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“Six people were killed after attacking a Black Hawk helicopter belonging to the Mexican Marina (Semar),” Proceso reports. “The helicopter was patrolling the south of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, where they were attacked and repelled the aggression killing six civilians. The helicopter received six bullet impacts, but none of the three crew were injured. Semar explained that they carried out the aero operation to surveil a breach into the areas of Sabinas Hidalgo, Nuevo Leon and Nuevo Guerrero, Tamaulipas, to locate the criminal organization known in their data base . . .

The group of armed men commenced firing as soon as they noticed the presence of elements of Semar, according to the crew, they fired some warning shots, but they were ignored so they repelled the aggression and killed six people. Semar informs that they confiscated four vehicles and six firearms for exclusive use by the armed forces.

The incident follows a high-profile attack on a Mexican military helicopter in May, which killed three airmen. And another incident in June where drug thugs shot a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) helicopter, forcing it to make an emergency landing in Laredo, Texas.

Last year, Mexico bought (with our tax money?) 18 UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters, and then added three more this year. Given the cartels’ enormous profits and taste for .50-caliber rifles (and RPGs), expect to see more of this action in the days ahead – as and when the Mexican government and military cracks down on an out-of-favor cartel.

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    • The market is created by TPTB, the Cartels are created by legislated illegality and government collusion.

    • TPTB = “The Powers That Be” — often jocularly used to refer to the [i]ruling classes[/i] on earth.

  1. Can’t be better for Trump, makes his point again. With Chappo back expect more. Mexico doesn’t really care about border. It’s how they get back at US for fighting with them a long time ago.

  2. Don’t want to get shot at? Then don’t be a thug for the US government’s bullshit war on drugs.


      • God got to love this stupid conspiracy theory. Were have you guys been the last couple decades when SOCOM was training in American cities?

    • They certainly have the money for it. Trouble with a criminal org like the cartels is they’re too busy spending money on flash and bling. If the guys at the top curtailed their lifestyles a little they could finance a real army and go head to head with the national army of Mexico. Tanks, artillery, the lot.

        • Very true. But a cartel army against the Mexican army? Could make an interesting video game.

      • That is the scary part, if one of these drug king pins with more the mind of Hugo Chavez rather than Pablo Escobar comes to power they could use the profits to build an army more powerful , better equipped and with better paid soldiers than the Mexican national army. I am sure plenty of countries in Central America would love to sell them the hardware too. Thankfully infighting between the cartels and the types of mentally unstable people attracted to the narco trade have kept that from happening thus far. A true Narco-State on our Southern border would be a disaster.

  3. They probably have M2’s and DSHKs as well. Oh, and whatever the Norinco factory reps sell them on the side.

  4. Mexican Cartels: They Shoot Helicopters Don’t They?

    Yes. And they shoot innocent people, crusading priests, honest cops, college students . . . in fact, they shoot everything and everyone except President Enrique Peña Nieto, and before him Pres. Felipe Calderón, and before him Pres. Vicente Fox and so on and so on.

    Because the Cartels aren’t so stupid that they would shoot their besties.

  5. As Ralph hinted at, why go to war with your employees? The other problem with the Cartels taking down the government and just running the place directly, it might be enough to irritate their neighbor to the north enough to cause the borders to truly be closed and enforced….bad for business!

  6. “Mexican Cartels: They Shoot Helicopters Don’t They?

    Pretty sure they shoot whatever the frak they want at this point, but if they dont want to shoot you, I imagine it will be government troops instead.

  7. RF? Those weren’t .50 BMG hits.

    More like .22lr or 9mm.

    Most of those impacts were ricochets.

    • Yeah, a 50 would have made a serous hole, even in a Blackhawk. Wait until they start using RPG’s.

    • I think its a joke they insinuate that it is a 50. Already adding fuel to the anti gunners claim that that particular weapon is being supplied abroad from American sources. Not hard to verify it not being one. It just takes some extra work.

  8. Reminds me of a joke an old Afghan muj told me. Where’s the best place to shoot a helicopter? In the pilot.

    • I’d guess #2 would be the turbine…

      There was supposedly a mujahedin quote that went:

      “We are not afraid of the Russians. We are afraid of their helicopters.”


    • I’ve heard a number of stories about the Soviet forces use of helicopters in the 80s. The helicopters were often flying near, and often at, the maximum altitude. Especially in summer where Afghanistan can be surprisingly hot.

      The Hinds (Mil-24) would have to fly through the valleys because the ridge tops were above the helicopter’s service ceiling. The Afghans would set a trap and shoot at the pilot with what was described as an “elephant gun”. Volley launched RPGs were another weapon until RedEye and Stinger missiles were available. Even grenades were thrown down onto the helicopters from fighters positioned above them. No word on the success however.

      • The Talibs still use RPG volleys, like the old musket lines. Having been on the receiving end of it a few times I can tell you it is still an effective technique.

  9. Guns are strictly forbidden in Mexico. They shoot pretty much everything. When El Paso tore down city hall there were lots of bullet holes in the South side.

  10. I travel to Nuevo Laredo pretty regularly. Never seen so much stupid, uninformed, childish ammosexual stupidity in my life as the comments here.

    Marina are the Mexican Marines. Very elite and considered loyal.

    This shooting happened within a few miles of the border where someone shot up a US Homeland Security/BP copter a few weeks ago. Coincidence? Probably not.

    A few years ago I was going to motorcycle Mexican Rt. 2 from Nuevo Laredo to Piedras Negras but a few miles out of town the Army was unloading armored personnel carriers. I didn’t want to get into the middle of a gunfight so I turned around. A week later the Mexican authorities used helicopter-fired rockets to kill four inside a Jeep Grand Cherokee basically where I turned around. The pictures aren’t pretty.

    The Marina is generally associated with some big Russian helicopters that you see flying regularly around the border. I’ve seen them flying low and slow next to the border and friends tell me that they have seen them machine gunning positions just across the Rio Grande.

    Ammosexual jackwads that talk about Mexico, or potential revolutions in the States are just totally clueless about the reality of an armed conflict. It makes me want to puke when I hear some of the stupid comments here.

    • What if, what you really saw was a cover up for an extraterrestrial craft? Could it be, that otherworldly beings have an interest in the Mexican border? Are not UFO sightings very common here? Perhaps, a former abductee such as yourself would have a hard time talking about it, after the intense penetration you endured. What if, you dislike guns so much, because they’re the ultimate symbol of a level playing field? The kind of field a “God” would certainly despise. Ancient Alien experts say yes.

  11. On a serious note, what does shoot down a Blackhawk?
    Are they hardened so a 8 year old girl can’t shoot the pilot with a SMLE, Vietnam style?

    • “On a serious note, what does shoot down a Blackhawk?”

      The weakest chink in their armor (besides the pilot) is the turbine.

      If you have a shot at the exhaust end of the turbine and manage to put a shot in there the turbine shuts down, fast.

  12. Forget the gun, cartel angle of this story……Mexico is not our friend…or good neighbor for that matter. Mexico is the poor neighbor that lets his dog crap on your lawn, because he knows you are either too afraid to do anything for fear that you will be labeled a racist, or because you’re secretly making bank on their cheap, silent, manual labor pool. North America needs an HOA, and a functioning set of principles. A functioning set of balls couldn’t hurt.

    • So when the US threatened Mexico with economic devastation if they refused to enforce a foreign nation’s drug laws, that’s the US being a good neighbor like State Farm?

    • ” North America needs an HOA”
      Like a North American Union? I don’t think that’s going to go well for the United States.

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