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As we all know, there’s a big damned mess on the U.S. border right now. The State of Texas is trying its hardest to keep people from unlawfully crossing the Rio Grande, but to do so, they’re fighting the federal government. In other places, including Arizona, record numbers of people are crossing or attempting to cross, and they’re mostly not being stopped by federal authorities. So, border states have been bussing and flying migrants to “sanctuary cities” to let them deal with the problem.

But, most people don’t know a lot about what’s happening on the other side to push all of these people to want to go north. A very simplistic version of the story is that they’re poor and just want to work. A slightly less simplistic version of the story is that the cartels have ruined Mexico. But, the truth is a little more complex, and it’s a problem largely fueled by gun control.

Mexico’s Crime Problem Is Fueled By Gun Control

To illustrate what’s really going on, we have to look at a little town called Colonia LeBaron. It’s a town inhabited by a non-mainstream sect of Mormonism, and Mormons have been living in northern Mexico since the 1800s. Facing increased cartel and sicario violence, the LeBarons got permission from the Mexican government to start a small town militia, and had a number of gun battles with the cartels and their hitmen. This helped keep the town relatively safe.

To avoid revenge killing for defending themselves, the group told some of my Mormon family members that they started having to utilize armed escorts for any vehicles leaving the town, or driving between LeBaron satellite towns in Chihuahua and Sonora. This kept the cartels from attacking their little convoys for years.

But, once they they thought they were safe and that the armed escorts would no longer be needed, the very first unarmed convoy of women and children was massacred. Nine were shot or burnt to death, with several surviving children having to walk hours to get help while siblings and cousins hid under brush near the ambush site.

This is just one of thousands of such attacks that happen every year in Mexico. But, the cartels are not the only thing Mexican citizens have to worry about these days. Because the military has been given so much power to fight the cartels, that power is now being used to abuse the citizens, who mostly cannot get permission to own a gun or carry it for defense. This has led to murders, torture and strange disappearances, among many other crimes committed by the increasingly uncontrolled military forces.

So, at the end of the day, not only are cartels preying on Mexican citizens, but so is the government. Caught between violence perpetrated by what has become basically two groups of criminal gangs, many people have no choice but to flee. You’ll find similar stories going further south into Central and South America. Government disarms the people, they fall prey to criminals and then the government grows more powerful when people demand safety.

But, people just end up being abused by both the criminals and the government, who often end up being the very same people.

The Mexican Government Wants To Blame The United States

We’ve seen over and over since cartel violence exploded 20 to 30 years ago that the Mexican government likes to blame the United States for their problems. There have been real firearms smuggling operations, but many of them were conducted by corrupt U.S. officials (remember Operation Fast and Furious?). Not only that, but Mexico also claims that most guns they submit to BATFE for tracing end up coming from the United States, but they don’t mention that they’re only sending guns they think came from the United States for tracing, meaning that they’re just good at identifying U.S. guns, while most are obviously not from here.

We Shouldn’t Trust Mexican Officials Any More Than Mexican Citizens Do

While we know they’re lying about American civilians being to blame, there’s a bigger conflict of interest that nobody wants to talk about: the fact that Mexican officials are criminals themselves.

U.S. gun control groups and anti-gun politicians want us to believe that Mexico’s elected representatives are trying to protect their people from cartel violence, but these same Mexican officials are frequently caught with their hand in the cartels’ pockets. They’re abusing the people themselves whenever they can get away with it, too.

So, it should be no surprise that they’d be demanding even more gun control. After all, if they’re taking cartel money, do you think they’d be honest and say that innocent Mexican civilians should be armed? Absolutely not! That would bring the whole party to a screeching halt.

Instead of trusting them to tell us what our policies should be on this side of the border (which would allow the cartels to move north and bring corruption, death and tyranny along), we should instead be demanding that Mexico clean up its own affairs before telling us what to do.

The U.S. Needs To Pressure Mexico To Do The Right Thing

Instead of trying to build ever-taller walls for the cartels and coyotes to cut through, tunnel under and fly over, we should instead be trying to arm good Mexican people so they can fight back and secure their freedoms instead of running to the United States to be safe. Then, we should extend that policy further south until the Americas are secure from tyranny and criminal gangs.

If the U.S. government can’t bring itself to pressure Mexico into ditching gun control, then the Mexican people need to do it anyway. While good weapons are expensive and difficult for law-abiding civilians to obtain commercially in Mexico, multiple designs for good semi-automatic weapons are readily available on the internet now.

Designs like the FGC-9 can be made entirely from unregulated parts, and ammunition can be made at home. I can’t provide those links and instructions here, but there’s nothing morally wrong with doing what it takes to protect one’s home and family from tyranny and violence.

Mexico could be a great place with unlimited potential if the people would clean house, and modern technology provides the means to do it.

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  1. Mexican pretends to be a democracy. The ruling Democratic Institutional Party came into power in 1917 – the same time as the Bolsheviks in Russia. The economic miracle of a few generations ago was stolen by corrupt politicians. Dissidents are either killed or imprisoned or bought out with a cushy government job. I wish someone in our government had the guts to call out Mexican government for what it is. The human resources in Mexico are excellent, many hard working good people. We have added to the problem. A relatively few years ago the government in Washington made us feel good about guaranteeing Mexico’s refinanced loans. We did the people in Mexico no service, and add to our own tax burden. Mexico needed to go bankrupt and start over! We did NOT bail out Mexico, we bailed out the NY and London bankers who would have lost. What a sad situation for so many people.

    • “…a democracy.”

      There’s the problem. A democracy is mob rule. A stronger central and local governments would benefit the entire country. You’d think that the Mexicans would have realized that after their history of strongman leaders, i.e. dictators.

      • When Biden gets on tv saying Trump is a threat to democracy, he is being truthful. What he isn’t saying is that the US is not a democracy. The left has so many people thinking it is and therefore Trump is a threat to the US. The whole thing is predicated on a lie. Trump might very well be a enemy of the left but he is not and never has been a an enemy of the US.

        • Trump speaks for those that have no voice….he has many faults but that remains his greatest attribute…and why he continues to command a large following….

      • now the Mexicans have traded one strong man for a group of them…to some of them that’s an improvement….

    • “we have to look at a little town called Colonia LeBaron“

      A “little town” that has been a hideout for polygamists and child molesters for decades, perhaps those who want to know more will look up ‘God’s Mighty Man’ Ervin LeBaron, the founder of this peaceful little village…

      “Ervil Morrell LeBaron (February 22, 1925 – August 15, 1981) was the leader of a polygamous Mormon fundamentalist group who ordered the killings of many of his opponents, both within his own sect and in rival polygamous groups, using the religious doctrine of blood atonement to justify the murders.“

      I’m not surprised conservative gun nuts are supporting this nest of vipers, just as they support Jeffrey Epstein’s partying buddy Donald Trump.

      • Amazing. The long list of fascist leftists that buddied with epstein and the only name you can come up with is Trump.

        Are you that desperate that you’re willing to forsake all intellectual honesty, professor?

        • There are many pictures of Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein partying together in various nightclubs, etc.

          There are no pictures whatsoever of Joe Biden partying with Jeffrey Epstein.

          Don’t you think America deserves a president who hasn’t partied with Jeffrey Epstein?


          And just why do you want America to have a president who has partied with Jeffrey Epstein?

        • biden is not the only member of the fascist left to party with epstein.

          Again miner. Honesty.

          Maybe too much to ask for from a goebbels wannabe.

        • “biden is not the only member of the fascist left to party with epstein“

          Now you are just lying to support your delusional narrative, Joe Biden has never partied with Jeffrey Epstein.

          Don’t you think America would be better off with a president who hasn’t partied with Jeffrey Epstein?

        • America would be better off with any president other than biden.

          This isn’t as much about biden as it is the fascist left that controls him and his party. Wealthy old white guys that are hurting Americans on the daily.

        • Wouldn’t America be better off with a president who banned Epstein back before he was canceled and arrested?

        • “There are no pictures whatsoever of Joe Biden partying with Jeffrey Epstein.”

          thats because Biden just human trafficked his kid victims privately at tax payer expense on ‘official’ trips.

        • “Bill Clinton was a close buddy… “

          Bill Clinton has not held any public office for 24 years.

          Wake up Rumpelstiltskin, you are now in the 21st century!

          And those who say that Trump banned Epstein from Mara Lago aren’t telling the rest of the story.

          “President Donald Trump banned his former friend, the wealthy investor Jeffrey Epstein, from his exclusive Mar-a-Lago Club for hitting on the teenage daughter of another member, a new book says.“

          The only reason Trump banned Epstein was because he made a pass at a paying club member’s daughter, Trump didn’t want his party buddy messing with the gravy train at Mar-a-Lago.

        • But you said Epstein was his buddy. You wouldn’t ban your buddy. Why are you pretending like I was hiding “the rest of the story?”

        • “But you said Epstein was his buddy“

          Yep, they were partying pals, not just Trump but his whole family has been to Epstein’s island:

          “Along with his ex-wife Marla Maples and children Tiffany and Eric, the former president flew on Epstein’s private jets multiple times, first appearing on flight logs in 1993. He also spoke of his friendship with him, telling New York Magazine in 2002 that he has “known Jeff for fifteen years.”

          “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life,” he told the magazine.“

          Here’s the best part, Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein connected with Russian diplomats, Russia, Russia, Russia!

          “Jeffrey Epstein held meetings with Trump associates before 2016 election – years after sex offender conviction

          The convicted sex offender invited Trump’s campaign backers Thomas Barrack and Peter Thiel to lunch with Russian diplomat Vitaly Churkin
          Andrea Cavallier
          Thursday 31 August 2023 17:42 BST

          Jeffrey Epstein arranged several meetings with people close to Donald Trump during the former president’s 2016 campaign, a new report revealed.

          The convicted sex offender’s emails and schedules reviewed by the Wall Street Journal showed he invited real estate investor Thomas Barrack and billionaire Peter Thiel, both Trump campaign backers, to gatherings with former Russian United Nations Ambassador Vitaly Churkin.“

          Trump campaign finance years meeting with the Russian ambassador…

          Don’t you think we need an American president whose campaign doesn’t meet with Russian government officials?

        • “Yep, they were partying pals, not just Trump but his whole family has been to Epstein’s island:”

          Lies. There is ZERO evidence that Trump, or his family, went to Epstein’s island. Your link doesn’t even say so. You just made that up. Why can’t you be honest about anything, Miner? If you have to constantly lie to prove your point, then your point is invalid. All you do is lie which means you have no valid points about anything. That latest photo they keep using is from 24 years ago! Trump banned Epstein prior to Epstein pleading guilty in 2008 in Florida. Do you still think they were buds after that? How is Trump implicated in anything if some of his donors met with Epstein? Are you really that desperate to come up with something?

          However, the documents appear to clear Trump of any wrongdoing, as there is no evidence of his visits to Epstein’s home or island, and a witness testified that she was not directed to give Trump a m-a-s-s-a-g-e. [<avoiding moderation system]

          This development is favorable for Trump, contrasting with the situation for Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Alan Dershowitz.

      • the Mormons have been known to commit violence to protect their turf…they have a checkered past…

    • ….”If God didn’t want them sheared..He should not have made them sheep”….pretty much describes how Mexico treats its citizens….

  2. The Mexican government is the cartels.

    Only an asteroid or invasion could save it. It’s too bad so many beautiful resource rich countries have been destroyed by their own corrupt governments.

  3. Anyone who believes that leg@ lizing drugs will make all the crime go away is a complete dangerous fool.

      • Did the ending of prohibition stop all the crime related to the consumption of alcohol?

        “If we just legalize it then all the crime will go away.”

        • legalizing alcohol cut off much of organized crimes revenue…but then they just moved on to something else…preying on human weakness and desire has always been an enormous source of profit….

  4. We don’t need to pressure Mexico to do anything. We just need to move the US Army to the southern border and create a demilitarized zone where we shoot anything that tries to cross. Keep their problems on their side of the border.

    • I think the border states should put the federal taxes that are paid in each state into an escrow account. Texas could deduct the costs incurred in having a Texas border batallion to patrol the border and eliminate the useless Border Patrol. Give all citizens immunity to enforce the border with lethal means. Any money left over would be sent to the feds.

    • I agree. We could easily turn a ten or twenty mile swath of border land into a huge army base and training ground. Just move Fort Hood to the border, along with a couple divisions. Give the Air Force training grounds, including ground targets to shoot at. Ditto the Navy. Illegal traffic may not stop entirely, but it will damned sure slow down a lot.

      • Build a two mile deep solar array field the length of the border and kill two birds with one stone. Even the rattlesnakes couldn’t make that crossing.

    • Ewww, I don’t think I could shute a mom holding a couple babies wading in the middle of a river.
      Nope, better to wait till they get to the bank so they don’t float away, I had that happen with ducks before.
      Always bring a fishing pole if you’ve not got a Retriever.

      • Iiiiiieeeeee, the Gringo’s are grinding us up to feed Smithfield Bacon pigs.

      • “Ewww, I don’t think I could shute a mom holding a couple babies wading in the middle of a river.“

        Don’t worry, there are plenty of Christians in the United States who are all too willing to do it, just read the posts on this list.

        So much for that Jesus schtick…

        “You shall also love the stranger, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt.
        Deuteronomy 10:19

        The alien who resides with you shall be to you as the citizen among you; you shall love the alien as yourself, for you were aliens in the land of Egypt: I am the Lord your God.
        Leviticus 19:34

        ‘Cursed is anyone who withholds justice from the foreigner, the fatherless or the widow.’ Then all the people shall say, ‘Amen!’
        Deuteronomy 27:19”

        • An atheist quoting Scripture. A virgin advising how to sexually satisfy a woman.

          A distinction with no difference.

        • I guess the border guards around China are christian? North Korea?

          You’ve become a parody of yourself, professor.

        • “An atheist quoting Scripture“

          That’s because atheists know the Bible better than most Christians, we’ve actually studied the written word rather than relying on some sky daddy’s witch doctor.

          “The US Religious Knowledge Survey, released Tuesday from the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, found atheists and agnostics know more basic facts about the Bible than either Protestants or Catholics.“

          And the leader of the Christian evangelicals here in America, Donald Trump, can’t even name one verse from the Bible.

        • Miner is obsessed with the Torah. It’s now politically correct to hate on Jews, so he gets a pass from his fellow bigots. This is the same guy that calls people Islamophobic. He also seems to think that all Republicans are Christians which explains his hatred for Republicans.

        • “This is the same guy that calls people Islamophobic“

          And again you are lying about my statement, I have never called anyone ilamo-phobic.

          I think anyone who believes that Mohammed fantasy is just as delusional as the Christians. Or for that matter, those who worship any imaginary deities.

          And you just wait till the Muslims get to their crusade period, That was such a hoot for the Christians back in the day.

          Just like the Christians, they’ll claim their imaginary deity’s ‘commandments’ are justification for killing people and taking their property.

          Turns out, most religions have a bullshit ‘chosen people’ and ‘promised land’ story.

        • I’m not sure how any of that applies to a professed atheist. You’re always pushing these crazy conspiracy theories that even though Christians may say they’re pro-life, they really want to murder everyone. You are, without a doubt, the biggest bigot I’ve ever personally encountered in my life.

        • “That’s because atheists know the Bible better than most Christians”

          I either didn’t notice this comment earlier, or it was held for moderation. You’re misrepresenting the quiz. It wasn’t a quiz about the Bible. It was a quiz about world religions.

          I tried to find it on Pew’s site. I came across a newer version of the same thing. Their findings were that atheists were the second most knowledgeable, behind Jews. However, when “Looking only at questions about the Bible and Christianity, evangelical Protestants give the highest number of right answers.”

        • Dude, you mean that Liar69er lied?

          A lying liar lied and then lied about his lying?

          Say it ain’t so!

          (Wait until you read his “thanking Providence” in the Uvalde thread. Hoo boy.)

        • Miner49er is just demonstrating a great example of what President Eisenhower said in his final address to the nation.

          That the enemies of the United States are atheistic in nature.

          Many enemies of the USA quote the Bible. Good for them. They have learned to read.

    • Trump got it about right when he pressured the president of Mexico to seal THEIR southern border….all Biden had to do was keep that policy in place, yet he chose not to….why?

  5. RE: “The Mexican Government Wants To Blame The United States”

    Should be: “The Mexican Government and the Gun Control democRat Party Wants To Blame The United States Constitution”

    • governments fear an armed populace and covet control…but the elimination of gun control laws in Mexico would actually make it a better place for the average citizen…..

  6. I am so thankful I do not have to associate or reside around anyone who cannot blow a dirtbag’s head clean off. For you that do have to tolerate Gun Control minded people all I can say is teach them to bark like guard dogs so at least they will be good for something.

  7. Anyone who doubts how corrupt the Mexican government, and the Mexican army are, needs to know one bit of info. Fully 1/3 of weapons imported into Mexico for the army’s use, end up in Cartel hands. That’s not just rifles and pistols, that’s all weapons. The cartels have access to anti-aircraft missiles, anti-tank missiles, explosives, etc. They may not get aircraft or tanks of their own, but anything lesser can be had, for the right price. I don’t think the get a whole lot of the army’s electronic gear. Many stories say that the cartels have better electronics than the army, including their own cell phone system, landline phone system, radio systems, and internet.

  8. I am not seeing any simple solution to Mexico’s governmental corruption and drug cartel problem. Even if every capable man and woman in Mexico had a quality semi-automatic handgun and rifle with tons of ammunition, how would they stop the corruption and drug cartel shenanigans? They would have to somehow organize everyone into cohesive groups of at least 100 people, develop an effective strategy, and then coordinate their activities.

    In case it isn’t obvious, organizing and developing strategy is largely a public/open activity and the drug cartels as well as corrupt members of the Mexican government would almost certainly nip that in the bud.

    I am unable to think of a viable solution.

    • Annex the willing counties Nuke the resistors, claim the whole continent as one, picket fence the shorelines with ICBM’s and tell the rest of the world to get fcked.

    • It’s a little suspicious how we can react to the couple thousand dead on 9/11 the way we did while also throwing our hands up in futility as 100,000+ die every year from shit being brought in by these people.

      Maybe that’s for the best. Don’t want to risk leaving the cartels better trained, better equipped and more powerful twenty years out when we just abandon the half-assed mission.

    • You are correct. Mexico’s problems can’t be cured. Certainly not by the US Government. The situation is utterly hopeless.

      I live there.

    • Mexico has thrown off oppressors before…but it did lead to over 20 years of chaos before stability could be achieved…considering what happened in Cuba a revolution could be a dangerous thing for us…perhaps trading the devil you know for the one you don’t….think “Red Dawn”….

    • towns in Mexico have tried the militia solution…but inevitably the government comes in to disarm them….

  9. quote————but they don’t mention that they’re only sending guns they think came from the United States for tracing, meaning that they’re just good at identifying U.S. guns, while most are obviously not from here.——–quote

    This is wild far right propaganda and you have zero proof this is happening.

    Drug gangs get all the weapons they want because second hand guns are not vetting in the U.S. Once they are bought new they can be resold and resold and end up being transported to Mexico.

    • And you have no proof that is what is happening. RPG’s and full auto ak’s and m16’s are not for sale in US gun shops but yet they show up in Mexico.

      As usual you’re lying because you have nothing else.

      • to Jethro the Janitor

        Stay out of conversations you know nothing about.

        The majority of weapons found in Mexico are semi-auto U.S. weapons.

        Anyone who watches the news knows this but you spend all your time eating pizza and drinking beer. Spread your smelly rectum gas elsewhere you are just as usual making a complete fool and ass of yourself.

        • Cartels have submarines and aircraft. Real military grade weapons are easy for them.

          Does your social worker remind you to breath as well as feed you? How can anybody as ignorant and uneducated as yourself live without constant support?

        • ….”Clear and Present Danger”?….yeah, they’ve got that stuff but most of the time they don’t need it…and it sure didn’t come from us…

        • back during the drug wars of the 80’s it was common practice to purchase semi-auto’s in the US then send them to Mexico for conversion before bringing them back here….

    • “This is wild far right propaganda and you have zero proof this is happening.”

      no, it isn’t. they admitted it.

      • people with criminal intent care little about these silly restrictions… and people without it have little need of them…

  10. Gun Rights in Mexico has nothing to do with the problems being faced in the United States. Liberalism/Progressiveism and the Democrats that espouse to it are the problem and will continue to be…As long as it is allowed.

  11. While the gun control lobby keeps scare-mongering about our “epidemic of gun violence” supposedly caused by weak laws, we keep getting a flood of people try to move here for safety from countries with strict gun laws.

    • there’s an excellent scene in “Viva Zapata” where he points his rifle at the president of Mexico and takes his watch…then hands him his rifle and says “Now you can have your watch back…but without this [the rifle] you can’t”….very telling and meaningful and worth watching

  12. All the gunms a mezkin citezen could ever need.
    Nope, it’s to late.
    The drug problem, The drug problem.
    The drug problem starts with the people who are using the drugs.
    Fix that and the Drug Dealers go away.

  13. Legalizing drugs certainly won’t reduce cartel violence, or inhibit criminal power and affluence.

    Who among us has not noticed the nightly reports of shootouts, robberies, raids and turf wars conducted by the major beer corporations and their subsidiaries? And the way the price of a beer quadrupled overnight when misguided judges made it legal is just a historical fact.

    That is why the Founding Fathers made all dope illegal, including aspirin and peptobismol, as soon as the Bill of Rights was signed.

    Right about the time the NRA took away everybody’s guns.

  14. Mexico proves the point that civil wars are the dirtiest wars.

    There is an unholy alliance of government, military, cartels against the people. Can’t really see an endgame in all this.

    • an easing of their gun laws would least allow people to protect themselves to some degree…but empowering the people scares the hell out of them….

  15. Texas Begins ARRESTING Illegal Immigrants, Directly Opposing Federal Govt, CIVIL WAR FEARS GROW.

    • You beat me to it. I watched the entire 1 hour long video last night. I’ve read how communist China has been active in Mexico for decades now. They have really amped up their “drug business” in Mexico for the last few years now.

      As the guest on this podcast states, mexico is on its way to be coming a Venezuela type government.
      A Marxist communist government, on the american border, that has a thriving legal cartel drug trade.
      That is a dream come true for the libertarians.

      • Yep. And in just two years of his presidency china handed trump at least $5.8 million. Maybe it came from fentanyl sales to kids here in America.

        • Yeah, the chinese they’re pretty angry at the United States. They’re angry at the British for shipping opium into their society from Afghanistan a 150 years ago.

          And they’re really angry at the Delano family. The president Franklin Delano Roosevelt family. Because the Delano family were shippers.
          It was their cargo ships that moved these drugs across the oceans into china. That’s how President Franklin D. Roosevelt got all that “old” family money.

          They “forgot” to teach that in our american public school system.

        • missy…you mistake POTUS DJT for Jim Crow Gun Control open borders democRat china joe biden…try again.

        • It’s amazing that more people have not seen this video. It should be broadcast on the evening news every single evening until people understand. My old bookmarks of this video keep getting scrubbed. Youtube doesn’t want me to find this video. He briefly explains how China influences the USA (tl;dr=money). Skip to 6:39. They couldn’t use their usual channels to “fix” Trump. Then he triumphantly says, but now Biden has been elected, AND THE CHINESE CROWD LAUGHS.

          Then he says who helped Biden’s son build his global foundation, and the crowd cheers!

        • Everyone should watch this video as well. He explains where the power center is in the USA. Note that the power center he describes is vehemently anti-Trump. Why is that?

        • “Among the countries patronizing Mr. Trump’s properties, China made the largest total payment — $5.5 million — to his business interests, the report found. Those payments included millions of dollars from China’s Embassy in the United States, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and the Hainan Airlines Holding Company.“


        • Foreigners patronized a billionaire’s businesses? For a second there, I thought you were going to say foreign businesses had been sending money to various shell corporations, and that banks had flagged Trump’s brother, son, and other relatives with over 150 suspicious activity reports. Next I suppose you’re going to tell me that this sort of thing is dangerous.

          Everyone knows that someone worth over a billion would be willing to sell their country out for 5 million. It is weird that the Chinese were complaining in November of 2020 that they weren’t able to influence Trump. Another mystery I suppose…

        • in china the fentanyl trade is viewed as revenge for what we and the Europeans did to them to get them to bend to our will….but china’s best weapon has always been using our own greed against us….a war over Taiwan would put all that at risk as we could easily shut down their trade routes….have to wonder if they’re taking that into consideration….

  16. It sure would be great to go back to the old days, when drugs were legal. You could use opium. Smoke pot or do whatever you wanted. And not be arrested for just doing that.

    Yes, it sure would be great to go back to the old days. When you could kill someone, who was stealing to feed their drug habit. And not be arrested because a drug addict was stealing from you.

    Yes, those sure were the good old days of swift Justice. And you didn’t need to call a policeman. And then wait twenty minutes to an 1 hour for the cops to show up.

    Because back then we didn’t have police. You had a sheriff for maybe five hundred square miles. Or more.
    So property owners took care of business ASAP. And no one questioned them killing a criminal who was stealing from them.

    Yes, those were the good old days.

    Unfortunately that’s not the case anymore. The drug leg aliz@ tion crowd wants to enable drug use by using government power. And have property owners arrested because they use deadly force to protect what they own.

    And they support the welfare industrial complex. To make sure people get their “free” government medical marijuana. And “free” government injection centers. So a “free” government doctor can monitor you. So you don’t overdose on that Fentanyl you voluntarily put into your body.

  17. Typically, Jenn is about 20yrs behind. Today it’s not Mexicans, EVERY halfassed nation on earth is crossing our Southern (and now significantly, NORTHERN) border. No discussion of how this invaders pay for airline ticket to Mexico.

    Including, tens of thousands of chicom males of military age. NO ONE leaves the PRC without the active approval of the chicoms.

    • The S Border is 2400 miles long – at a spacing of 1 person per 6′, it would take 2.2m people to staff the entire border.

      Sounds like a lot, but at the current rate of invasion, it would only take 211 days to build an army that big. So we just conscript them as they cross, … just kidding.

      I read that 1500$ is the going rate to cross – at 10000 invaders per day, that is 15,000,000$ per day in the hands of our future lords and masters. That is quite a racket – why no one wants to charge the enablers running the various “sanctuaries” under RICO law, I don’t know…

  18. “When you could kill someone, who was stealing to feed their drug habit.”

    Get a freaking grip. A vial of opium cost about 1.50$ in 2024 dollars in 1895. Sears would deliver a cartoon of 60 for 2.40$ (1895 dollars). One vial was probably enough to keep a drug fiend going for several days to a week.

    • I’m glad you support the government giving out “free” heroine injection kits. That really is a step up from handing out only “free” needles, like they were doing thirty years ago.

      Libertarians love “free” government stuff.

      Over one hundred years ago when drugs were legal. Drug addicts died before they were 25. Unfortunately libertarians want to use “free” government stuff to keep drug addicts alive.

      They really don’t believe that freedom is messy. Because they want government intervention.

  19. I live in the United States. The public schools are trying to make my kids gay. They are told being straight is wrong because it implies that being gay is crooked.

    Being a “liberal democracy” has failed. I welcome living under cartel rule. Cartels build churches for the denizens of their turf. I would rather live under an Arab Sheikh, church rule, cartel rule, Chinese-communism, etc…

    We have the 2A, but libtards steal elections and make your kids gay. We have tyranny- the 2A didn’t help!

    I carry everyday. I support 2A- no exceptions. I go to church every Sunday! J6 protesters are being tortured. I welcome cartel rule. It can’t be worse than living under democrats.

    • Ur gunna make the boomers mad.

      They can’t understand that the argument that the 2A prevents tyranny is bogus. We live under libtard tyranny.

      Obviously we need Christ. We need 2A.

      We need cartel rule. America just gives Israel weapons to drop bombs on churches and make Africa and the USA gay.

      • Yah- Israel dropped bombs that killed a congressman’s family. But the [[[media]]] covered that up.

        • How is it “full of shit”?

          Is America not trying to make kids gay? Sock or not- anon has a point.

          JWM doesn’t realize America forces children to be gay.

        • Father. Even if you had a valid point, I do not believe you do, you invalidate it anyways by commenting like dacian and miner.

          The most untrustworthy commenters here and you followed in their style.

    • organized crime beats the hell out of disorganized crime any day of the week…I can still remember walking down a dark alley without a care in the world because I knew it was “protected”…..

  20. So what you’re saying is Mexico needs a border where our problems don’t spill into their country.

  21. Arrest docs: Naked man beat Fort Worth delivery driver to death with firewood >

    ok, that’s weird you think. Well its actually not so weird, in fact blunt objects in the hands of deranged people or criminals are used to attack and injure (some die) victims thousands of times daily across the United States, ~8,000 times daily as of today 21 Jan 2024 (based upon the last six months to include up to today).

    And, as of today 21 Jan 2024 (based upon the last six months to include up to today), knives and other sharpened/pointed weapons in the hands of deranged people or criminals are used to attack and injure (some die) victims ~6,500 times daily across the United States.

    And, as of today 21 Jan 2024 (based upon the last six months to include up to today), hands used as a weapon by deranged people or criminals are used to attack and injure (some die) victims ~4,000 times daily across the United States.

    And, as of today 21 Jan 2024 (based upon the last six months to include up to today), ‘chemicals’ (e.g. acid, pepper spray, gasoline etc…) used as a weapon by deranged people or criminals are used to attack and injure (some die) victims ~5,200 times daily across the United States.

    • some Mexicans recently got into a bar fight in my town…they pulled knives….big mistake!….

  22. Where’s Waldo and where the f is Russian Collusion? Oh I get it missy…It’s now China Collusion. Who would’ve thunk it?

    TRUMP 2024.

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