liege terrorist attack police officers killed radicalized prisoner
courtesy and Reuters
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A terrorist — he reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar as he murdered two police officers and a civilian — was shot and killed by police today in the Belgian city of Liege.

After carrying out three brutal murders this morning, the attacker took a female cleaner hostage in a nearby high school.

The footage shows him running out of the school with two guns blazing before he was shot dead in the street. Several officers were injured in the gun battle.

Belgian authorities knew full well that the attacker was a risk. He was, after all, on a terrorist watch list after it was determined that he had been radicalized while in prison. Where he’d been since 2003. Which makes you wonder who thought letting a so-called “known wolf” out to roam freely in polite society was a good idea.

The man, who is understood to have been on a day release from a nearby prison, had approached the female officers at around 10.30am, slashed their throats and stabbed them several times from behind, before disarming them.

He has been named as 36-year-old Benjamin Herman. A lawmaker tonight revealed Belgian national Herman was on an anti-terror police watchlist after being radicalised in jail. He appeared indirectly in security reports on radicalised people and was a multiple repeat offender incarcerated since 2003 who was on day release when he attacked.

According to Belgian broadcaster RTBF, Herman was a violent drug dealer with additional convictions for both robbery and assault, who had been let out on day-release from a local prison on Monday.

RTBF claimed investigators are looking into whether he had converted to Islam, with sources within the prison service saying he had been close to radicalised inmates and had wanted to ‘carry out attacks when released’.

And yet he was allowed out on his own recognizance. During a prison term. Reportedly, to “seek work.” But it’s OK, because . . .

(Justice Minister Koen Geens) told the National Security Council the perpetrator was was on his 14th two-day release breaks after a successful 13.

Belgium has some of the toughest gun laws in Europe. So armed self defense isn’t a practical option for most Belgians. Yet they live in a permissive society in which violent multiple offenders who are believed to have been radicalized are allowed to wander free on two-day vacations. What could possibly go wrong? Oh wait…it already has.

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    • {Allahu Akbar}

      “Religion of Peace!”

      The translation is much more nuanced than that.

      More accurate would be “Religion of peace by the complete and total submission to Allah.”

      And ladies, by “submission”, that means your worst nightmare. It’s *why* women are being raped in Europe, by ‘political refugees’.

      Fundamentalist Islam has no place in a free, modern society…

  1. So…3 dead and a school involved??

    Someone call Shannon and tell her there has been a mass school shooting in Belgium!!

    • Fake News

      This doesn’t happen in other civilized countries. Shannon, Mike and Sugardaddy have told me so. Gabby would have chimed in, but she was sore for the puppeteer’s hand.


  2. Queue the paste-eating fools who claim this is just a one-off and how great and wonderful gun control is in 3… 2… 1…

  3. The Belgians forgot to take all the knives, too.

    Those morons better get on it.

    And then be sure and take all the blunt objects and cuff everybody by the wrists and ankles.

  4. #FakeNews

    No shootings happen anywhere but the US.

    Bad guys never continue until they’re stopped.

    A gun is never useful for stopping a bad guy, it’ll only ever shoot you in the face.

  5. “Herman was a violent drug dealer with additional convictions for both robbery and assault, who had been let out on day-release from a local prison on Monday.”


    RIP to the officers.

    • Well, in a way it did. He had to kill two officers and steal their guns after all. It’s not like he bought them from a gun store.

      • He could have easily purchased black market weapons if he wasn’t still an inmate and had the funds. What use is buying a gun when you can simply take them from the “highly trained ” police anyway?

        • Because full auto is wasteful of ammo. If you can kill someone with 3 rounds to the chest and full auto puts 10 in the chest and 20 in the air, then why would you bother with full auto? I’m curious how many rounds were fired by Las Vegas guy (spraying with a bump stock) to get 50 killed, x10 wounded, and God only knows how many missed spraying from 400+ yards. North Hollywood guys wounded like 12 people (none killed), and used 4 machineguns with almost 1000 rounds fired. Cops killed them with well placed semi auto fire.

      • No, I think GS650G’s sarcastic comment is well founded.

        Despite the finest in gun control measures that the Waffle eaters could saddle their lawful citizens with…the perp still found way to become a criminal (again) and acquire weapons for his dastardly deeds. Gun control schmun control. The tools don’t mean shizzle.

        Determination is the killer.

        A determined foe will kill you with a pencil.

        A effin’ pencil !!! Who the frig can do that?!?!

        • It’s never the tool. The person wielding it is the danger. One knife. 2 dead cops and their guns in enemy hands.

          Had he thought past the 2 cops the body count would have been higher.

        • It’s sad that your comment made me laugh because that is exactly how the condom snorters think…. wasn’t it just a few days that the head of Mom’s against everything made a statement that said to the effect of ” if there were stricter gun laws then the shooter who shot the mother and her daughter would not have had one and the concealed carry hero would not have had to endanger his life by confronting a person with a gun”???? Do they all live in gated communities with 24/7 roving armed security guards? Or like anti-gun Obama have a support staff of MP-5K carrying people all around him, his wife, his kids, where he now lives… for the rest of his life?

        • Don’t give the stupid morons any ideas like that! They are just big enough idiots to actually do it.

      • Same as the Newton Connecticut killer who murdered his mother to get access to the rifle used to kill all those school kids. But that didn’t stop the anti-gun fascists from pushing radical assault weapons bans everywhere possible. People overlook the fact that a murder took place before that little dirtbag could get control of those weapons and go on his murder spree. Sandy Hook did immense damage to the 2A as democrat terrorists intentionally overlook that stolen weapons were used.

  6. Where is any situational awareness by the female cops?!? My 1st thought when I saw the “news”…oh wait it was ALL Roseanne telling the truth about Valerie “I own you Barry” Jarrett. She DOES want your guns😡

  7. This all shows the resourcefulness of the human animal, particularly those bent on mayhem. No guns available? WTH? Sneak up behind an armed cop, stab her and problem solved. (Some kid is going to do the same with a uniformed SRO in a public school, too.) Want to kill more than just a few? Commandeer some commercial jets and they’ll be great bombs, especially if they’ve just been fueled. Somewhere in-between? A car, van or truck will do it. Note that in all cases the killer(s) never seem to be concerned with their own safety (well, except for the creep Cruz) so basically we’re talking suicide runs regardless. Almost impossible to prevent, except in nearly every case where law enforcement and higher was already aware of the killers. That’s where we need to begin- law enforcement and lenient, PC judicial systems.

    • I think what the anti’s want is to go back to those halcyon days before firearms existed, when there was no such thing as murder.

      • I think you’ve made a good point, even in jest.
        Much of the progressive left thinks that our modern industrialized, capitalist society is bad for people. They literally want turn back science to return to “simpler times”, when people worked the land all day with manual labor rather than polluting machines.

        What goes unsaid is the terrible life expectancy, infant mortality, birthing mortality, infectious disease rate, starvation, poverty, and squalor that people lived in before capitalism saved us. But most of the far left considers humans a plague on the earth, so what we consider negatives they consider positives.

  8. I NB that the LEO’s in Belgium unleashed quite the torrent of rounds on the terr after they had him on the ground. They’re not shooting to stop; they’re shooting to kill and make sure the target is dead.

    • Which is what they should do with all the radicalized demons before they can carry out their jihads. But this is the home of the European union, the no borders , peace and love idiots.

      • Oh, I’m not disagreeing.

        I’m just noting actions that, were they taken here in the US, would be grounds for all manner of socialist lawyers from the ACLU bringing suits against the LEO’s.

  9. Where is Cisco to explain that this proves how successful European gun laws are? He will point out that the killer was a convert and have nothing to do with the millions of peace loving Muslims living in Europe.

    I think I know why the kid is anti-gun and a Nazi by proxy. He was undoubtedly rejected by a hot, gun owning, really smart Jewish girl because he had a tiny manhood. Now he wants the population disarmed so Muslims and murder Jews and rape underage girls.

    As a CPUSA propagandist he should be crying out “Comrades, Arm the Workers!!!”

  10. Police officers are civilians and I think we need to be careful to not make the distinction between police and not police using this kind of language.

    I know the author is taking a shortcut to indicate that one non-police officer was killed but the creation and propagation of a “protector class” is a huge problem in America. It relates to guns when state agents (retired or otherwise) are essentially exempt from gun regulations that non-state agents have to follow.

    • There is a misconception about what retired LEOs can and cannot do. They have to apply to the Federal government to exercise this exemption. The conditions are onerous. You must annually qualify with one particular gun and must register it with the FBI. You may not carry any other gun and are prohibited from getting a State permit or exercising your right to carry in a no permit State. I have yet to meet a retired officer who has exercised this right. It is probably limited to places like NYC, NJ and California. A retired officer might be able to carry in his own state but for of them it is still preferable to have regular permit just like you and me.

      It is also a common misconceptions that the Police are just like a regular citizen when it comes to the application of force. We are not the same. Trying pursuing an attacker after the threats ends or initiate lethal force and see where you end up.

      • Thanks for your response TDIINVA. I actually live in NYC and the only folks I know who carry are cops (retired as well) which is not an option for a working-class guy like me.


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