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 Mayor Michael Bloomberg lectures President Barack Obama (courtesy

“On Wednesday, Mr. Bloomberg will send a personal letter to hundreds of the biggest Democratic donors in New York,” reports, “urging them to cut off contributions to the four Democratic senators who helped block a bill in April that would have strengthened background checks on gun purchasers.” This punitive move against Mark Pryor of Arkansas, Max Baucus of Montana, Mark Begich of Alaska and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota could easily backfire on the doyenne of disarmament. The defunded pols can appeal to voters’ state pride, railing against interference from Big City bullies. The potential loss of $2.2m—spread amongst the four Senators—isn’t as great as the potential opportunity to bash Bloomberg. Like this . . .

In response to Mr. Bloomberg’s ad, Mr. Pryor filmed his own, in which he adopts a defiant tone. “The mayor of New York City is running ads against me because I opposed President Obama’s gun control legislation,” Mr. Pryor says in the ad.

And if Bloomberg’s defunding and big bucks ad campaign against the “defectors” does work?

“What they are doing,” said one senior Democratic aide who, like many people interviewed for this article, declined to go on the record criticizing the mayor, “is increasing the likelihood of a 100 percent A-rated N.R.A. Republican being elected.”

Even better (for The People of the Gun) . . .

Mr. Bloomberg’s idea to use his formidable resources against Senate Democrats was enough of a threat to the majority leader, Harry Reid, that he raised the issue with the mayor in Washington in February.

According to a person with direct knowledge of their conversation, Mr. Reid told the mayor that he thought any efforts to attack Democrats would be shortsighted, and could ultimately result in a Republican Senate majority.

“Do you think you’d be better served by Majority Leader McConnell?” Mr. Reid said, according to this person, referring to Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

What we have here is an arrogant little bastard thinking he can bend the political system to his will with the simple application of financial firepower. Yes, the same man who’s accused the NRA of buying off politicians is trying to buy off politicians. Or blackmail them. Same difference.

The difference between Bloomberg and the NRA is that the NRA is answerable to its 5+ million members. And the pro-gun lobby is practiced in the fine art of real politik. As such, they’re probably thanking their lucky stars that Mayor Hubris has entered the fray on the national level. Hoisted by his own petard? Here’s hoping.

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    • As I have previously stated on these pages, the biggest danger we all face is Bloomberg and his money. ANY issue he chooses to bankroll is going to be just that much more challenging because of his $biases$.

      That said, how Bloomberg and MAIG uses his money can prove to be a double edged sword. There are advantaves to being seen as the underdog when the big city bully comes to town. Exposing him is the key.

  1. wow, how suprising (sarc). This from a guy who changed the literal rules so that he could have another term in office.

    • As long as he can afford to pay for his private army. Those of us that don’t have the millions to providse private security for ourselves need to make sure this dummies ideas don’t become law.

      And look at barry’s body language in that photo. He don’t much like mikey, does he.

    • Yes. It may not be active NYPD though. His billions will by him whatever private army he wants. I would be surprised if most of his current detail did not quit the force to continue working for him with much better pay.

  2. I would think based on his sort sight as it were, we should encourage Mikey. I mean really, what better way to shift the balance of power in the Senate, than by having them fight amongst themselves!

  3. It’s like some kind of twisted, RKBA corollary to the “observer effect” in physics. We should call it the Hizzoner Effect.

  4. I think I have asked this before but cant remember. Can Bloomberg LEGALY use his money to influence the political veiws and actions others? Legaly being the key word, Im not asking if he can get away with it.

    • They are called Super PACs or PACs. PAC = Political Action Committees. Just another way to say lobby group.

      So, to answer you question – yep!

      He can use his money to run political ads, hire people to make phone calls and other campaign type stuff.

      • BHO, Bloomberg and the rest of “these people” are engaged in “a coordinated attempt to dispirit, disarm and disenfranchise large portions of the American population and to weaken our founding principles through what is best understood as psychological warfare”, or brain washing. Gun control is a large part of this effort.

        This has been going on for a long time with efforts to erode our constitutional protections becoming particularly intense in the last two years, largely under the radar until exposed by discovery as whistle blowers speak up and bit players attempt to cover their arses.

        See the following article by Dr. Keith Ablow for more indepth analysis of this effort to subvert us all.

  5. Well, he can’t bribe people legally, but he can use his millions to create publicity for his pet projects. I say bring it. He wants to make this *the* issue then I think it will blow up in his face. I know a guy who worked on his security detail and (last summer – long before the Newtown massacre) he told me that he’s as big a d-bag as you guys think he is. Remember, he’s been Mayor of NY for the last 11+ years so even when he’s not attacking senators in other states he’s big news in these parts. I had to ask and I was pleased to get confirmation. Bloomturd is a complete d-bag !

  6. Bloomberg’s made it a lot easier for pro-2A candidates. They no longer need to run against their opponents. Instead, they can run against the little billionaire New York City emperor.

    Even if Bloomberg wasn’t term-limited, he probably would not be re-elected in NYC. There’s no way he can achieve higher office. So, in his egocentric effort to remain politically relevant, he’s done every Republican and 2A Democrat a major favor.

    Thank you, Mayor Gasbag.

    • He already skirted term limits ! He’s slick, rich and used to getting his way. Don’t underestimate the enemy.

    • It’s New York arrogance getting the better of him. Utterly sure of his own superiority and incapable of seeing that people don’t like a billionaire from a city full of smug superiority telling them what to do.
      Pryor and Ayotte will be fine.

      • I’d been having my doubts about Ayotte, given her blatantly dishonest reversal on her pre-election position on amnesty. But, how can I not support someone that Bloomberg is against?

      • He’s not even a real NY’er ! He’s a Masshole. Although, that’s even more embarrassing for NY. The turds here will vote for any liberal. Pantsuit Clinton has been a Yankee fan her whole life… I should say the liberal turds in Bronx, queens, kings, Richmond, Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and rockland counties do. The rest of NY is actually quite sane…not TX or NH sane, but not full libtards.

  7. RF,

    I remember this:

    “the raid on Entebbe made me proud to be a Jew”

    I guess you got to take the bad w/ the good.

    Seriously, I know there are many pro-freedom & pro-gun Jews out there – many of whom are here at TTAG. Its just that so many anti-freedom Judenim are so freakin visible: Bloomberg, Feinstein, (almost) all of Hollywood, etc . . .

    Thanks for being the yin to NYC yang.

    P.S. If language weren’t an issue, I would love to watch the brawls at the Knesset 🙂

    • Anti-freedom Jews may be visible, but anti-freedom Christians are getting a free pass. All the states that jumped hard on the disarmament bandwagon — Connecticut, Maryland, New York and Colorado, not to mention New Jersey and California — ALL had aggressively anti-2A governors who were, to a man, Christians.

      Two states approved Constitutional Carry, only to have the laws vetoed by their Christian governors.

      Biden? Christian. Obama? Self-professed Christian.

      So I don’t get it. What do Christians have against guns?

      • I think the common denominator is that all are politicians. Nominal religious affiliation takes a far back seat to political expedience and perhaps to a fear all political leaders have during tumultuous times–violent opposition.

    • I agree with you Chad. In some ways Bloomberg is the best thing to happen to the second amendment since the NRA. I can’t imagine that the electorates of Arkansas, Montana, Alaska and North Dakota are going to take anything Bloomberg has to say too seriously. His personality is so repulsive and so many of the policies he champions are offensive to everyone. Why his own electorate has not come down on him harder for cooking the crime stats in NYC, the stop and frisk program and the cup size laws he promotes is just beyond me. If it weren’t for all of his money, this guy would just be a loser. I’m glad he’s on their side.

  8. In every state where he is running ads, people need to be made aware how hard it is to get a gun in NYC, including the $340 pistol permit fee. Universal background checks? How about if we make sure that any federal law rolls back the ridiculous restrictions in NYC and NY State.

  9. Looks like Obuttma can’t stand listening to the whining, little dictator-wanna be Bloomie in that picture.

  10. As an Arkansan, I can attest to the Bloomberg/Pryor Ads.

    Ironically, they almost always play back-to-back with each other.

    Pryor isn’t a typical democratic… Politics in this state have always deviated from the normal political drumbeat, however Pryor is liable to turn on us at a moments notice. His own party is attempting to corner him, and he is scared. He want to keep his job in DC, and his ads show his zeal.

    Honestly he hasn’t done a terrible job in DC, but his voting record leaves much to be desired. The Republicans are surely to pick a good candidate to run against him, and most likely Tom Cotton will be Pryor’s apposition.


    Bloomberg’s money is going to cause the downfall of Pryor (maybe others), and the Republicans are going to gain seats in the Senate.

  11. Yes, please, let’s put the Senate in Republican hands so we can stop worrying about gun control on the national level for the next two years. Then ammo prices can stabilize again.

  12. doyenne of disbarment. Brilliant in its use of gender, and especially of French to express supercilious elitism – with nothing concrete backing it up.

    But that’s impossible: you are nothing but a knuckle-dragging neanderthal compensating for microgenitalia. At least according to the coastal nitwits who have had their neural synapses degraded by air pollution and educators who are dregs of the Vietnam-era draft evaders.

  13. Win win for us. If the 4 targeted Dems lose, that means more Republicans in the Senate. If they win, it’s a stinging rebuke to the little martinet.

  14. I hope somehow some way they find out that he was using tax payers money to fund this …someone out there knows…

      • Well with a lot of the members of this group,being arrested for crimes,I wouldn’t put it past them using tax-payer funds.Just a matter of time till we find out.On a side note,over on Gunrights examiner.comthere is a news byte,about a fellow that had a visit from the Secret Service about his speaking out against Boobama,when they were leaving they said they would come back and take his guns if he didn’t stop.Don’t we have 1st Amendment Rights?Are the Feds now going to use Stasi style tactics to gag us?Keep your powder dry.

  15. Some people. Baucus is retiring, Heitkamp doesn’t stand for election until 2018. By cutting off funds and attacking the 2 most vulnerable democrats, he is cutting his own throat. Who in the hell does Bloomberg think will be elected if (hopefully) Pryor and Begich are beaten? It will be 2 red state republicans. Works for me.

  16. Ahhh, my great master plan is working! Now we just need to get Donald Chump wound up, and we’ll bring the anti gun movement to it’s knees! Bloomberg and Trump both in NY. Coincidence? No way.

  17. In that same ad that Arkansas Senator Pryor (D) mentions Bloomie funding the ads against him on the issue of background checks, he also mentions something else I think is of great importance: He acknowledges no legislation will stop another Sandy Hook, Aurora, Columbine, or (closer to the home of his constituents) Jonesboro.

    Sen. Pryor has a myriad of other sins to answer to the citizens of Arkansas, including support of Obamacare, Fortunately this universal background check harassment isn’t one of them.

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