Merry Christmas from TTAG

As a peace-loving gun blogger, I’ve decided not to post anything violent on this most sacred of holidays. Actually, the above video has its moments [click here for the lyrics] and Easter is the more significant event in the Christian calendar, what with Jesus rising from the dead, opening the gates of heaven to naughty souls and proving that there is life after death. All before lunch. I die-gress. Christmas is a time for celebrating kith, kin and hello kitty. Yes, it’s all about the children. So I’ll take this opportunity to wish peace and joy to the children in your life. Our job: keeping them safe. Our reward: their happiness. Cherish it while you can. And never forget: you can’t have too much ammunition. Hello. Where did that come from?


  1. avatar John Fritz says:

    I tried to just listen and get the lyrics. Not successful.

    1) Open lyric link in new tab.
    2) Enjoy.

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