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Cody Wilson with his plastic Liebrator handgun (with metal) (courtesy

Cody Wilson, inventor of the blueprint for the first fully 3D-printable gun, has signed a quarter-million dollar deal with Simon & Schuster to write a non-fiction book about his journey to create the first fully 3D-printable firearm. Wilson told that he’d use the opportunity to fully explain his ideological motivations for creating a deadly firearm anyone can download and print in the privacy of their garage. Wilson said the reaction from publishers to his book proposal were very mixed. “It was pretty hot and cold,” he says. “Some think I’m awful, that what I did was terrible, and others think this is an incredible story that needs to be told.” . . .

Your Lockdown of the Day™ comes from Norman, Oklahoma. At about 11:20 a.m. local time, a University of Oklahoma faculty member reported hearing shots fired in the vicinity of Gould Hall, the architectural classroom building. The university put out a text alert to students and faculty to avoid Gould and shelter in place. Within an hour, the general alert was lifted, though Gould remained shut down for at least another hour. No injuries or evidence of gunfire was found; officials said it may have been noises from nearby construction equipment. Even after the alert was lifted, classes were still being disrupted by students looking to their phones for more info. Some of those students questioned why the university text alert said there were shots fired when that was unconfirmed, and why Gould remained locked down for hours after the rest of the alert was lifted. In a post-alert press conference, OU President David Boren said, presumably in response to a question about the campus being a gun-free zone, “I can’t say how strongly I am opposed to putting guns in the hands of those without specialized training.”

Colorado ran nearly 400,000 criminal background checks for the purposes of buying a firearm in 2013, up 16% over 2012. Of that total, 1.9% were denied, which was down from 2.1% in 2012. The expanded background check law applying to private sales kicked in in July, and from July through the end of the year there were 6,198 checks run for private sales, of which 122 were denied. There were a total of 7,351 denials last year, but if history is any guide, many of those will not be upheld on appeal. In 2012, 3800 denials were appealed, and of those only 1,571 were eventually upheld.

It’s always refreshing to see news outlets publish gun-related stories, even negative ones, that are free of the usual hysterics that we’re used to seeing. accomplished exactly that with a story about a teenager who brought a Savage .22 rifle and about 500 rounds of ammunition to school in Philadelphia, New York last Wednesday. The story pointed out that “the rifle had only one small clip, so it apparently would not have been possible for the teen to quickly reload the weapon.” They went on to point out that “while 500 rounds is a sizeable amount of ammunition, it is also one of the standard sizes for purchasing ammunition – it’s essentially 10 boxes of 50 rounds each, and it would not be uncommon for a hunter or shooting enthusiast to buy in that quantity.” So kudos to for reporting the news the way it’s supposed to be done, responsibly and dispassionately.

When encountering a target with a reduced lateral signature, leveraging immediate terminal effects can prove difficult. By targeting the body’s central stability junction, structural corruption is induced with ease. Regardless of the target’s orientation, slicing the pie can be used as an anti-access, area denial advantage. As a proactive countermeasure against red force reanimation, vertical domination and bodily bifurcation is also an option.

Dynamic Pie Concepts. Still the coolest name/logo interface I’m aware of. And they have tshirts.

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  1. That DPC vid is just plain awesome. Also, lucky they get to play with Simunition too. Notice the blue BCGs in some shots.

  2. I friggin love those Pie guys! LOL
    They are plus up full spectrum integrally operable and GTG.
    Need to get me one of them Statureman holsters just to keep up whew.

  3. Wow, good thing my school’s not that crazy. There is major construction going on in my campus since we’re starting to build a new Union so that involved demolition and construction at the same time. Though I guess it could be understandable since I always thought I heard what sounded fire firecrackers going constantly near where I live, at first I thought they were .22’s. Turned out there actually a mine near not too far from my community where they blast materials.

  4. The construction on campus blamed by David Boren has been an ongoing matter for more than a year now. They’re currently tearing up a road that runs past the building in question but I cannot really see how that would would sound like gunfire.

    If I had to guess I’d say a couple of jokers with cap guns thought they were being funny. Of course, if that were the case and I was the school I’d probably not want to report that either.

    Either way, Boren is a jackass and I’ve told the alumni office that they won’t get a dime until he is gone.

  5. I listened to the live radio of the “shooting” at U of O and thought, great. Here we go. Glad it was nothing.

    That was a hilarious video. I watched it to see if there was something new with slicing the pie. Then started giggling.

    400,000 background checks. That’s cool.

  6. The plethora of University of Oklahoma non-incidents is precisely the reason why so many people think Americans are hysterical nincompoops.

    I got your structural corruption right here, buddy…

  7. When encountering a target with a reduced lateral signature, leveraging immediate terminal effects can prove difficult. By targeting the body’s central stability junction, structural corruption is induced with ease


    No. Seriously, what did you say? She’d like to know.

    you never call

  8. I’d really like to see Cody Wilson’s book, the man has a way with words

    And what the heck is that table made out of? I want one!

  9. No guns without specialized training?

    He’s running and educational institution….so whats his problem; provide the training!

    • They don’t do them very often. But that’s a good thing, too. If they were cranking out one or two a week, it honestly might get old. At this pace, it’s always a cool surprise.

  10. Go ahead and slice your pie all you want, but one day you’re going to be expecting pie and get a face full of cobbler! Then what? HUH?

  11. I am sure that I can use every tactical trick in the book when a the evilserbs finally come after me. This was not very realistic training even for military style force on force. Where was the AT-4 or RPG shot before entry? What about a grenade through the window? Not even a flashbang. Defense is easy when the enemy is stupid.


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