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Colion Noir speaks out on Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun agitprop generation machine, The Trace, working to get prominent firearms and Second Amendment advocates cancelled by the social media platforms. As Noir writes, “They know that if they can make our advocacy look like we are inciting violence, social media platforms will ban our account(s).”

Watch the video above. As Colion makes perfectly clear, we’re in a culture war in this country one that’s been going on for many years. Have you been to our Facebook page lately?

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  1. The “Dorkeys” and “Zuchinibergs” of big tech just found out how we feel about them, are they gonna let Doomberg drag em down again? We ARE the majority!

  2. The bill of rights is like a 3 legged stool, it’s awfully hard for it to stay up if a leg is missing. All rights depend on the others.

  3. I saw this video last night.

    I’m sure he’s likely to see these comments so I want him to know I have two shirts from his line and wear them often.

  4. I have no account with Instagram or f-book.

    Where else is that video parked?

  5. The ostracization of a civil right intensifies.

    Against a civil right, no less.

    Could we leverage this as an argument for a declaration of a protected class status?

    Thomas wants to give the 2A the respect it deserves, so he may be sympathetic to that POV.

    Attack it like they are using the systemic racism argument?

  6. What they are doing now is no different than the “Separate but Equal’ argument in Plessy v. Ferguson.

    Fuck that noise. I demand to sit at the front of the bus.

    No more of this “Go somewhere else” bullshit.

  7. I fear for our children. I’m old and all that, they have to deal with these assholes after we are gone.

    • “I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace”.
      Thomas Paine
      I Fear the Choice will be Complacent Cowardess in trade for Life. Even if it Must be lived under the Boot of Tyranny. “The choice for mankind lies between freedom and happiness and for the great bulk of mankind, happiness is better.”
      ― George Orwell, 1984
      Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning to future societies… Our Enemies having understood the truth in Orwell’s words. Turned it into a playbook.

      • I am waiting for when Amazon and the rest of the mob cancel Orwell’s 1984 as hate speech.

      • Eh, people seem to forget that Orwell himself was a commie bastard.
        His stories essentially boil down to “not REAL socialism.”
        Free market folks read him and see an electric fence to be avoided at all costs while the various range of commies out there read him and wonder how to tone down the voltage just enough to make it all palatable then, in true commie form, overreach and turn their utopia into the fascist totalitarian regime they thought their utopia was supposed to save them from in the first place.

        I’m totally psyched up for the imagery of geriatric Joe surrounded by tall fences and 20+ thousand federal troops next week. Some real 3rd world despot insanity headed our way.

      • I appreciate the TP quote and would gladly lube up my walker with WD40 and head to the front if it meant my kids and future grandkids would know peace.

    • No. They embrace it. Current generations call everything against it, fascism. At this point, I have no word for what it is they want, because it involves all of the -isms on all sides of the extreme political spectrum – which I also think is a joke. There is no such thing as centric anymore. Centric is basically non involved and non voting.

    • Nope.

      95% of kids receive Leftist messaging from Kindergarten through Graduate school.

      The only solution is division and every year the percentages get worse for us.

      Biden is going to nationalize 20 million illegals and that will be the end of Republicans for the forseeable future.

      • “Biden is going to nationalize 20 million illegals”

        And, they’re opening the gates so that we keep finding ourselves in the exact same predicament. They never try to solve anything. Yet, they’ll build barriers, not bridges, around themselves. Did you notice that there was little to no talk about immigration during the election campaign? Contrast it with 2016. QAnon was discussed more than immigration policy. That was by design. The Left doesn’t feel the need to back up their ideas with logic. That’s why they’re censoring everything. Keeping people safe is a cover for silencing opposing views.

        • “They never try to solve anything.”

          If they did that what problems would they rail against and throw money at?

          The lesson that should be learned from Blue cities and States, which even Bill-Fucking-Maher now recognizes, is that they never intended to solve problems. They intend to offer “solutions” in perpetuity while creating more problems to offer solutions for.

          If the Left wanted to fix things they’d have done so with a half century plus of control. They haven’t done so because they never intended to.

          Not that R’s are much better…

        • “They intend to offer “solutions” in perpetuity while creating more problems to offer solutions for.”

          Unnecessary lock downs…Now they’re talking about opening up, but Covid isn’t gone. What else has changed? Hmm… They don’t worry about state revenue when they can just get if from the Fed. That’s nothing more than stealing from the more responsible states.

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  9. It’s right to use social media to promote your ideas. I too would love to try to promote my truth on instagram, but I have no idea how to even promote my profile.

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