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Mark Hanish, c FNH USA

The MGM Ironman is one of the toughest 3-gun competitions in the United States. Days on end spent in the desert, running your guns through grueling stages, you need to keep your guns clean and yourself hydrated to make it to the end of the competition. Stage features included shooting from a zip line, motorized carts, and one stage where shooters weren’t allowed to see it before the buzzer went off. This match is on my bucket list to shoot, but until then I’ll just have to content myself with listening to Mark’s stories and watching the videos on YouTube. While Mark came in first in his division, my buddy Russel (3rd, trooper division) has already posted his videos and some discussion of the match over at his blog.

FNH USA Presser:

(McLean, VA – June 11, 2013) FNH USA Director of Commercial Sales and sponsored shooter Mark Hanish, edged out some tough competition to take the top position in the Tactical Optics division of the 2013 MGM Ironman held June 2-8th at the Parma Rod and Gun Club in Parma, ID. In addition to his first place finish, Hanish also took second place in Heavy Optics division.

“Ironman is one of the most demanding matches, not just for the shooter, but also for the product, with an intensity that is unparalleled when it comes to shooting 3-Gun,” said Mark Hanish when asked about the match. “Success depends on the reliability of your guns to hold up during the stress of competition and the famous “Parma Dust.” From running or climbing obstacles with my SCAR, to engaging multiple types of shotgun targets with the SLP MK I and shooting steel offhand with my FNS, I never had a single malfunction, a testament to the quality and reliability of these guns.”

“We are extremely proud of Mark’s accomplishments at the 2013 Ironman,” said Ken Pfau, Senior Vice President of Commercial Sales. “To compete and win in a match like Ironman, the shooter must be dedicated and prepared for anything, qualities Mark brings to the table each time he competes.”

The MGM Ironman, sponsored by MGM Targets, is described by Hanish as three 3-Gun’s in one, a one-of-a-kind competition designed to pitch competitors against challenging courses of fire, extreme conditions, nearly twelve hour days and roughly 2,000 rounds of ammunition down range all over the course of one week.

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    • What happened to TTAGs coverage of Ironman, cause I didnt see any. It seems the only reason this is here is because Nick in on FNH’s team. Its nice to know that you guys are paid shills. Whatever happened to objectivity? And now outright censorship too!

      • There wasn’t anyone from The Truth About Guns at Ironman to cover it. That’s why I sent Nick the link to my blog with videos of all the stages.

        Mark Hanish’s second then first place win is notable because shooting one match is hard enough, doing both back to back and winning is pretty incredible.

        • Much respect to all of you guys who compete in trooper, much less the bad-asses who finish in the top ranks. You rock!

          Sometimes when I’m enduring a particularly grueling Crossfit workout I think about some of the videos I’ve seen of trooper class competitors hustling through the courses, and it inspires me to push a little harder.

  1. The purpose of sponsorship is to generate positive impressions of the brand, but it still makes me chuckle whenever I see someone giving the “NASCAR speech” with well-rehearsed brand placement. 🙂

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