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edc everyday carry GLOCK 19 pocket dump

Memorial Day is a time for remembering those who have given their lives to protect our country and our freedoms. At the same time, a lot of Americans also take the day to spend some time with friends and family and barbecue.

In some parts of the US of A, that means strapping on a barbecue gun. Something a little fancier than you would for normal everyday carry purposes. A conversation piece…something to show off to that brother-in-law who’s always bragging about how much money he makes.

Then there are gun owners like Andrew. His Memorial Day carry featured a perfectly ordinary, dependable GLOCK 19. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Some carriers don’t want to break their routine, no matter what the occasion.

What did you carry yesterday?

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  1. I do not need a CRKT Obake knife. I do not need a CRKT Obake knife. I do not need a CRKT Obake knife. I HAVE ENOUGH DAMN KNIVES ALREADY. I do not need a CRKT Obake knife….

    • Mine was an impulse buy, and I’m not exactly drowning in disposable income. It’s handy, comfortable, and lives in my jacket’s map pocket. I plan on building a mini survival kit around it. You could definitely spend more on a worse knife.

      Now, the Bark River Donnybrook I’m currently trying to talk myself out of, that I absolutely don’t need. And really can’t afford. I’m probably going to order one soon.

  2. Yeah, I have three of what you might call BBQ pistols. The most blinged out one is a fully engraved stainless Colt series 80 with ivory. Next is my Frankenstein 1911. Colt frame, Les Bear slide, etc. Ivory grips. Last a colt SAA, 4 3/4″ blue with one piece ivory grips. Did I mention that I like ivory? The 1911s ride in a shark skin rig by Wilson Combat. The SAA is comfortable in its El Paso Saddelery rig. Wouldn’t wear a bathing suit to a wedding.

  3. M&P shield 9mm. Plus one pinky grip on my OEM 7 round mag and a plus two on my Eight round mag. Smith and Wesson 4 inch Tac Light assisted blade with glass breaker and a CRK necklace knife.
    Next birthday present too me is a Glock 43.

  4. Glock, fixed blade, folding knife, kubotan pen, and a knuckle “bottle opener”.

    5 defensive tools?


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