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You can’t find the 5.56 ammunition you really need. All you’ve seen for weeks are empty shelves. No one has any in stock. No one except Midway USA.

Midway got their hands on a huge shipment of top quality full metal jacket Federal M855 5.56 NATO green tip ammunition and they’re selling it in ammo cans full of 820 rounds. This is your chance to stock up with these great bulk packs of 62 grain top quality steel tip ammunition in reloadable brass cases.

Midway USA’s stock of Federal FMJ M855 ammunition was originally produced for an overseas military customer and includes the green paint designating a true steel tip penetrator core.

This is the same ammunition currently being used by the US military and it’s first-run American-made product. The brass will show annealing marks and is excellent for reloading after primer crimp removal. Headstamps will be marked with “LC” and “19” for the year of production.

Midway USA’s M855 ammunition comes packaged in 20-round boxes, inside a new production military style ammo can. This ammunition is a great grab-and-go option for a day at the range or to replenish your inventory right now when you need it most.

Once the ammunition is gone, the brand new ammo can will have hundreds of uses around the home, shop or range.

  • Perfect for storage
  • Grab and go option for a fun day of plinking
  • Priced for high volume shooting

The ammo can size was designed to hold .50 caliber belted ammunition, but has been adopted to hold demolition ignition systems and many other items. The ammo is made of sturdy steel with waterproof seals to protect your ammunition cache or anything else you’re storing.

New production, this ammo can is perfect to store and protect your ammunition in for years to come, or to handle any number of other items.

If you’ve been searching for FMJ 5.56 NATO ammunition for your AR-15 rifle, this is your chance. Midway USA has what you’ve been looking for and they have it at one of the best prices available.

Click here to buy now.

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