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Mexico’s autodefensas are citizen militias, illegally armed to defend against drug gangs’ rape, torture, extortion. They are also armed against their own government, guilty of apathy and collusion with the criminals. While the American government arms dubious allies in the Middle East, they turn a blind eye to the Mexican government’s war on autodefensas. Here’s a report on the crackdown south of the border . . .

To anyone following the imprisonment of autodefensa leader Dr. Manuel Mireles, it is a no brainer, that because there is an election on June 7th, it means the Michoacán autodefensa spokesman will remain in prison until the elections are over.

The government has been meticulous in shutting down the “genuine” autodefensas movement in the coastal region of Michoacán.  Popular and respected leaders have been imprisoned, or have been killed.  As it stands there are about 500 autodefensas imprisoned.

Some autodefensas have taken to political tactics to create change, running for various offices.

Dr. Mireles good friend, Enrique Hernández Salcedo, former autodefensas leader of Yurécaro, was running for the municipal’s mayor, when he was assassinated last week.  Like Dr Mireles, Hernández was outspoken about political corruption and narco crime.  And like Dr Mireles, he was imprisoned on murder charges with absolutely no basis that he committed the crime, and the case was thrown out due to lack of evidence.

Enrique Hernández Salcedo (courtesy

Hernández spoke of his time in prison, saying he was isolated and tortured.  At the time of his murder he had a whopping 90% support of voters.

Thousands turned out for Hernández’ funeral, the mass was officiated by two priests including Padre Goyo of Apatzingán. Hernández’ widow spoke of  of the torture he received in prison.  His daughter spoke of his determination.

His eldest daughter Guadalupe spoke at his funeral, saying her father knew what the danger was when he decided his course.  The entire family knew and supported him.

“I hold not hate for the perpetrators, and vengeance is not in my heart.  That is left to a higher power.

“My father was a man of values, he was an honest man, living outside corruption, he would never take the temptation of receiving something for nothing.”

“There is something that each of us can do.  If we begin with ourselves, living free of any corruption, temptation and with honesty, from there begins something completely different for us”.

She continued by saying that she and the family will continue to support the cause.  Her mother is named as a possible replacement on the ballot.

Dr. Mireles (courtesy

Dr. Mireles may not even know his friend was killed.  This week, in a rare letter,  Mireles sent to Jorge Vazquez, he noted how difficult communication is for him.  In the letter he speaks of the death of Hipolito Mora’s son, Manuel.  And that was five months ago.

Mireles’ sister Vicky Mireles, had hoped that since the PGR was now able to release her brother due to his favorable court rulings, saying all that is needed is PGR to file to vacate the case.  That was to be done on yesterday.  She expressed concerns for his health, saying that his diabetes is not controlled and he is in jeopardy of losing his limbs.

However, Talia Vazquez Alatorre, the former defense attorney of Dr. Mireles gave an interview today saying the hope that Dr. Mireles’ sister has of his release, is a false hope.  She attributes his non-release to the election, and not so much because of the legal process.

“I am the first to want him out of jail, since the first day, but that will not be possible in time campaigns “she said. She said the main reason has little to do with acts of justice but by the fear of Mireles’   impact  on the electoral process,

“I do not think any party wants to see Mireles in the street two weeks before the elections, because he is a very loved and respected person, nationally. Many authorities govern one’s life and justice based on an electoral calendar, “she charged.

Ms Vazquez contends she remains a great advocate for Dr. Mireles, even though she resigned as his defense attorney, after a dispute with Padre Goyo’s apparent attempt at negotiating a deal for Dr. Mireles’ release.  A deal was never reached, and most people conclude there must be a whole lot more to that story.

Dr. Mireles with gun (courtesy

As it is now, many of the close women in his life are fighting each other, each saying they have the best interest of Dr. Mireles at heart.  Pricila Abud of Grillonautas turned on Dr Mireles over the proposed deal, calling it “shameful”.  His former wife Ana, referred to Dr Mireles as a devil, who had “nothing”, his daughter also conducted an interview saying as far as she was concerned her father was dead.

Yet, now when the man cannot speak and be heard, all these parties claim to be his advocate.  His former wife, his daughter, his son, Pricila, Talia all are now waving the banner and claim to be speaking for him.

What is absolutely true is his closeness to his sister Vicky.  As for relationships with the others, those who turned their back to him, I guess we have to wait for the conclusion of that story.

Enrique Hernández was a true Mireles advocate.  Just days before his death he announced he was working with Morena political party attorneys in hopes of assisting in the release of Dr. Mireles.

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  1. We in our ‘piping time of peace’ up here could do far worse than to study what has been, and is happening within the “failed state” of Mexico and the ongoing struggles of los autodefensas.

    Gee, davidx, why wouldja say sumthin’ like dat?

    Maybe because our lords temporal are likewise doing their damndest to turn this country into a failed state, too? In alliance with rogue cops and soldiers and criminal gangs?

    Because they’ve certainly made no secret of their long and ongoing war on the middle- and working-classes here and now not only hold us in utter contempt and loathing but laugh at us outright when we protest this treatment. As we ‘bitterly cling to our religion and our guns, etc.’

    They are sowing the wind.

    • Perhaps they should consider assination of local officials and military soldiers (and their families) who enforce unlawful government orders against them. A few well placed shots and Maybe nobody will have time to come arrest their leaders next time.
      The cartels have a system of inimidating honest judges. Maybe that system would work against dishonest pols and military commanders.
      ” your now being assigned to head the task force to round up trouble makers on the coast. ”

      ” what happened to the last person who headed the task force ”

      ” him along with his whole family where Brutily murdered In the town square”

      ” I hereby resign my commission”

      • If only the American people did the same with the drug tasks forces and the DEA. The drug war would be over in days.

      • Oh. if only the American people had the courage to do the same with the drug tasks forces and the DEA. The drug war would be over in days, along with Mexico’s cartels.

  2. I live in Arizona and what happens in Mexico can have a ripple effect upon the border states and beyond. The Mexican police, military, and government are corrupt and all about the cartels and the drug money. Thank you for bringing this story to light virtually no one in the media is speaking about it or writing about it.
    Real torture…
    Real assassinations
    What happens in Mexico can happen here.

  3. This the hell we wake up everyday. A corrupt government that thinks it fools us, gangs of outlaws that kill as they please and tout ILLEGAL weapons wherever they go, and a population too stupid to do anything against the tyrants. This is why America must not capitulate to the left-leaning ant-gun liberals. This is what they want, a corrupt government that has all the power and all the guns in their hands. Do not let them win, do not compromise, and do not let your guard down, or else these traitors to the flag and country will turn America into another one of these crime paradises.

  4. Yesterday, Mexican officials announced that security forces killed 42 suspected drug cartel “henchmen” in Jalisco. The cartel members were part of the Jalisco New Generation gang, which is allied with the larger and more powerful Sinaloa Cartel.

    The Sinaloa Cartel was the beneficiary of the ATF’s gun for goons program that we know as Operation Fast and Furious. Why be so nice to the Sinaloas? Because they are the arch-enemies of Los Zetas, and the Zetas are political enemies of the past and current administration.

    Mexico is not merely a failed state. Instead, it’s an evolving criminal conspiracy among government and gangs, and it’s entire purpose is control of the drug trade. In that sense, Mexico hasn’t failed at all.

    • And America could kill off the whole operation in a month, simply by letting people buy and sell whatever they like as long as no one is harmed or cheated in the transaction. Today, I understand (nothing like an expert!), that is what is happening with “bath salts”, they have warnings all over the packaging that they are not to be ingested, they are dangerous, all manner of crap, while everybody knows they are drugs basically mixed up from impure chemicals within a toilet which hasn’t been flushed in a while, kids are dying every week from smoking, eating, injecting them, all legal. Why not treat cocaine, Meth, heroin, all the same? Losers will lose. It’s what they do. But Mexican drug lords would need to retire or get a real job, as would all of the DEA and about half of US police and prison guards, big chunk of the FBI, tens of thousands of hangers-on, it’s all win, considering as it is now, anyone of any age can buy any drug on any streetcorner of any city in America, who do we think we are fooling?

  5. I’d imagine that a similar movement in the United States would meet a terrible fate. When normal people stand up for themselves, criminals and the authorities take notice and (try to) squash them.

  6. Its time for another revolution in Mexico. They need to get read of the current government and the cartels.

  7. In a free country, the NRA would call on members to donate weapons to be shipped to the autodefensas.

    • I thought about this. It’d be tricky. Probably be accused of being an arms exporter to “terrorist groups.” But they do need support.

    • In a sensible country, the NRA would lead the charge to have the US government deliver arms and training to the autodefensas, along with close air support and drone attacks, and screw the Mideast, let them kill each other.

      • +1 in spades.

        Indeed. To hell with the Sandbox. They love to slaughter each other over there; let them have at it.

        Meanwhile we do have an interest in stabilizing our southern neighbor, as effed up as it is, and as much as our future may look a lot like it increasingly.

      • Its the U.S. Government that caused this situation by enforcing U.S. drug policies on Mexico in exchange of aid, and now you want to trust them to fix it? HAH!.

  8. Anti-gun people need to study this and get some smarts. Are the anti-2A people in want of armed cartels overpowering their families, armed gangs beating an killing their kids? Who can blame the forming of militias given the circumstances. Survival is at stake.

  9. The problem with the autodefensas is like Gen Patretraeus said: beware of the militias because guns bring legitimacy. If the government does have a monopoly on violence, the people with guns can make their own law in a limited area.
    Anyone remember Sadr’s militia in Iraq? The Sadr Army is still one of the largest armed groups in Iraq and often seen as an unofficial army. Militias only destabilize countries. Even if their initial effect is good, the ultimate effect is lawlessness.

  10. Americans should be helping these people. They are our brothers. Mexico needs a second amendment.

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