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Your Memorial Day 2021 to-do list (in no particular order):

  • Fly the flag.
  • Attend a Memorial Day parade.
  • Barbecue some meat.
  • Drink a cool adult beverage or two.
  • Throw a ball around with the kids.
  • Take a dip in the pool.
  • Watch a good war movie.
  • Avoid that one particularly annoying relative.
  • Remember those who gave their lives to make all of the above possible.


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  1. Buy some ammo with *cash* (even if it wasn’t as cheap as you would have liked), and don’t talk about what you bought with *anyone*.

    (Especially on TTAG. *cough* 😉 )

    • Right, and write down a reminder to Honor and EXERCISE the liberties these poor Vets had sacrfificed so much to preserve by calling , email, text, and even a snail mail note to Every one of your U.S. Reps–even if you’ve already done so recently, and even the Leftist Commie Reps because it absolutely MUST be a continuous counter attack against their incessently insane populaton Disarmament onslaught, that if they keep it up, that WE, The People, who Run This Country and merely ‘Consent’ to allow them to represent our wishes, better ultimately Do what WE want, Not what their Deep State Marxist party dictators tell them to do, so in no uncertain terms, that do NOT want ANY part of any Gun Control, PERIOD. No Exceptions, NO Qualifieres, No ‘common sense’ laws or regulations…OR ELSE, you will do everything in your power to make sure they lose their nice job in their next election period! Which is our duty, obligation, and RIGHT under the Supreme Constitutional Laq of The Land!

      This is all they understand. And if enough of us do that, most of them will ‘see the light’. Other wise they will continue to get away with the Deprivation of our Rights under USSC 18-241-242. You might want to mention this Deprivation of Our Rights statute to them, as weil, in your communique Directives as ‘owners’ and Voters of this Country. It’s a very clear and direct Law, which far too many Marxist politicians get away avoiding prosecution for almost on a daily basis. But this is another problem we’ll have to ‘Fix’ after we take back the ‘authority’ that was stolen from us this last election.

      Never forget that ‘All gave some, and some gave ALL’ Let us not disrespect and shame that precious value with indifference, apathy, fear, or laziness.

  2. I remember my father, who died in 1967 on the USS Liberty. I was six years old and my mother was left a widow. I miss you dad.

    • RIP to those who gave all! And it’s my birthday today. Better than last year with the BlackLootersMurder rioters & thieves…

      • The real tragedy wasn’t the murderous and savage Israelis, it was how the US covered it up to appease the Jewish lobby here in the US.

        They are trying to erase the history of the USS Liberty, and it makes me sick. I’ve been called all kinds of names- racist, anti-Semite, etc… just for trying to tell the story about how my dad died.

  3. Vote, be active in your community and most importantly, work to defeat the Wall Street-War Uni-Party and their Deep State Acolytes.

  4. Today I remember the men in my family who served, my dad, brother, uncles, grandfathers,all served and all came home. I have to go all the way back to that war the Left wants to pretend never happened before I find some of my relatives who did not come home. One didn’t come home from the Texas war for independence. The one I know of did come home from the Revolutionary War.

    How happy would these men be with us if we just gave up and rolled over for the tyrants who are now plotting to come for our guns?

    • Memorial Day is not to remember veterans, it’s to remember those military personnel who died performing their duties.

      And today, with the Border invasion, the Texas war for Independence was in vain. When your grandkids speak Spanish, did we really win?

  5. Take some time to contact elected reps at Fed and state levels concerning firearms issues that may be on tap in your state.

    At US Senate, write asking your Senators to oppose the confirmation of Chipman,as well as the rescinding of any regulations BATFE place on 80% kits, receivers, or any firearms parts that are presently available for public purchase in store or online. Also suggest a relaxing of firearms regulations in light of the “mass shooting spree” that seems to be sweeping the country since those events are already illegal and the laws don’t seem to make a hell of a lot of difference, whereas more armed citizens might.

    As a resolution- if you are not disqualified from carrying a firearm every day for your own protection, start doing so, NOW. Spend some time drawing your weapon from concealment or holster, spend time acquiring sights from the draw, if you have enough ammo, start practicing with a goal of improvement being primary.

    Take any and all actions that make the American way of life of tomorrow worthy of the sacrifices of those who died to preserve them for we, the living. Do not let them down.

  6. My great Uncle his forever in France, in eternal formation with those he fought with there. My brothers will always be 21 and never to age again 30 years ago in Panama. Other brothers came home in flag draped boxes from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Today, as everyday, I remember them.

    Rest in peace Uncle Earl, you did your duty and although we never met I know of your character and have done my best to live up to your standards.

    Rest in peace my brothers, we served in the best Units the US Army ever formed. Eternal peace and thank you for my life.

  7. I’ll play. 51 years ago this month, my brother was killed in Vietnam as a 25 year old Army 1/Lt., leaving a wife. 50 years ago next month I arrived incountry as a 25 year old AF 1/Lt, Forward Air Controller determined to kill 1000 as repayment. War was winding down around me, only made it to about 750. Have no regrets.


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