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[T]he $60 million Bloomberg spent to support Democrats in House races across the country gained the party nothing. Not only did no Republican incumbent lose a seat in the House of Representatives, the Democrats lost at least a dozen seats in the lower chamber to GOP challengers.

Even the $60 million Bloomberg spent pushing gun-control candidates through his organization Everytown for Gun Safety had little to no effect. This year saw a record for new gun ownership in America: Five million are now gun owners, with 40 percent of them women.

Bloomberg’s spokespeople did not return calls for comment, but one of his top political advisers, Kevin Sheekey, told the Associated Press last month: “At the end of the day, a win is a win and Joe Biden will take office in January and Donald Trump will leave. We feel quite good about … the end result.”

At the same time, there is no denying that Bloomberg’s Goliath attempts to conquer every level of American politics this year fell to scores of Davids across the country — including Mark Robinson.

“I chuckled to myself about this on more than one occasion,” Robinson said. “Michael Bloomberg lives in an ivory tower in one of the greatest cities in the world. This guy has billions of dollars and here he is trying to take out little old Mark Robinson. It really is bizarre and if you wrote this as a movie, nobody would believe it. But here we are.”

— Salena Zito in How Mark Robinson beat Bloomberg’s billions to win NC’s second-highest office

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        • Well mini mike might do better if the democRat Party takes Congress…
          Front and center for many people are Stimulas Checks. On one hand there is the sleazy cheating democRat Party united for $2000.00 Stimulus Checks and on the other hand is the disoriented Republican Party tightwads blocking $2000.00 and throwing scraps to the peasants.

          With a crucial election coming up in GA there is much concern for election fraud. And voters have seen Congressional Republicans do very little to support the POTUS and protect voters so why bother to go vote for cowardly tightwads when sleazy cheaters are dangling a $2000.00 carrot in front of a winning number of near broke voters?

          Well fed Republicans are acting like they are balancing their personal checkbooks instead of understanding you cannot do that when things are this far out of hand in America. Write them and tell them to shape up or take a back seat to democRats.

          • the mail-in vote may not be as much of a factor next time

            As of Dec 24 more than 1.8 million ballots have been cast in Georgia’s Senate runoff races during early voting, Early voting is running about 6% behind the Nov 3rd numbers which DOES in fact bode well for the Republicans whom historically vote in person on election day…. We shall see indeed… AND hope for decent weather the first week of Jan, a freak ice storm (it happens) could throw this thing to the Dems and with Bill Gates trying to block the amount of sunlight that reaches the earth and trying to mess with global weather patterns “What COULD go wrong?”….

        • Pence or some other

          Pence could never pull it off… But after 4 years of the Harris Presidency people will be ready to elect a Possum if it has an R next to it’s name…

        • Why not the POTUS over Pence or some other R when the POTUS won reelection by record setting numbers? In case you did not notice other Rs road to victory on POTUS coattails. It’s politically inept knuckleheads who ask such silly questions because they forget or want to forget all about election fraud. Those who do not stand against voters being disenfranchised in America are on their knees for Jim Crow Gun Control joe and election fraud.

        • “I’m ready to elect TTAG’s Possum right now.”

          I’m just imagining Possum re-decorating the oval office into his Burrow.

          I’m thinking bowls of live worms and grubs on the coffee table for healthy snacks instead of fresh fruit. 😉

          (Possum 2024, or Cthullu.)

      • Trump is in no way a amazing president, but he’s been pretty decent over all. I’d vote for him again. Assuming he doesn’t manage to pull of some sort of electoral trick-shot at the last moment. Which, knowing him, be might actually do. :p

        • It’s not really a trick shot when the entire other team is cheating and the refs are allowing it.

      • Do you really think that Biden or Trump are going to still be in shape to run in 2024? I just don’t see it happening, for either of them.

        If Rs can win one or both of the senate seats up for grabs in Georgia, I’ll feel good that the Dems will fail to win in 2024, no matter who the Rs run. Unless the Dems pull their heads out of their arses, and run a Tulsi Gabbard. I would have voted for her if she won the nomination. I would vote for her if she runs next time around.

        Who else do the Dems have? Bernie is yesterdays news. Pocahontas isn’t as old, but she’s still yesterday’s news. It’s Gabbard or a loss, IMO.

        They have bet the farm on Biden, and he’s only good for four years – if that.

        • ” Unless the Dems pull their heads out of their arses, and run a Tulsi Gabbard ”

          No way. The Demonrats have made it abundantly clear they want nothing to do anymore with Tulsi. She knows it. If she runs in 2024 (and I’m betting she will) it will be on the Republican ticket. Don’t forget that you heard it here first.

          • Don’t forget that you heard it here first.

            Anything is possible. How many of us (me included} laughed at “real” Vlad last year when he said Kammaltoe would be president?…

        • IF the fraudulent 2020 election stands, the demtards (Dominion) will be able to “elect” any/all the donkey’s asses they chose going forward. Will be no different that an “election” in the old USSR except the turnout #.

    • @MICHAEL A CROGNALE ……Who knows here is another scenario!

      Georgia County Cracks Dominion Vote-Switching Algorithm

      Based on the vote-flipping software of Dominion Voting Systems alone, Donald Trump won the 2020 election by a margin of 85 million votes to Joe Biden’s 72 million. That’s according to a forensic analysis conducted on a single Dominion machine in Ware County, Georgia. Since that is just the machine count, Biden’s true total would be even lower after discarding fraudulent mail-in ballots, votes from dead people and mafia-produced sweatshop ballots. The question now is whether the courts will be too discouraged by math to correct this grievous wrong that has been committed against America.

      The distrust in this past election is staggering. 97 percent of Trump voters – and I am one of them – believe the election was stolen through fraud. The evidence has been conclusive and overwhelming, from the 17,000+ people who voted from beyond the grave in Michigan to the miracle late-night ballot dumps that favored Biden by margins of 100,000 to zero.

      Democrats aren’t even attempting to explain away the fraud, which explains a lot. They’d love it if we could just get this pile of garbage certified and then hold an early swearing-in ceremony for Joe Biden. Chuck Schumer wants the Senate to start voting on Biden’s cabinet picks right now.

      But not so fast.

      Ware County managed to sequester a machine owned by Dominion Voting Systems – the shady election software and hardware company with direct ties to George Soros and Communist China. It was a fairly straightforward and simple analysis.

      To test the machine, they ran an equal number of Donald Trump and Joe Biden ballots through the Dominion machine. Every time, the machine returned the same result: Joe Biden won by 26%. The people running the test were so surprised by the result that they ran the test – again and again. Every single time, the equal number of Trump and Biden votes produced a 26% victory for Joe Biden.

      The way that the Dominion algorithm cranked out that result was by tabulating a Trump vote as 0.87 percent of a vote (87%). Every Joe Biden vote was tabulated as 1.13 percent of a vote (113%). Shaving 13 points off every Trump vote and adding 13 points to every Biden vote turned up a 26% Biden margin of victory every single time.

      If that ratio were to hold up nationwide, Trump would have carried the vote in a 54 to 46 landslide over Joe Biden, with a margin of 85 million to 72 million. Keep in mind, however, that this is just one machine used in one county in Georgia. Dominion systems were used in 28 states during the election, and examiners suspect that different machines probably used different algorithms, to try to make the fake result look more “organic.”

      Congressman Jody Hice (R-GA) was furious after the results of this forensic exam came out. He’s calling for a full audit of every Dominion machine in all 28 states. Now we understand the incredible rush that the Georgia Secretary of State has been in to “reset” the Dominion machines ahead of the January Senate runoff elections. Resetting the machines erases the forensic evidence that the fraud took place.

      Multiple videos of Dominion’s Vice President of Systems Strategy and Security, a guy named Eric Coomer, have now appeared online. The videos are training sessions with Eric Coomer, in which he shows election workers exactly how to switch vote totals on the machines. Coomer’s social media channels – before he took them all offline after the election – are riddled with anti-Trump profanities.

      Coomer was even recorded on a conference call with Antifa earlier this year. How do you even get that number to call in? You may not know what number to call, but Eric Coomer does! Here’s an exact quote from Coomer on that call:

      “Trump won’t win. I made f***ing sure of it.”

      Did Coomer make sure of it? It certainly looks that way, based on the forensic analysis of one of his machines.

      The Trump campaign’s legal team has also produced evidence that packets of American votes were sent over the internet to counting systems in Europe. Foreign-owned voting machines tabulating American votes on foreign soil – with an algorithm that flipped Trump votes to Joe Biden. Could the evidence be any more overwhelming at this point?

      • Yeah, I believe a lot of stupid fraudulent crap happened this election.

        Alas, it appears that the Rs don’t have anyone competent to find and present the evidence in court.

        I’m tired of holding my breath to see what happens. I believe we have Biden to deal with for the next four years.

        • it appears that the Rs don’t have anyone competent to find and present the evidence in court.

          Guess the daily news is not your forte… Evidence has been presented to courts on every level from local to the SCOTUS and the courts have summarily dismissed 96% of them without ever hearing the case… The courts do not want to get involved it’s that simple.. And now Dominion (proper name that company) has felt empowered to attack those lawyers and disparage the witnesses whom all signed sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury …

        • The courts heard. BUT what they heard the loudest was the demtard (BLM/antifag) Kristallnachts this summer. As intended.

  1. With all that money Bloomberg decides to go after privately owned gunms. , ??? , Save The Whales, Harpoon A Fat Chick

    • If you are going to stick a fat chick it will take a big “harpoon”. Ill stick to deer hunting this time of year and leave the harpooning to you possum.

          • it’s always been a piece of cake.

            I subscribe to the “candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker” school of fat girl gathering…

        • “Fat chicks and even ugly chicks can be fun, you just don’t want your friends to know.”

          Listen to ‘Spinal Tap’ :

          “The bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushin’
          That’s what I said
          The looser the waistband, the deeper the quicksand
          Or, so I’ve read.
          My baby fits me like a flesh tuxedo
          I love to sink her with my pink torpedo.
          Big bottom
          Big bottom
          Talk about bum cakes
          My gal’s got ’em.
          Big bottom
          Drive me out of my mind.
          How can I leave this behind?
          I saw her on Monday, twas my lucky bun day
          You know what I mean.
          I love her each weekday, each velvety cheek day
          You know what I mean.
          My love gun’s loaded and she’s in my sights
          Big game’s waiting there inside her tights.
          Big bottom
          Big bottom
          Talk about mud flaps
          My gal’s got ’em.
          Big bottom
          Drive me out of my mind.
          How can I leave this behind?”

  2. Mikey is betting on the White House to enact his dreams. I get the idea behind his money but the pandemic and rioting upended all notions of gun restrictions. Forget about bans and confiscation, that’s been pushed further down the list. Anyone calling for gun bans is just a totalitarian now.

  3. In the process of “winning” Bloomberg generated the biggest background check month in NICS history. How many of these new gun buyers are going to willingly hand over their newfound security? (though this is perhaps questionable due to lack of training)

    “”Last month was the busiest November on record for FBI background checks in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, according to the Bureau’s month-by-month data. Background checks were up 40% from the prior November, with over 3.6 million checks performed throughout the month.”

  4. The result does not mean he got nothing for his money. Perhaps it would have been worse without it.

    The funny thing is that the left’s push for “reform” prosecutors is colliding against its push for gun control. Something about having the prisons emptied makes people want to be able to defend themselves. Go figure.

    • Not to mention some of those bought and paid for prosecutors are letting criminals with firearm charges go free or pleading down in order to dismiss the firearm charges. So what’s the point? Harass the law abiding folks?

  5. Even the $60 million Bloomberg spent pushing gun-control candidates through his organization Everytown for Gun Safety had little to no effect.

    EXCEPT in Arizona where Bloomberg Poster Boy Mark Kelly unseated Republican “pro 2A Senator Martha McSally… I would call that a significant win for Bloomberg considering the questionable future of control in the Senate.. And let’s not forget Hickenlooper from Colorado another gun control freak (but hey he IS pro pot)… John Hickenlooper, Former governor of Colorado: “Study after study shows that having a handgun, in most cases, makes you less safe, not more.” Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund and Victory Fund Spent More Than $3.8 Million in Arizona this Election, and 1.3 million in Colorado.. So at lest 5 million paid off in a big way… Bloomberg’s Cash Comes To Town: Everytown Swoops Into Georgia Ahead Of Runoff Race To Control U.S. Senate

  6. Little Mikey is afraid of guns, pisses his pants at the sight of one, because he’s afraid someone’s going to take his power trip away from him. Coward, and pansy, great combo. F U. Mikey, try as you might, you’r just pissing into the wind.

    • And yet he surrounds himself with big burly men carrying full auto weapons under their overcoats. Must have some sort of envy hint hint

  7. $60 million could have paid for a lot of college degrees, trade educations and bootstrap a lot of small businesses.

    Of course doing actual productive good is something lefty elites and democrats in general don’t seem understand.

    • the comment above by me, ” save the whales, harpoon a fat chick” was actually about the good he could have done environmentally with the $60mil he spent for greased back

      • I just used it as a cheezy excuse to post a ‘Spinal Tap’ video on the fun even marsupials can have with fat chicks… 🙂

  8. 60milion?!? Did you forget a supposed $1000000000 on Bloomies presidential run? He didn’t run on Big Gulps😖

  9. Bloomberg like all of the Liberal leadership is and has been playing the Long Game to Control. The idea of a Sudden victory has never been in their playbook. They understand their Ideology requires an insidious (proceeding in a gradual, subtle way, but with harmful effects) path. Much as in the slow cooking of the frog in the pot. I began with the takeover of the Education system in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Indoctrinating Good Little Socialist/Liberals to believe in the Dogma of We know whats best for you because We care for you. The one thing about Tyranny the Liberals have learned from history is it’s much easier to convince people they want to be controlled, than it is to force it upon them. Once the have submitted their Will and realize the folly in doing so. The only way out requires a violent Overthrow of the Masters for which very few have a stomach. This tactic has been very successful even in Our own times. Look to Russia( formally the U.S.S.R.) China, North Korea and many other countries around the world. The citizens willing followed the path to Tyranny simply by believing their leaders had their best interests at heart and it would make for a better society. People have a natural instinct to believe the world can be made a better place even if it requires them to relinquish their own Will and follow the Masses. Our nation has been on this path for many decades as can be seen by where it stands today. If it is to remain a Nation of Free Willed People or a Nation of Subjects none can be sure. One will require Great Courage and a desire to Be Free by it’s citizens. While the other will only require Complacency and a willingness to become a Subject of others Control. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • And regardless of all the words of indignation thrown about on this site and others. Unless some actions are put behind those words there meaning is as ineffectual as screaming at the sky. Words will have No effect on the insidiousness of the Socialist/Liberal Dogma that guides their Acolytes to happily surrender their will for their belief in the Perfect Society. The choice is Yours…Be a part of the Masses who Submit or Be a part of something greater than oneself, Freedom. Either way understand only screaming at the Interweb accomplishes nothing and shows Our enemies a lack of desire to Stand and Fight. Which is how they got where they are now.

  10. Bloomturd being your average Marxist Leftard,has the common learning curve as the rest of them and they never learn, not even the hard way.
    The mental disease of the Left continues on to afflict the entire body.

    • And yet the Cancer of Liberalism continues to metastasize within the body of Our society to ever greater levels. While those with the ability to destroy it sit idly by waiting for others to take up the fight.

    • ” Bloomturd being your average Marxist Leftard ”

      Not where I’d put him on the political spectrum. Bloomie is hard right, a capitalist of the old school who believes he will be the ultimate winner who ends up owning everything. Don’t be fooled because he ran as a Demonrat. The Bloomer would sign on to the Dog Turd Party if it advanced his personal agenda. And that’s all his politics boil down to — how to gain more for himself. Everything he does is just a step towards gaining more power and more money.

  11. Not only did no Republican incumbent lose a seat…

    But, how many open seats (incumbent not on ballot) flipped from GOP to DNC, and how many of those did Bloomberg finance?

    0? 5? 10?

    • We flipped a HOR seat from D to R even though the D had Bloomberg money backing. Retained a Senate seat R. against Bloomberg money and also flipped several seats in the state legislature/senate from D to R against Bloomberg money. The citizens of my state have decided that Liberal Ideology is not Midwest Ideology. Not only do votes matter, but putting the right people in office also matters.

      • Yes, at all levels. Local politics matters. Witness the hijinks reported at the D-run polling places recently.

  12. There are many other things that Bloomberg can’t buy with his money. Good looks, intelligence, likeability, Etc. Someone should do one of those “Hitler finds out” meme videos on this situation. I bet that would be hilarious.

    • “There is a fascinating article over at American Thinker which suggests VP Pence may still have a major role to play before this is all over.”

      I’ll be very surprised if Pence shows a spine.

      I hope he does, I just don’t think he will.

      Here’s to hoping for pleasant surprises… 🙂

  13. Yes, in the 2000 elections, Bloomberg came up short. I mean, he got very little for his money. Even though his money dwarfed the competition’s, he was unable to gain even a tiny majority. The guy wasted a small fortune. And really, how could anyone stoop so low as to support candidates with such shortcomings?

  14. Regarding those new gun owners, 5,000,000 being a number seen here,I wonder as to how many of these new gun owners will be in touch with their U.S.Senators and Congressmen to express their OPPOSITION to the fairy tale that is gun control.

  15. Most guns sold ever and the years not over! Stim checks= guns and ammo! Thank you mr President! National reciprocy, and Constitutional carry coming!

    • How many of those new gun owners were BLM, AntiFa or some other communist organization?

      “New gun owner” does not necessarily mean new 2A supporter.

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