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“Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said Wednesday that the vigilante ‘self-defense’ groups of Michoacan had ‘in no way’ been allowed to expand on his watch, even though the groups began to emerge three months after his inauguration and have indeed grown in scope and power since,” reports. In other words, bullshit. The current situation in Mexico’s southern territories is best described as “tense.” The Prez’s major domo, one  Alfredo Castillo, deployed 4,500 troops and 4,800 federal police into the Tierra Caliente to roust cartel members and placate the “armed vigilantes” who took control of their own government. Whether and when “placate” becomes “pacify” – and I think you know what I mean – remains to be seen. “The vigilantes have also refused to lay down their arms until more cartel bosses are arrested.” I don’t think so. Click the above video, which shows Mexican troops disarming Mexican civilians – in no uncertain terms. And yes, it could happen here. [h/t Juan]

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  1. IED’s. Just sayin’. Police and military armories are full of goodies. Or the vigilantes/militias can cut out the middle men and just jack holders next delivery at the border.

    • Boom! Guerrilla warfare is a bitch!

      “You can’t fight a tank or plane!”

      “You don’t have to, you just have to shoot the guy in the refueling truck, pilots don’t know to take care of their equipment, they just know how to operate it. Resupplying a tank or plane is not like putting 87 octane in a Buick at the local Shell station.”

      • Yup. In the end it takes a lot of logistics to run an army, and it is much easier and practical to interrupt the logistics. Think of it like trying to plug a hose nozzle versus putting a kink in the hose itself.

  2. It takes a Captain Ahab to kill a Captain Ahab… Being wise enough to know it is foolish only means the one who is most obsessed and deranged will win…

    You must be willing to sacrifice yourself on the enemy’s altar. This is the sacrfice of the Unorganized Militia.

    Noble as their some of their sacrifies may be, Soldiers take orders from the enemy and try to bend it into the right thing.

    Even a Veteran has to respect the desperation and fortitude of the common man bent to the task while still bearing the yoke of lies and slander to the very end, whatever it may be.

  3. Hes in cahoots with the Sinaloa cartel, so letting the defenders run the cartels out of town isnt in his best interest. Hes more worried about them ruining his business

  4. It will get a lot worse before it gets better. My heart really goes out to these people in the hopes that future generations will enjoy true freedom as the end result of this mess.

    It may not happen in my lifetime.

  5. So the state is spending money/man-hours fighting the people who are fighting the drug cartels? Makes sense. . .

    • Why do you think our own “War on Drugs”, inspite of manifest failure, continues? To many of our government parasites get to much power, control and money. both as tax money and bribe money paid out to them by the cartels.

      This is why the government in Mexico is cracking down on the citizen militia’s, they are interfering in the making of money and power on all levels of their government.

      • “This is why the government in Mexico is cracking down on the citizen militia’s, they are interfering in the making of money and power on all levels of their government.”

        The irony is strong. Similar in many ways to the Republicans that are now attacking the Tea Party.

        • Nail on the head! And gaining traction: Even Ann Coulter mentioned Mike Lee on Piers Morgan last night when all the British Baloney Man wanted to talk about was Chris Christie.

        • > The irony is strong. Similar in many ways to the Republicans that are now attacking the Tea Party.

          It’s not irony. If you are against big government then you are against the Republican party.

          If you are against big government then you are also against the Democratic party.

          Why? How is this so?

          It’s because they are the same political party. It’s a play-act designed to make the average person that political change by working in the system is possible. The elections are just a money generator for big media conglomerates.

          The primary purpose in our Democracy is to get you to buy into it so they can continue to fuck you over while you blame the rest of the population, who are also getting fucked over, for the outcome to the elections.

  6. Mexico has the same problem that we’re fighting in the middle East. The people see themselves as having tribal type loyalties. Being Mexican, or Afghani, or Iraqi, are secondary loyalties. It’s impossible to make a country when the citizens are so splintered.
    America calls itself the melting pot. That’s a powerful image because we have many identities on many levels, but let an event like 9-11 happen, and we are all unified in being Americans first.
    At least that’s how I see it.

    • My wife is from a small town about 40 miles north of Morelia. I’ve spent a fair amount of time down there and have seen first hand the death and destruction that came at the hands of Sinaloa, La Familia and Los Zetas. I’ve also seen the disdain that folks have for corrupt and ineffective local and federal governments. So, neither have the respect of the people as they no longer act in the interest of the people. It always seemed to me that folks identified as Mexican first and local area second, but it’s a close second.

      Personally I’m happy to see folks standing up to defend themselves, i only hope that these new groups do the right thing and don’t follow in the footsteps of La Familia which had similar origins and quickly became exactly what they were fighting.

      Sadly the federal governments in Mexico and the US has thrown their hat in with the Sinoloa Cartel… so it will be interesting to see how this turns out. Central Mexico has a strong history of revolutionary minded folk… The Mexican war of Independence started just about 80 miles to the north of Morelia in Dolores Hidalgo.

  7. I hope these citizen militias come out on top.

    I really hope they don’t get into it with the military or the federal police, but from what I’ve been seeing, that may be unavoidable.

  8. I have seen and read enough to know that the civilians fighting as militiamen against the cartels are not the bad guys in this. My advice at this point would be to sumarily execute any cartel member you capture. But as to the federal troops who have come to disarm you…. I would skin these men alive and send assassins after their wives and children. Show absolutely no mercy! Mexico’s federal government has ignored your pleas for help for 20 years. You know this better than I and you also know they did it because they were being payed handsomely by the drug traffickers. The low-level troops they send to disarm you will scatter before your righteous anger like ducklings before a tiger. You must not allow yourselves to be disarmed. I dare say it is already too late for the nation of Mexico. Split the country up and burn the traitors alive in a cage! This is YOUR home! I’ve spent several months in Mexico two decades ago and have never seen a more corrupt government anywhere. Show them what evil brings. Hunt them like animals. Destroy them!!!

    • One of the biggest problems they face is that a lot of the Cartels and the politicians, police, and military are going to end up being the same group of people. They defend each other, they support each other, and the profit from each other.

  9. “Fantasy. Lunacy. All revolutions are, until they happen, then they are historical inevitabilities.” – David Mitchell

  10. So here is the sickening part. I am sure we have operators down there already. On what side are the US mil “advisers” going to be assisting? Will they obey orders to help suppress a people being ravaged like these folks are? I am reminded of the Green Beret motto “DE OPPRESSO LIBER”. I hope they live up to it.

    I have said it before, but me thinks that our own government has been penetrated by these cartels. As RF said up above the amount of money floating around is ridiculous. Can’t tell me that it hasn’t happened. Makes me dam sad for this country. Just a matter of how high up it has reached. I wouldn’t doubt that cabinet and White House folks are on the take. They will use the tools that they command to support their cartel bosses.

  11. “…because the cartels are well armed.” Well armed by Eric Holder and the United States Justice Department!

    If it seems like the Mexican Government is on the same side as the Drug Cartels, it’s probably because they are. The Mexican and United States Governments control the Durg Cartels.

    This isn’t anything new and has been a ruling tactic that has been utilized for thousands of years. You create an enemy to scare and instill fear in the people in order to strip away rights and rule over the people.

    God Bless all of those brave men and women fighting to take back their communities and families!

  12. The brave Mexicans taking up arms to defend themselves, their families, their land, and their way of life ARE NOT the (illegal) immigrants you are looking for… Bigot.

  13. I thought “denial” was a river in Egypt not Mexico.

    Nothing to see here, pay no attention to the war going on behind the green curtain.

  14. Didn’t the Mafia get started that way in Sicily?? That is, the peasants banded together for their own self-defense, self-help, and mutual support?? It seems as years went on, they decided to become the government and power on Sicily.

    I can see Mexico’s dilemma, but not it’s solution, especially considering how corrupt the power-that-be are.

    We suffer the same here. Libs refuse to follow their own laws to put and keep violent criminals in jail, or keep weapons out of their hands. What percentage of criminals are prosecuted for trying to buy a gun? So libs decide to outlaw the honest citizens. It makes them feel like they’ve done something.


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