Senate.

    • Oh, be fair. If you’d been listening, you would have heard this, softly, off in the distance:

      * Legislative staff intern reads first paragraph of letter, notes you as a wackjob 2A supporter in opinion-tracking app {click}
      * Intern deletes your message {click}

  6. I like the “good” responses. I got this from the evil Sherrod Brown: “…Like all rights, it must be balanced against others. I have supported restrictions on the possession of assault-style weapons so our public safety officers are not put at increased risk…” Yes, I voted against this clown and he got back in anyway.

  7. The response I got from my Congressman in RI is unsatisfying. Partial response below:

    “First, I share your support for the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution which expressly recognizes the right to bear arms. At the same time, I believe well-regulated gun ownership is essential in order to protect citizens and reduce gun violence in our communities. While there is no perfect solution that will eliminate all gun crimes, there are many things we can do to significantly reduce the danger of guns getting into the hands of criminals and those that are seriously mentally ill. In addition, we can work towards addressing the sale of particularly deadly weapons and ammunition. “

  8. I got this from Sen. Mark Warner of VA. Seems like he doesn’t support a AWB. My other Senator, Tim Kaine, is probably all for a AWB.


    Thank you for contacting me to share your thoughts on the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut and your views on gun control.

    On December 14, 2012, 20 innocent children and six adults lost their lives in one of the worst, most tragic shootings to ever occur in the United States. As a parent of three daughters, this was the ultimate nightmare. Like the Virginia Tech and Columbine shootings, t his tragedy unfolded in what was once regarded as a safe haven free of crime and violence: a school.

    I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms . I own firearms and I have an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association. However, I also recognize that, like with many of our constitutional rights, our Second Amendment rights are not without limits. It is unfortunate that a tragedy of this magnitude is what is needed to prompt action, but we need to have a serious discussion on how to best avoid these kinds of mass shootings in the future. The status quo is not acceptable.

    I believe our discus sion should cover many issues. We can start by improving the existing cr iminal background check system. Currently, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is woefully incomplete, with many states failing to submit available records on persons who may be disqualified from purchasing or possessing firearms. With a more complete background check system, we can keep firearms out of the hands of those who have been deemed unfit to possess them.

    In addition, we can take common sense measures such as passing the CAMPUS Safety Act (S. 3682), which I introduced last year. That bill would establish a national center for campus public safety within the Department of Justice to serve as a resource center and assist schools and universities in developing campus safety plans and threat assessment tools. We also need to look at changes to our mental health system so we can provide help to those with dangerous mental illnesses before it is too late. There will not be a single solution, but all of these issues and others need to be part of the conversation and I urge you to continue to express your views as we move forward.

    Again, thank you for contacting me. For further information or to sign up for my newsletter please visit my website at .

    United States Senator

    • TT, I think you’re reading something into that reply that isn’t there.
      “However, I also recognize that, like with many of our constitutional rights, our Second Amendment rights are not without limits”.

        • Maybe you could send him another email and ask him point blank, do you or do you not support a new AWB and magazine capacity restriction law! That way, there is no ambiguity in his stand!

          I’m kind of half screwed, my senator is McCaskill and she has always stated the need for a renewed AWB, well up until she was running for reelection, then no mention. But as soon as she won, her response back to me after Sandy Hook was a renewed AWB.

        • Okay, now I might be completely screwed. My other senator is Roy Blunt and I just got off the phone with his aide about his stance on a renewed AWB. Her response was, that Sen. Blunt does not take a stand on any issue until it has been written and proposed. So now I have no idea what HIS stance is concerning gun control. C#@p!

        • AG, I hadn’t seen that. Since I received his email reply and it was kind of vague and then the response from his aide today, my spidey senses were tingling. Thanks for the link! And I also asked her what Blunts stand was on the filibuster deal and she said he was against it!

    • Gosh, I just couldn’t find the part where it said that the criminal safe zones needed to go. Maybe I better read it again. Why does the “gotta do something” never include the root cause of the problem? Randy

    • I did and this was the response I got… sent a follow up email through his website and got the EXACT SAME RESPONSE, obviously doesn’t read them, anyway here it is:

      Dear Mr. Decker:

      Thank you for taking the time to contact me about the tragic shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. I appreciate hearing from you about this issue.

      As you know, on December 14, 2012, an individual in Newtown, Connecticut forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary School and opened fire on teachers and staff in the building. In total, the perpetrator murdered 20 students between the ages of six and seven years old, as well as six adults, many of whom heroically sought to stop the shooter and save the lives of children. Like many Americans, I was deeply affected by the scope and brutality of this act. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

      The motives that led to this senseless massacre will likely never fully be comprehended. However, I believe that all public officials have a responsibility to work to prevent such an event from occurring again. This incident reflects a complex problem that requires a comprehensive strategy, including funding for law enforcement officers and the mental health care system. Too many individuals with mental illness are not receiving the services they need and tragically, sometimes a small number of these individuals turn violent. I have supported access to affordable and accessible mental health services for all Americans and I will continue to review proposed solutions to improve our mental health system.

      As you may know, I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. Pennsylvania has a fine hunting and sporting tradition, and I will defend the right to bear arms as it is enshrined in our Constitution. However, I also believe that the attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School highlights very serious dangers posed to public safety by the misuse of certain weapons and technology originally developed for warfare. According to reports, the shooter was able to kill many children and adults very quickly because he possessed a military-style semiautomatic weapon. He also allegedly used magazines containing up to 30 rounds of ammunition and carried hundreds of rounds more. After much reflection and careful study of the issue, I have decided to support a federal assault weapons ban as well as legislation restricting high capacity clips. In light of what occurred at Sandy Hook, these are two measures that will lessen the chances that this will happen again soon.

      Our Nation has already begun a critical dialogue as we examine what steps must be taken to prevent this type of tragedy in the future. On December 19, 2012, President Obama announced the formation of an inter-agency task initiative, led by Vice President Biden, to study these issues and recommend possible actions. I look forward to reviewing these proposals, as well to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to address this complex issue.

      Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future about this or any other matter of importance to you.

      For more information on this or other issues, I encourage you to visit my website, I hope you will find this online office a comprehensive resource to stay up-to-date on my work in Washington, request assistance from my office or share with me your thoughts on the issues that matter most to you and to Pennsylvania.

      Bob Casey
      United States Senator

      • developed for warfare

        Support for AWB 2.0 was 100% guaranteed once I’d spotted those keywords. And hey, look at the next sentence: support for AWB 2.0.

  9. I don’t want to be the pessimist here but I’m sure that those are recently updated stock responses to any letter that mentions gun control. I sent an email to my senator, Kay Bailey Hutchinson, after she implied that semi-automatics are dangerous, and the response I got was the standard anti-gun control letter that didn’t even mention that certain idea.

      • Indeed she is not my senator any more (I meant to say former senator), but she’s still trying to play the political field, getting out there and spouting off about “large clips” and all. Maybe she’ll try to run for governer again one day. It didn’t hurt anything to inform her that she would never receive another vote from me.

        • Cruz is your guy now. I am definitely liking the things he’s saying. I’m actually feeling pretty comfortable with my reps now 2A wise. Just need to get rid of Perry (and the Houston area Dem reps) and we’ll be set.

  10. I will never forget the attrocities Lamar Smith tried to commit against the most valuable tool we have for exercising our right to free speech. Give the government control of the internet, watch websites like this get shut down, the mainstream media become the only source of information on firearms, and public support for gun bans SKYROCKET. An attack on one of our rights is an attack on all of our rights. Wake up, my fellow Texans.

  11. Way better than what I got. Didnt even address the issues…

    Thank you for submitting your message to my U.S. Senate office. Each week, several thousand Minnesotans send me their thoughts and suggestions on legislation and important issues facing our nation. This impressive volume is a testament to the Minnesotan traditions of grassroots activism and civic participation that distinguish our state. I closely track the concerns that are expressed in your letters and emails, and will answer them as soon as possible.



    Al Franken
    United States Senator

    Thank you for taking the time to e-mail me. This is a confirmation that we have received your message. One of the most important parts of my job is listening to what the people of Minnesota have to say to me. I am here in our nation’s capital to do the public’s business on behalf of the people of our state.

    Please continue to visit my website at to follow what I am working on, both in Washington and Minnesota. It is frequently updated with current news and events regarding my work in the U.S. Senate.

    Additionally, many constituents ask about tracking the progress of legislation. One useful tool is to regularly check my website. Another resource I recommend is the Library of Congress legislative information website, I hope you find this information helpful.

    – Amy

    The dems seem to be ignoring me. However my congress man said:

    Thank you for taking the time to contact me and share your thoughts on the unspeakable tragedy that occurred recently at an elementary school in Newton, Connecticut. I appreciate learning of your views.

    As a father and grandfather, I am shocked by the enormity of the senseless slaughter of so many innocent lives, particularly our nation’s greatest treasure – our children. I believe the President struck the right tone in his remarks shortly after the tragedy, and agree with him that no single piece of legislation can prevent another tragedy.

    As you may know, firearms are regulated by a comprehensive system of federal and state laws and regulations designed to assist law enforcement in their efforts to reduce crime and violence. The National Firearms Act of 1934, the Gun Control Act of 1968, and the Firearm Owner’s Protection Act of 1986 all combine to form a comprehensive system of regulating the manufacture, sale, transfer, and possession of firearms and ammunition. Since 1986, for example, federal law severely restricted and essentially banned the manufacture and sale of automatic weapons (better known as ‘gangster’ style machine guns). Federal law is the minimum and many states place tighter restrictions on gun possession including wait periods, semi-automatic weapons bans, and conceal and carry restrictions. A full list of Minnesota’s laws can be found by visiting the Minnesota Legislature website at

    I believe more gun control is not the answer. We must also recognize this tragedy deals with issues of mental health and mental illness. In 2008, I supported the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act. Since the enactment of this legislation, federal law now requires that when an insurer chooses to cover mental health and substance use disorder services, they must offer coverage of those services at parity with medical and surgical services. We must look at the reasons this happened and how to stop it from happening in the future. We must focus on good public policy rather than rushing to legislate.

    As new details continue to emerge about the tragedy, one thing remains certain: a community – and a nation – have been forever changed by this unthinkable act. Like you, I believe we must ensure that those affected have the support they need from our nation’s leaders. We must not legislate in haste; instead, we must take a thoughtful, comprehensive approach. As the details of the appalling devastation continue to emerge, the nation and Congress will talk about school safety, and how best to protect our precious children when they leave us for school each day.

    Thank you again for contacting me. Please feel free to do so again regarding any issue of importance to you.


    Member of Congress

  12. Here is the unfortunate response I got from Jeanne Shaheen, NH first district.

    Dear [BlinkyPete],

    Thank you for contacting my office with your thoughts on gun control legislation. I appreciate hearing from you about this important issue.

    I am deeply saddened by the mass shooting in Connecticut that took the lives of 20 innocent young children and many of their brave educators. My thoughts and prayers remain with the victims of this truly shocking attack. Such unthinkable violence affects our entire nation and has no place in our society.

    In response to this tragedy, we must employ a comprehensive approach to firearm safety that includes improving access to mental health services and better enforcement of our current laws. We also need to consider measures such as limiting magazine clip capacity and requiring better background checks. Please know that I will carefully consider any legislation that would impact Second Amendment rights.

    I am a strong supporter of an individual’s right to bear arms for hunting and self-defense, and I believe our tradition of gun ownership can be respected while also ensuring that our cities and towns, schools and public buildings remain safe. I have supported these rights throughout my career, and I will continue to be an advocate for responsible firearm use while a member of the U.S. Senate.

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with me. Please feel free to contact my office with any future questions or concerns.


    Jeanne Shaheen
    United States Senator

    I didn’t bother writing Kelly Ayote as she’s a Tea Party candidate and has aleady said she won’t support any other guns laws.

  13. From where I live, I can spit in any one of 3 directions and it would land in Lamar Smith’s district. However I’m stuck with Lloyd Doggett – who I’ve written and have gotten nada in return.

    • I am not a Lamar Smith fan, the 21st district looks like gerrymandering. It borders Texas State and UT as it snakes between Alamo Heights and West Campus. Mr. Smith has been in office since 1987. Who keeps the same job for 25+ years in politics?

  14. Today I sent the following message to my Senators and Reps.: “I am an independent voter living in ———-, NC. I am writing to convey to you my disdain for President Obama’s proposals for gun control. Please understand and communicate this message to your colleagues: I will devote my time, effort, money and vote to defeat in upcoming elections Senators and Representatives that support this and other efforts to infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms. There is no doubt that civilian disarmament is the ultimate goal of the anti-gun crowd. I am very willing to work hard to ensure that this goal is never realized.”

    We need these guys to understand that not only will we vote on this issue, we will work and contribute in areas outside of our voting district.

  15. Dear Mr. Reiser:

    Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding gun control proposals and potential legislation.  I appreciate your views on this important issue and welcome the opportunity to respond.

    The shooting that occurred in Newtown, Connecticut is a terrible tragedy and, as both a father and grandfather, I cannot fathom the pain and suffering the families of the victims are enduring.  I pray that all who have been affected may find comfort and hope in God. 

     These types of shootings have become too frequent.  We must determine what it is about our culture and the policies that we have put in place that allow or cause these tragedies to occur.  I believe we must come to a solution that reduces violence in our society without infringing on the second amendment rights of law-abiding Americans.

    Recently, the president unveiled his set of proposals to address the issue of gun violence.  These proposals, developed through a task force led by Vice President Joe Biden, include 23 unilateral executive actions as well as a request for Congressional consideration of a number of far-reaching pieces of gun-control legislation.  The legislative proposals include a renewed and expanded gun ban, a limit on magazine size, a ban on certain types of ammunition, and universal background checks.

      Please know that I oppose the president’s gun-control efforts that will curtail and diminish our Second Amendment rights.  I strongly disagree with the president’s strategy of circumventing Congress and issuing executive actions to alter gun-control laws.  Throughout my career, I have championed our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.  I believe, and the Supreme Court has affirmed, that law-abiding citizens have the right to purchase, posses, and use firearms for legitimate purposes such as self-defense, hunting, and recreation.  As a member of the National Rifle Association and a supporter of responsible gun ownership, I believe that federal laws regarding firearms should be in place to protect the rights of private citizens, not restrict them.  Rest assured that I will continue to stand up for our Constitutional rights.Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me.  

    Sincerely,Blaine Luetkemeyer

    • Got a verrt similar responce from senator Roy Blunt….

      Now Claire McCaskill on the other hand, didn’t read my email do to her head shoved so far up Obama’s ass….

      • Here is a copy of may latest email sent
        Dear Mr. Norment,

        As a sovereign individual and a free citizen of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the United States of America, I oppose any measure undertaken by you or your associates in the Senate which would undermine the pillars of individual liberty safeguarded by our brilliant Constitution

        I am for individual life, individual liberty, privately owned property, and unfettered pursuit of individual happiness, insofar as these ideals do not by direct causative action unjustly violate the individual rights of others.

        I oppose any legislative measures which further allow, accommodate, or fund the destruction of individual prenatal persons conceived by the willful intercourse of their parents. Sovereign individuals are fully accountable for the maintenance of their minor offspring once created, and have no right to destroy life to evade just biological, social, and economic repercussions of irresponsible behavior.

        I oppose any legislative measures which would make possible the eventual disarmament of the American citizenry, or which would presently nullify the efficaciousness of the arms possessed by ‘We, the People’ in deterring usurpations by our elected officials or occupation by foreign powers.

        As I monitor your voting record, speeches and actions during the remainder of your term, I will judge your performance by your effectiveness and zeal in defending individual liberty, the sanctity of human life, and the Constitutional limits of power which safeguard our people from tyranny.

        Should you prove to be an inadequate proponent of these ideals, I will do all in my power, within my whole sphere of influence, to oppose your continued possession of the sacred trust of this high public office.

        Don’t Tread on Me,
        Joe Siwek

  16. I got this from Rep Kristi Noem. Haven’t heard anything from John Thune or Tim Johnson yet.

    January 18, 2013

    Dear Damon,

    On December 14, 2012, our nation experienced an unspeakable tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. I continue to pray for the victims of this terrible event and their families and loved ones.

    This tragedy has people across the country asking if there are steps that can be taken to prevent something like this from ever happening again. While a discussion about what can be done to prevent future tragedies is needed, I believe any discussion needs to be consistent with our rights, values and traditions.

    Some Members of the House and Senate have proposed legislation to further regulate firearms. Many of these plans would ban the sale, transfer, and possession of certain types of firearms as well as high-capacity magazines. Recently, the President put his support behind these legislative efforts. I do not support reinstatement of the assault weapons ban in large part because the previous ban did not result in a significant reduction in gun violence according to federal data. Instead, I believe we should place a stronger focus on enforcing existing gun laws to keep weapons from those who, under law, are not allowed to possess them.

    I do not believe it is productive to simply talk about banning guns. If we want to have a positive impact on increasing safety in our schools and communities, we should focus on improving recognition and treatment of mental illness and also look at addressing the violence that is so prevalent in our culture, including our television shows, movies and video games.

    I have opposed gun control measures in the past and continue to support the individual right to keep and bear arms – a freedom written as a guarantee to Americans in the Constitution. I will be looking closely at the President’s proposals, and will work to ensure the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners are not threatened. I believe we can still have a thoughtful debate about how to reduce gun violence while protecting the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding South Dakotans.

    Thanks again for reaching out to my office. Please let me know whenever I can be of assistance, and visit my website to get more information on the latest congressional news important to South Dakota, or find me on Facebook or Twitter.


    Kristi Noem
    Member of Congress

  17. Dear Mr. Flowers,
    Thank you for taking the time to contact my office regarding the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. Your input is important to me, and I appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts.
    Like any parent, I was heartbroken to hear about this tragedy, and like other Tennesseans, I have the victims and families in my thoughts and prayers. Given such an unspeakable act of violence perpetrated on children, it’s appropriate to talk about what we’re doing to keep our communities safe, recognizing the issues involved are complex, especially when it comes to identifying and acting upon the warning signs that always seem to precede these incidents.
    While I have always believed that it is critical to ensure that firearms are kept out of the hands of those who have lost their constitutional right to firearm possession, the right to own firearms for shooting, hunting, and self-protection is important to me as a Tennessean and as an American. Should legislation dealing with our Second Amendment rights come before the Senate, I will certainly take your concerns into consideration. I also wanted to share the steps I have taken to protect our Second Amendment rights in the attached “Policy Points” document.
    Thank you again for your letter. I hope you will continue to share your thoughts with me.
    Bob Corker
    United States Senator

  18. I received this from my Congressman, Steve Stivers (OH):

    Thank you for contacting me to share your support of gun ownership rights and for sharing your perspective. I appreciate this opportunity to correspond with you.

    I am and will continue to be a firm supporter of a law-abiding citizen’s right to own firearms. This right is protected by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, and I do not support laws that would impede the use of firearms for hunting, self-defense, sporting, or other legal purposes.

    As you are aware, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has announced her intention to introduce sweeping gun control legislation in January that would expand on the Federal Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) which expired on September 13, 2004. At this time, no such measure has been introduced in the U.S. Senate. However, I am not supportive of this proposal.

    Additionally, on January 3, 2013, Representative Dianne DeGette (D-CO) introduced H.R. 138, the High Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act. This legislation would restore provisions of the AWB that prohibited the sale or transfer of ammunition magazines containing more than 10 rounds. This legislation has been referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.

    Please be assured I have noted your specific comments regarding the right of law-abiding citizens to own firearms. Should H.R. 138 or other legislation affecting the rights of gun owners come before the House of Representatives, I will keep your views in mind.


    Steve Stivers
    Member of Congress

  19. What bothers me about this whole thing is that even so-called “supporters” of the 2nd Amendment approach the issue as if the federal government has any jurisdiction AT ALL to restrict the right.

    I mean, the amendment is pretty friggin’ CLEAR, isn’t it?


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