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‘Bazooka’ Joe Biden Blows it Again

Bazooka Joe Biden
(AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)
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By Larry Keane

Move over Shotgun Joe. That was so 2013. Welcome 2019’s Bazooka Joe, who said instead of buying an AR-15, you’re better off buying actual weapons of war.

The former vice president made the comments at a town hall in Las Vegas, just days before the anniversary of the tragic murders there. Biden used the event to call for universal background checks and promote his justifications to ban lawfully owned firearms.

“If you need weapons to protect yourself from the government, you’d better go get an F-15. You’d better buy yourself a fighter jet or a bazooka rocket launcher,” Biden said, according to the Associated Press.

He added, “The idea that an AR-15 is going to protect you from your government — come on!”

Bazooka Joe Biden
(AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)

Biden said there’s no rationale for owning modern sporting rifles, which are semiautomatic, meaning they fire one bullet for each pull of the trigger. Except the Constitution doesn’t require a reason or rationale for exercising God-given rights, including the right to keep and bear arms.

In fact, the Second Amendment was explicitly included in the Bill of Rights so we, the people, could resist a tyrannical government like the British crown that took as their first hostile act against Americans the seizure of their guns and powder. I imagine the Founders would find it more than a bit troubling to hear the talk of confiscating firearms from the People.

Never mind that these rifles are used for lawful self-defense, recreational target shooting and hunting. This isn’t the first time Biden’s gift of gab was as well-versed on guns as Elmer Fudd. 

‘Buy a Shotgun’

In 2013, he infamously said during a Facebook town hall meeting that an AR-15 isn’t a good home defense firearm, but instead advised his wife, Jill, to buy a shotgun” and blindly “fire two blasts” into the air. Aside from that being illegal (people went to jail invoking the ‘Joe Biden defense’), it is incredibly irresponsible and false on its premise that the modern sporting rifle is hard to aim and shoot and therefore not suitable for self-defense.

Amy Swearer, Senior Legal Policy Analyst for The Heritage Foundation, testified before Congress and included an instance in Georgia where an AR-15 owner used his rifle to defend himself and others against armed teens.

“Ironically, the rifle deemed an assault weapon by many in this room was used defensively to protect innocent people against assault, while the perpetrators used a ‘non-assault weapon’ offensively to commit actual assault,” Swearer said to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee.

The Swalwell Playbook

Bazooka Joe Biden
(AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

Biden’s stance on modern sporting rifles grew more radical as he threw his name into the presidential ring. He went from supporting a ban on AR-15-style rifles to supporting confiscation. He took a page from U.S. Rep. Eric Swalwell’s (D-Calif.) plan to forcefully grab up lawfully-owned semiautomatic rifles.

That didn’t sound radical enough, so he took the next page, too. Swalwell said that if AR-15 owners possessed their rifles to protect themselves from the government they would face a government ready to use nuclear weapons on its own citizens. Needless to say, Rep. Swalwell dropped from presidential primaries early.

But Biden liked the arguments – both confiscation and the government taking up arms against its citizens. So much, in fact, that in August he adopted saying then that AR-15 owners were better off buying F-15 strike fighters.

Bazooka Joe, though, now is throwing rocket launchers into the mix.

It’s interesting that politicians who are so used to indiscriminately and casually throwing verbal bombs are also so interested in telling serious, thoughtful, and law-abiding Americans how they plan to limit their rights – through force if necessary.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel at National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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    • Oh I don’t know. He would be entertaining but Pocohantas is way up in the totem pole so we may have her to deal with. Not that she would be much of a challenge.

    • “…{Biden} please let him be the Commiecrat nominee.”

      The temperature is going to uncomfortably rise for ‘Joe’ in the near future :

      “Watch Joe Biden Brag About Bribing Ukraine To Fire The Prosecutor Investigating His Son’s Company”


      It’s kind of a toss-up between Joe or Liz to run against, I hope it’s Liz, since she’s so far-Leftist it will inspire a lot to not bother even voting Leftist next year.

      Call it “The Hillary Effect”, and I can’t discount the theory many may not show up to vote since they think everybody hates Trump.

      2016 was bizarre. 2020 has the potential to top 2016. We need to show the fuck up and vote, and not be convinced it’s gonna be a Trump landslide. That’s my biggest fear…

        • I used to think that was right-wing hyperbole, until my parents received a ballot in the mail addressed to my sister… 9 months after she passed away.

    • AMEN to that, Green Mountain Boy. 2nd Amendment does NOT specify what type of weapons we civilians should be able to purchase, although I don’t see much need for purchasing an F-18 or anything like that (slightly out of my price range), BUT, for an honest citizen, we should have no problem purchasing M-16’s, or any other “light” weapons that we desire. Interesting that when the 2nd Amendment was written and added to our Constitution, Congress apparently had in mind that civilians should be entitled to possess, and shoot, the same weapons the militia had and used. We must realize that the militia WAS the citizenry.

  1. Creepy Joe isn’t even going be in the race in 6 months. Too white, too old, too male. He will have no place in the Dems radical agenda. However, his statements seem to be pretty much the party line anymore. What I can’t figure out is why nobody has punched this asshole out after he groped/sniffed their wife/daughter?

    • “He will have no place in the Dems radical agenda.”

      The Leftist ‘establishment’ thinks Joe is the safe bet. The same way they thought Hillary was a shoe-in…

      • He’s a placeholder candidate until they can get someone who ticks the right diversity boxes. Odds are Lieawatha or Occasional Cortex. The latter has appeal to the youth vote.

        • “…Occasional Cortex. The latter has appeal to the youth vote.”

          She’s not 35, won’t be 35 in Jan 2021

        • Personally, from the noise she’s making these days, I think Horrible Hillary, the witch of Benghazi, will step in and “offer herself” as the only possible candidate who could win for the demoncrabic party, sometime before the election

  2. Well, he’s not far off the mark. The right of the people to keep and bear arms is specifically about military arms.

    So, yes, you do have the Constitutional right to own all those things.

    • “So, yes, you do have the Constitutional right to own all those things.”

      Biden is making our argument that weapons of war are indeed the intent of the Second Amendment. Pro-2A politicians (if there are any) should hang this around Biden’s neck, and use it over and over against the anti-gun mob.

    • Agreed.

      Think the only thing getting in the way of Americans owning rocket launchers, grenades, dynomite, machine guns/sub-machine guns, anti-tank rifles, and other armaments…

      …is the National Firearms Act.

      Heck, a small number of Americans own such weapons. Dragon Man owns grenades….theres a guy on YouTube who bought a fighter jet, and at least 1000+ Americans own tanks…or armored vehicles.

      Armored Toyotas exist. 😁

      Militias engaged in warfare, so Biden is at least half right.

      • Is a fighter that has no weapons under the NFA?

        A few years back I thought about getting a jet license just because a local guy was selling a MiG with a spare engine for pretty cheap (as jets go). He had fuel tanks on the hard points for extended range and had cargo pods for them as well so you could mix and match.

        I gave up on the idea when I found out what it costs in terms of insurance to own such a aircraft. Makes the maintenance look downright cheap.

      • “Armored Toyotas exist.”

        Like the famed Libyan ‘Technicals’. Named for the UN aid money for “technical assistance grants” to Libya.

        My lottery dream gun is a mini-gun on a stand-up mount in the bed of a shiny-new Toyota 4X4…

        • When the hostilities break out nationwide, and I pray they never do, we’ll probably mount a .50 BMG semi auto rifle on a home made turrent and fit it in the sunroof of our Acura. Line the windows and doors with balistic shields and ta da! A poor man’s–well, an upper middle class man’s–armored personnel carrier!

    • enuf,

      Bazooka Joe Biden is actually correct and on-point: we would be hard-pressed to fight off a totalitarian government if all we have are AR-15 rifles.

      Countless people like to claim that mere “goat herders” in the Middle East successfully held the Soviet Union and the United States at bay with nothing more than AK-47s. And they would be wrong on two counts. First of all, those “goat herders” had more than AK-47s: they also had grenades, grenade launchers, and artillery shells which they used to make nasty improvised bombs. Second of all, those “goat herders” failed to fend-off the United States which decimated them with air support and armored ground support.

      Does all this therefore support Joe Biden’s position that we should not be able to own AR-15 rifles? Nope. Instead, Joe Biden’s admonition means that we should also be able to own grenades and grenade launchers, recoil-less rifles (bazookas), shoulder fired missiles, tanks, Apache helicopters (with full armament), and fighter jets.

      • The ‘Stinger’ MANPADs (Man-Portable Air Defense) we provided the tribesman was a very big help in driving Russia out.

        Peggy Noonan, who wrote some of Regan’s most famous speeches, tells a story in her memoir “What I Saw at the Revolution: A Political Life in the Reagan Era” about having lunch in the White House cafeteria one day with a visiting spokesman for the Afghan Mujahideen The spokesman commented “We are not afraid of the Russians, but we are afraid of their helicopters.” The Stingers did the trick.

        The book “Charlie Wilson’s War: The Extraordinary Story of the Largest Covert Operation in History” goes into some depth as to how the CIA got those missiles in, and more importantly, how they kept them from ‘disappearing’ once the rebels had them. It’s an excellent read on practical covert ops…

        Noonan’s book :

        • The Stingers were a big help but we did more than that. We provided training in making bombs and carrying out ambushes to destroy Soviet armor on the ground. Until we did all that the Afghans were being slaughtered. Then the Soviets began to see their helicopter gunships shot out of the air and their armored convoys being blown up too.

          One our most successful wars, all by proxy and Americans know next to nothing about it.

      • @Uncommon_Sense

        Speaking of grenade launchers….isnt it at least possible to get a flare launcher for the AR-15? I’m not too knowledgeable about those, but I know something like it exist.

        Agreed we should be abke to get all the weaponry you mentioned.

      • Do the math: all the troops we’ve had in Iraq have been struggling to suppress at the most 20k insurgents for nearly two decades. The U.S. deploys 9-14 troops to support EACH actual warfighter. The total number of deployable front-line fighters at any given time is quite miniscule, even if concentrated on a single mission. In contrast, we have over 100 MILLION gun owners in America, including at least 17 MILLION AR’s. Just one percent of AR owners alone could easily give the entire federal gov (military and police included) a run for their money, even if they were all united against us (a complete impossibility, but jus’ sayin’). We are a HUGE nation, with fantastic natural terrain barriers, over half of all civilian-owned firearms on the whole planet, trillions in stockpiled ammo, against a force that couldn’t possible be counted on to fire on it’s fellow countrymen, much less use anything so gauche as fighter jets etc. – the minute they did, they would have mutinies and desertions including whatever tools we needed to fight back against such atrocities.
        There’s about a million other reasons if you care to do some research, but the gist is the minute the gov actually declares war on ANY of it’s own citizens, it de-legitimizes itself and has already lost. The left has to know this, which is why I doubt there will ever be any confiscation or other undeniable spark in what is already a tinderbox environment. It’s the incrementalism (Fabian socialism) that must be stood up to to prevent what we all dread. IMO, even a ban on semi-auto anything should spark kinetic civil unrest. ‘Nomesayin, NSA?
        Personally, I think it would only take about 5k committed insurrectionists to completely upend the entire nation, and still have time for lunch.

  3. I can see it now — poor Joe wandering around the White House in his bathrobe and slippers (and nothing else) calling the puppy he had when he was in grade school and asking the Secret Service to please take him back to Keene, Vermont (sic).

      • “Neighborhood mortar leagues when?”

        “I’m really sorry, Mr. Jones. I was ‘bracketing’ your backyard fence. I’ll build you a new garage…”

        *snicker* 😉

        • Gotta watch that danger close but great for teaching the kids more advanced math in practical/fun lessons.

  4. Hmmm, a certain gun control advocate (Dem. California Senator Leland Yee) was convicted and sentenced to 5 years in prison for accepting a bribe, attempting to traffick rocket launchers and other goodies for a known “former” gang member (Shrimp Boy). No, I’m not making this up. It seems that Yee was ahead of his time, and Bazooka Joe would consider pardoning him given his latest statements…

  5. The truly pathetic thing is: ol’ Joe is probably the MOST sane candidate on their side!

  6. Cant afford an F15 but i can afford a black rifle. 100 million armed insurgent americans are ready for the confiscation order to go out. I dont think the police would be much affected but the politicians that vote for this are going to be in trouble.

    • John,

      I dont think the police would be much affected but the politicians that vote for this are going to be in trouble.

      Well, that depends on whether or not the police are “all in” and to what extent the police decide to defend those politicians.

    • “Cant afford an F15 but i can afford a black rifle.”

      A few years back, a British ‘Harrier’ jump-jet was sold in Britain to someone.

      Get one, and do your own ‘True Lies’ rescue :

  7. A possession ban and 100% compliance would stop 300 murders per year, assuming the killers wouldn’t pick another firearm or means to do their mayhem. Of course, 100% compliance and criminals too stupid to use other means are both ridiculous assumptions.
    A thousand people armed with rifles and maybe some explosives could turn a city into Mosul, and that’s a fraction of a percent for a large city. Aircraft and artillery are useless in that situation, unless there’s a standoff in a remote compound. They aren’t going to nuke Boise, carpet bomb city blocks, or even level an apartment building because one resident might be an insurgent. There’s a limited number of small diameter bomb/limited range explosives and drones to get someone in a house. The government doesn’t have the resources to handle 100 Mosuls and would have morale issues with troops attacking their own cities, or cities very like their own.

    • The Philly PD would like to have a word with you about not wanting to level buildings to get at one person.

      • Don’t forget the great skill of the “FBI” in Ruby Ridge, and down “fighting” the Branch Davidians. Didn’t end well for either FBI or the Davidians.

  8. Well Joe, let’s look at how the North Vietnamese and the terrorist in the middle east and others in history did against governments with out jets.

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gkjWxCl6zE

    That is an ugly truth George Carlin paints. As much as we are told we have rights, we really don’t, because realistically they can be taken away by the bureaucratic overlords at any time. It just keeps getting worse and worse, and new technologies will aid in the further erosion of what little privileges are left.

    • Yes, we do. A right is a right, period. What you’re describing is the attempt by one group of human beings to control and subjugate another group through force and deny them the same “rights” that the first group retains for itself.

      This is only successful if (1) the first group wins through violent overthrow of the second group or (2) the second group doesn’t resist and allows the first group to take over.

      The natural rights themselves, however, remain valid no matter the outcome. It’s for the people themselves to claim them.

  10. Hey Joe, so does the military have any surplus weapons of war to sell me? I would make an offer on an f15 or rocket launcher… So far they only want to sell me Garands and I didn’t get picked to buy a 1911.

    But I would take some M16s, mortars, grenade launchers, tanks, an M2, even some old crusty M9 pistols. And a bazooka, for the kids!

  11. Yeah baby I want a bazooka now😄BREAKING:Bernie Sanders hospitalized for being a commie er chest pains. Yeah that’s it😄😋😏

    • Former
      The hard part of owning a rocket launcher for most people would be ammunition cost. It’s currently about $5000 per round for 84 mm Carl Gustav or $250 000 per missile for a Javelin for live fire.

        • Don’t forget the registration and $200 stamp for each rocket propelled grenade (destructing device). 🙂

      • I’ve heard the RPG7 is a bit cheaper to run. A few thousand for the launcher and a few hundred each for the rockets. Prices can vary according to location and availability. Cheaper in Iraq because Saddam’s regime had a production license for launchers and rockets.

  12. Yeah it’s not like the US wouldn’t completely steamroll a bunch of insurgents on home turf using SKS rifles

    oh. wait.

  13. What I find of interest is that the Left is following the playbook of every tyrannical government in history register, then disarm, limit or eliminate free speech, use children to lower our guard, rewriting history, repeat, repeat and repeat some more their lies by chanting or speeches.

    The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.
    Adolf Hitler
    Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.
    Joseph Stalin
    The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.
    Adolf Hitler
    Let me control the textbooks, and I will control the state.
    Adolf Hitler
    We have to put a stop to the idea that it is a part of everybody’s civil rights to say whatever he pleases.
    Adolf Hitler

  14. Joe you’re wrong.

    A bunch of guys called Pashtuns, armed mostly with small arms have done quite well against the UK, the USSR, and now the USA. I’d be surprised if Slow Joe could find Afghanistan on a map though.

  15. Ever notice that it’s Democrat/Leftist politicians who keep bringing up the idea of the US government turning on its citizens? Why do they keep bringing that up?

    • Because that’s their ultimate game plan. Only way to have a dictatorship is to enslave the populace, ie gun registration/confiscation, taxation increase/ etc.

      • He only way to have freedom is to kill all who try to enslave us. Fire for effect kill them all

  16. Latest FBI Crime Report shows 297 murders in 2018 were committed by rifles, as opposed to 6,603 by handgun. Obviously, AR-15’s are not the murder weapon of choice.

    So Joe, if it is ridiculous to resist the government with an AR-15, why are you so afraid of them?

  17. “British crown that took as their first hostile act against Americans the seizure of their guns and powder”

    That was not their first hostile act. They had committed previous hostile acts which lead both to the colonists feeling that they definitely needed their arms to defend against the British and to the British deciding they did not want to be defended against and thus trying to confiscate the arms.

  18. Protect myself from the government. I do not like to hear a person with political influence saying something like that . Why would I need protection from my government? He’s right about the weapons though. He’s wrong about the reason.

  19. I seem to recall the Vietnamese fighting our government with AKs and sharp sticks with poop on them. They got the Americans to leave in the end.

  20. Yo, pea brain, when you make really nutty comments like that you seem to forget that are MILLIONS of more gun owners than military and police in this country than there are police and military and that many those might be on the other side, you know, the side that will defend the Constitution.

  21. As is par for the course, Hillbillies and Jethro’s have missed the point of the OP. It’s true that Biden is, “Too white, too old, too male. He will have no place in the Dems radical agenda.” So that leaves only one sure candidate left. Kamala Harris, one of the most intelligent and politically gifted politicians in this country. She is the female version of Barack Obama and she will lead with POC and the indigenous peoples at her side. Her social democratic values are what will shape the future of this country as she erases the 2nd Amendment from the constitution and bans guns forever. With the help of the military and UN troops if necessary, this president will uncover every last one of the 200 million plus guns in this country. All will be melted down and in it’s place will rise the electronic future of America. The schools will be turned over to her governance and the base curriculum will be geared to peace and harmony among the population. No longer will gender be a problem as students will be allowed to choose their gender before attending classes and/or schools of their choice. Over aggressiveness (bullying) will be controlled and symbols of such will be banned – such as overly large pickup trucks. We will register knives and limit their uses to the household only. Kamala is our future. Trump will be impeached by December. You Hillbillies and Jethro’s will have no choice. Happy New Year. If you survive this one.

    • troll much?i think you clicked on the wrong message board to spout your communist beliefs (as you listed them).

    • Shes an idiot and so are you. Hillary is waiting in the wings trump beat her in 2016 and 2020 going to be worse.molon labe maga 2020

    • So 30% of the population are going to liquidate the other 70%. In terms of total numbers, you will exceed the death toll of the Chinese Communists. In terms of population percentage you will exceed the Khmer Rouge who only massacred a mere 30% of the population.

    • ” She is the female version of Barack Obama ”

      OK, well, that pretty much tells me everything I’ll need to know about her. Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

  22. The members of Congress, 436 voting Representatives and 100 voting Senators, are supposed to be smart enough about a subject for them to produce Legislation to be voted upon to become Law. Having listened to and read most of what they have said I know they are about as informed about military and civilian weapons as a new born child.
    I would suggest a trip to a military installation with adequate firing ranges and training facilities where the Congressmen can be introduced to Military Automatic weapons/rifles especially the M16 and then a comparison with the AR15 and other similar Civilian Semi-Automatic rifles. All would then have to fire the weapons inorder to become familiar with the nomenclature characteristics and firing abilities.
    On day 2 they would undergo similar training, familiarization and firing of civilian semi-automatic hand guns .
    At the end of these 2 days they should know enough to speak intelligently about the various weapons; know what a semi automatic vs full auto rifle is, know what a magazine and or clip is, know what a semi auto pistol is and why some need larger magazines/clips. And become familiar with the many associations which teach safe handling and storage and the various training facilities and competitions around this country. And best of all they will know first hand what it is like to fire the weapons and hopefully talk intelligently without becoming hysterical about weapons. Maybe then they could stop talking like grownup idiots.

    • Representatives represent the majority opinion of their constituents. The constituents have no legal requirement to know anything about anything, other that whatever outcome seems most beneficial, or popular, in the moment.

      When the majority of the constituents declare they are afraid of something, and want it eliminated, the representatives of the constituents need look no further into the matter. That is until, in congress, representatives discover that in order to fully represent their voters, they must agree with other representatives to vote for something either totally uninteresting to the first representative’s constituency, or modify the demands of the constituency on one matter in order to gain votes necessary to press a different demand of the constituency. Under no circumstance is it necessary for a representative to be expert in a whole array of matters in order to vote to serve that representative’s constituency. It is up to us, the represented to understand the matters that concern us, and to inform our representatives of that which the representative must carry forth to congress. Representatives are neither our shepherds, nor our nannies. If we hire people to represent our interests, it is our responsibility to be able to explain to our employee precisely what is expected of them.

      “The fault …is not in our stars, but in ourselves”.
      – “Julius Caesar”

      • “Representatives represent the majority opinion of their constituents. The constituents have no legal requirement to know anything about anything…”
        Therein lies the problem of representative democracy.

  23. @ Larry Keane:
    You compared Bazooka Joe to Elmer Fudd. I protest! That was an insult to Elmer, dammit!

  24. Bazookas are so simple it’s really easy to manufacture them if you need them. A pipe, an ignitor, a hand grip and a simple sight. The missile engines and shaped charges are more difficult, but not rocket science (hehe).

    Corrupt politicians should remember we don’t have to shoot down F15s, just the traitors who would order them to bomb citizens and the pilots who would obey such illegal orders.

    • In a fictional book series about Nantucket Island being transported back to the bronze age, they mention a bazooka clone using a flintlock mechanism.

  25. “The idea that an AR-15 is going to protect you from your government — come on!”

    Aha! So the slimeball admits it — we need to protect ourselves from the gubmint.

  26. Joe Biden is apparently in the first stages of either Alzheimer’s or dementia, so it’s no surprise what he says.

    If the Democrats run this guy as their nominee, count on a Trump win – assuming he isn’t impeached first because his mouth got in the way of his campaign. – or he’s stupid enough to attack Iran.

  27. Someone should point out to Mr. Trump that he’s just been “Red Flagged”! An accusation has been made and actions are being taken but he has no right to confront his accuser! His reaction clearly shows that he doesn’t like that one bit. Karma: “Take the guns first, due process later”

    • Trump is getting the due process the Constitution provides the President. Nobody ever said it was an easy thing, or a quick one.

  28. I will gladly buy a Bazooka.

    But which is it Uncle Joe – AR15s are weapons of war used to fight armies . . . . or AR15s are useless against armies? You can’t have both.

  29. Some idiot asked me once how a rifle is going to stop an Apache helicopter when the Army starts using them to mop up recalcitrant gun owners.

    I said easy answer: “the rifle is for shooting the pilot scheduled to fly the Apache later that day, when opens his front door in the morning to leave for work.”… or the guys who maintain that Apache. Or the guys who guard it. And the further down someone is on the prestige totem pole, the easier they are to get to. I might not be able to get the politico who orders the Army to use their helicopters or fighter jets or armor against American citizens, but I can definitely get the people who operate or maintain those machines. Or their families.

    THAT is how you fight a Apache with a rifle.

    The idiot was speechless and pale, and I really think might’ve finally understood the implications of his flippant, smarmy question.

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