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“As the guy who ‘legitimized’ zombies  for gun world with my zombie ep of Shooting Gallery last year (you wouldn’t believe how many times I heard, ‘You inspired this…’ last week), I’d like to say: I’m sorry. But what the heck, I did like the chain saw mounted on an AR rail… Maybe next season we do self-defense tips from famous gangster movies and Shot 2014 is all zoot suits, all the time!

Michael B

PS: the single barrel AR rail mounted 12 gauge ‘breecher’ was also cool…waiting to see if it makes the “AOW” list…if it does, I’ll buy one.

PPS: What would you thing of an SG ep “homage” to The Replacement Killers, the greatest action movie of all times?”

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  1. +1 On the Replacement Killers. Let’s here it for Mira Sorvino!

    And I would love to have a 12 gauge slung under my AR.


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