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The disappearance, shooting and incineration of 43 Marxist students in Guerrero Mexico is tipping our neighbor to the South closer toward revolution. I’m not saying it’s close to revolt, but there’s no question that Mexico is moving in that direction, as the rule of law disappears into darkness. VICE fails to mention the fact that the country has disarmed its populace, leaving them defenseless against subhuman narcoterrorists and their government accomplices. Notice that . . .

supporters of the missing students have tooled-up – illegally – to protect themselves against further violence (23:44 and 24:46). Mexicans are paying the ultimate price to learn a lesson U.S. gun owners have been asserting for decades: when guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns. Mass murder is the inevitable result.

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  1. I don’t believe that gun control in Mexico has been a failure. I think it’s been a spectacular success. The whole purpose of disarming Mexican citizens is to assure that the cartels, and their puppet government, will remain in control.

    Mission accomplished.

    • What do you think the mexican government told their citizens?
      What to you think mexican politicians promised to them to get re-elected when it actually mattered who they voted for?

      Regardless of the motives, this trend has happened and is currently happening in many countries (of course our own).

    • Well 43 Marxist are taken out before they can do any major damage I will be honest it is not a loss and the world might be better with out them. I might be “cold” but they destroy everything they touch.

      • Not only is your comment cold, it is based on the ‘Murican outlook that anything aside from a federalist republic is evil and worthy of disdain and destruction.

        Marxism has proven a failure where tried, and for good reason, but it isn’t inherently evil. Do you know what finding joy in the death of innocent people simply because they don’t adhere to your economic and social viewpoint gets us? It gets us groups like ISIS and Al Shabaab. It gets us manifest destiny and the slaughtering of native tribes. It gets us Stalin- and Mao-esque genocide and population cleansing.

        Evil is not confined to certain socioeconomic theories, it resides in the heart of man. And if you find contentment in the murder of 43 people who don’t hold your worldview, then I contend it has taken up residency in your own soul.

        [/end rant]

        • ISIS and Al Shabaab are not born of a reaction to some of the (admittedly) stupid things we do for oil. They are born of the Qu’ran and Islam, nothing more. There hasn’t been anything like the US for the majority of the existence of Islam, but there have always been groups of those nutters beheading and stoning their way to Allah. They destroyed the entire culture of learning and science, and left the vast wasteland of insanity you see today.

          The Euros are learning right now that the road to losing your culture, and ultimately your entire way of life, is paved with good, if foolish, intentions. If you get enough Muslims in one place, they attempt take over. I don’t care about the “majority” of them, the fact is, the ‘peaceful’ ones never run the show. Nor are they beheading people in public in London, or where was it, Oklahoma? There are always militants, they are always violent.

          Islam is a scourge on civilization, has been since day one, and will be until the end. However that end plays out. History happens as we live.

        • Marxism has proven a failure where tried, and for good reason, but it isn’t inherently evil. No, actually it is evil in that the practical application is that the state is supreme and the individual is disposable. One can say that the Communist Manifesto does not state this, but that is just a fairy tale. The State will wither away after the establishment of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. LOL. That is the cruelest joke ever fostered upon humanity. Aynn Rand was right.

  2. I spent a winter in Mexico a few years back. Talking with the people, I was struck by how many envied the U,S, our Second Amendment. One family maintained that if Mexicans were allowed arms, the cartels would be in serious trouble.

    • Yep. Just look at the incredible success that the (illegally armed) autodefensas have had in retaking their communities; pushing the cartels back and keeping them back.

    • The Mexican constitution guarantees the right of citizens to bear arms. Unfortunately it has been dismissed and ignored for over 40 years by their leaders and officials.

  3. I frequently mention Mexico and their situation when I run into antis, and this is where their racism really shows through. They never come right out and say it, but it’s usually pretty clear to me from their words that they think this couldn’t happen to America because we are a superior breed of human who is immune to the violence that brown people feel compelled to commit.

    I love how people think the left is totally without prejudice, while the right is all anti women and anti black and anti whatever. Idiots.

  4. No problem. I’ll start a hasttag campaign. Bring back our Marxist student and you gun. It was a smashing success in Nigeria, people here showed that “they care” and the abducted girls were retur……….oooooooh.

    • Neither Barack, nor Michelle, are going to bother with their almighty hashtags on this one; the only thing they like about Mexicans is that they can fool them into voting a certain way. But then, I guess that’s all they really like about anyone. #EgomaniacalSociopaths

  5. I’ll forgo the very long rant, but here’s the short one. (And I’m a fiscally conservative Republican.) U.S. investment in Mexico is enormous, and has been since before the turn of the 20th century. Governments there have made a show of nationalizing oil and supposedly banning foreign ownership of coastal land, a move which never succeeded. The presidents of Mexico have for many decades off-shored enormous graft, and they’ve done so with the help of first-rate U.S. attorneys. Why name names? I’ve got enough problems. But I can think of one firm in particular that’s had two partners counsel four of the last five presidents, and the firm isn’t in DC, NYC, or in Texas. People have long thought of the late Bill Buckley as “old money,” Nope. New money that was made by his father lawyering in Mexico, among other opportunities. Mexico is worse that Iraq was, in many ways. Mexico certainly has built the cartel branch infrastructure in the U.S. to serve its needs, like a gangland/government Walmart, dotting the nation with thousands of little Walmarts. Follow the old money, follow the new. That’s the only reason we hide behind the “don’t offend the Latinos by going all Yankee on them” rubbish.

    Time to arm the law-abiding Mexicans, crush the current government, rebuild the election process. But FOR GOD’S SAKE don’t hand the job to Jerry Bremer.

  6. Like defying Gravity or sticking your fingers in a live
    electric socket….certain behaviors have preordained

    One man with a gun can control 100 without one. – Vladimir Lenin

    The irony is grim when you realize who said the following. Without
    arms you WILL live on your knees….always. Those Mexican
    students experienced this law of nature personally.

    “It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees!” Emiliano Zapata 1879-1919

  7. While watching the Discovery channel the other day a commercial came on claiming how great Mexico is as far as the Arts, Cuisine, Manufacturing, and Safety. What a sick joke that was. It really sickened me. Who in the hell believes this crap? Left wingers who send their kids there on spring break?

    A hatred of any education for the impoverished? Check!

    Denial of a means to defend oneself from criminals or state sanctioned killers masquerading as LEOs or military? Check!

    The “Great Leader” assuring the public that something will be done even though months have passed? Check!

    The Mexican Gov working with Narco Terrorists that use murder, torture, and intimidation to keep the public in line ? Check!

    Yep, Mexico is surely a country that is a world leader in free thought and safety!

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. I say just the tyrants, the Mexican people have given enough patriots and innocents at this point. I’m surprised they haven’t strung up every politician in Mexico at this point. If everyone in America knows that these dirtbags are all yes men to the cartels then the people of Mexico surely know the same.

    Only one thing can change Mexico. Revolution. I wonder how long the people of Mexico will put up with this crap before they finally say enough is enough?

      • Apparently you don’t understand revolution. A soldier walks under your balcony and you drop a bag of sand on his head, and take his guns and ammo. Another comes looking for him and you shoot him and take his guns and ammo. 20 more arrive and you know nothing, there are no firearms present, you saw nothing. Get the point? There is no such thing as helpless due to being disarmed. Only due to cowardice.

    • I disagree to a point. Mexico does have great food. I love Mexican art and culture. My Abarth (an Italian car made in Mexico) seems better built than any GM car I have owned or been in for the last 10 years. Safety though, yeah not so much. Maybe if the 5million or so that snuck over here went back and fought for thier country it could be a better place.

      I really do miss traveling to Mexico. It used to be a very nice place to visit. Just jump across the border (legally), do some shopping, see some sights then head home. Really quite sad that it has gotten as bad as it is.

  8. When finds ate outlawed the line between law and outlaw disappears.
    Members of law enforcement soon learn it is safer to take the money and work for the other side.
    That is why organized crime in the US is probably funding gun control campaigns here.

  9. I get the need to shoehorn the right to bear arms in everything , the word truth is in the site’s title though, so here goes my unpopular opinion:
    This would have happened regardless of civilian disarmament. Personal ownership of firearms is in no way a defense against organized crime, as is clearly evident by the long and rich history of the mafia and gangs in the US, both today and in the past despite hundreds of millions of guns in the hands of citizens.
    Civilian disarmament makes people more vulnerable to crime on an individual level, however problems like the kidnapping of almost 4 dozen people by the cartels will not be thwarted by individual action.

    • Disagree entirely. Considering the very high rate of individual crime in the US, along with the non-existence of this type of mass grave incident, it seems more like the opposite is true;private guns deter crime to a certain extent, but when it comes to tyranny they absolutely smother it in the crib.

      • I follow the same data to the exact opposite conclusion. I tend to see the lack of mass grave incidents in the US as a result of the criminal element calculating (correctly so) that law enforcement in a local, state and federal level is nowhere near as corrupt as in Mexico and would respond with overwhelming force in that event.
        This to me is a much more logical explanation of why the mafia in the 30s didn’t perform mass kidnappings and executions like this one, or why the same drug cartels operating on the US side of the border are far less brash. If we assume a scenario of say a dozen college kids kidnapped and killed by a gang in the states what would the criminals be more worried about a group of outraged citizens forming a posse and hunting them down or the alphabet soup of law enforcement agencies that would be gunning for them? And if there was no response from law enforcement would an armed populace act as adequate deterrence on it’s own?
        There are also examples in US history where arms ownership has not protected groups from discrimination that would be considered tyranny, interment of Japanese Americans in WW2 comes to mind. Also I can think of lots of places in central Asia and Africa where despite widespread access to AKs and RPGs by pretty much everyone tyranny has most certainly not been smothered in the crib.
        (Again I hope not to get flamed badly, just thought this was an interesting point to play devil’s advocate on)

        • George, you clearly missed the official reports detailing the police chiefs, captains, judges, and mayors, and governors of Illinois bought (rented?) by the mobs in 1920-1938 Chicago, NYC, and New Jersey.

          Organized crime in the above three referenced jurisdictions had no financial goal that could be aided by mass-murder with guns, although they accomplished this result several times via arson.

        • I do disagree a bit slightly, but not all societies or countries are “equal”. And it has very little to do with race, it’s more because of culture than anything.

          Firearms, like anything else in life, is only as good as the will to use it. Civil disarmament is like taking a jenga block out of the teetering societal tower. It may not be the one, but it contributes to its downfall. Also, never underestimate the ability of humans to endure abuse and misery if they think it’s for the “common good”. It can be both a strength and weakness. With the Americans of Japanese descent, most went to the camps willingly or with little protest, particularly after years of Pro-Regressive big government saying they are looking out for “them”. Even after the Supreme Court validated the decision with the rather poorly decided Korematsu v. United States.

    • Sorry, horse manure. See if this sounds familiar; Publish a picture of the targeted offender with a “wanted! Dead or Alive” notice, and a promised reward. Watch how fast the offender’s head arrives at the police station. Limiting the authority of gunowners to defend their lives and property, and then belittling their potential contributions is simply dishonest. Pick a side, dude. Or just keep on trollin’!

      For evidence, send your pals to me, and we’ll see.

      • Assuming you are serious ( If you ‘re pulling my leg consider me busted 😛 )
        This is the year 2014! Calamity Jane, Wyatt Earp and the rest of that lot have been dead for more than 100 years. The wild west days are long gone and the dead or alive poster suggestion can only be considered as a joke.
        I’m really not trying to belittle gun owners or limit in any way their authority to defend themselves something that I feel was made very clear in my posts.
        However this article seems to support the idea that, if the Mexican people where armed such cartel violence would not be possible. I think that’s not true as it ascribes powers to individual gun owners they do not have. (The mafia-gang references where in support of that opinion). Furthermore I wrote this in defense, if you will, of gun owners. It’s dishonest to expect individuals to take on what is clearly a problem that is too big for them, taking on an intruder in your home is not the same as taking on the entire sinaloa drug cartel.
        So here is the side I pick: Gun ownership is great and should be a fundamental human right for everyone. It is not a substitute for a functioning police force and justice system and will never be one. That’s my side and I ‘m sticking to it 🙂

  10. Sorry, I doubt the ‘students’ are wholely innocnet here. They are the agitators in most of the conflicts. They’re extremely unreasonable in their responses and have riots at every turn. Then expect someone to treat them fairly and with respect? The left there is the same as the left here, well, maybe they’re a bit more violent there.

    • The way a nation gains an unruly angry and often violent left is to permit, encourage, and finance an ever more abusive right. I saw it in Vietnam. My friends lived it in Cuba (they were the kids of the right, BTW), I know it academically and in detail for Russia, and it was certainly a key factor in “War Lords plus Colonials” in China.

      The only groups singing “keep the PRI, for only they can control the Mexican left” are those who profit from the status quo through manufacturing, land-owning, graft, and banking. Educate the poor somewhat, enable arming of the middle class, and above all purge the judiciary, so that we never again see a no-business presidential brother acquitted in the face of overwhelming evidence that all the money came from drugs and graft. Raul Salinas de Gortari. Tip of the iceberg.


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