Michigan Rep. Haley Stevens
Courtesy Fox 2 Detroit
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Give Congresswoman Haley Stevens points for having the cojones to take her anti-gun message into a stronghold of those who support the right to keep and bear arms. But the Michigan Democrat was reportedly less than honest about her agenda when she scheduled yesterday’s event at the Multi Lakes Conservation Association outside of Detroit.

Word got out about the true nature of the town hall, however, and Second Amendment supporters showed up in force. As fox2detroit.com reports . . .

Gun owners showed up to the town hall in droves, spurred on in part by GOP 11th Congressional District Chair Meshawn Maddock.

“Somehow Fems for Dems booked this event using a different name,” Maddock said. “The sweet woman I talked to said that it said Fems for Life on her calendar. We needed to show up here and tell Haley Stevens exactly what we think about her gun violence town hall behind held in a very Republican – this is a Republican stronghold.”

The meeting (with a few Moms Demand Action t-shirts sprinkled in among the audience) featured Rep. Stevens, State House Democratic Leader Christine Greig and State Rep. Robert Wittenberg. Rep. Wittenberg stressed that . . .

“I want people to understand that we are not anti-gun, we are anti-gun violence,” said Wittenberg. “And supporting the Second Amendment and being opposed to gun violence are not mutually exclusive.”

Except — shockingly — that wasn’t really the case . . .

While taking questions from the crowd, the Democratic lawmakers pushed for more gun control measures like Universal Background Checks, a ban on semi-automatic rifles, and implementing red flag laws to take guns away from people who may be a threat to themselves or the public.

The exchange wasn’t exactly civil. Check out the video below in which Congresswoman Stevens shrieks, “The NRA has got to go!” at the largely pro-gun crowd.

This is apparently part of that national conversation on common sense gun safety measures we’re always hearing about.

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  1. Last time I confronted a liberal shrieking in public on some political rant, I simply began to “BOO!” Him. Many of the other spectators chimed in and the guy threw a temper tantrum and left cursing everyone in his immediate vicinity.

    • Fems for Dems… Pretty much says it all.

      “Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval.”— Karl Marx

      • Didn’t the Soviets have the more radical feminists decorate the wall shortly after they seized power or was it later with Stalin?

    • So much for the party of tolerance. They usually get violent when they don’t have a good argument. THEN they accuse their opponents of “threats of violence”. Hinted at by the newscaster, here.

      • My question is, “Did anyone at this meeting ask these leftist fools what gun law in existence or in the future would have stopped any of these acts of gun violence?” The fact is that not a single leftist asshat has EVER answered that question, because the answer to it is NONE!

        I’m also confused at how stupid a gun club could be to not vet an organization that is coming to speak at their facility. Simply questioning who would be attending and speaking would have thrown up “red flags”, pun intended. Even if they were lied to, when these obvious leftist morons showed up, they should not have been allowed to enter the premises. This is why we have such a problem in government, we have allowed these leftists to get into office under false pretenses, and now they get in because they have changed the narrative and system in their favor.

        It’s interesting that these leftist, anti-gun politicians will claim that so many people are killed by “gun violence”, but they never include the number killed by knives, prescription drugs, alcohol, cars, clubs, the medical profession, etc. They also NEVER mention that most gun violence happens in cities/states with the toughest gun laws in the nation and that are run and controlled by leftists. Furthermore, they never address that the legal system refuses to properly punish these violence criminals and allows them to walk free in a shorter amount of time than for many minor offenses.

        Lastly, these leftist jerks will now be portrayed by the media as “brave” for going into the “lion’s den” with their discussion, when we all know that conservatives always chose the peaceful non-violence action. If this had been some pro-gun individuals showing up at a leftist organization, they would likely have been attacked and possibly injured by the crowd, as happens at anti-abortion protests.

        • Club members should have started practicing on the range to drown out the lies. That’s what the commies do all the time – shout down the truth.

  2. Ya know, the thing that pisses me off more than anything they do, is assume we’re all too stupid to see through their little dramas! If they were at least honest about what they really wanted, we might have a discussion. But when they act like spoiled adolescents with a self serving agenda, not so much!

    • Yep, and this:

      “I want people to understand that we are not anti-gun, we are anti-gun violence,” said Wittenberg. “And supporting the Second Amendment and being opposed to gun violence are not mutually exclusive.”

      We know very well that the two are not mutually exclusive. THEY are the ones who fail to understand, and in making the statement they tacitly call everyone who disagrees with them callous and selfish (at best).

      It’s like that damn “hate has no home here” virtue signalling sign I see everywhere. It declares tribal membership and tacitly calls anyone who isn’t in ideological lockstep with them are nazis or clansmen. It’s so painfully transparent, but I doubt most of them see it.

      • I disagree, it is possible. You can be for promoting mental health, funding asylums for the truly dangerous, locking up criminals for a long time who are caught with or trying to obtain guns, long sentences for using a gun in a crime, and remove the profit motive for gangs by legalizing drugs, even mentoring programs for at risk youth. All these things would reduce the murder rates without infringing on 2A rights. Of course, no Dem would propose such things, and they’ll push for the same anti-gun measures they’ve been doing forever that would have no effect. Seriously, if they banned “assault weapons” and got 100% compliance (never going to happen), it would be less than 300 murders nationwide, and that’s assuming the killers wouldn’t switch to other firearms or means.

      • Hahah, I think the same thing when I see those stupid “hatehasnohomehere” signs. You can bet that an intolerant snob lives there. (We have a bunch around here, written in 4 languages.)

  3. Not only are they not mutually exclusive but 99.99% of all supporters of the 2nd amendment abhor gun violence you idiot.

  4. Well, that was sneaky.

    “Gun Violence” is not a thing. It does not exist.

    “Thumb Violence” on the other hand, that does exist. Saw Sean Connery beat up a guy in a bar fight in a movie once, using only his thumb. Not even a tactical thumb, just a regular thumb he carries around with him everywhere.

    Very scary.

    • What about John Wick pencil violence. And to think the schools are full of Government supplied assault pencils of mass destructions with erasers capable of mass erasure (making the original exam answers untraceable – I say microchip the graphite to eliminate cheating) and the children are surrounded by them. Oh, what? Yes, I forgot,of course the Demoncrats have been cutting school funding as long as I have been alive to divert funds to their pet projects. The pencils are no longer Government issued, but they should be licensed.

  5. They’re coming for you. They’re coming to your home they’ve done that before. They’re coming to your place of work. They’re coming to the place where you go to relax and enjoy yourself.

    Call them in public “anti-civil rights”. Because that’s exactly what they are. Call them “prohibitionists”. Because that’s exactly what they are.

    You don’t have to curse them it’s not necessary. They’ll do all the cursing very quickly. And it looks better on television if the curse words come out of their mouths and not yours.

    And it’s past time that gun civil rights people start using the name Carol bowne. Or shaneen Allen. Or Kate steinle.

    And you should have on your list any local or state gun self-defense story ready to quote back to them.

    There are plenty self defense gun stories in Detroit Michigan and other parts of the state.

    • I was discussing this with a friend last year, both of us expressing how bone weary we are of leftists. I said I just want to ignore them. He said, “me too, but they aren’t going to ignore us.”

      • Phil Wilson,

        I said [to my friend] I just want to ignore [Progressives]. He said, “me too, but they aren’t going to ignore us.”

        Yes sir. This is simply another expression of the proverb, “You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you.”

  6. Notice the bodyguard in the black shirt hired by the Dems was almost certainly concealed carrying. Hope he got paid well.

    • Every person in the room should point that out when the discussion begins. They should demand to know why a congresswoman deserves an armed guard to protect her and you don’t.

      And if she says I need protection. You should say “so my daughter doesn’t need protection and if she’s raped or murdered that’s just the way it is”?

      “Or my wife or single woman Home Alone doesn’t need a gun to protect herself?”

      “Or when they’re traveling from home to work they don’t need a gun to protect themselves”
      Is that correct?

      That should be your response.

      Being passionate does not equate to being rude.

      • btw
        I want to know if this guy crossed state lines with his firearm? National Reciprocity should be brought up in every talk. She has an armed guard. Ask them about National Reciprocity?

        If they support gun safety then ask them to support the Hearing Protection Act.

        • @ Chris T in KY:
          Michigan will honor a concealed pistol license issued to a visitor from another state. That may not be National Reciprocity, but the body guard (if there was one) was okay to carry, if he was actually licensed in another state (even including Komifornia).

  7. Awe dang it! I’m sorry I missed out on that, it was maybe a half hour drive away. I would have shown up if I had heard about it. In fact, I would have paid good money to watch congresscritter Stevens over heat and screech like a boiling tea kettle. I find it rather entertaining to watch the high and mighty lose control of them selves when they find they can’t control us.

  8. We need to feel sorry for these brain damaged people They can’t even see how foolish they are

    • My pitty stops the instant someone tries to forcibly assert control over me. Whether through ignorantly buying into a idealogy or malicious intent makes no difference.

  9. I have news for the congress critters and useful idiots,there is no common ground on the Communism they are fomenting for.

    • Patience. That time will come, probably sooner than later. The Dems will keep pushing, initiating violence, until the situation becomes a case of national self defense that leads to civil war.

  10. That bodyguard looks like he just came from bike night at a local bar. The woman (Rocky Raccoon)@ the 2:50 mark really makes me laugh, “it’s not our fault these people are mad”.

  11. “The Congresswoman was ushered out. Was her safety being threatened?”
    “They were concerned about her safety”

    So why not report on it if there were actually threats to her safety? They’re just going to imply that the people attending that meeting were going to assault her or murder her with their gunzz?? The reporters are just doing their part in pushing the agenda that these are dangerous people that don’t need guns.

    • That is exactly what they were hoping for. They planned this at a conservative gun range exactly because the were hoping some rabid gun owning “lunatic” to attack them, because after all who in our Utopian society but a lunatic (or a body guard for the overlords) would own firearms. Their rhetoric is dependent on the fallacy that if people who own firearms are upset, they have a natural proclivity to use the firearms illegally in retribution. Kind of the Lunetta argument in the New York State Rifle case at SCOTUS.
      I am very glad that they were disappointed to find that right wing firearms owners are not the rightist version of the leftist Antifa.
      I am glad that they were disappointed to find “guns” are not violent and that legal firearms owners are law abiding and that they did not get the gunfight they were hoping for.

  12. No need to be polite with this lying scum. Does being a “representative” give you a special dispensation to lie?!? Demscum…btw the pastor at the large Baptist church we attend went on a rant about “Christians who don’t respect those in authority”. This ain’t the 1st Century. We don’t have all powerful kings,caesars or popes ruling over us. WE employ these lowlife Dumbocrats. Let’s fire them!😏

      • Thanks, Dan. Just snorted my last glass of Champaign at the computer screen. That is alcohol abuse, and it too late to walk out for another bottle!

  13. looks as if someone is determined to protect our constitutional rights from socialism , then they are on the extreme edge and cannot be reckoned with. However , these screaming socialists are not on the extreme edge. Wonder how this is actual reasoning. Guess our founding fathers were on the extreme edge according to the English.

  14. It appears obvious that these people went there with the intention to provoke someone into acting just as stupid as they are. The crown was well behaved and did not fall for this cheap prank.

  15. Ironically enough it would be Congresswomen Stevens giving the command of FIRE! to the firing squad after they rounded up all of the deplorables. The screeching nut job shouldn’t be in Congress, she should be running an overly priced health food store somewhere at best.

  16. They knew the crowd would not be agreeing with them. What was their purpose? Was it to get license numbers in the parking lot, then harass them later? Maybe to get RedFlag notices/alerts on all of them? These people aren’t stupid. Our local Rep’s(Schakowsky) husband went to Trump rallies, his group disguised as a Trump supporters. They tried to start fights, tried to hire homeless and mentally ill people to disrupt rallies. He was earlier charged with bank fraud and tax violation…served 5 months in prison. She was re-elected. That’s Illinois.

  17. This was a planned setup/ambush right from the start to make gunowners look like rabid violent rednecks. She’ll use that police escort mentioned at the end of the video report for political purposes.

    It went exactly as planned.

    • Not exactly as planned. they did not get the fictional rabid right wing mass shooter they were hoping for. They would have spent their time and money better and might have had better success going on a photo expedition to Scotland aiming to photograph the Loch Ness Monster.

  18. Perhaps her campaign staff made the rash and erroneous assumption that all conservationists are mindless, sentimental tree huggers and PETA followers. They are ignorant of where and how “conservationist” originated. So booking a campaign pitch at a conservation association might be an understandable mistake but it strongly indicates these people are ignorant, and they’ve almost certainly been made deliberately so by the socialist-run “public education” system.

  19. the violence we inflict on others will NEVER go away. it is part of our human condition. what does happen when you inflict restrictions on a type of weapon, be it guns, knives, baseball bats, cars, etc. is that violence against others reaches a certain level and stays there, regardless of what is legal and what isn’t. Take away guns? Knives replace them. Take away knives? Cars, bats replace them. You cannot eliminate every potential tool that someone may use to inflict harm on another. I’m certain that before cavemen had realized stone axes could be used as weapons, they used their bare hands….as we would once again. It’s a cause & effect arguement; the effect is not what the antis want though

    • “In the dimness of the shadows
      Where we hairy heathens warred,
      I can taste in thought the lifeblood;
      We used teeth before the sword.” (Patton)

  20. When they attempt to use legal means to shut down a legal American organization the burning of books won’t be far behind. And I am not making an attempt at any kind of humor. It might not be announced but some leftists will start burning them in private. If they haven’t already.

  21. We missionaries went to the cannibal cookout to protest the food, things didn’t go well

    • Stay out of the way of F-150s on the road, Possum. We want you to stick around…

      • Forget the F150’s that’s redneck fodder. Listen to the real redneck, Uncle Joe and get yourself a real F15, don’t forget the flame thrower (Elon Musk Might have some left) and grenade launcher. Toss out the old two barrel shotgun, Uncle Joe wants you to get serious now. Just waiting for the Civilian Marksmanship Program to start listing F15s and grenade launchers. Maybe if Joe were president?

  22. Brace them every time they use the term gun violence and ask them if they call it hammer violence or bat violence when those objects are used in a crime. Don’t let them off the hook.

  23. I would have asked these tools how many of the scum of Detroit they arrest every week with weapons legally purchased them. Then I would have asked how many times the Leftist DA Plea Bargained down gun related crimes that minorities were committing in Detroit to lesser offenses all because of their race. THAT is why MORE gun laws wont work. The Left never hold their own accountable and yet want to punish all Law Abiding Americans.

      And until people stand up and forcibly remove these “people” that hold UNDESERVED positions of power, THINGS WILL ONLY GET WORSE ….. AMERICANS WILL REAP WHAT THE BOOMERS HAVE SOWN…..
      They sold out their offspring in the name of money/diversity!!!!!

  24. Guns aren’t violent. They are inert objects. Life however… is violent by action and definition. Every creature on this planet survives by killing other creatures despite their prey’s feelings.

    Live with it or die because of your willful ignorance of human nature — it is your personal choice. However your choice to be a biological dead-end and to win a Darwin Award is yours alone. You cannot and will not make me a victim despite your best efforts.

  25. Nobody’s talking about banning your guns then they turn around say they want to ban semi auto weapons. Talking about talking out both sides of one’s mouth!

  26. Leftist shitbag scum deserve nothing. Those fucksticks had better be willing to kill me to take away my second ammendment rights.

    All leftists are the enemy. Regardless of who they are, they are the enemy. They are never to be trusted, they are never to be negotiated with. The time for discourse with them has long past. The time to utterly destroy them is more than at hand.

    IDGAF if I sound like a monster. They deserve nothing…. No peace or quarter.


      • Stop screaming. Did enough damage to my eardrums as it is waiting for the Hearing Protection Act.

  27. If they are not anti-gun and are pro 2nd Amendment but are anti gun violence I wonder how much thought the put into their logical verbal plans.
    When will someone standup and say that there might be something else at play which is causing the shooters to turn violent instead of blaming the ‘gun’.

    • Well, we have laws against murder and armed robbery. They don’t work so wel, eh? What penalties against gun possession would deter a criminal willing to commit murder which carries the death penalty?

      THINK, America; before the Deep States bury us!!

    • The citizenry in general is law abiding, armed or otherwise. These ANTIFA types are not law abiding. Any additional questions?

  28. You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time is an addage that while old, still rings true.

  29. She screeched “the NRA has got to go”! Why didn’t she say GOA? We’re constantly being told by the “real” 2A supporters on here the NRA are big gun control supporters, so why don’t the D-rats love them???

  30. “I want people to understand that we are not anti-gun, we are anti-gun violence,” said Wittenberg. “And supporting the Second Amendment and being opposed to gun violence are not mutually exclusive.” This goofball is spouting gibberish. His point is a distinction without a difference.

    Take away guns is the operative motivation here. Anyone breathing can see this.

  31. Could the answer to that be in the difference between the two concepts of “Control” ? One refers to Hand and Eye coordination whereas the other infers that inanimate objects posess a “Will” of their own and mere Humans must not be permitted to even own one.
    Insanity breeds its own kind – only !

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