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Now there’s something you don’t see everyday: a mobile air compressor-driven cannon for launching drugs over and across the Mexican border. The existence of this Dark Side potato gun makes you wonder. If The Donald and his Republican amigos build The Wall, will it stop the flow of drugs northwards (as promised)? As if. You can no more stop black market profiteering than you can halt the now-proverbial signal. Anyway, tells the tale.

According to the CNS (Comisión Nacional de Seguridad), the federal police seized a vehicle modified with a cannon that was used to launch packages of drugs across the Mexican Border.

The agency stated through a bulletin “CNS, through a joint effort with the federal police, detected a vehicle with modifications which were apparently used to launch packages of drugs through the Sonoran border”.

The confiscation of the vehicle occurred in Agua Prieta, were security elements detected the vehicle parked with no licence plates and with the doors open. “An air compressor was found in the inside, a motor tank, an air tank, and a metallic tube that was three meter long (resembling a homemade bazooka)”, detailed the CNS.

The rooftop of the vehicle was cut open in order to allow the metallic cannon to launch the packages.

The CNS stated, that the cannon was most likely to be used around the border area into the United States.

Maybe Evil Knievel was onto something. Or on something . . .

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    • Just not as easy to conceal. You could mount a ballista in the back of a van though. Bolt the base to the floor, throw the doors open, launch giant bolt with drugs attached, and drive away! Would probably work pretty well dispatching any close following police cars too…and helicopters! But I digress…

      • And, OFC, a better plan would be a mortar tube. Much more portable, much cheaper, and runs on just a few drops of petrol. If the federales show up, they just abandon it and make another.
        Lucky for the law abiding that most criminals are not very well equipped in the brains department, huh?

  1. And when it wasn’t being used to launch drugs it was repurposed to be used at carnivals for human cannonball acts.

    Oh wait, this isn;t the caption contest, is it?

  2. “If The Donald and his Republican amigos build The Wall, will it stop the flow of drugs northwards (as promised)? As if.”
    Your disdain for Trump (“The Donald”, really? HRC voter are you?) aside.
    We routinely use drones to shoot up vehicles that are a threat around the world.
    Just declare war on Mexico’s drug cartel as clear and present danger to the USA the Mexican government won’t address because it is corrupt (just like in other corrupt third-world Hell holes such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, etc.) and let them off the chain.
    The wall will stop people on foot and drones the rest. .

    • I’ll add that shooting payloads across a sovereign border is an act of war and licenses the US to use force to eliminate the threat.

      • Probably the ONLY reason the Federales took the risk of pissing off the cartels and took action in this case.

    • “Just declare war on Mexico’s drug cartel as clear and present danger to the USA…”

      Because that worked so well in the book/movie.

      Look, the cartels are not like AQ or ISIS or the Haqqani Network. These are organized and highly profitable organizations for whom dealing in violence is a side effect of their dealing in the black market. Terrorism doesn’t make a profit for AQAP, drugs DO make a profit for the cartels. Why do you think those Haji assholes over in A-Stan force farmers to grow poppies? Because IED’s don’t rake in the cash: opium and heroin do.

      You can go after them any way you like and you’ll never win. Never. There’s too much money in this business.

      If you want to beat the cartels you legalize what they sell and control it the way that we control alcohol. Is it perfect? No, but marking something schedule 1 doesn’t prevent people in the middle of BFE from getting a hold of it either. All it does is cost us money when we could be making it.

      • Keep telling yourself that. If we had a govt that was actually interested in protecting WE THE PEOPLE a couple battalions with AC130 Spooky and Apache Longbow gunship support would knock down the border infiltration to nil. Leave the cartel corpses lie where they fall as a deterrent.

        Might not win the “drug war” but it would put a major dent in the “war on society” which is what these drugs are doing.

        • They also use subs, and tunnels. You are never going to stop drug use. Never. Humans have been doing drugs for just about as long as we walked up right and will continue to. Where it comes from is the only thing that will change.

        • Winning the war on drugs will be easy, as soon as the American people want to. You’ll know when that happens, by the fact that nobody is buying drugs. As long as we are buying them, someone will be selling them. Immigration is a completely different subject, trying to conflate the two is counterproductive.

        • Immigration is a different issue than the drugs pouring over the border? LOL! Keep telling yourself that. The govt knows how much we earn, what our medical records are, how we vote, what we buy, etc etc etc…….they know whats going on at the borders, and they could stop it, and a huge portion of the drugs with if they wanted to. The only thing lacking is the political will to stop this madness. Not that long ago you had to really work at it to be a junkie, heroin was expensive and had to make a long trip overseas. Now heroin is cheaper than weed, thanks to the open borders of the last several administrations. Tell me again that whats being called a heroin epidemic is just happenstance because Americans love getting stoned. If you think that way you might as well vote for Hillary and let the chips fall.

      • A case can be made that we have genetic adaptations for drug use 10 million years ago, long before we were human.

        Making a better world so that people can feel a part of it seems to work better, check out the excelent Chasing The Scream

        Funny how people think that if we just did what has failed for over 100 years a bit harder, we’d solve the problem.

  3. Complete with recoil suppressor…looks more like CNS caught some scrap metal thieves with a pneumatic sawsall before they made it to the el-scrapyard-o with the local petrol station sign post and decided to make a story of it.

    • Screw that loud cannon, the cartels need to build a Middle Ages ‘Trebuchet’ and ‘quietly’ launch the drugs to the other side…

      • Out in the middle of no where I don’t see the sound mattering that much.

        Also, as I said in my OP I think the trebuchet is a great idea. They’re also profitable. My friend and I built a couple a few years back and sold them online to Renaissance Festival loons. Cheap to build, throw a bowling ball 150 yards and they sell for retarded prices. I’m seriously considering renting a large trailer and building a few to take to the festival here in Colorado next year.

  4. Stuff like this proves the enginuity of a persistent group of people is not likely to stop them. Kind of like how the grabbers think gun control will solve crime.

  5. So when the Philly Phanatic is not shooting hot dogs….. Long off season…. Fast cash… Big cannon to shoot hot dogs in stands…. Hmmmmm???

  6. I’ve been wondering when the cartels in the border cities like El Paso and Ciudad Juarez will start attempting drone delivery, using a rainstorm at night as cover.

    Some of those drones can lift over 100 kilos, easily. Pre-program the drone to take an evasive flightpath, and at some point drop the drugs and let the DEA chase a drone that no longer has drugs on it…

  7. Cheap drones will render these little more than cool anachronisms. And ditto for Donald Duck’s much ballyhooed Pink Floyd ripoff.

    • Unless they are going to be sending in illegal immigrants by drone or air cannons, the Wall will still serve it’s greater purpose.

  8. Step two? Falcons!!!! Hire falcon hunters. Place drugs in a stuffed fish or rabbit. Fly over the border guys as simple birds doing their thing…..

    • “Place drugs in a stuffed fish or rabbit.”

      No, no, no.

      Put the drugs in a hollowed-out coconut.

      That way the falcon can… wait for it…

      ‘Grip it by the husk.’

      (Screw those African and European swallows…)

  9. Look i have to stop to get a bean bacon and potato taco every day before work. so now they figured out a way to expedite my breakfast and ur mad?

  10. “If The Donald and his Republican amigos build The Wall, will it stop the flow of drugs northwards (as promised)?”

    To answer that, wouldn’t we would first have to locate the “United States Money Cannon” that would be needed to pay for the drugs?

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